They're Massing Near The Falklands Plateau

December 17, 2015:

Ambassador Kraye calls a meeting with the Atlantean Monarchs, Rowan and Ulani

DMD Research Facility


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The request for meeting had come from Kraye. The place? Deep Marine Discovery. It's no secret to the Blue ambassador and probably to Aquaman himself that Rowan visits and keeps an eye out for the scientists here. It's also as neutral and secret (ish) a place as can beh oped for and under the circumstances the plan for a grand council of the waves had to be rethought. If the Cult of the Deep has agents among the Blue and Atlanteans who knows where else it has them…

Rowan is waiting in one of the larger bubbles repurposed as a conference room. Two DMD security are outside. It's a nice gesture though not like they're really going to… secure anything.

Ulani had come with Rowan. She knows he checks the DMD facilities regularly. Idly picking at one of the urchins that she's bought in… it's become a /thing/ with her … she eyes the security guards and paces the room, waiting for people to arrive.

The Atlantean contingent arrives consisting of Arthur and Mera and their entourage of six of the flat out MEANEST looking warriors this side of the Marianas Trench. They wait outside of the Surfacer outpost, taking up guard positions all around the structure. After the two Atlanteans join Rowan and Ulani in the conference room, Mera looks around in curiosity. She's still not entirely familar with Surfacer structures.

Aquaman at least looks better rested then he has in weeks, after sealing the gate with the trident awhile back, he was forced to rest. Mostly because of the unconsciousness that asailed him shortly after the battle was complete, but still, sleep is sleep. And he's trimmed up his beard too, so there's that. He still doesn't look huggable, but at least he doesnt' look like the Homeless King Of The Oceans anymore. Small wins. He stands behind his wife, arms crossed and his golden trident glinting on his back.

The Atlanteans still get a good stare as they arrive at DMD. Rowan is… a curiosity but one frequent enough that people don't usually stare too hard. The Sea King and Queen and their bodyguard? That's an entirely different matter.

No one gets in their way though and by the time they arrive Rowan and Ulani and former Ambassador to the Atlanteans Kraye is waiting for them. The two men bow. One better than the other. No points for guessing which.

"Your Majesties." Rowan murmurs. He's here mostly to listen and advise. The real magic here is going to be done by Kraye and Ulani.

The Ambassador straightens up and smiles. "Your Majesties. Welcome. I do apologise for the out of the way location and secrecy. Considering the potential infiltration of our governments it was a necessary precaution."

"Your majesties" Ulani murmurs as she bows to the two monarchs. "Queen Mera, Rowan and I have spoken about the risk of infiltrators." Gesturing to the food on the table, she steps back and looks at the Kraye. Knowing that Mera had been communicating with Arthur during their last meeting, Blue Envoy quickly outlines the current situation for the King. The attack on the Blue Settlements in the Pacific by the Reachers, that Settlements were being abandoned and their people pulled into the larger cities, the numbers of Blue, lost to the Reachers and the Lord of the Deep.

With an apologetic look to the ambassador, she falls silent.

Mera listens to Ulani's explanation for Arthur's benefit, nodding as it pretty much jives with what she'd already discussed with the Blue. She doesn't really have much to contribute at this point, so she remains silent, though she can't help but be curious about Arthur's thoughts on the matter. She's intentionally not trying to pry.

Aquaman has been keeping much of his thoughts about this crisis to himself, not entirely, after all his wife is literally a mind reader, but outside of her…yeah. Trust issues are a thing. "I'm less worried about disloyalty among my people," because half or more of them have always hated him for his human blood, "then I am about solving this problem once and for all. I assume we're here to talk on this matter? Because to be honest, if this is a pointless meet and greet to glad hand officials…" his tone suggests that there are /far/ better uses of his time then socializing currently. King Arthur is sassy.

Kraye smiles a bit. He's used to Arthur's relatively blunt manner. After all he had been ambassador to his court for some years. "I've recently learned intelligence that I dared not pass on through conventional channels. The beast is amassing an army underwater near what the surfacers call the Falklands Plateu. It is our belief they intend to strike with force into the Atlantean dependencies in the south Atlantic. They may also intend to strike the Blue simultaneously but we haven't found a rally point yet. As it stands the Black and Blue southern fleet are both preparing for action but we will not send warships into the Atlantic without some manner of… coordination. Not except in extremis anyway."

Mera will pick up a small amount of amusement from the Blue Envoy at Arthurs behaviour "Of course, King Arthur." She murmurs "As we discussed with Queen Mera, we are seeking permission to enter Atlantean waters and work with your Navy to deal with the threat." After her last discussion with Arthur, the Blue female has decided that being direct to the monarch will yield better results.

Mera nods again, then turns to her husband. "I knew you would want to discuss this directly in person." And to be honest, she's quite disturbed by the thought that there is an army amassing and preparing to attack Atlantean settlements. She knows her initial response would be to attack back as aggressively as possible, but. That is why Arthur is the rightful ruler of Atlantis and not her.

Aquaman merely quirks a brow at this, he commands the greatest navy the planet has ever seen and a military force of staggering size. That said… he also has /far/ more 'ground' to cover then any other army's had to deal with. Logistics are a bitch unda da sea. "Do you have detailed analysis of their numbers, alotments, or what armor they may be bringing to bear?" he asks curiously.

"We have intelligence reports to that effect though I should say that the ultimate capabilities of this kind of an army are literally the stuff of legend. The Black have been helpful to that effect but ultimately we don't know the full range of what they're capable of. Only that they're massing in their tens of millions." It's a very serious army Kraye's people have sighted apparently.

Rowan rumbles at that. "Might be best to engage them pre-emptively then. Even if we win, a fight of that size close to a settlement will ruin it."

Ulani brings to the front of her mind, the creatures she and Rowan have battling. Mera will be able to take those images and deliver to them to Aquaman. Mera herself, has seen the creatures, experienced physchic backlash….

"I wouldn't say they rival The Tide, your majesty." the Blue Envoy adds to Krayes explanation "but they are numerous and very well armed … and it could well be a battle of attrition. I agree with Rowan, engage pre-emptively, with troops we know we can trust. Clean, incisive strikes … " Ulani has Blue Elite that she thinks she can trust.

Mera relays the images from Ulani's mind for Arthur, and along with the image is an undercurrent of extreme unease. That is a massive number Rowan has mentioned, and their enemies are quite well provisioned. "I have to agree as well. If they're given time to fully prepare, our outlying settlements will not stand a chance."

Aquaman shakes his head, "I am loathe to send the Tide into any battle enmass," not only are they an extremely finite resource, but… well there's a reason they're put in stasis between uses. Bloodlust is a thing in the human/weapon hybrids. It's why the program wasn't continued beyond it's original run. "but the point is valid. I will send the Drift to recon, they are exceptional at it, and see what forces I feel comfortable pulling from our defensive possitions. I know I will at least place a few Dreadnaughts into the field and a few hundred of our armor could likely be repossisioned in short order if we have the time." he pauses, "And of course myself and the Queen." and every nasty underwater creature he can summon to their side. Which is all of them. All the creatures. No one but no one fucks with Aquaman in the ocean. It's a rule and dammit, he wants to keep it one. Just so long as no one tells anyone up top that he summoned fish to help. He already gets enough shit over that as it is. "I began evacuation calls from our outer settlements weeks ago, civilian casualties are as minimal a risk as I can make them, which is likely the only good news I can think of off hand."

Kraye nods and looks… pensive. And a bit disturbed. "The one sticking point is all the preparations will surely be noticed. And once battle is joined… we have no way of knowing how the regulars will react. If the Lord of the Deep has agents in the militaries of our people, or in those of the other underwater nations, any pitched battle is fraught with more uncertainty than usual. In truth we don't even if know how much we can trust the Black."

Rowan glances out into the blackness outside the window. "It'd help if we could bring the surfacers in but… even if they had the ability I do not know if the Atlanteans would accept their aid?"

Ulani takes a deep breath and looks Mera and then Arthur. If she gets in trouble for this, so be it. "King Arthur, we don't know who we can trust. Rowan and I have taken a great risk, bringing Ambassador Kraye in." another apologetic look in the Ambassadors direction "The Elite Six I choose, are personally vetted by me… and I believe wholeheartedly I can trust them. The rest of our Government are given information but we are exceedingly careful. We just don't know where the cult has set down roots."

As to surfacer help "You mentioned the Justice League, the last time we spoke. Have you been able to contact them?"

Mera turns to Arthur as well. "I didn't know who I should contact on your behalf if anyone. The man in the black garments, or someone else? I can still do that." Though really. Mera, wandering the surface by herself to try and recruit people from the JL:A?

Aquaman is quiet for a moment, "The last time I checked in on them they were in termoil…" he frowns at that, "But the political alliances they formed that I did not approve of have been dropped and my standing with them remains." he looks up, "I will make consentrated overatures when this meeting ends, what help they may muster on our behalf, however slight, shouldn't be over looked. Sadly, I fear I may trust them mroe then my own commanders." mentally he's already repositioning troops in his head, doubt cast over the generals he's trusted so far.

"I understand their leaders are all in Metropolis dealing with the fallout of a recent attack there." Rowan says quietly. "I will work with whom I can to gather those who can be trusted. How much time do you think we have?" Eyes cut over to Kraye who shrugs.

"We don't know. Best guess, a couple of weeks before its muster is complete. Maybe less."

"There is also the emissary of Themyscria." Ulani knows that Wonder Woman heads the JL:A, she's kept up on the news. "I have met with her, I … could meet with her again, explain our plight. She is an honorable woman." Getting to Metropolis isn't difficult for the Blue.

Aquaman nods his head, "Diana will help us." he says that flatly, "But she cannot breath here, none of them can." he glances at Mera, "Which is my cheif consern. As powerful as they are, in Atlantis they are more vulnerable then anywhere else." his lips thin to a line, "But if that sort of thing bothered them then they wouldn't be heroes, would they?" a small grin.

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