The Kaiju Gambit - Downtown

December 13, 2015:

In a final gambit to break the hold of the 'freak scum' on the Tri City area, the Purifiers and Reavers deploy their secret weapon against the JL:A HQ. SHIELD and the X-Men take on one of the Sentinels in Downtown Metropolis.

Downtown Metropolis

The Downtown area of the City of Tomorrow is all gleaming skyscrapers, clean, broad, well lit streets and busy traffic for the firms and services in the area. Now it's a battleground for the second time in less than a year.


NPCs: Agent Gorman, Purifiers, Reavers



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This is a priority alert from SHIELD. We have multiple bogeys touching down in Metropolis. Bandits are hostile, repeat bandits are ho- Statc sings out on all frequencies. Anyone with any kind of communicator - JL:A, X-Men, SHIELD, a plain old radio - hears what comes over next. Attention Metropolis, we are the Purifiers. Too long have we stood by while mongrels and inhuman freaks took over our cities. Your shining so called City of Tomorrow is a cesspit of debauchery and impurity. We won't tolerate it any longer. Behold, the guardians of humanity. The SENTINELS! As proof of our intent, we are going to level that most hated collection of freaks, the JL:A.

SHIELD HQ Breaks back in. This is Agent Gorman, the JL:A is vectoring a team to deal with the incursion in Bakerline but one of those things just touched down with a platoon of purifiers and a trio of reavers in Downtown. It's making for the Hall of Justice but it's going to wreck the district doing it. I'm patching in X-Red. If you have anyone out there, X-Men, SHIELD could use the help. May, you're on point for this one. Make it happen.


Gorman. May. Acknowledged. There are already SHIELD teams scrambling and multiple quinjets in the air, May's amongst them. It's a quick hop to the downtown area, and May has no qualms setting her quinjet down right in the middle of street directly in front of Hall of Justice. Go ahead, Big Blue, try to give her a parking ticket.

As the various SHIELD teams deploy all around the area, May is standing on the front steps of aforementioned Hall, looking at a small tablet in one hand and coordinating the teams and hopefully soon the additional help of X-Red and others.


Illyana was at X-Red HQ when the alerts started rolling in, and it was almost comical to watch as first she gets the alert from SHIELD since they have her contact information. And then the JL:A communicater starts bleeping. And the X-Red alert thingie starts going, and it's like the Limbo Queen is doing the haka trying to get them to ALL SHUT UP!

Eventually she does manage it though, and she heads over to Brinley to see who she's picking up and where they're going. The adminstrative mastermind of X-Red is good for stuff like that. Moments later, Melinda May has the X-contingent arriving via stepping disk. "Agent May."


// Sorry Dear, you're on your own.. // That message was for Elizabeth. And possibly the only one left.

It was a cool thing how that happens, the stepping disks, one foot goes down and the ground begins to glow and the other allows her to pass through the ethers to wind up a little bit behind Illyana, gloves already toyed with as the redhead remains nearly stoic. Her eyes lift to the others gathered, and slowly she begins to walk away.. each step growing a bit lighter as she draws herself into the air with a slow crawl of invisibility to bring her out of the sights of anyone near, good and friendly.

Just what in the world is she up to?


Brin was ready by the time Illyana found her. Co-ordinating personnell … isn't easy. It's slightly less easy, when you're doing it trying to get changed yourself… at least Illy waited this time that to happen.

"Agent May" the small brunette greets the SHIELD Agent. "What's the sitrep?" That it was Purifiers doing this, was bad enough, that they were using SENTINELS? That's worse.


Bobby arrives with Brin and Illyana and Jean. Even from here he can hear the booming of weapons fire away to the north. May, Gorman. The JL:A team is engaged. The Downtown threat is coming up to air support… in three… two… Quinjets scream overhead and make right for the biggest target, the sentinel itself. Energy beams sweep out from its eyes and down two of the four incoming jets, forcing the remainder to break off their attack. This is Ratchet Flight. Too hot, too hot. Can't engage without collateral.

"We need to get closer." The ice nerd murmurs. "Okay. I'll go in, draw fire, but I don't have the juice to take that thing on by myself and there's purifers on the ground too." Which there are. Already smoke is rising as the police who have attempted to stop them are swiftly sent packing, their squad cars obliterated or tossed aside like toys.

The ice nerd armors up and takes a deep breath. "Okay. Here goes." And then he's off. He'll be a big obvious target, and if the others think it wise they can get in closer by disk and put the hurt on that thing. It's working too… well the target thing is. Half a minute after he takes off energy beams start chasing Iceman. He's staying ahead of them… for now.


Melinda May simply gives Illyana a respectful nod and Jean a glance and is about to reply to Brin when the quinjets home in on the Sentinel and it's NOT good. Ratchet Flight. Break off. Link with Baker and Zulu teams on the ground. Focus on the Purifiers.

After speaking into her comm, May turns to the three women who arrived to help. "This is where it gets ugly. Rasputin, I hope you're feeling violent today." She then pulls a positively vicious looking weapon from her shoulder — something hastily cobbled together from previous Purifier attacks — and aims it at the approaching Sentinel. Keep it moving in a straight line, Iceman. And now she's wishing smartass Barton were here as she takes the shot. One good thing about laser weapons, at least. No serious recoil.


Illyana gives a soft snort at May's question. "Please. Violence is where I live." She flashes the SHIELD agent a grin that seems to have exceptionally long incisors and then a stepping disk appears at her feet. As though it were solid, it rises upwards into the air, taking Illyana with it. It's wide enough to provide cover from a good deal of ground fire, as she's just made herself a bit of a target without any obvious cover but it gives her a good vantage point to assess the situation. // Phoenix, you want to deal with the human-types? // She asks over one of her bloodytoomanycomms. She figures Jean's telepathy will give her an advantage there.

Magik suddenly drops through that stepping disk at her feet, while another opens above the Sentinel's head. Where its eyebeams can't really get to her. At least, in theory. // Anyone bring a can opener? //


Jean was already in the thick of it, flying high with hands lifting to cover her ears to blot out the sound of the jets blazing by. Right towards a Sentinel. Who shoots and downs two jets without hesitation as the others break off.

For fools sake.

As the other two wisely breaks off, Jean dives.. catching sight of the twirling bodies, a trail of fire upon her feet as hands reach out to snatch them from the air with a massive burst of TK which soon covets them to the ground, hidden and unseen. Even if they are hurt, they're safe. For now, either way. // Are you sure that -you- don't want to deal with the human types, Magik? // Of course, Jean was kidding. She was half afraid that Magik would go off the rails and murder them all.

But .. both women were equally as frightening.


Jean touches down in the middle of the purifier menace, both hands raised as she tries to appear disarming, soon looking up towards them all with a flourish of her red hair as her gloved fingers begin to wave. "Remember me? Alpha?" Beat. "Good, take me to your leader."


"Woah, nice weapon May." Brin is impressed - and she doesn't get impressed at fire arms - she typically hates them. Seriously though, that thing's awesome and way more powerful than the repulsor rifles that Nicks been letting her use.

And completely the opposite of Phoenix and Magik, Brins far from frightening … in this fight, she might be more of a liability, in fact.

"Going up." There's a rooftop nearby she can hunker down on that should give her a clean line of sight to her team members and the Purifiers on the ground.

Glowing green and gold wings appear, lifting her up and depositing her. "No can opener and this end … but I can probably tangle that thing up… just say the word" Manifesting her bow and arrow, she shoots down on the Purifiers, trying to the thin that crowd.


May strikes the Sentinel in a line that walks up from the chest to the neck. She most definitely has its attention now. The robot half turns and one can almost imagine it glaring at her…

Right before Magik teleports onto its head. Mutant detected. Initiating extermination protocol. One hand comes up as if to swat Illyana off… and then Bobby comes in low and blasts it with enough ice to weigh down a city bus.

Don't have a can opener Magik but I do have this. Cold doesn't bother you anyway, right? It's a pertinent question because the next thing Bobby does is start to pour the cold onto the head. The thing starts to rime up and Illyana can hear the metal creaking and shrieking as it's rapidly chilled to well below zero. What happens to metal when it's rapidly cooled?

Which is not without its dangers. Bobby gets about ten seconds of that before he's the sudden target of a flight of homing missiles from the thing's hand. Whoops! That's my exit! And down he goes, around a corner to try to lose them.

Brinley and Jean are both confronted by twenty odd purifiers and a few reavers on the ground. The Phoenix landing in front of them definitely makes for a good entrence. "Ohgod." One manages to whisper before someone behind yells. "SHE'S A TRAITER AND A MUTIE FREAK! BLAST HER!" There come the lasers. One, then two, then three go down with arrows. Soon the fire is split but Jean has a lot to handle as soon as she's safely stashed those SHIELD pilots away. The reavers bull forward to try to get close enough to just pound her into the pavement…


Melinda May breaks off firing the moment Illyana gets in close to the Sentinel, making a mental note to tell Fitz the new weapon works better than expected. She's pretty sure they've got a handle on that Sentinel for now, so she jogs out into the middle of the street and levels the laser rifle again, toggling a setting the engineer so helpfully put on one side of the weapon's stock. Grey. On my mark, go straight up. She aims for the middle of the redhead's back, then says as calmly as if she were relating the time, Mark. And she fires.


There's a pause from Illyana. You can hear it. Somehow. "Bobby.. I'm getting you a tiara for Christmas. And you're gonna wear it."

The blonde sorceress has been hovering above the Sentinel's head, in case it pulled a Blitzcrank and electrocuted itself, but as the metal starts to groan and creak she pulls the long blade that isn't her Soulsword and the disk winks out.

The blonde drops, blade-point first onto that cold, cold metal. The shell is the tough part. Let's head for the gooey center.


"Ha.." The Purifier levels his gun towards her.. "Ha…"

It was as if it were all on cue, May's words ring through her ears and before the words were even finished, Jean crouches and jumps into the air. Her legs snap and swing forward, drawing Jean at a half tilt within the air, gloved finger touching down just in time to slow the laser fire that would have surely hit May on all fronts to reverse the trajectory at which they fly.

Straight back at them, but a little downward.

(Brinley, mind out of the gutter please!)

Laser fire was aimed at their kneecaps with the hopes of taking them out, yet Jean left May high and dry as she disappears into the copse of smoke and fire above the crowd. (Okay, she didn't leave her hanging, but May could feel the air around her a bit more cleaner than before. TK shields, anyone?)


With that many Purifiers, Brins going to run out of arrows. The other two seem to have a plan, so the brunette will just sit where she is, taking pot shots at the ones that she can. Of course, aiming to disable not kill.


There is an earth shattering crunch. It's almost like glass breaking but much louder and deeper. The armored shell of the Sentinel's head, adaptive as it is, just splinters and sends shards flying away from Illyana in every direction. She lands on a tangle of hardware and wires that is the central processor and main sensor suite of the war machine. And this? This isn't nearly so resitant to blades or big stompy boots. Or stepping disks.

May's weapon scythes into the purifiers as Jean leaps. A dozen of them go down and Jean manages to shield may mostly from the return fire. It may still be prudent for her to take cover though. There's a lot of it. Well, less of it now but there was a lot of it.

There's a series of booms that may indicate Bobby lost the missiles… or got hit. That question is settled moments later when the armored up iceman comes surfing back, swinging low to pick up Brinley and give her a better, and moving, place to shoot from. "Back reaver. With the minigun. Finish him off." The ice nerd murmrus. He's sure Jean and May can handle the others, which are indeed starting to seek cover themselves. Still they seem confident that the Sentinel will break through for them.

If only they knew…


Melinda May is actually starting to get used to shielding appearing out of nowhere (again, blame Brinley) but she doesn't rely on it and promptly dashes to take cover behind a low wall on the opposide side of the street from the Hall of Justice. Now she's in more familiar territory. Duck out, take a potshot or two, duck back again. Only downside, this laser rifle isn't exactly the easiest to do that with. SHe sets it down gently and pulls a pistol for each hand — one the 1911 Partisan made for her, the other her ICER.


Illyana drops down, knee-deep in Sentinel processors. A handful of small stepping disks opens around the edge of the robot's now-opened cranium and small demons, from kitten-sized to small dog pour out. "First one to the toes gets a half-gallon of ice cream to themselves."

Another disk opens at Illyana's feet and takes her back up into the air. // How are things going? // She asks, checking up on the rest of the team.


// Fine on my end. // Jean was keeping close watch on May, even if she had to bob and weave through the trees, trail of fire still marking her presence but making it a little too hard for them to shoot and aim properly. Her eyes roll faintly as she turns, her hands raising to catch a bit of the laser that aims right for her, bouncing and pinging them off of her shield as she draws in a breath…


There was a huge push behind it, she was apparently done and tired of playing games, for right then and there is when the phoenix raptor appears, drawing from the middle of her back like flames from the maker.. it's screech a loud cry that echoes across Metropolis.


Swept up as Bobby grabs her, Brin startles and nearly falls. Bit of warning, next time? Not that she's complaining, really she's not. The bow flickers as she looses concentration and then steadies as she steadies herself.

"Reaver…" oh good. Nocking an arrow and taking careful aim, as careful as she can given they're moving, she lets fly and nocks a second. Speed slowed… this is not a maneouvre she practices.


The arrow flies and slices one of those ill advised exposed hoses that the reavers seem to be so fond of despite them being very bad ideas. It seizes up and goes dead. Right at about that time the Sentinel starts to… spaz out is the best word for it. It flails and jerks and finally stops. It's insides have been hollowed out by a bunch of remarkably motivated demons. Electronics. Delicate gears. All of them just trashed in a race to the feet. Illyana can hear them start to bicker way down there about who actually got there first.

Jeans psychic screach halts the ones that May doesn't get, and she does get a few. The ones that are still up quickly find themselves in ice cages courtesy of Bobby.

This is Gorman. The other team has downed their sentinel. Looks like the threat has ended. EMS and police are standing by. Good work all.

Bobby comes up to the shoulder of the Sentinel with Brinley near Illyana. "Jobs done, looks like." Her call if they're going to stick around or not. SHIELD can probably handle things from here.


Gorman. May. Acknowledged. Situation under control here. Send in the LEOs, and call in additional support teams as necessary. She scoops up the laser rifle and shoulders it as she steps back out from her cover and heads for the Hall of Justice again. Her job here is nowhere near done.


Illyana's stepping disk slides her over so she can stop onto the ice-platform with Bobby. "You know, I'd find it really useful it you developed a secondary mutation where you can make ice cream." She tells the ice nerd in all apparent seriousness.

"Lemme round up my critters and I'll coordinate evacs as needed." Illyana says, teleporting down to the now inoperable Sentinel's feet to get the demons out and declare the winner. Once they're all safely back to Limbo, she can work on helping getting any wounded to medical help as SHIELD directs.


As the rest of the purifiers that May didn't get 'freeze', Jean slowly plops down to the ground, dusting off her gloves in the process.

"Now if you all would be so kind. And you -will- be so kind. Drop your weapons and raise your hands in the air, and do follow the Agent.." She points towards May, ".. in a single file line, and then prostrate yourselves for her pleasure.." She pauses just a little, a bit lost in thought. "..Is it prostrate.. or.. whatever, do as you're told!" She snip-snaps her fingers, then flourishes a way, making the path that the men and women should take visible.

As they all start to follow much to their chagrin, she continues to issue her own brand of orders. "And be nice to the lovely Agent and tell her -everything- she wants to know. Especially your childhood memories. Apparently SHIELD loves childhood memories.."

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