Under Arkham

December 13, 2015:

The Fox follows the clues to the Lord Of The Feast under Arkham… with friends … and doesn't like what he finds

Arkham - Gotham


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It's bad when Kane has to come here. South Channel Island. Home of the infamous Arkham Asylum. Unlike most here, the Fox's goals are not the Asylum itself. No, on the South side of the island there's an enterence to a network of caves that go deep beneath the isle. They've been sealed many times and always seem to come open again eventually. What most don't know is that there's magic down there. Deep, dark, evil magic. Black as black gets. And the Fox has to go down there.

Not alone though. No. He's asked Zee to come along… and called Misfit to see if she's available too.

Wow Gotham even. It is like she never gets to prance about Gotham. Also Arkham. Sweet! Misfit teleports in with a flash of pink and purple smoke appearing by Kane to peer into the darkity cave. "Sooo whats up Fox."

Zee's come armed with a messenger bag of holding and a short sword on her left hip, hanging there with her emerald pendulum. Covered in bruises, it looks like the teen has lost a fight with … something.

"Hey Misfit." she greets the chaos muppet "We're going on an adventure… " glancing at The Fox she continues "We're looking for a ritual place that was used to call the Lord of the Hunt." Zee doesn't know the creature was targetted on Oracle … The Fox hasn't shared that much with her. "This is the last place to look, apparently… and we're …. expecting trouble." beat "Ready when you are, Fox."

Misfit may, or may not sense that Zee's magic is gone …

The Fox glances over to Misfit and takes a deep breath. He's about to explain when Zee shows up and… beats him to it. "Yeah, what she said. We're looking for a magical site used to summon a demon because I think it can give us clues about who did it. I've investigated every site I know of but this one… unfortunately this one has always been pretty dark and there's sure to be trouble down there. I just don't know what." He draws a pair of tonfa, interestingly, rather than a sword. It may get a bit tight in there. "Okay… well, if we're all ready…"

The Fox doesn't ask after Zee. He knows why she's bruised. Instead he starts descending. The first part of the journey down is slick. The gravel is loose and the floor wet and they have to step carefully in order to avoid taking a spill. The slope goes some forty feet down before opening up into a set of tunnels. "It's pretty mazelike in here, so don't get sep- wait did you hear that?" Sounds like… snuffling. Like an animal of some kind is breathing and sniffing around. Okay, maybe more than one.

Misfit gives Zee a funny look certainly. It isn't every day that someone's magic seems to be gone and all. She even sniffs in her direction at least once, odd girl. "Isn't the lord of the hunt the thing we were having trouble with on our last trip to Faerie Zee?" she heads down followign the Fox. Then she stops and cocks her head listening to the snuffles.

Zee casts Misfit a look as she sniffs… "I showered … recently." Maybe not before working out today, though. "The Wyld Hunts, technically" Zee answers Misfit "Though, I think this one is different. Demonic, as opposed to Fae. And there's a difference."

Stopping at the sound, the raven haired mage looks to The Fox and opens her messenger bag but doesn't take anything yet. "Do we want light?"

"Lord of the Feast." The Fox corrects. "Lords of the Hunt are faeries. Lords of the Feast are demons. Avatars of slaughter and mayhem. They're only summoned for one reason. To kill someone brutally and messily. One of them… ended my circle." The Fox is whispering now. "No light. Whatever it is, it's probably not friendly."

The druid peers around the corner… and finds himself face to face with a rat faced demon. Make that about twelve rat faced demons. The two stare at one another for half a second… then both let out a startled yell. The Fox is faster though. He punches the thing in the throat with a tonfa and ducks back in time to avoid a trio of spears. "Well, that's trouble."

Misfit taps her goggles, no magic but activating the array of sensors and thermal in this case vision. She follows Fox along and then ohs "Wererats.. or… huh… okay I have no idea… so…. what hurts them Fox?" not leaping in blindly when the supernatural is concerned. Especially since Fox usually has advice.

Zee sighs "Feast, not Hunt…" she might have taken a blow or two to the head recently. That's her excuse and she's sticking with it - alright?

Zee's low light vision is good, but not great, and she moves quietly behind The Fox… As the rat faced demons scream, she winces. "Guess they know we're here then." she murmurs as she takes a flask of oil from her bag. "Holy oil, fire… maybe salt? They're demons after all…" She explains to Misfit. "Of course, hitting them hard might stop them too." This is Gotham, not Darques necromancers or their ilk.

"When you're ready, Fox…."

"I'm ready! I'm ready!" They're already coming around the corner and the druid punts the first one of them back but there are tne more of the damn things. Rodents of unusual size? The Fox totally believes they exist. "Fire, salt… ugh!" Another kick and a strike at one with a spear. "Also hitting them. Really hard. If you please, ladies?"

Misfit considers and then tap tap taps her fists in her weighted bat gloves together three times and says something in, well it sounds vaguely like a dialect of Asgardian. Her gloves ignite with a Ruby Red Fire and she disappears in one of her teleports. Reappearing right behind the demons to slam two flaming fists into the back of its head.

Oil is good. Holy oil is better and Zee's found a supplier and the teen opens the small flask of oil and throws it in such way that the ROUS's are coated. Their skins should start sizzling at the touch.

Taking a lighter from her bag, the teen starts to intone a spell. It's remarkable similar to the way she used to cast - speaking backwards, infusing the words with her intent - it just takes much longer and requires the use of props. Good thing she's had practice at that, right?

As the last of the spell leaves her lips, balls of fire appear in her hands "Down and out of the way…" she calls to the other two … and tosses them at the ROUS's in the middle.

Fireballs, fuelled by Zee's intent, ignite the holy oil …. and blossoms out … encompassing the others…

The boom and fire from both of the Fox's companions has the rats screaming and running… but there's no time to celebrate. The floor echoes… somewhat ominously. And then drops out from beneath them sending them onto a slide that ends with all of them down where there is absolutely no light, sprawled in a heap.

"Ow… okay… I'll take that light now…"

Even without it this room smells musty and there's the unmistakeable scent of old blood and charred meat coming from somewhere nearby. On Misfit's nightvision the room is circular and there's a six foot long altar in the center of it. Grooves are cut into the room at regular intervals, twelve in all, like a clock and around the midpoint of the room there's a cut circle that encompasses the hole thing, maybe twenty feet wide.

Charlie bounces up to her feet ever cheerful even if her ass will hurt.. until she teleports that is. She looks around. "Huh… evil spooky demonic sacfricial chamber… " pauses "yeah I got nothing… maybe you guys will when there is light?"

"Ow…" Zee doesn't know where it hurts anymore… all over is probably a good start. Clambouring to her feet, she takes two laterns from the satchel and sets one of the ground, light falls over the room. Moving carefully around the circle, wrinkling her nose at the smell and staying /out/ of the cut circle, she places the second … there'll be sufficient light to work with.

"Twelve positions, twelve occultists?" she peers over to the Fox "Does this seem to represent a clock to you?" She can try and scry the altar … but with her magic gone, she has to conserve what she can access … a little more visual examination seems in order.

"Twelve and one in the center. Thirteen." The Fox groans as he picks himself up and walks over to the altar. It's bloodstained alright and someone has burned something on it recently. There's marks and sigils all over it but clearly the altar is old and the markings new. This thing has existed for… oh, a long time. Long before any of the groups that presently use it.

"It's almost always three, six or thirteen. Significant numbers. Grooves are for blood…" And they're stained too. "Mmmm. They cleaned up pretty well but they were using a Greek method of summoning. I can see… a stain from an ofering of honey… and marks from a libation."

As the Fox is talking smoke begins to swirl from the hole behind him, settling into a silent vortex just behind the druid.

"Ah… look…" The druid's gloved hand comes up with a shard of metal. "Blade tip. Someone chipped their athame on the altar. We can use this to do some scrying. What I don't get is why there isn't a guardian. Anyone who took control of this site would have wanted to leave a guardian to ensure future access to it…" The smoke resolves into a large, eight foot tall muscle bound goat headed monstrosity. And then snorts.

"It's… right behind me isn't it."

The Fox doesn't even bother to look. He dives forward, over the altar as a meaty fist comes down where his head used to be.

Charlie looks thoughtful. "Greek summoning.. like .. libations..honey.. like Pan?" then she falls quiet as the.. demon satyr thing appears behind Kane "Uh.. well.. that definitely isn't how I would have pictured Pan…" she mutters. Then she vanishes and tries to reappear behind the beast and kick it in the kidney.

"Ah, Fox…." Zee's eyes fall on the swirling smoke as it forms and reaches into her bag. It takes a few moments but eventually she pulls out a jar with a lightning bug "Don't get too close… "

Speaking backwards as she unscrews the lid from the jar and releases the bug … and arcs of lightning strike at the demon …

The kick connects and solidly but this thing is a towering mass of muscle that'd put Batman to shame. Misfit may have to up her game to better kung fu… or sneakier tricks. She's spared retibution by Zee's lightning strike and seconds later The Fox breaks out his shotgun and adds his own lord of thunder act to the mix. The scent of ozone fills the room as the druid reloads and fires again. The demon-saytr-baphomet thing's eyes start glowing red. "Uh. I'm fairly sure that's not good. Anyone got a banishment up their sleeve?"

Misfit hops around for a little while on one foot while the others shock it and shotgun it "I think it's made of muscle…" she reaches out and slaps a crimson glowing unluck stone on it's ass though as she stops hopping. "I also think you made it mad." she teleports clear.

A banishment … Zee's eyes widen as the demons eyes start to glow red. "Uh… yeah. Keep it busy…" A piece of chalk is produced and she draws a circle around herself, as the Sgian Dubh is pulled from her boot.

Drawing the blade down the inside of left arm, letting the blood drip onto the floor, she chants carefully, annunciating every word … so much more carefully than she's ever done before…

The creature bellows as the Fox switches from his shotgun to his crossbow and sends a trio of bolts into it. The blessed kind that normally disrupt and end demons like this. This one's too strong. Whoever summoned it must have had a hell of a will to bind it. That'll weaken it for Zee but uh, he's in trouble as it lowers its head to charge him…

And promptly slips on a groove, faceplanting into the floor. Chaos luck. What can you do? Luck curses are among the most pernicious non-obvious things around. That's why Misfit was taught them.

Teleporting back onto it's.. well back… Misfit slaps a sticky charge right on the back of it's head. Then she is poof.. back again behind Fox and hitting the detonator on her utlity belt for it. Batsplosives.

Zee's spell flashes out just as the demon faceplants and Misfits explosives detonate … the mage is totally focussed on abjuring this thing.

A portal starts to open, behind the demon, sucking at it .. drawing it in … and Zee keeps chanting, maintaining the spell until the damn thing is gone

Even if it's blown to pieces.

The bomb does go off and to be sure there's a spray of demon blood and flesh everywhere which quickly evaporates into ectoplasm. Then the thing is sucked into the portal which snaps shut. The Fox is breathing hard but not, apparently, hurt. Thanks to his companions. "So that was… about as awful as expected. But we have something that'll lead use to those guys who went after… uh, friend of yours, Misfit. I'll explain when we do it." He pauses to look around. "We shouldn't do it here though. Let's vamoose. There's more and worse things down here if we stick around."

Misfit flicks her cape out and shields herself at least from any flying gore then shakes the cape off. Easier to just clean it later really. "Sounds like a plan… let's bounce… also good banishment Zee!"

Zee isn't so lucky to have something to shield her from the flying ichor and … let's just say bits… Splattered and bruised, she wipes /something/ from her face and she's sure she can feel something in her hair. Sure, it might be ectoplasm now but it wasn't a minute ago …

Picking her lanterns up, which are also dripping in ectoplasm, she wipes them off as best as she can and puts in them in her bag. "Let's go then, Fox." She offers a smile to Misfit "Thank you. You packed some mystical punches there yourself."

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