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December 15, 2015:

Wonder Woman is brought up to speed on the attacks by the Purifiers/Reavers/Sentinels, Ozymandias has a request for vetting, Shayera shows off her new short look, Britain enjoys a meal. Another normal day at the Hall of Justice.

Hall of Justice

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a less-than-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek aid from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the inner workings of the JL:A. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living areas.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Shift, Psylocke, Shadowcat, Starlord, Vorpal, Hawkeye_II


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Doctor Strange wasn't anywhere close Earth during the attack, and since it was purely technological, the mystical alarms failed to reach him. But Wong told him the second he returned to the physical plane, he teleports to the gates in full sorcerer outfit; blue tunic and red cloak rimmed in gold. Good for mingling with supernatural beings, not so good for mortal public fashions.

Of course it is hours too late, so his haste was illogical and reckless. And when he sees the reporter hordes, he sighs. Then he snaps his fingers and returns to his more normal black suit and red cloak. On camera, too. But he is a wizard, in the case they doubted. "Princess?" He addresses Wonder Woman. "Are you injured?"

Wonder Woman said all she had to say to the reporters and when she was walking in through the doors of the Hall her hands were tucked into the tight curl of fists, the only pause is given at the voice and inquiry of Doctor Strange. The look ahead telling her she had a menagerie of SHIELD Agents to swim through and that got a small '/huh/' breathed from lips. Thought SHIELD pulled their aid from the Justice League? Perhaps they were back for a simple handshake in this as well. None the less the bridge of her nose is pinched and when she looks back towards Strange the smile is half existant, her hand running through her hair still hanging in falling braids and singed ends from fire. Bits of ash and rubble fall to bare feet.

"I am fine. I take it you were not here for this attack either?" A perk of dark brow and she is gesturing for him to join her inside, away from cameras, flashes, and prying ears. Though once in the only acknowledgement the Agents got was a wary glance and a greeting in return if any was given. A bee line is being made to one of the more comfortable quarters within the Hall where privacy can be had.

"Interesting SHIELD is here, and not the DEO," comments the sorcerer. Are the Purifiers considered international terrorists now? He might need to check that out. Although in truth he is rarely concerned with human criminal groups. "No, I am afraid I was otherwise ensnared in a rather distant location. I returned to Earth just a few minutes ago? And you?"

"Interesting is one word for it," Diana states dryly. "Though DEO would not remotely be able to set up shop here. A whole other animal I do not intend to let out of a cage in these walls." Getting to a conference room that seems more like a living room then an office with desk and chairs she opens the door and enters only to press a comm button for the kitchen. "Hans? Coffee, water, and food, please…whatever you have…I know you don't -do- leftovers… Sandwhich—-… Since when are those an offense…"

From the comm to Strange, Diana looks to see if he wanted to add to the order for some form of sustenance as well. It'll likely be whatever Hans wants in the end anyway.

Once that was done, Diana finishes the removal of the rest of that tattered dress, leaving her standing in the renown regalia that she had worn beneath. Wadding it up with almost a memorable caress between fingers before she chucks it into the wastebasket and slides into a couch with a long exhale. "I was in Gotham. It appears the Bat Family has one hell of an enemy as well that is making their lives difficult. At least by interrupting dinners and blowing up their quarters."
Strange could use some food too, jumping dimensions is quite draining. But Wong will beat him up next training session if he gets back to the Sanctum and disregards his cooking. Man has his pride, too. Instead he takes a seat and leans back for a few seconds. "This attack warrants a response, I suppose. I fail to see what they could hope to gain, however. Even that robot they had was little threat for most of the Justice League members."

"It will get a response. It does not matter the level of the challenge, they made the attempt to harm people on our very doorstep. That is an open act that warrants a response in kind." The hand that rests upon the armrest of the couch curls inward again, the fist tightly curling in before it relaxes.

"They made a mistake they wont make again." Diana utters lowly, sounding rife with promise and with no mention of means.

Over the comms now that are active for all members, Diana switches to the local channel open to personnel within the Hall and Watchtower. "This is Wonder Woman, do we have any detainees from the attack?"
"Yes, there are several held in the prisoner bays."
"Prepare one for a visit, preferably one working with the large robots they brought with, I will be up shortly."
Diana needed to eat first, it has already been a long week, and one so full that she had no other room on the plate for real food.

"People despise us for being who and what we are, and yet they do not stop to realize - if they put forth even half the effort into doing good…helping… They could be right here with us and not have to wonder, or fear. Instead they do so much to instill in others what they feel. By the Gods.." The exclamation is cut off by Hans' delivery, a tray laden with freshly cooked meats and vegetables, salad, rolls, water and coffee as well as small desserts smelling of warm honey.

"Fraulein Wonder Woman, never again insult a mans honor by demeaning his skills to that of a sandwich!" And with a bow Hans was gone.

"I am a normal human, so is Hawkeye," comments Strange with some irony. Sorcerers and witches have been persecuted for centuries. Most were not mutant, alien or had divine ancestors. So far away are the times of the great wizard kings of Atlantis. "I suppose the prisoners are in SHIELD's custody. Are we allowed to interrogate them using supernatural means?"

Diana shows the first signs of a flicker of amusement with Hans' proclamation, rising then to pad barefoot across the floor to the cart of foods, not seeming to be remotely choosy in what she intakes - having started slow and progressing to a pace that shows just how long she had been without eating. She might be a princess, but she is also an Amazon and a warrior, sometimes table manners be damned.

"Not all of them are in SHIELD custody. One is being brought to an sealed meeting room as we speak for us to question." Pausing she sinks teeth into a glazed chicken drumette and casts the bone aside on another plate. Though considering Stranges question on what means they can use for interrogation Diana picks up another chicken drumette and inspects it while speaking.

"They basically performed an act of war on our doorstep, Stephen. I do not intend to be told how I can an cannot interrogate the prisoner to get the information necessary to end this."

"What they did doesn't deserve the consideration of an act of war," points out Strange, seated in a chair by the desk and trying to ignore Han's cooking. "Such is giving a gang of misguided fools a status they don't deserve. Even the word 'terrorism' is used so much lately it has lost most of its meaning. Burning 'witches' was nor terrorism, it was just murder. On the other hand, weapons as advanced as that robot might warrant the League's attention, although it is hardly my field of expertise."

"It may have also been to feel out what type of response would occur were they to poke the hornet's nest, as it were." a new voice offers as Britain comes down, his arm still in a sling. "While this may be seen as a victory, it is what was missing from the attack that has me concerned. No leadership. Noone that could be considered in charge, as it were." he frowns at that. "If anything, this was a probing maneuver, just to see what would happen. Or to keep us on our heels here at home."

"What they did was attempt to bring harm to innocents in a manner that, even if only for appearances sake, seemed widely threatening. They brought numbers and technology to back their lack of smarts. I am not going to bother with who or what they are or are not. What they did.. Have done… Has to be stopped." Diana pauses as Captain Britain enters, giving him a nod of greeting and gesturing to the cart laden with fresh food, water, and coffee.

"No leadership? Kate was there, was she not?" Activating the tablet that rests mounted within a small table she brings up the reports, magnifies them and projects them.

"Well, they're going to get a response and they should have done their homework on what -type- of response they are going to get. Getting one at all was inevitable." Flicking through images taken during the skirmish she magnifies some of the Sentinels, also pulling up Jericho's report and sliding off to project with those images.

"We have 30 minutes and the prisoner will be ready, so let's have everything we want to know lined up."

"Do you suspect super-human involvement, Captain?" That sparks Strange interest. It would also explain the Purifiers foolishness. "Hrm, we will know soon. I am going to gather some devices from my Sanctum and cast a few divination. I will join with you soon if you wish to talk with the prisoners, of course. I'll see you soon." the sorcerer stands up and heads out, although when he opens the door what lies beyond the living room of his house in Greenwich Village, not the Hall of Justice. At least for the second he crosses the threshold.

"I meant enemy leadership.." Britain clarifies as he reaches to rub the back of his helm with his free hand, letting out a breath before he goes to settle on a bottle of water for now. "Yes, Kate was there, and she was admirable as always, but there was noone on the other side that we can point to and say 'he or she' was in charge. And it seems to be a theme behind most of their attacks. They have some type of support network outside of the cities.. who knows where, that seems to be just riling these Purifiers and Reavers up and sending them on their way. Now that they're working together, with support from this new higher technology.." he takes a swig from his water.

"We're not facing just a disorganized terrorist group that is just looking to cause trouble. Something or someone is coordinating what, where, and how they attack." The Captain looks over the reports, and adds quietly, "That was a rather rousing speech you gave earlier, Your Highness." he allows as he continues to look over the reports. "It wouldn't make sense for a mutant to be attacking mutants, though there are cases of such, Doctor." Reaching up to enhance the images, he coordinates them with a map. "See. This was an assault meant to divide up our forces and response - to see how far they could stretch us. At least, that's how it appears to me. And I'm not sure if our prisoners will be able to give us any information on who may have ordered such an assault."

"How many attacks and where?" Wonder Woman asks Brian, a shift of her gaze to him as he pulls up the mapping and points to coordinates, nodding slowly as he displays what he feels was the methods and their sloppy tactics, all the while she also brings up more articles on Purifiers, attacks, those arrested, where and any videos captured of them in the act to try and compare.

By the time Wonder Woman is done pulling up the information the white walls of the room meant for such displays are littered with tabs, projections and data. "So either fools, or the small time sent to test for what they have planned bigger and better?" To confirm or deny she once more glances to Cap and then back, pulling out images of those she had not seen working with the team before but doing such this time. "And them. Who are they?" She will dig later, but for now a teammates take and knowledge will sate her need to know. Images of Shift, Kitty, Betsy, and Starlord are pulled up.

"Thank you." Diana responds to his words on her speech. "It is the Truth, and we will get all the answers we need from them and then give our response. Even if they are disorganized they have a mission and many seem to share the views and rally to it. I have my way of getting them to tell the truth."

"Did anyone talk to our friends in the government. The last time the Sentinels appeared it was to protect against an army of mutant terrorist from Qurac. "Well, we had mostly stopped the threat, and the Sentinels came and incinerated all of the mutants. Those that were knockout, asleep, etc." Ozymandias walks further into the room. "It would probably be best to start with our own government to see why one of their toys that protected the White House is now attacking us." Ozymandias hops on a table, "Just a thought.

"Really, there are numerous, by both groups, separate and together." Britain cross-references M-Town and the numbers of attacks by the Purifiers and Reavers multiply by at least three fold. "Unfortunately, as most of these attacks occurred in District X, they were mostly under the radar, as it were. That is a failing on our part, I hate to say, as we should have perhaps offered more of a presence." the Brit offers, as Ozymandias arrives.

"And yes, it does bear to question why a government that just recently pushed so hard to censure the Initative to the point that it forced it's own named hero to resign would suddenly have one of it's mechanical defenders now marching on us. It is my hope that it is merely a greedy corporation that is only looking to gain funding, and not.. a conspiracy." he admits.

As the image of the three unknowns come up, Britain clears his throat faintly. "Starlord." he starts with the male. "He's new and actually staying at the Lakehouse. Kate's idea. He was dumped off at the party that was held in District X a few days ago. He behaved himself, Kate trusts him, so that's that. As for the other two.."

He considers for a moment. As much as he trusts and respects Diana, that's his sister and his girlfriend up there. "That's Shadowcat and Psylocke. Members of the X-Men, again, Kate supports it, as do I."

Ozy's presence also gets an acknowledging nod from Diana, that hair that is suffering the outgrowth process of multiple lengths is now bearing singing at some ends, and the smudges as well as dust of ashes over olive toned skin, gets tucked behind an ear to keep from her peripheral view as she takes in all of the data laid out and listens to what Ozy also has to add in. "That has crossed my mind as well, but considering the politics in this I suggest we start with what we do have in our hands before we start reaching and offending toes that we may need to step to the line for us."

Though Brian speaks for the behalf of three of the four she brings up Shift's image to the front now, apparently satisfied for now with his responses on the others. "And him?" Though as she waits and listens each attack brings forth a deeper furrow in her brow as she goes over the images. "This was the first time they used these Sentinels, it seems. So perhaps they knew who and what they were going after, just did not consider…" A wave of her hand to gesture t those present nw and then those in the images.

"That's one I do not know." Britain admits. "However, he was with us at the celebration after the battle. Unfortunately, I needed to tend to my injuries." a glance to his arm. "A Sentinel can definetly throw a punch." he says with a small smirk as the British hero. "Actually, if their attacks are any indication.."

Stepping up, he starts to combine reports. "As you can see here, they started off with tactics off attacking M-Town civilians - targetting mutants that they knew that could not protect themselves or were threats." There are plenty of reports on that, page 6 items and the like as Brian sorts them into a timeline.

"However, here." he points to an article from November 4th where a metahuman known as Starwind, Bethany Mcfarlane, comes on-screen. "This is when they started calling out individual heroes to have the Reavers attack." He advances the timeline. "Here is where the group known as X-Red, who might be able to help you with more infomration on Shadowcat and Psylocke as possible allies, started to process the idea of a crisis line so that the heroes, both freelance, and on teams could work together in case of attack." he explains as the timeline closes in on the attack on the Hall.

"They've been generally advancing in these steps - from the unprepared, to those that consider themselves heroes, to now a team attack. If this path is to continue, we could possibly suspect there will be a full-scale invasion within the next two months."

As he finishes bringing up the information, he adds in Tigra's own report. "As far as getting answers, as you asked.. I suggest that we follow Tigra's lead." He brings up her report and the infomration of Stephen O'Halloran in Harlem and Maria De Lisi in White Plains as possible metas and conversion contacts for the Reavers. "They could just be for hire, or they could be part of the inner circle of command."

"Well, I was considering a diplomatic approached to seeking answers within the government. We don't need to have accusatory tone, when we ask for answers." Ozymandias peers over at the screen, "We really need to start vetting people, but I digress." Ozymandias peers at the screen and scratches his head. "Hmmm, Interesting, It seems a lot of mutants were in Metropolis."

"It's not as if all mutants are regulated to just a few districts, Ozymandias." Britain offers with a wry twist of his lips. "They are quite wide spread and well, there are other metahumans as well. Though we are still waiting for the DNA results on what Starlord may be, but he is rather insistant that he is indeed human and not the advance scout of an alien invasion."

"So then, as I suspected, they are progressing their battle tactics as best they can." Information as well as reports and timelines configured are being brought up and on a separate document she is entering in all of their notes and information being seen and the possible avenues to take.
Timeline:Progressive attacks starting as single reroutes in Mutant town to larger names and larger groups.
Rallies - 'peaceful'/Rallies - Violent.
Sentinel Program revealed.
Tigra: Stephen O'Halloran in Harlem
Maria De Lisi in White Plains
X-Red: Get listings. Suggest meeting and liason between with Illyana Rasputina and Tigra.

All the while she is creating small markers where rallies and attacks have taken place, names of the mutants and metas involved on one side or the other and those involved in multiple interactions are highlighted.

Diana does not speak until done for the moment, pausing to pour herself a cup of coffee from the tray of foods as well as open some water and commence eating. "No, but when you partake in governmental politics and you are seen as separate but a part of the whole in certain manners of walking on ice between, questioning with a smile and a handshale is still… Questioning. It is what I do even for my people and there is no delicate approach to this. It is why I think we question some of our detainees, follow paths, get the answers we need and at least have a trade ready to be offered if necessary. But still - more to offer."

Thugh as Cap and Ozy exchange words in regards to the mutant numbers Diana nods lightly. "Mutants and metas are all over but Metropolis has never been known to be a haven for them nor a place they have chosen to outwardly reside, so the increase and timing is also a thing to question. It makes sense."

A tip of her head to Ozy as well. "And I do agree in the vetting, as it has been a tradition of the JL:A since the beginning. The Lakehouse was funded as an addition by Kate and yet seems to keep its own… Desired legislature as she has expressed wants to rid of the old ways and bring in the new. I have found leaving her to it at the place she funded and built on her own is as far as that goes, but to bring them beyond. Yes, the old rules stand, they must pass the process." Though Ozy is now getting a look that leaves a single brow rising. It is quite obvious he has more to say.

"Mutant, meta, human, or alien. It does not matter what or who you are as long as in the end we all have the same goals and are willing to adhere to the desires and demands made of us to do so."

"Officially, and on the record, I have no comment. Her Majesty's Government made it expressly clear that my presence here is merely that of observer and compatriot. I will not and cannot become embroiled in any sort of political statement for or against what the American government does, as Britain remains one of her staunchest allies." Britain says, standing by his word as much as he would otherwise.

"As there have been no other negotiations to release other prisoners, I doubt that it will start now." the Captain shakes his head and steps away from the screen to allow Wonder Woman the floor once more after helping create the timeline and adding in a few other attacks he knew of.

"Well, most mutants are not Shift. He died and came back to life recently. I think there would be a lot of people interested in such an individual. The way he died seem to be the most biblically permanent death imaginable." Ozymandias smirks behind his mask, "Not to mention his enemies, and any enemies that your Shadowcat and Psylocke might have, or even this Star-Lord." Ozymandias hops off the table, "There are too many variables to form a theory. As far as we know we could being dragged into someone's else fight which really doesn't matter if we are, except that it does help us gauge the motives and strength of our enemy.

Ozmandias nods to Wonder Woman, "All right, but if you change your mind. I can make inquiries inside the government. I know someone that deals with government contracts which also brings me to the real reason why I am here. I would like to propose a company for the Council to vet to met all of our staffing needs.

The only floor Diana really desired was the space arond the food tray, all the while she is making the number of goods dwindle, her other hand is sweeping across the projected tabs all the while the incident that occured at the Festival is tabbed up and set off to the side but not added into the listing quite yet. "That is something that is quite a bit different in tactic then these Purifiers, Reavers, or whatever they want to call themselves, have done."

A small lingering moment on it and that is left to the side. Finally stepping away from the tray, Diana claims seat perched upon the arm of the couch, one bare foot planted while the other dangles from the edge lazily. "I am an ambassador, I do not speak for or against any peoples government, I shake their hands and make it work unless there is a time where there are no other options. In my years here the American government has shown to be like any other. Human. And not in the sense of the word to take offense as I do not care what you are genetically, inside you're the definition of human, even me, Shayera, you two. Imprefect… Perfectly flawed. It happens anywhere to anyone. No one has the right to judge and make assumption a fact based on it, but we all have a right to question. We have a few prisoners from this attack and I will question each and every one of them and add to this compilation we have come to create, I will send it out for all to add to as well - though with all of the variables," She states and gestures to Ozy to give a nod to what he had said as well. "We likely will just be taking shots in the dark, but hopefully with some style."

A small smile there and her hand extends out to place upon Brian's arm resting in a sling, a gentle motion. "You really need to stop breaking things." The light jest is there witht he sincere smile. "Thank you."

Ozy though now gathers back the level assessment of cerulean eyes. "Some light inquiries, undetectable?" Though the rest is met with a light tilt of her head. "Staff is not an issue as we can get it from within our own ranks and people. Those trusted and close." But her seated position changes to show the intent to listen. "Whose company and what is its name?"

"I'll let someone else take the hit next time." Britain offers with a small smirk. "But considering who was available to handle both missiles and a punching Sentinel - it just seemed the proper thing to do." He's reminded and brings Vorpal's image up. "Also, Kate said this was one of the Titans, in case you needed more infomration." he adds as he settles down and puts down his water bottle to actually join Diana for dinner.

Nevermind the Sentinels or anything else, for whatever reason why Shayera decided to grace the presence of those gathered were of her own.. whatever. She was just there, hearing that Hans had created a great feast could not keep her down in the medical wing, clawed like stitches that run up her back and bruises that fit against the chin and a black eye to boot.

Long hair don't care, Shayera was still pretty.

And without her wings.

It was like a march into the foyer of the room, by passing a worker who jumps back in surprise, hand reached out to give him a slight steadying shove into the direction that meant keep it moving and do not stare.

Towards the food she went, wordlessly, snatching a plate from it's place with bandaged fingers to pick and plop whatever treats she could find in a nice pile meant for.. one.

"Well, we were staff with Shield agents to do the mundane stuff here and at the tower. Now, We don't have Shield, and even though we haven't taking on a lot of new recruits. I was thinking that perhaps some people to do the mundane tasks would be needed." Ozymandias raises his arms in a shrug, "I have a variety of skills, and I know some of the other members have a variety of skills, but we cannot be at the Tower everyday to maintenance.

"I was going to recommend Umoja International for vetting. It seems young and big enough company not to be corrupt, and I believe it could meet our needs. I believe it is own by a Mister Mozart….Wait, that is not right. Ozymandias smirks behind his mask, "Mister Morien Washington."

The food was made for all, but necessary as Diana had been too busy to eat with matters that had kept her away until now. Though the food was settling and leaving her weary the only signifying posture of that was her refusal to fully take on the confines of the couch and instead remain perched on the arm rather unelegantly. When Brian joins her she smiles at him, the first time the gesture crested beyond an exhausted attempt tonight. At Vorpals image Diana nods. "I have worked with him before on a response to a bunch of escaped meta convicts. I know the Cheshire." Not to mention he was a close friend of a friend of her own, though as the thought of Jim comes to mind Shayera bears the perfect timing and the one-two cast of gaze her way. Something was odd…Perhaps missing? What could that be? A piece of armor??

The emptiness at Shayera's back had Di shifting lightly, lips parting but then sealing as it will not be touched at the moment. Let Shayera possibly settle her hangry first. Di can empathize there.

Though when Ozy mentions the company, Diana sets her coffee mug on her knee and an arm comes down to fold and form a prop just behind so she can lean ever so slightly. "Most of the companies and people we have within these walls are sponsors from known members, trusted, close, and known intimately by us. Even my Amazons as security here account. You suggest a company of a man whose name you do not know?" Diana's head tilts and a single eye seems to speculate him like a hawk (since Shayera is busy stuffing her face).

"I trust your judgement and your words Ozy, as well as you, but do you see my dilemma in that?" As they had just discussed - tradition.

Shayera's appearance takes back the Captain as Britain stares for a moment, but before he can ask, he notices how Diana has set her jaw, and he looks down, delegating to the Princess for now, because the woman that's present now is nothing like the warrior that he's seen in the field footage as he busies himself with a winglet so that he can't really ask any questions on what happened to her. The conversation being carried out goes over his head for the moment as he settles into having his meal.

"I am way over 3,000 years old. I am allowed to forget a name from time to time. Come on, Morien is rather an odd first name in this day in age." Ozymandias chuckles softly. "I am offering them up for Council to vet, and I am sure during the vetting process if you desire to proceed most of concerns would be met. Ozymandias folds his arms behind his back and says, "If you trust my judgment and my words, then you would know that I would not just bring you a company that I have not researched up and down to be vetted. It would be a waste of my time, and yours. I am an immortal, but I still don't like my time wasted.

Ozymandias smiles behind his mask, "Do a prevet, or I can even arrange a meeting with you and Morien. I think you even met him recently at a bar once. He promised to play you some music. I just know he likes his privacy, and would rather just discuss the situation with just you and him and the other Council members.

Yeah, you all better shut up. She could feel the eyes upon her back and turns just enough to stare towards the Captain and Diana over her shoulder. "They're still there." She remarks, and says nothing else about it. Once there was a successful amount of food upon her plate, she moves towards the nearest couch the farthest away from the three, drawing her bare feet upon the sofa and begins to eat. Watching. Listening. Offering up no opi—..


Morien Washington. Ah. Whoever that guy was. Shayera wasn't in the business of vetting out business unless it came from the business end of her fist and mace. Though, things have changed lately, who can say as to what. The mention of his age does cause her to inwardly cringe. A lot. Perhaps there was a time when she didn't meet him in her own life, though still.. one would remember his strange manner of dress and the mask that he wears.. whatever.

"Perhaps you will be at this meeting as well. Ozymandias. Though, I do not like meeting new people and there is a part of a chance that I may opt out of this.. union." She shrugs her shoulders. "You can take my place." Sandwich lifted, toasted towards Ozymandias. Trust extended. And a finger wave given to Diana and Brian.

"Seeing as I'm not even vetted myself outside of being a prospect and represenative of my national government, this may not be a conversation I should be a part of?" Britain offers diplomatically as he continues to eat. He's staying out of this, as he has no pony in the race.

The look from Brian to Shayera gets a light tilt of Diana's head, a wisp of ebon hair falling over the diadem upon crown to rest end just above here left eye. Wiping it aside she gives him an uptilt of her chin. He has as much right as the rest of them to wonder about teammates well being but his choice for tact is silently applauded with the return of a small smile. Though some things the silence does not warrant room for.

"Are they? New trick I suppose?" A small shrug and to Brian's additional input she slides those eyes back to deadpan him, all the while popping a piece of peeled free chicken meat past lips. "You are a part of this team. You went to a foreign dimension to rescue two strangers you did not know personally, have broken bones and given us your own allegiance and trust. I'd say your presence here and now is as welcome as any." And she left no room for argument there, Shayera's finger wave returned with words to her as well.

"You are council, you will be present."

Though to Ozy, his words draw a single brow upward and the lean straightens, her coffee brought to lips just after the bone is set aside. "You truly need to stop listening in through the comms to my nights out." Though a single corner of lips curls up wryly in the slight amusement towards the man.

"I will meet with him with the council."

Eyes Shayera.

"Yes, you are trusted Ozymandias, and for that I will sit and give this a chance."

"Strangers as in I personally did not know, perhaps. But both you and Shayera have been noted the world over as protectors." Britain points out, but he lets any further argument die on his lips because he's learned quickly that much like you don't beat wookies in chess, you don't try to be humble with a Princess of Themyscira; you end up with more broken bones than you start off with. "I'm honoured, Your Highness." he defers and continues on his meal.

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