Into The Void

December 14, 2015:

Neverwhere is a good place to recharge and contemplate which is why a God and a Goddess end up there



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Fade In…

Fenris has come down to Neverwhere to watch the lights at the edge of forever. The river and forest just drop away into a chaotic but rather beautiful riot of shifting colors and textures. It's all rather calming and he's needed some calm recently.

After her 'sojourn' with Thor, Astryds' felt the need for solace and calm. With Asgard denied to her, Neverwhere is ideal. Typically, the haughty goddess would be found in a clearing, cooking a kill or perhaps hunting it.

Today though, she senses a presence … and follows that to the edge of forever. Stopping behind the God Wolf, grey eyes drinking in the vista, she remains silent. He'll sense soon enough and she won't disturb reverie, yet.

"Hello Raven mine." Fenris says without turning around. "Come join me, won't you?" He's standing right at the edge where reality turns to unreality. Or rather order turns to chaos. His will holding Neverwhere gives way to the formless not-void around them. "What brings you here?"

Raven his. Grey eyes dance at those words particularly after her rather ascerbic response to Thor the other day. Moving to stand by his side, Astryd pulls her long sheepskin jacket closer round her, not that she needs it but the expanse of nothing tends to leave one cold, as she looks out on the not-void. "I much preferred the other view…" she murmurs, not looking at him "I came to think, to recharge …"

"Thor was on a drunken revel the other day … in the streets of New York. We ended up in Jotunheim to collect a tree." sighing, the severe goddess shakes her head.

"You went for a Christmas tree in Jotunhiem?" Fenris almost sounds amused. The God-Wolf wraps an arm around Astryd's waist and just holds her next to him. "What was it you had to think about. Life choices after following Thor to the realm of giants?"

Leaning against Fenris, wrapping her own arm around his waist and resting her head on his shoulder, Astryd laughs softly "Yes…. he wanted to decorate a citadel here on earth somewhere." He'd commanded her to silence on the matter and it had rankled … he /said/ he'd been jesting, of course. "The jaunt itself was exhilirating."

The hard planes on her face soften a little and she becomes thoughtful "No, not that. I've been wondering about Brenna and what we witnessed the other day." Glancing up, she looks just a little sheepish "I accused a young man of following me the other day. I thought she had sent him."

"Paranoia gets to you after a while." Fenris murmurs. "You're talking about the fact that your Brenna is apparently working with someone rather nasty and somewhat divine. Yes that's a bit on the disturbing side."

"I had thought I was better than that." Astryd speaks quietly as she looks out into the non-void. "But yes, she's obviously made a deal with someone or something and … " she pauses a moment, leaning against him a little more "I fear she doesn't know what she's got herself into. And I'm curious as to who or what it is." Curious might be a mild word to use. It's possible that's what kept her on Midgard for three hundred years.

"You seemed to react strongly to the mention of a torc." For a moment there, she'd though they'd meant hers.

"I hid a torc in that park decades ago. An item of some power. It's since been moved. The fact that they knew of it and were looking for it is somewhat disturbing though." He thinks a bit on it. "It's a keepsake from hundreds of years ago. An artifact not of the norse but of the celts. Connected to the Morrigan." And ravens, if one knows about the Morrigan.

"Well then …" Astryd's eyebrows rise at that. "There are many tales of the Norse and Celts crossing paths. And The Morrigan has often been mistaken as one of my Sisters." The capitalisation of Sisters is unmistakable.

But Astryd can't ignore that the her alternate form is a raven, certainly not the only Valkyrie to choose that form, but one of less than a handful. That Brenna had her feather and the Svartalfar tied the torc and feather together with the words 'compel her' were not just circumstanial to the earth-bound goddess.

Tugging on Fenris' waist, trying to move them into a walk … Astryd is too unsettled to remain still at the moment … "So she made a deal … to hold the power to compel me. And she's trading something for the Torc." Brenna might be going to get a visit from a rather annoyed Valkyrie.

"It certainly sounded like that. I'm not sure the dwarves will be eager to continue it though they may not have a choice." Fenris has no love at all for the earth people. They're the ones that forged the Gleipnir. And more than one family of them has found to their cost that the Old Wolf has a long, long memory when it comes to grudges. "It's a good plan on her part." Which is to say, a bit horrifying.

Astryd is well aware of the Gleipnir … she's probably less aware of Fenris' interaction with the Svartalfar though. "A Bargain is a Bargain, God-Wolf" again the capitilisation. They're walking back through Neverwhere to a small clearing. "I doubt they'll be able to repudiate it." Which has her concerned.

"The Dwarves are just emissaries though." Astryd is aware that someone with sufficient might be able to bind her "That much was clear…"

The clearing ahead shows a fire crackling merrily, a carcass on to roast. Had she set this up beforehand? Or was it the nature of the place being bent to her will?

Fenris doesn't know. It could be either. The God-Wolf approaches and has a seat, tugging her down next to him. He doubts she'll need much encouragement. "What are you going to do about it?"

She doesn't need much encouragement. Gracefully, fluidly, letting him tug her down, Astryd takes a seat next to the God-Wolf. Pushing a strand of hair off her face, hooking it behind her ear and then resting her head on his shoulder, she looks into the fire thoughtfully.

A small, feral, smile touches her lips "I intend to ask Brenna directly." No beating around the bush for the Valkyrie. "I may like help in that regard."

Fenris chuckles. "Well I will be happy to help. But you seem to have had trouble finding her in the past. Do you have a plan for doing so now or…" Is she going to, ahem, wing it.

Astryd nudges the God-Wolf, knowing what he's thinking and her wings (previously not visible) unfurl behind her … "Remember, I've been tracking her social network locations? This past few weeks, I've been confirming that they are correct… " The planes on her face harden a little "I have a plan, God-Wolf, that will have her alone and vulnerable." And Asgard help her, cause Astryd will not.

"Shall we turn to more pleasurable things?" The goddess smirks, just a little - she's meaning the food … of course.

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