A NOT So Sweet Date

December 14, 2015:

Melody and Morien meet at IHOP, a servant of Apep appears and Spider-Man saves the day!


NPCs: A Servant of Apep, customers



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Ozymandias has always enjoyed the atmosphere of place that served breakfast at night. Morien spent more than a few times at the Wells restaurant in Harlem, but that was sometime ago. Morien pulls down his hoodie, so it rests neatly on his shoulders and smiles to the server as he approaches. "I am expecting a guest, so I will wait to order my meal, but can I have some coffee.

The server nods and walks to the kitchen area. While Morien peers out of the window for any sides of threats, before turning his attention to the inside to repeat the process with the people in the restaurant. Once he feels he is safe, he relaxes a little as he waits for Melody to show up.

So.. last night? Melody was a little bit too shocked and flustered to answer, so when the date and meet time was set, she went ahead and indulged. I mean really, who in the hell can resist Caramel Bon Bon Pancakes and some awesomely loaded hash browns and eggs?

She made sure that the finishes from Jericho's quick patch up job was set, then she made her way towards the local IHOP, taking her Kawasaki out for one last ride before the snow presumably would hit. If it ever would, but she's thanking her lucky stars with that one. Pulling up towards the place of business, she removes her helmet, dropping it beneath her arm as she makes sure her bike was secure enough before she goes in, pushing the door open and.. smiling as soon as she sees Morien in the hoodie. That was totally different!

Upon approach, she carefully sets her helmet down at the corner of the booth then slides on in, lifting herself up just enough to make sure that her leg could fit underneath to give a bit of height. "Okay.. so.. I'm here!" Awkward! What in the world to do now?

"Yes, you are here." Morien cannot help but chuckle at her arrival announcement. "Thank you for coming. I am sorry for putting you on the spot, but I was expecting a naked man showing up in a spaceship, and I really want to ask you out on a date." Morien unfolds and folds his napkin as he continues to talk, "I rarely get the opportunity to ask people out."

He keeps his eyes focus on his napkin folding until he says. "And even rarer chance to ask someone as wonderful as you. After these words leave his lips, he raises his eyes to meet hers for a moment, before looking at her helmet. "You ride a motorcycle. I did not know that. How long have you've been riding?

"I.. well.." Shit, Melody was full on blushes again. She really couldn't look at him now, instead she goes right for the menu to pick it up, hiding that blush upon her cheeks and only allowing her eyes to be seen. "Belgian waffles.. why yes Sir, I think I will have them." She manages a little laugh, then up her eyes go.. "Well, I'm sure that a lot of people ask you out, right? You're like this fancy billionaire type dude who donates a lot of money to bands and charities."

The menu was soon put down, her mouth opening yet again, the menu lifted and raised to keep her grin, blush.. and everything else hidden. Finally, a topic they could agree on! Or.. she could not blush at. "Oh.. that? Well. I can easily say about two months or so. Turns out I have a real good handle on it. At least better than driving a car." She pauses a little, then gestures towards the helmet as well. "Do you ride?"

"Well, I am no Bruce Wayne. I don't think people would take me serious if I always had a new woman on my arm whenever I went out." Morien waits to the server and orders for them. He substitutes waffles for his pancakes, so he can have some chicken and waffles. Morien puts away the menu and says, "I have been driving a motorcycle a bit longer, but I am still just an average rider. I prefer other modes of travel, but there is a freedom to motorcycling. A couple of my colleagues are amazing riders.

Morien smirks, "I was pretty impressed how you took charge at the Charity. You seem right at home with the heroes. Is that something all mutants just have in them, or are you just a secret badass."

Morien laughs a bit at the thought of Rant being a secret bad ass, and says. "I am joking, but seriously you were impressive last night."

"Are you sure people even still take Bruce Wayne serious? I mean, he's hot and all. I just think when he talks, people just stare at him because he's all pretty and has a lot of money." That and he's smart. Okay, they're both smart. And they both have multi-million dollar businesses and do great within the world. Ah shucks, her argument is falling apart in her own head. She waits until he's done ordering for the both of them, neverminding the fact that.. she wanted chicken and waffles too! So surprising.!

She does smile, her hand lifting to rub at the back of her neck. "I.. well no.." Secret bad ass? Not quite. She still cries when she sees a little bit of blood. Well, at least it wasn't in front of the others. "Honestly, I guess it's a trait I got from my mom and dad. They're both leaders in a sense, so it's only right that I learned from them." She smiles a little, then shrugs her shoulders.

"Thank you. And you were too. The band had a real bad time trying to keep up with the way you played. It was amazing. I didn't even know you were up there!"

"My father was a leader too, a soldier in the army." Morien raises his left hand to gently wipe his chin, "My mother ran the house and helped with the farming. She was a strong woman, both of my parents were strong." Morien narrows his eyes a bit as the images of the daily activities of his parents play through his mind. It is a curse of having a great memory. You remember every moment of pain.

Morien forces a weary smile on to his face and says. "Well, thank you. I think the bands just made me sound good, but thank you for the compliment. I haven't played for such a large audience in awhile.

"Your parents lived on the farm?" He looked so young.. or maybe he was like forty something, maybe sixty. And she was sitting in here in IHOP with an old man.

Her mother always said that good black don't crack.

"Really? I mean.." No, she wasn't going to say that the other day, the crowd was decent in the Egyptian, that would be telling too much. "You didn't seem to break a sweat. So that was a good thing."

She leans back as the food was set down in front of them, her hand reaching up to stop the server with a smile. "Mind bringing over a pitcher of orange juice? Two pitchers? That way you don't have to come back and check on us. And also a picture of water. Sometimes the juice leaves a really funky taste in my mouth." Pause. "And with ice. Both of them." There is going to be a lovely tip in store for that one!

"There are places to farm in Maryland too. It is not like we have acres and acres. There are mountains too." Morien rolls his eys, "Everyone always think of Baltimore and the Wire, when you speak of Maryland." Morien coughs and thinks that it was not best lie he ever told, but it is probably not the only lie he is going to tell tonight, so he might as well start somewhere with the falsehoods.

"Oh no no no no no." She shakes her head rather quickly, picking up her fork to begin to dig into her foot. "When I think of Maryland, I think of farms. When I think of The Wire?" She pauses, grabbing a piece of bacon to point towards Morien. "I think of Stringer Bell." Good o' Idris Elba. Ph-ewwww!

Her head shakes just a touch as she places her bacon down upon the plate. "Something is telling me you're deflecting though. Which is okay. I know most people don't wind up talking about their parents on.." She pauses as a server walks up, carefully placing all that she's requested down upon the table. As she leaves, she nods and contines.. "…on a date or a little gathering or whatever, but we just pulled off something good for Mutant Town. So you're allowed a little leeway to talk about how shitty or how great your parents are. I'd say it in a heartbeat.." If he couldn't easily tap into her head if she gave permissions for it.

"Yes, we pulled off some Holiday Magic. Not bad if I say so myself, Melody." Morien grabs some hot sauce and dabs it on the chicken as he talk to her, "My parents are just dead, and they died before a lot of things happened in my life. So their loss is a bit different for me. If that make sense, and it does make sense to you, we probably should make sure their didn't spike our food.

Morien tries to move the conversation away from him with that joke, and hits it back to her. "You mention your dad a lot, but you don't mention your mother that much. For some reason, I thought you were just raise by your dad.

Melody takes a bite of her waffle then stops chewing, looking down at her food and pushes the tray aside as she gives a slight shake of her head. The juice was soon taken, poured into a glass and lightly sipped as she watches him. Was she aware that he was evading? If.. she was well, she had a great poker face because her smile grows incredibly wide.

"I don't talk about her much because he's the most active of the two." She states frankly. "She teaches high school Math. Very quiet woman. But very fierce and.. well.." She shivers a little. "Let me tell you, you don't cross that woman ever. But I know if I need anything I can go to her, and I always do. I usually do have the monthly dinners in Brooklyn with them when I can make it, and my dad is not in Japan."

She folds her fingers together, staring towards him, her lips twisting just a little. "You don't like talking about yourself much, do you?"

"I am just not a very interesting person. I think most of the interesting stuff about me is already on the internet, so why bother talking about that stuff." Morien takes a bite of his chicken after dipping the chicken into the syrup. The mixture of the hot sauce and syrup makes Morien think about leaving various jazz clubs and going to the Wells Restaurant in Harlem so many years ago.

His face and posture relaxes by the memory and before he knows it, he is saying, "What do you want to know about me?"

"That's not interesting stuff, Morien. That's just basic." Melody comments as she grasps the syrup, coating her waffles with the sticky goodness, still watching him carefully. Her eyes nearly glow then for just half a second, taking in his vitals and keeping it there. She wasn't a human lie detector, but she did read somewhere that heart rate sometimes elevate a smidge when a lie is given.

"What do I want to know?" Her lips bunch up just a touch as she finally shrugs, dropping the syrup into its rightful place, grasping her fork and knife there after. "Anything that's not in the papers that has to do with the real you."

"Hmmm, the real me.." Morien taps his fork on the plate several times as he tries to think of an answer, before laughing. "See, I told you I was not very interesting. I can't even think of something interesting to answer that question. Morien raises his left hand and quickly snaps his fingers, "I could probably teach a survival class is a variety of habitats.

Deadpool will do a number on you. Even the briefest of encounters can be grating. He had to get out of there, even before he found out who that girl in the Spider-Man costume was. She seemed kind of new to the hero business. So, after a quick change, he's made it down to the International House of Pancakes. They don't make wheatcakes like his Aunt May, but they're not bad, and it's a heck of a lot more convenient than swinging all the way back to Queens.
So, dressed in a stripped navy and sky blue polo shirt, and blue jeans, he makes his way for some hard earned grub. Too bad he can barely afford it. He'll have to find a picture soon for J. Jonah Jameson, or things are going to get much worse. But that's tomorrows concerns. The young man, lowepro back over his shoulder, walks in, "table for one please," and is shortly escorted to a table adjacent to a fairly ordinary looking couple. He can't help but admire the black leather jacket the guy has. It must have cost a fortune.

Melody smiles just a little, drawing her fork in his direction. "You're interesting in the fact that you can't find a decent single thing to tell about yourself." She points her cut waffle in his direction, then quickly pops it into her mouth. "Well there youf go!" She manages to say in between bites. "You can teach a survival class in any habitat. Which I think would be -totally- cool." Her nose wrinkles just a touch coupled with her smile, the bell bringing light to a young man entering alone.

She turns to stare towards him, her eyes blinking quickly.. she didn't want to 'scan' that poor fellow. He's already eating alone.

As Peter stares, she lifts a hand and offers a wave, then murmurs quietly towards Morien. "I think someones recognized you."

"I am pretty sure. Well, perhaps not like how to survive in Polar regions." Morien scratches his head as he ponders why he has never venture to any polar areas in his life and dismisses the thought with a shrug. "It would be cool if I could, but everyone other place beside polar regions I think I could teach a survival class. I could be completely wrong too about that fact. Morien smiles and then places another bite of chicken in his mouth.

A young mother who was treating herself to some pancakes while her baby slept silently in her stroller is startled by the loud cries that come from her baby when the little girl awakens. The mother does her best to console the staff while apologizing to the restaurant, "She never cries like that." During this scene Morien remain silent and moves closer to the window as he calmly continues to eat. The woman throws some money down on the table and takes her daughter out of the IHOP. As the baby passes Morien and Melody's table her cries get louder, but the mother is moving so fast it is hardly noticeable. Once the baby is outside, the baby goes back to cooing, and the only noise is the mother sighing, "Of course."

Few minutes after the crying baby leaves the IHOP, A tall slender young brown skinned man walks into the IHOP. He is wearing a long brown trench coat and blue skinny jeans. He sits down at the table and asks the server if she can bring honey instead of syrup.

It doesn't take long for Peter to make his decision. He orders a glass of orange juice, sans ice, and the Silver 5. Technically the Silver 5 is on the kids meal, but it's cheap and filling. He burnt a lot of calories beating up Mr. Small and his gang of miscreants. There's even a thing on the news, which is showing DBC. According to J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man and two accomplices robbed an Electronics store. A group of patriotic Little Persons tried to stop them, but were tied up in Spider-Man's webbing.
Try as he may, Peter couldn't bring himself to get any kind of photo of himself beating up Little People, or Santa Claus, even if they were super powered, and criminals. He knew it'd play badly with the Bugle. But where had J. Jonah got the footage, and so quick too. With a sigh, he wonders if the Bugle's hired other photographers. He does work freelance after all.
Things weren't turning out to be a great Christmas for the Amazing Spider-Man. But hopefully he'd hear back from Dr. Richards and Dr. Storm about the internship. He got so preoccupied with his own lot that he didn't even notice as the Orange juice was laid in front of him, "oh, thank you." Manners first, he thought to himself as he took a quiet sip.
Peter feels for the young mother, but there's not a whole lot that he can do in this situation. His food arrives shortly after she leaves, and he begins to dig in. But then he gets that old familiar feeling in the back of his head. Setting his fork on the table, he frowns, and looks in the direction of the guy in the trench coat. He sighs, rolls his eyes, and takes another quick bite, wondering if that's going to be the last bite he gets of his meal. With his other hand, he does carefully grip the strap of his backpack, which rests near him on the floor.

"Surviving in Polar regions is easy. Like.. don't go there. Ever." Melody laughs just a little, the quick bark high followed by a snort of her nose, which has her hand drawing up to pinch her nostrils shut as she continues to laugh. And there it is folks; Melody, horrible teller of jokes and one who could truly laugh at what she was saying, and even draws tears from it all.

Though, she immediately quiets as the baby begins to cry, a slight frown drawing upon her lips as she half stands, wanting to apologize for she thought she had awoken the child with her errant snorts. She didn't notice the way Morien moved towards the window, but.. she immediately felt bad either way.

"That has to suck.." She murmurs quietly, glancing towards the young mother. "..I always pictured myself to be like her. Someone who would have kids and what not. But with everything that's happened it's not really a thing that's going to happen." She shrugs her shoulders, then flops back down into her spot at the booth. "But you know? Is that a good price to pay if you knew that potentially you could live forever?"

Morien is glad that the women left, "You really need to start cutting yourself short. You are a very clever, attractive, and strong woman. It would be easier not to see the sun's light than to see how wonderful you are. Morian smiles as he eats another piece of his waffle. There is a small bead of sweat from the situation with the woman.

Once the honey arrives at the table, the tall slender man's eyes fall on Melody and Morien. He calls out to them in a coarse ancient Egyptian clearing indicating that this is not his native tongue, "There was a time when people fled at the mention of Apep. They did not dine with their harlots. Did not your curse begin with you fleeing. Apep knows deep down inside you are still nothing more than a coward, and he is giving me the honor of claiming your body.

Morien clenches his right fist and tries to look innocent at Melody, "Did you understand that? That is the one thing about IHOP there is always a bunch of weirdos eating food here at night.

The servant of Apep throws the honey on the flow as he starts to float in the air, he pull out a long knife and stabs into his thigh, while locking eyes on Morien and Melody. He starts to sing, "I am Just little Brown Rain Cloud." as he continues stabbing his legs over and over. As the blood falls from his leg, it collects in the air for a few moments, before hitting the honey. Once it touches the honey, three figures emerge from the honey. One figure is seventh foot tall sticky brute, one a crystalline figure with blades on her hands, and spikes on her body, and the third is four feet tall figure that shoots a sticky substance to seal the door to the exit.

Out of Deadpool's frying pan, and into the fire at IHOP. Clearly, it was going to be one of those nights. Peter Parker quietly deposited his money, even a modest tip, onto the countertop, and he made his way down towards the floor, scurrying along the carpet, trying to remain out of sight. If anyone were to see him, he'd look like a pretty average guy in this situation, just trying to escape it. He's a coward all right. He makes good time too, heading towards the men's room. Fortunately, he knows from a previous visit that it has a window. But will he be able to fit through?
Once inside, he locks the door. He hates to do it, in case anyone else wants to hide there, but if he's going to change, he'll have to make sure no one walks in on him. He's gotten pretty quick at changing over the years. Off comes his regular clothes, and on goes the Spider-Man suit. After stuffing the old clothes into his backpack, he unlocks the door, does a somersault towards the window, and bounds through it. The backpack almost gets caught, but in mid air, he contorts to get it through. A web line is fired and he gets some altitutde. The backpack is shot at a skycrapper, stuck there with webbing, and he doubles back.
A moment later, he's bursting through the front doors, coming to a land on one of the tables that hasn't been cleaned yet. "Eww, syrup on my shoes. I prefer to be the only thing that sticks, not my clothes."

Melody couldn't help but blush at Morien's compliment, her fork dropping as she draws her hands to cover her mouth, readily and willing to speak after all until the strange man utters words in their direction. Her brows furrow as she looks towards the man, obviously confused.. until he does that thing with his legs and.. with the need to stand to protect Peter (whom she doesn't know), he was gone from her sight and..

"Oh.. my.. god.." She manages to echo out.

Previous Melody would have broken down into..

Nevermind! There it is! Tears! Deathstroke be damned, that poor girl was immediately flowing with tears and trembling within her space. Clones. She can do. Explosions? Easy people. Crazy people with knives? Yup!

But as Gwen Stefani would say, this shit is bananas!

"Oh my god!" She shrieks out, ducking as Spider-Man bursts through the window, her own body falling flat into the booth with a slight roll that would tuck her underneath the table for cover.

Apep is the embodiment of Chaos and most of his followers powers possess powers that cause thing to go well …bananas. Morien eyes widen slightly by first the floating man stabbing himself in the leg, and his eyes fall out of his eyes in his surprise when the figures emerge from the honey. Morien watches people fleeing and Melody diving down underneath the table. He closes his eyes in despair and being angry with himself that he put her in danger. As Spider-Man land on the sticky table, Morien strokes her hair and whispers, "Keep your eyes close, and you have my word that no harm will come to you.

Morien sprints to other side of the restaurant, not to fast to draw anyone's suspicion and waves his hands."Over here!"

The honey creatures pause for a moment as they look at both Spider-Man and Morien. Suddenly the crystalline honey creature launches in the air with her sharp blade hands at Spider-Man. While the sticky bulk lumbers towards Spider-Man. The small honey creatures shoots a sticky substance at Morien's face in attempt to suffocate him and another on his hands to keep him from pulling it off.

Possibly to reassure Melody, and possibly because it was the first thing that came to mind, but Spider-Man begins to hum something very familiar. We've all heard it. He's humming the theme song from the Honey Nut Cheerios series of commercials.
Shooting two web lines towards the ceiling "excuse me", he leaps off the table, "coming through", kicking one of the honey monsters, while humming 'it's gonna tempt your tummy.' He then attaches his feet to the ceiling, probably getting some syrup there that's going to give maintenance fits "I hope this doesn't leave a mark". Humming some more, 'with a taste of nuts and honey,' he fires another line of webbing, which makes a thwip sound. This one catches a coffee pot "the coffee's good here, but if you really want a nice pot, you gotta try Mourn's Cafe over on 9th Street", and he pulls, smacking it into the back of another honey monster.
Moving further into the dinner, getting closer to the guy who was stabbing himself, he finishes, actually singing now, "It's a honey of an O, it's honey nut Cheerios!"

The stroke to her head causes her to jump, ready to blast or even flail a little until the quiet words hit her ears. Damn it, she could see herself being coddled by Lunair as we speak. She slowly nods her head, her hands drawn up to close her eyes admist the chaos, yet it was the humming from Spider-Man that comforted her as well, though there was a slight fear of Morien dashing out into the fray. She couldn't sing along, but she focused on the humming tune, trying to blot out the crashes and the roars, her arms soon lifting and covering her head so tight that she was going to lose her breath through it all.

There was even a splat nearby her feet, which causes her to curl up tighter and scream aloud to like.. not hear that splatting noise at all. Either way, there must have been a pop, a blood vessel gone off somewhere in the interim that puts her lights out with an instant. This was too much!

The coffee pot get absorbed into the sticky bulky creature and passes through the other side, while the crystalline honey creature does a flip to get herself off the table. The small honey creature shoots another sticky glob on Morien's legs before turning his attention towards Spider-Man.

Apep's servant starts pauses singing and stabbing his leg to look at Spider-Man, "There are no places for heroes in my Master's world!"

Spider-Man's eyes go wide, well, wider, when the coffee pot gets absorbed, then passes through to the other side of the crystalline honey creature, "Whoa, I've heard of coffee passing through you like it was water, but you guys are on a whole different. You ever think of applying for a job at Weta? I bet Peter Jackson would love you."
Moving from table top to table top, he jumps, leaps, and dodges. "No place for heroes? But they just got Reborn! You gotta give it a chance. Check the ratings. Why don't you guys ever check the ratings?" Okay, so the coffee pot went straight through. They're made from honey, that means he has to heat them up, or cool them down, and seeing as he's in a restaurant, he has an idea.
Moving, and using his web lines to swing faster, he disappears into the back, emerging a moment later with frozen food, which he tosses at the honey monsters, and uses his webbing to make sure it doesn't pass all the way through. He's trying to pack them in ice and other frozen foods. "Where's Mr. Freeze at a time like this. He's good with the Ice puns."

Morien continues to shake his head as he pretends to be suffocating from the glob covering his face. The honey like creatures are perplexed by Spider-Man's actions, but it doesn't stop the sticky bulky creature from trying to smash Spider-Man with a table he pulls up from the from. The small sticky creature start to trying to hit Spider-Man with his sticky-globs.

The crystalline honey creature has taken a more protective position in front of Apep's servant as she readies for her next attack.

The crystalline creature is the first to show the effects of the frozen attack. As she launches towards Spider-Man, the coldness increases her gravity and she falls on to the ground and shatters into a bunch of pieces. Those pieces turn back into simple honey drops on the floor. The same is slowly happening to the other creatures which causes the Apep servant to raise his knife in the air to stab his leg.

When the honey monsters begin to show the effects of the coldness wrapped around them, Spider-Man proudly proclaims, "better living through chemistry." He's already going for the knife, thwipping out a web line to snatch it out of the man's hand. "Careful, or you might hurt yourself… some more. Now, what are we going to do with you, Apu? Have you ever thought of working at the Kwik-E-Mart? No, well, trust me, it's a lot more fun than stabbing yourself repeatedly." Forming a nice webbing ball around the knife, so nobody else uses it, or gets contaiming, he tosses it against a wall, where it'll stick. He then fires some webbing towards the mouth of the nutty customer, and another around each hand, then the legs, "stick right there," he moves over towards Morien, "you okay Pal?"

Once Apep servant is webbed, the creatures completely succumbed to the cold and fall on to the floor and become pools of honey. When Spider-Man takes the glob of goo off of Morien's face, he lets out a gasp of air to sell that he was almost suffocated. He coughs a few more times and falls down from the goo stuck to his feet which causes the goo to break. He lets out another gasp of eye.

After quickly seeing how no harm has come to the area where Melody was at, Morien lets out another fake cough, "Can you check on, Ms Kenway? I need to get some air."

Police and other emergency vehicles' sirens can be heard coming closer to the House of Pancakes. A Umoja Security detail will be arriving after them. By the time, the police get to Apep's servant, they will find what looks to be a mummified skeleton in skinny jeans. Apep, God Of Chaos, does not tolerate failure.

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