Charity of the Lights

December 13, 2015:

The Charity of the Lights for Mutant Town is under way with food, festivities, and fun! (IE: Death threats, aliens, and naked men, possibly NSFW)

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NPCs: Sphinx, Alderwoman Ford, Arielle Reynolds, Roz & Mackie, Fat Fingers, Tina, and guests.



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Arielle Reynold, CFO of Umoja International approaches the stages and gently adjusts the microphone, "Shalom,, my grand-parents suffered through the Holocaust. They lost their siblings, their aunts, and both of them lost their grand-parents. But before they died in the Holocaust, they were forced to live in the ghettoes. Arielle Reynolds bits her lip before lifting her head as she proudly proclaims, "If any piece of land deserves to be called a ghetto, then it is Mutant Town, and that is why I am proud this evening to be the one of behalf of Umoja International and our owner Mr. Morien Washington, we will not allow this ghetto to be further pulled into the darkness. All of the donations given will go to helping Mutant Town, we have taking care of the overhead cost. All of the vendors here are from Mutant Town to help with the local economy, so we are not making any money from this event, and I think we all know how much Mr. Washington likes making money, so you know this is an important issue for him and our company

Arielle Reynold looks at the clock, "We would not be here if it was not for the wonderful Ms. Melody Was?. Arielle cheeks turn bright red and coughs, "Sorry, I mean Ms. Melody Kenway. Please, come on stage and say a few words.

The jazz band starts to play that "Lady is a Champ"

+MEET: Bruce Banner has arrived via +meet.

Lunair is around. Poor Arielle. A frown at the story. She listens, quietly in the crowd. She does kind of clap and cheer for Melody if other people do, otherwise, it's just awkward. If everyone else is quiet, she is, too. She feels compelled to look after M-Town, too, after all. Lunair is dressed reasonably nicely, and does her best to follow the crowd.

Talk about someone elses cheeks turning red. Melody's face was bright as an apple as the mistake was publically made, trying her best to keep it together to not fall into a pit of snorted-laughs that'll definitely make her look like a dork. She certainly didn't want to ruin the image of curly-curled hair done up right and a Vera Wang that most people would try to kill for. Thanks Arielle!

"Ah.." She starts off, looking out towards the crowds of fancily gathered people. Obvious mutants were here at play as well, one Melody affectionally called Thorn Man. He was the visibly prickly sort but he managed to wear it well even though his suit looked as if he had holes a plenty.

Nevermind the pink and the obvious blue people and some albino lady with no eyes in the back.

"Thank you everyone for coming!" She looks around, reaching up to tug the microphone down to fit her height.

"Mutant Town needs our help. And our donations. The children have been rocked and roosted from their homes and ousted upon the streets with no hope. People have been taken away, loved ones lost to us.. dead.. and gone." She looks up towards the ceiling, then towards the crowd again.

"But with the hope of Umoja International, Kenway Enterprises, and The Lights.. we're here to rebuild what was torn down due to war, drugs and violence. We pledge clinics, scholarship funds, and a program that would offer money to those who intend to rehabilitate their homes to make them livable again." She smiles just a little. "It doesn't matter what we are. Mutants. Meta-humans.. humans.." She pauses. "Boys, girls, men, women, and children. We're here to stand together tonight to make Mutant Town a home again. A place of peace."

"Until then! Enjoy the festivities! There's giving trees at random spots around the floor here, if you can.. donate. If you already have your presents for the children, drop them under! We'll be picking the presents up in two hours to give to everyone available in Mutant Town!"

Bruce Banner lurks a bit at the fringes of the crowd. He's just tagging along with Melody, mostly, tending to keep someone he trusts around whenever he goes out in public these days. It's always good to have someone on hand in case you need them to go buy you a shirt because you turned into a giant rage monster and ripped through the one you were wearing. It's also the reason why Bruce doesn't buy vintage t-shirts anymore.

He wears a grey hooded sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, the hoodie up both against the cold and to keep his face from being immediately exposed. He didn't need to be pointed out. It would only make him nervous and, again, consequences. He's smoked a couple of cigarettes sand, admittedly, wasn't paying close attention until now. He was fine with the cause and everything, he just wasn't much for human warmth and kindness as a rule. Mostly, that sort of thing just made him uncomfortable. So, he lurks and probably seems a little creepy and suspicious.

'You just picked a winner of a place to start a new life, didn't you, Liv?'

Dressed in a simple black dress that compliments her deathly pale complexion, Olivia Moore, the new medical examiner of District X has her white hair pulled up into an updo with a poinsetta placed in it in order to add just a splash of color besides her pale bluish and red eyes. Having just recently secured housing outside of the hotel she was living in when she first arrived, Liv snags a flute of champagne when the trey comes by to hold onto, offering polite applause to Melody's introduction, not that she has any clue as to who is what here.

Keeping a faux fur stole around her shoulders.

She's not new to the charity scene, having done many of them in Seattle as both part of a sorority and as her residency, and attending this one comes with the usual speeches, hob-knobbing and whatnots.

It's her thoughts on those whatnots, particularly the ones that have been crowding her morgue lately that causes her to lift her glass to Melody's comments. A quiet day would be nice. But for now, she leaves a couple of small gifts at one of the trees. They were one of the last things that she purchased while under the influence still of the young girl that she had assist Matt Murdock with in an investigation, and are some Japanese pocket monster toys she had ordered while she could still understand the language.

With her donations offered, she steps back as Liv looks to mainly stay to the sidelines of this event, no longer the social butterfly she was once upon a time.

Brinley Myers, from X-Red, moves quietly around the room, pausing to listen to the introductions. Tonight, she's wearing a long deep cherry red sheath dress with a high neck line and a teardrop cutout just under the throat. No stylised X, it didn't suit the line of the dress.

Her donation given, a pittance compared to what others can give, she takes a drink and sips from it, eyes scanning the crowd… mind scanning emotions.

Bobby is here… because he lives here. And while M-Town has a reputation for being insular and hostile to outsiders the X-Red mutant thinks that any positive interaction between 'normals' and mutants is something to be supported. So here he is. Besides he knows Melody… kind of. They've met. She might have been drunk at the time.

"Nice gathering they've got here." He murmurs to the woman nearby. Another fellow X-Red member. At the moment the ice nerd is just looking around to see who has come. Not many people he recognizes honestly other than the local vendors. Most of those he knows and greets with waves or nods as they make eye contact.

Brinley Myers, from X-Red, moves quietly around the room, pausing to listen to the introductions. Tonight, she's wearing a long deep cherry red sheath dress with a high neck line and a teardrop cutout just under the throat. No stylised X, it didn't suit the line of the dress.

Her donation given, a pittance compared to what others can give, she takes a drink and sips from it, eyes scanning the crowd… mind scanning emotions.

Nodding to Bobby, dark eyes turning to him "It is and it's an interesting concept." Lunair, when Brin finally sees her, gets a wave and a smile. "There's Lunair."

Fat Fingers, a total mutant town resident was the first to go after the finger foods which he really couldn't pick up with just his fingers. He nearly palms the plate, but luckily the servers hired by Umoja International came with an abundance of treats. While the cheese tray was demolished by Fat Fingers, another guy walks up and offers another cheese tray for the missing, then gives Fat Fingers a pat upon the back as he picks up a wine tray and moves through the crowd.

Lunair does care! And she does donate some money and presents. Lunair apparently LOVES Christmas, and now she is on the hunt for people she knows. She beams at Fat Fingers. "Thank you!" She accepts a bit of cheese from the cheese tray. A wave to Bruce. "Hiya!" And MORE PEOPLE. She's like a puppy that just drank a ton of water and went to a fire hydrant convention.

Kate Bishop is often the public face of the Justice League, and when it comes to something like making peace with the mutants in M-Town, she's absolutely on-board. Her purple tea-length dress with a full skirt and a black sash around the waist is formal enough for an event, but casual enough to still be approachable. When she came in, she slipped her own generous donation onto one of the trees before starting to mingle.

The hip hop band call, Crimzos Thugz does their rendition of Christmas in Hollis as the Alderwoman who district Mutant Town falls in prepares to take the stage.

"Arielle.." Melody murmurs as she steps away from the microphone, her hand reaching out to lightly grasp the womans elbow as she leans in quietly. "Where's Mr. Washington? He's supposed to be here by now.." She was worried alright.. but her worries were cut down once Roz enters the scene, all the way from Gotham and in full glitzy getup.

"Guuuuuurrrrrlll!" He snaps loudly. "You done did it!" Melody looks shocked, yet it was a happy shocked as she walks towards the end of the stage. Roz's new beau, Mackie, reaches up to grasp Melody's hand to help her down from the stage so that she could hug Roz properly.

"Hun-tee you are killin' that dress!"
"Mmhmm!" Mack co-signs.
"I knew all them days and night hanging with the ho.."
"ROZ! NO!" Melody snaps out, reaching up to clamp her hand around his mouth. "Just.. go add the donation from The Egyptian into the pot and go mingle, stop being silly!"

She pushes her favorite drag queen off, then goes to mingle herself, not noticing anyone yet.. but trying to fish her way towards the wine platter.

Alderwoman Ford walks towards the stage, waving to her constituents as she approaches the microphone. "I come here not as your Alderwoman. I come here not as your neighbor. I am come here to let you know that humans and mutants can stand together. I come here this evening to let you know that will not let hate to divide us, we will not let the people in this section of the city lived as second-class citizens. Her voice rising, "We will uplift this section of the city. We will provide hope to Mutant Town. Our light will drive out the darkness. Thank you and I hope everyone will enjoy this evening!"She leaves the stage with more applause from the humans in the audience, then the mutants. It probably has to do with some of them wondering where was her voice, when the mutant purifiers started showing up.

While staying outside the party for the most part, Olivia picks up on the not so well dressed Bruce wandering the sidelines. The doctor in her frowns, reflecting on her face as she excuses herself from small talk with a couple of residents about work at the local clinic, and grabbing a few snacks from a tray comes over to where the hooded man is. "Hello." she offers quietly, the food bundled in a napkin.

"Are you alright?" she asks Bruce, as Liv studies him quietly. "I'm a doctor, so if you need any medical attention, I can at least offer some help until paramedics arrive. "Are you hungry?" The parcel is offered to the man. What - he does look like a homeless man that wandered into the party from the streets. "A place to stay for the night?" It is a charity event after all.

Bobby motions to Brin as Alderwoman Ford finishes up her address. "Come on, lets say hi to some friends at least while we're here." He murmurs as he makes his way over toward where Melody and Kate are - which is to say, in that general direction. It may not be immediately obvious who he is, since it's not like he's in uniform or anything. Indeed he looks honestly like most other people out here.

Crash "And there's Fat Fingers." Well at least he seems to be having a good time.

"Melody! Kate!

Bobby motions to Brin as Alderwoman Ford finishes up her address. "Come on, lets say hi to some friends at least while we're here." He murmurs as he makes his way over toward where Melody and Kate are - which is to say, in that general direction. It may not be immediately obvious who he is, since it's not like he's in uniform or anything. Indeed he looks honestly like most other people out here.

Crash "And there's Fat Fingers." Well at least he seems to be having a good time.

"Melody! Kate!" Bobby calls out and waves as they approach.

Lunair waved to Melody! She does care! "Hiya!" And now she's trying to find out who to glom onto. Lunair stands on her tippytoes, now armed with snacks and unable to drink legally (woe).

"And there's Bobby! And a Kate!" Yes indeedy.

"Melody, Kate…" Brin echoes Bobby moving alongside him, letting him guide them through the room. "Lunair, as well." The crash getting her attention for a moment "So it seems, Bobby…"

"Melody, this is rather amazing." The brunette smiles warmly. "Such a turn out! You must be so pleased. Will Mr Washington be joining us tonight?" Brins done her homework, of course she has … business is sort of her thing.

Bruce Banner continues to lurk on the edges, but does his best to infiltrate enough to try and get a bit of booze. There is booze here, right? This isn't a children's party, there are no clowns or little ponies. Okay, well, there's the centaur mutant, but he really doesn't like being called a pony and he has a beer gut the size of New Jersey.

He is deliberately not being social and trying to keep a low profile, fo rthe most part, not only to protect his identity but just because…people. Yuck.

LOGNOTE: Bruce has to fix a thing.

Bruce Banner continues to lurk on the edges, but does his best to infiltrate enough to try and get a bit of booze. There is booze here, right? This isn't a children's party, there are no clowns or little ponies. Okay, well, there's the centaur mutant, but he really doesn't like being called a pony and he has a beer gut the size of New Jersey.

He is deliberately not being social and trying to keep a low profile, fo rthe most part, not only to protect his identity but just because…people. Yuck.

And then suddenly Olivia is saying hello to him and he finds himself momentarily caught in headlights. He stands there, a little blank as he waits just to see if he's recognized and, when it doesn't seem he is (at least, outwardly - subtle clue, there's no screaming), he nods, "Yes. Hello," he says, then considers and adds, "Do you know where the booze is?"

"Hey, guys," Kate smiles swiftly to Bobby and Brin as she gets closer, waving to Lunair as well. "Good to see everyone out here. And I do mean everyone," she adds, taking a look around at the neighborhood full of people who've come out for the party. "Speaking of, you guys are running some sort of security, right?" she adds in a lower tone to the Red Team mutants. Because on some level, she's always on duty.

"Bobby, Brinley!" Melody waves towards them, even gesturing Lunair over to try to calm her down. She was like a kid in a candy store, that was rare form for Melody to see. She.. actually liked it! "I.. don't know where Mr. Washington is. I was hoping he would be here to see the speech."

Roz and Mackie were all the rave over Fat Fingers, just gushing over him and fixing his hair as he eats. "And thank you, I really am glad you two came. I mean, as it stands you two are the face of Mutant Town.. along with Tina over there.."

Speaking of Tina, she flies high above, her wings almost like a butterfly as she draws sprinkles down upon an unsuspecting crowd. They ooo and aahhh.. even clapping just a little at her aerial display.

Hearing Kate mention security, Melody pipes in. "They're not. They're just guests. Mr. Washington supplied the security for the event."

"What she said." Bobby smiles. "I mean, I usually come by to look over these kinds of events and make sure everything goes well in an unofficial capacity but that's because I live here and I don't want my friends and neighbors getting busted up." So no. But yes. But also no. Makes sense right? Anyway if they need it help is just a text and a stepping disk away when their teleporter is on duty.

"Hey Lunair." Bobby greets the woman as Kate calls her out. "Nice to see you as well." He turns back to Kate and Melody and grins a bit more broadly. "Glad to see the turnout's so good. M-Towners can be… clannish. Are you here on the Foundation's behalf Kate or on the JL:A's?" Or both, could be both. "Mel I didn't know you were with Umjoa. New job for you? Or… old one and I'm just bad at keeping up?"

No, Olivia doesn't recognize Bruce Banner immediately, as she would have no idea what he would be doing at a party like this. However, at his question, the doctor's face draws into a frown. "I'm sorry." she offers, her voice quiet, yet terse. "But I don't think that coming to a party like this to panhandle for booze is such a great idea." the young woman holds out her little parcel of food. "I can get you a juice or some water, but I don't think giving you anything alcoholic would be such a great idea."

She glances around, making sure she hasn't wandered too far from the party, after all, she doesn't want to get in trouble with an alcoholic hobo and at least have some form of backup nearby.

The lights on the center stage go dark for a moment, then a light shine on a harp and the fingers playing the harp. A beautiful and elegant rendition of Holy Night floats through the night air. A young mutant boy with reptilian skin is bathe in the ight too as he begins to sing along to the harp.

after the music dies down, the light comes up, revealing Morien as the player of the harp. He walks over to the mutant and bows his head to the young mutant and offering him applause for his singing.

Morien walks over to the podium and taps the microphone, "Thank you all for coming. I will be brief, because unlike most billionaires in this city I really do not like the spotlight. I would rather give it to the people that deserve it like my CFO Ms. Reynolds, and the lovely Ms. Kenway. If it wasn't for Ms. Kenway, I would not be here.

"It is has truly been a highlight of my time in this city in getting to know her and her cause. Morien claps his hands. "I said I was going to be brief, and also I pass the band a few hundred dollars to let me play my trumpet with them on a few songs, so I am going to get off the stage now. Morien takes a few steps away from the microphone, snaps his fingers, and pads his chest as if he searching for something. He pulls out two pieces of paper, "Oh, I forgot. Umoja International will be donating 500,000 dollars tonight event, and I will be donate additional 500,000 dollars to tonight's event. Now, I am getting off the stage. Enjoy and please dance!, Morien jokes, "And no booing the trumpet player."

+MEET: Katar Hol has arrived via +meet.

Doused with sprinkles, Brins hair gleams under the light as she considers Mel,, but then there's Morien taking the stage. "I'm sure he saw it, Mel… and as Bobby says, working with Umjoa these days?" Blinking at Moriens announcement, she looks back to Mel "Thats … uh, incredibly generous." How's Mel taking that news?

Shaking her head at Kate, "Not providing security, trying to kick back a little, but you know how these things go, only a call away." She adds as she sips from her drink and casts a surrespticious glance to the dance floor,

"Good to hear," Kate nods to Melody, though her fingers twitch a bit. These days, it feels strange not to have her bow on hand. But bows just really don't go with formal attire. "Little bit of everything really," she answers Bobby's question with a small smile. "I've been trying for ages to help build good relations between the people here and the JLA. Want to make sure people feel safe coming to us. I figure showing up for this is good for that, too."

Lunair is a bit overwhelmed. Lunair quirks a smile at Melody, waving. She has CHEESE! "Hi Bobby, Kate and also Brin." She just goes with it. And aww, now she is sparkly, too. "Oooo." Sparkly! Sensory overload!

Thinking quietly, Lunair picks up a couple of chocolate chip cookies and offers them to Bruce, maybe Olivia, too. "Hi! It's good to see- waitaminute."

Bruce Banner feels a bit of irritation at being obviously mistaken for some sort of junkie or alcoholic. "Wanting something alcoholic to drink doesn't make a me a drunkard. It makes me someone over the age of 21 with a limited tolerance for formalized functions where people have to be persuaded to do something decent with the lure of attention and a party. Ideally, you could've just sent up an e-funding and gotten the money you needed that way, but some of these people wouldn't have bothered because no one would take their picture in a pretty outfit. Also, nothing denotes a spirit of giving like the whiff of condescension. Now, if you're done looking down your nose, either point my way towards the fucking bar or I'll just go ask Melody, who is my friend, by the way, and…you know what…"

He pauses and takes a moment, breathing deeply and closing his eyes. There's a slight tremble at the corner of his mouth and he swallows heavily. "…I apologize. Just…never mind," he says, turning to slink off and then suddenly making eye contact with Lunair. Well, there goes his slipping under the radar.

Roz pipes up, "Nuh uh Mr. Washington! You ain't finna be mackin on our Melly-Mel! The Egyptian donates one million!"
"Naw naw honey, he ain't fin-ta be showin us up!"

All the while, Melody just palms her face within her hand. She chooses to ignore the two for a moment as she focuses upon Kate, Brinley, and Bobby. "Oh, I don't work for Umoja. With! Yes. With. Though mostly whatever I do.." She glances at Lunair with that one. ".. it kind of takes me all over the place." She waves her hands in a blaze sense.. offering up a smile. Kate.. however, gets a nearly surprised glance cause.. holy cow. "So you work with Superman, Wonder Woman and all of them? That's.. wow.." Seriously? Wow.

As Morien takes the stage and speaks, her brows lower just a touch. That's why Roz was acting up.. but.. she claps loudly all the same. A few steps were slowly taken back to disengage from the trio, turning to see Bruce appearing to be a little bit heated.

Someone call Damage Control?

"Woah woah woah.. hey hey.." Melody pipes up, holding her hands outward. "Bruce-Goose, you alright?" Checking the potential Hulkster is top priority, it would be like mass murder if he got loose. She then turns towards Olivia, offering out a hand. "I'm Kenway. Melody Kenway. Are you okay too?"

Bobby follows Lunair's gaze over toward Bruce whom he does not recognize. Which makes sense. The last time Bobby saw Bruce - that that he knows it - he was green and angry and also giving a certain norse trickster god the beating of his life. Which would have been pretty amusing had it also not been utterly terrifying. He'd been entirely too close for comfort to that one.

"Everything okay Lunair?" He murmurs quietly. But then the man is slipping away and everything does indeed seem to be okay.

"Wow that's…" Sprinkles. Ack. Now he's going to look a bit like a very bad vampire. "… er… that's really, really generous. I'm sure people will appreciate that around here." Well, some of them will. Winning folks over is a slow process but gestures like this go a long way toward it. And, honestly, gesutre or not it's a downright decent thing to do.

"Well we're glad you're here and the League couldn't have sent a better rep." Kate is, after all, by far the most approachable of the JL:A contingent. Melody gets a glance as Morien calls her out as the reason for the season as it were. There's a story there, he's sure, but he won't ask just yet. It's a party, not an interrogation. Besides she appears to be busy juuust at the moment.

"Well, maybe if you were actually a guest that dressed like a guest." Olivia doesn't like being talked down to either, and the guy dressed like a slob is talking down to her. She puffs up her chest a little - a feat considering that she doesn't neccessarily breathe and stares back up at Bruce, all five foot three of her. "How am I supposed to be able to tell if you're supposed to be here or if you just stumbled in if you look like you just wandered in off the street!" she snaps in irritation.

However, as he apologizes, she in turn lets out her breath with a sigh. "Sorry. I'm new around here, and I don't know exactly what the protocols for a party around here are. If you say you know Miss Kenway, well, I guess I could ask if it's okay…" and then Lunair arrives and she finds herself looking between the two. "Uh. You two apparently know each other, so yeah…" Great, way to go, Olivia. She'd blush - but that requires blood, and well. With a sigh, she just shoves the parcel in Bruce's hands and goes to where Melody is with the others, but she's already saved her the trouble of screwing it all up herself.

"I'm sorry to interrupt.. there's some guy over there, looks like he just came in off the street - he says he knows you Miss Kenway.. uhm.. right." She frowns. "Damn, I'm just on my A game tonight. Let me try this one more time. Since apparently I enjoy the taste of my foot in my mouth. I'm Olivia.. the new medical examiner for the district, and this just totally is not my night, is it?"

Arielle Reynold walks to the podium again and says, "If anyone else wants to speak or to make a public donation, please the microphone is yours. This is your community.

"You're doing a great job, Kate…" Brin starts to say something but grips Bobby's arm for a moment as Bruces anger washes over her. Ohhhh… that feels familiar …. Following Lunairs wave to the man, her dark eyes settle on him. She doesn't recognise him visually, but she sure does recognise the emotion. The emotion that abates as Bruce controls his temper.

Giving Olivia a warm smile "Brinley Myers, X-Red and this is Bobby Drake. Nice to meet the new ME for the district."

Lunair looks apologetic to Bruce and Olivia. "Oh. Sorry I interrupted. Um. Do you two-" Know each other? Lunair looks a bit startled, and is still sparkly. Still, she looks happy to see people. "Nice to meet you. I'm Lunair. I study things. And sometimes things try to kill me. It happens." Beam. It really does. She is paying attention to Bobby, Olivia and all her peeps.

A newcomer to the event wanders among those gathered - looking like he just got off a plane. He's tall, brown-haired and somewhat dishevelled in appearance - still wearing that button-up shirt and pants in which he fell asleep mid-flight - carrying a satchel over one shoulder.

The fellow heads to wherever there are drinks, grabs something, then walks to the group standing in front of the podium. "I've, uh, been out of town," he tells anyone standing close by. "What bad was it? - the attacks on Mutant Town?"

"I work with all sorts of people," Kate smiles ruefully back at Melody. "But yes, all of those people, too. I'm sure they'd love to be here as well, but there are other threats to keep an eye on tonight. They do send their regards. The League stands with the people of M-Town."

Color Melody impressed, and a little bit jealous. Kate gets to work with the awesome folk! Yet she got stuck with the murderous Deathstroke. Boy. What cards we're dealt! But either way, as Olivia makes her approach she reaches out to take her hand, no matter how cold, and squeezes it tightly. "Oh, he does Dr.. Olivia. But you have to excuse him really, my best friend is a different kind of mutant and is really touchy about his manner of dress." There she goes making excuses.

She'd let go of Olivia's hand if she has it, her eyes upon the disheveled Carter. Man, that guy was totally out of it. But, bum-ba-da-bummm! Roz to the rescue!

"Oh honey, no no no honey.." He says to Carter. "Let me give you the business as in, too long don't really feel like repeat'n' it."

He smacks his lips so hard that they pop, then runs down the tale as he hears it.

"You see. There some mutherfuckas all up in the police department just baggin and raggin on mutants. Kidnappin and shit. Not that hide your wives and hide yo kids type of stuff, but they shole was all up in there like whaaa!" He points a finger towards the ceiling, sucks his lips in..


"Anyways, they be killin the chil'ren chile. Just KILLIN THEM! And my sweet.. sweet lit'l ol Melody.. mind you, her boyfriends dead cause of these fools.. I don't know. But my sweet ol' Melody wants to rebuild this place and lawd KNOWS if we don't do what she says the OTHER BOSS is gonna kill us.."

And that's the Too Long Didn't Feel Like Typing version to catch Carter Hall up. Cause Roz be all up in the business.

The last Olivia was at a party like this, the next morning she woke up in a body bag. So parties are not really her thing. "X-Red.. X-Red. Oh, like the homebrewed version of the League, right?" she asks finally, offering a smile. "I saw one of your fliers when I first moved into the office. "Nice to meet you, Miss Myers, Mister Drake." Olivia is shaking hands, her hand ice cold to the touch, she should have really worn gloves, as she greets each in turn. When Melody explains Bruce's 'situation', she sighs. "Well, at least let me buy you a drink in apology?" she finally offers to the other doctor, even if the drinks are free. She's trying.

Bruce Banner shakes his head, "No problem, I'm just a grumpy prick, don't take it personally," he says to Olivia. He shakes his head at Lunair, "Don't be sorry, you're not interrupting or anything, Lun. I would introduce you to each other, but I don't fucking do that. I mean, you're right there, introduce yourselves, for Einstein's sake," he says.

He winces a bit when Melody calls him Bruce-Goose, but raises a hand to her, "All good, no problem here, just…me being me," he says, then just stares blankly at Roz with a mingling of trepidation and confusion. What the fuck is she going on about?

Mackie knows that look, and sliiiiiiiiiiides on over towards Bruce with a flourish.

"I'll translate." He presses his lips together then..


"He done said, it's bad over here in Mutant Town and if they rebuild and push out the baddies with all of Ms. Washington's money it'll be a great place again."

"Mackie you bitch! Ms. KENWAY!" Roz calls out.

"Sorry." Mackie says to Bruce, "Ms. Kenway."

A dark skinned man standing over seven foot tall and with a large muscular built walks into the celebration. He is wearing a nice black suit with a black fedora on top of his head The fedora is pushed a bit too far down on his head. His red eyes dart across the room before falling on Morien.

Anath-Na Mut grabs a glass of champagne as he approaches Morien, raising the glass in a toast to Morien. "Congratulations on your event, Mister Washington. Anath-Na Mut switches to speaking to Ancient Egyptian, "It has been a long time.

Morien eyes widen as he turns around to face Anath-Na Mut, offering the man a weary smile. "Thank you, I did not catch that last statement. Perhaps, we can talk away from the music.

Anath-Na-Mut extends his right hand to indicate for Morien to lead the way.

It is not the jazz musicians turn to play. The band starts to play and sing Ella Fitzgerald's version of Mack the Knife.

"Mutants, Olivia. Please call me Brin." the brunette smiles again, looking at the others woman hands. Of course, she can put that down to Olivia being a mutant … Bobby often feels cold to touch.

Eyes on the the newcomer, Brin looks totally bemused as Roz offers an explanation … that's one way to do it. And the Mackies translating … wow, just wow…. poor Mel.

"Olivia, this is Kate Bishop and another friend of ours, Lunair." Yeah Brin can make nice with the introductions. Turning her eyes to Bruce she offers a slightly tight smile "And you are … Bruce Goose?"

Carter Hall grits his teeth, lifting his free hand to rake his fingers back through his hair and lets out a short, tight breath through his nostrils. It's the 'killing children' part of it that has him infuriated - who wouldn't be? Looking the worse for wear, he grind the heel of one hand into his eye, attempting to rub any further apparent jet-lag away, shaking his head at the same time.

"That's not right. That's not right. I wish I'd been here - I've have done… something."

<~Me or the other guy…~>

For a moment, he groans - but not from jet-lag. Memories of children running screaming through streets far too old to be anywhere in the world right now assail his mind, eliciting a response not unlike just having a killer headache. Hall lowers his hand and looks from Roz over toward Melody Kenway. He walks in that direction.

"Hi, I'm Carter Hall. I'm — " He stops mid-sentence, hearing Ancient Egyptian spoken nearby. "What…?"

More memories.


"Hiya. And oh, yup." Lunair got it. Lunair introduced herself, but doesn't seem ruffled because really, everyone is super distracted. "Wow, your hands look cold. Wanna borrow my gloves?" Hey, she's nothing like sympathetic. She blinks at the newcomer. "Hi! Are you okay? It was pretty bad, still is in some ways," Lunair offers. She doesn't seem bothered by rumpled appearances. She's trying to pay attention, and much like her player, is failing spectacularly.

"Sorry. This whole heroes thing is still sorta new to me. The only heroes that usually made any sort of appearance in Seattle carried bows and shot arrows a lot." Olivia admits with a shrug of her shoulders as she listens to the translation. "Yes, and it has been keeping me terribly busy. I'd like to be able to work on my moon tan at some point." Which may be her poor attempt at trying to keep the number of bodies that have been showing up on her table as of late.

"Please, Olivia's fine. Doctor Moore is for when I'm irritated." She turns down Lunair's offer for gloves, shaking her head. "It's that Seattle sea life, always a little cold." she winks, trying to take the edge off the feel of her skin. She's about as much of a mutant as Bruce is, but it makes for an excellent cover.

"Home-brewed?" Kate echoes Olivia with an amused smile. "Hardly. X-Red was in the public hero game the same time the league was. Though originally they had more of a focus on the private sector and profit. In a good way," she adds with a swift grin for Brinley. "Not everyone's cut out to fight in the streets, but there are a lot of people with talents that can be useful in other ways. And hey," she laughs. "There's nothing wrong with bows and arrows."

"Okay, just plain Olivia! Well not plain Olivia, cause you don't look plain. You're actually kinda pretty and your hair is totally cool." Melody smiles at the doctor, then glances towards the rest. "Excuse me for a moment."

Bruce was fine in the sense that Melody didn't have to loom over him; yet it was Carter who had gotten her momentary concern. "Nice to meet you Mister Hall.." She falls quiet as she studies him, ducking just a touch to get a look at his eyes. "Uh.. I said nice to meet you.."

She stares at him oddly, her head tilting just a little as she reaches out to grasp his arm. "Maybe.. you should talk to the Doctor over there.. perhaps she brought some asprin? I'll grab you some water." She gives Carter's arm a final pat.. and with a turn she heads towards the table, the tall looming figure the only thing that grasps her attention as she watches him and Morien speak. Odd. Is he a new benefactor?

Either way, the bottle of water was soon grasped as she heads into the direction of Morien and Anath-Na-Mut.. and oddly enough, her heels don't make their usual sound.

Bruce Banner winces a bit at Brinlely, but, well, a cover's a cover, "Bruce Goose, sure, why not," he says, "I really am starting to want that drink," he mutters. He's not going to get into the superhero discussion, because he didn't exactly qualify. Hell, he was fairly high on the Most Wanted list, among the SHIELD types sand such, although he supposes his Authority credentials might supercede that. Not that he wanted to have an argument with Slade if he got arrested and they had to sort it out through bureaucratic crap.

Carter he just ignores.

"Thank you, Melody.." Olivia starts to say, a smile at the compliment before the other girl wanders away and she laughs. "I didn't say there was anything wrong with bows or arrows.. just not my thing. I guess enough time stitching up holes and all that." she starts to say before she hears Bruce and pats his arm. "I'm sorry, my manners." she says. "What would you like?" she asks before she heads to the bar to fufil Bruce's request.

Hall says something in Ancient Egyptian - a recollection of events - murmuring under his breath as one who is not entirely aware he is doing it. Staring across at the Sphinx (Anath-Na-Mut), his eyes flash fiercely in recognition for just a moment - a moment broken by Melody's attempts to speak with him.

"Hmm? Oh, sorry I'm — "

He sneezes.

"Allergies," he explains, reaching in his pocket for a handkerchief to blow his nose on it. "Thanks," he tells Melody, following her to the table - partly to keep an eye on the Sphinx. "I just got back from a dig-site when I heard what happened." Forming a thin line with his lips that causes his cheeks to puff out a bit, the archaeologist blinks his wide eyes in Anath-Na-Mut's direction. Dubious.

"A lot of memories here…" he murmurs to himself.

The Sphinx red eyes rest on Arielle before looking back on Morien, and continues to speak in Ancient Egyptian, "I was watching from a distance. I see you chose as your second one of the children of Dream-Speaker.

Morien rolls his eyes and folds his arms across his chest and coarsely reply. "I see you have still have some anger about losing your position to a stutterer and his brother. Why are you here, Anath-Na Mut? I know you don't considered yourself a mutant, so?

The Sphinx crushes his champagne glass at the mention of Moses and switches to English, "And I came here to repay my debt to you young one. Your life is over. The Sphinx hands him a scroll, " You are now standing in the center of the storm, surrounding by the forces of Ma'at and Apep. The eye is getting smaller by the moment. I am afraid to tell you that your life is about to come to an end. If it matters, I envy you. Unless you will know some rest.

Morien glares at Sphinx and lets loose some ancient Egyptian course words involving goats, mothers, and sexual acts at Sphinx.

"Too many people, too many cookies," Nomf. Lunair smiles, waves to people and goes to do her thing.

"Bruce Goose then." Brins eyes rest on the man a moment. He's been the source of her empathetic distress a number of times. The new dark skinned man speaking Ancient Egyptian gets her attention momentarily, but her life is weird … It's Carter that draws her real attention, the emotional turmoil in the man evident. Kate and Bobby might recognise that look about her … the tightening of the lines around her eyes.

"I'd watch that one for a while…." she murmurs to the pair. And slightly louder "Sir, do you need assistance?" Just before The Sphinx crushes the glass and Morien responds in a way that seems … aggressive. She wouldn't know, she doesn't speak Ancient Egyptian, but on top of Carters distress, there's nows Morien … anger?

Well, then things get weird and Lunair pauses. "What. Are you okay?" She asks Carter. Lunair carefully offers him a cookie.

Lowering a hand from his furrowed brow, Carter glances from Brinley to Lunair and offers a wan smile in response. He has all but forgotten his drink - a fact made evident when he gesticulates with his arm (something of a shrug), spilling his beverage all over the ground.

And hopefully not on anyone else.

A hand goes to the back of his neck and he blinks at the two women who just addressed him. "I'm fine - no, really. It's been a long day, a red-eye flight. I've got friends here in M-Town - I couldn't just hit my pillow without checking on them. Uh, thanks…"

And he accepts the cookie from Lunair.

"I'm Doctor Carter Hall. Pleased to meet you…?"

He glances again at Anath-Na-Mut, eyes widening as before, and his eyebrows forming a sort of squiggly line of mixed emotions. The man sneezes again.

Melody didn't realize that Carter walked along with her, but she does draw aside to keep him within her sights, her stance becoming slightly aggressive as she gives a slight glance towards Carter. "I see." She says nothing else, her head tilting to hear the conversation between the Sphynx and Morien, one brow lifted and raised as she finally stops close to the back of the rather tall man, leaning a little just to offer a cool and easy breasy smile towards Morien.

Deathstroke taught her okay enough. At least she didn't break out into tears.

She slips past the tall dark and frightening to reach out and grasp Morien's hand, stepping into his side as if she were performing the epic cockblock of all cockblocks. "Your water, Morien. Is everything okay here?" She looks in between the two men, and then back towards the crowd, still putting on that smile where none was meant to be.

LOGNOTE: Breezy. Remember to quit drugs.

Bruce Banner is tempted to pull back when he sees the potential conflict, not really getting all the undercurrent but knowing there's some sort of tension going on. Tension leads to anger and anger, well, could fuck up quite a few city blocksi n his case. Still, bolting like a gazelle probably wasn't exactly low-key either so he just kind of keeps his mouth shut and hopes it goes away, a time-honored strategy going back to his abusive childhood. He starts reviewing some calculus and generally just comforting himself, in the absence of liquor, to keep the social pressure and the conflict in the air not quite reach him.

@emit Morien gently squeezes Melody's hand as she approaches. Some of the stress does disappear for a moment, when she offers her water, but instinctively he steps in front of her still holding her hand. "I am doing fine. I am talking to one of my old fraternity friends.

"Such vulgarities. This is what happens when you live life trying to be a mortal. It is pathetic. All of this you have created here is pathetic. The Sphinx looks around at the event and his corporate sign. The Sphinx steps closer to Morien and whispers to him, "All of your works will be a colossal wreck, boundless and bare. The next time we meet I will be on the side of Apep. It is truly very least I can do to make sure you don't suffer.

Morien continues glaring at the man, but forces a smirk. "With friends like you like I truly do not need enemies. I look forward to seeing you again. Please take care, I suggest that you leave the event. I would hate for to catch a cold or something by staying out so late.

The Sphinx bows and walks out of the event. Umoja Security would try to follow him if they didn't just pick up a weird message about something strange on the radar.

LOGNOTE remove @emit

It almost didn't matter that Morien stepped in front of Melody. She's seen the man face and they weren't exactly too quiet with their words around her. But each key word that was spoken had given her pause, her teeth gritted slightly as she takes a step side just in time to see the Sphinx bow and turn his back to exit the event.

Slowly but surely, Melody pulls her hand from Morien's grasp, her look almost questioning.

"Ooooooooowwww, lets follow talk dark and foine!" Roz shouts out, snapping his fingers as he struts out of the event as well. Surely, he and Mackie were going back to Gotham, right after they hit Saks and Nordstrom.

Carter quietly watches the Sphinx leave - partially with the incredulity of 'Carter Hall: archaeologist', and partially with… something else. Recognition, certainly. A wariness born of experience. He blinks a few times, lets out a sigh and raises his glass to his lips…

Only to realise it is empty.

"Why am I always doing that?" he asks of himself, and heads for the beverages again (this time to maybe actually get to drink something).

So that was somewhat tense and slightly awkward situation. Let's make it even moreso, shall we. It starts with wine glasses beginning to slightly reverberate. Which might seem like nothing at first, maybe a freight train down the way going past. But it doesn't stop, and rather increases in frequency, until it borders on a roar. Well, roar with a coughing, backfire-laced roar, but a roar nonetheless. It almost borders on a physical rumble, it's a weird sound. A high-pitched whining, like a car right next to your ear with a really loose belt, and the occasional backfire sounds like a gunshot. It's at around this same time, that anybody that happens to be hear that might just happen to have an affliation or perhaps membership with an organization with JLA or SHEILD maybe? Oh yeah, you're getting a message ship not from this planet is screaming into orbit. And well, it's pretty much right on top of you. And…wait, no. Is that Motley Crue playing in the distance? Sure it's kinda muffled, kinda like one would hear if they were sitting in traffic next to someone playing it really loud with windows up, but yeah, pretty sure that's Motley Crue.

Something like, probably.

Wtf? Motley Crue? "What is a Motley Crue?" Lunair doesn't know. And when she doesn't know something, she goes to poke at it. Which is precisely what she's going to do now.

Strange threats from strange people of strange nationality don't seem to register with Kate any more. It's like white noise in the background of everything, especially when there's socializing to be done. Inbound aircraft and emergency announcements in her ear, on the other hand, get her attention.

"Of course," she mutters, heading for one of the tables. Never leave home without your bow and quiver. Because you're going to need it eventually.

Brins not part of SHIELD or JL:A but X-Red have been developing a relationship with both organisations and anything that tends to go down in M-Town, they get a heads up. Listening to her own communicator, she casts a look at Bobby (who'll be getting the same update that she is) "And this was such a nice dress…." she murmurs.

The brunette doesn't manifest any weapons yet but calmly speaks to their hostess "Melody, could you please organise to get these people to safety?" the tight smile belies her tension "There might some trouble. I'll help, of course."

Aileana, Umoja Chief Security Officer, frowns and pushes away her dance partner. She reaches into her stocking holster and pulls out her gun. "Every time I step on the dam dancefloor at one of these events! She speaks on her coms, "Squads A and C prepare for crowd control. Squad B get on your tactical gear, and prepare to move. Our standing orders are still to keep this a peaceful event. We are not going to allow police to stop here and start firing into the crowd, so I want a perimeter set up away from the fundraisers and keep the band playing. We are just moving the party about 40 yards.

Morien peers over at Melody and tries to play to make a joke about his interactions with Sphinx, "I guess you learn the truth. I was a real geek in college. I was big in D & D. I guess my friend still hasn't let go of it. I will need to call his mother to let him know he is running the streets again.

As luck would have it, or bad luck depending on your point of view, this wharehouse in this part of town just happened to be the chosen point for this…ship, if it could qualified as such to hover about ten feet off the ground. If one could imagine a ship, about thirty meters longs, made up of what seems like scrap metal, wiring, spit, and gum. It looks like it's about to break apart just hovering there and yet, for some reason that defies logic, doesn't. The ship comes to dead stop just outside the wharehouse, floating there, or bobbing.

The airlock opens, which only causes the music to get louder. THankfully, the voices coming out of it just happen to be in english. "Guys…./guuuuuys/! There's no reason to be rash here, you don't need to do this, honestly! I'll get you the credits! Taz, pal, /buddy/. You wouldn't just…ditch me like this would you? Not after what I did for you a month ago, right?"

Taz just happens to be a fur-covered tri-horned looking /thing/ that stands on two legs and wearing dirty coveralls. "Nawp. Ain't helpin ya nomore Quill. Ya gits me? I'm takin' yer ship an yer gettin me my money, yahear?"

Another creture..alien…person….whatever is restraining the clearly human man. By clearly, that really means stark naked. "Shoulda dump his ass on Titan, Taz. Des is ta good fer'im." This one is more on the scaly side and has about a good three in height on the other two. He's also wearing a trucker hat and something that probably passes as a cigarette hanging from his lips.

Taz shakes his furry head. "Pffft, son, ya git a lot ta learn. Can't git no money back from the hooman here ifing he's dead. Figger he can make it up where he's from."

"Guys…c'moooon, I don't even /know/ anyone here! I haven't been here in years! You're just going to dump me here in….where the hell are we? Wait? Is this…" the blonde haired man looks around past the airlock, a slow look of horrow beginning of dawn on his face. "…is this Jersey? You're dumping me in fucking New Jersey?! I don't owe you guys /that/ much to dump me off in Jersey! Look, I told you the soft-serve machine was bogus! I told you it didn't have any power left! It was a raw deal, I swear, just…take me back to Knowhere, I'll make the cash back. I'll work it off as your personal muscle! I'll wash your goddamn clothes, /just don't dump me in fucking Jersey!"

The rattling of the glass was the first indication that something huge was going down. For a moment there, Melody was about to run out the front door to charge up the Sphinx until Morien explains the situation between the two. "Oh.. I see.." Did she believe it? Who knows, but Aileana and Brinley's words already took precedence as she gives a nod to the X-er. "Okay.."

Melody quickly rushes up towards the stage, hiking her dress up as she does so, watching as the band prepares to gather themelves to move the music on the Chief officers orders. "Everyone! There seems to be something going on with the HVAC systems, please follow the security team, the party is still going!"

The crowd wisely begins to mill and rumble about, Melody watching for a moment and gestures towards Morien. "I think we should get you to safety. At least stay with your security team til all of this is over.."

Lunair is going to die horribly going and poking at mysterious things. But she's made friends from space this way, and she's going to go with it. She's there when it lands, and her eyes go wide as saucers. "Hiiiiiiiiii! Nice to meet you! Oooh, sucks about the debt. I hope things work out for you. Um. Welcome to Earth! Wanna cookie?"

Carter Hall glances over from the drinks table, his mouth falling open at the sight of the ship. Blinking in surprise, he glances to either side of him - drink-glass in hand - patting down pockets. "Where'd I put my camera…?" he murmurs to himself as he 'ohs!' in remembrance.

He reaches for his satchel -

- and spills his drink on his shoes.

"That does it…" he tells himself, and gives up on the notion of a good glass of wine altogether. Instead, he finds himself walking toward the vessel, frowning deeply in curiosity, camera in hand (and not a cheap phone-camera - this is the real deal. Old School).

"English too," he murmurs. "What're the odds?"

Kate grabs her bow and quiver, nocks an arrow, and jogs over to the source of the chaos…just in time to see the ship dumping a naked guy. On the other hand, she's staring down a spaceship in a formal gown with a bow and arrow, so it's possible she's in no place to judge what is and isn't absurd.

"Hey!" she calls up to the ship. "Identify yourselves!"

Lunair does offer to Carter. "Hi Doctor Hall! I'm Lunair Weir, by the way. Botany student." She totally didn't forget, really. And this totally goes on her pose.

"Thanks Mel." Seeing the security people have this hand, Brin follows Kate out the door… manifesting her glowing green and gold bow as she does. To move as quickly as Kate, the brunette hicks her own dress up, flashing bare legs as they run.

Separating from Kate, putting distance between them, the mutant draws a bead … on one of the creatures holding the naked human.

Nope… she's not looking… totally not.

Arielle grabs Morien's arm to tug him along towards the nearest security guards. "Listen to your Melody. Morien shoots her a look and says, "Really?" Morien turns to Melody and says, "What about you?"

Bruce Banner is taking advantage of the distraction to get himself out of harm's way. Not his harm, their harm. If whatever's coming in is dangerous, it's likely to trigger him and Mel or Lunair will let him know if he's needed in that regard, but there's no reason to risk setting himself off on a false alarm and trashing the place. The people of Mutant Town have been through enough.

He does grab a large handful of hors d'ouvres and stuff them in the pockets of his sweatshirt, though.

"Oh fuck me." Quill mutters to himself upon realizing that this isn't some kind of empty drop-off. "You couldn't even ditch me an empty field, could you? Nooooo, had to be in the middle of goddamn Jersey! You know, these people are not used to see freaking ships just deciding to land in the middle of a city, right? You /do/ know that, don't you?"

Taz spits off the airlock, hooking a thumb through a beltloop. "Dida…we /did/ know that, didn't we Jazz?" he asks the other alien, large eyes blinkings dubiously at the other. "Ya did check tha 'puter, right? /Right/?"

Jazz, the scaled one, and holding Quill's arms behind his back, just kinda shrugs. "Maybe? Feh, wasssit matter? They're hoomans. Dumbs as rocks. What're they gonna do?"

"Look guys, you really ought to prioritize your work. Research. I can help you with that, you know." Quill offers quickly, before getting whapped in the head by Taz. "Shaddit, Quill. Ya git one goal fer us, ya git it? Ya git one month ta git our money, cause we're gonna be back. An none o'them Earth money crap. Gold. Jewels. Semthin we can pawn off on Knowhere. Git it?" Kate is acknowledged with a snort. "See Jazz, they don't even got guns. Primative hoomans."

"Where the hell am I supposed to get that? I don't /know/ anyone here. I /know/ people out there. I can get you the money." Quill again tries to bargain.

"An ya owe them too, Quill!" Jazz remarks. "Taz let's dump'im an git outta 'ere. Ah…cause she ain't git no gun…but I'm thinkin they do." he says, eyeing the rest of security.

There's some kind of alien language spoken by Taz, likely swearing that doesn't translate well. "Dump'im." he grunts, Jazz then shoving Quill out the airlock.

The landing is crunchy, he did drop about ten feet. "Ahhhh…fuck!" Quill cries out.

"Mind that last step, /Star-Lord/." Taz chuckles, reaching behind him and tossing a large duffle bag out after, that landing right on top of Quill, causing him to cry out again, this time, in a slightly more soprano. "Ahhhhh, god, fuck you both!" Yeah, it totally landed someplace it shouldn't.

"One month!, that's all ya git! Then we'll be back fer ya! Welcome 'ome, Quilly!"

"… Hi Starlord, welcome to Earth! Sorry about that, are you okay?" She was a bit premature in greetings, but premature egreetulation happens to EVERYONE, OKAY?! GOD, STOP LOOKING AT HER LIKE THAT. Still, Lunair looks to the others. "My other friend fell out of space, too. It seems to happen a lot," She offers. "Ummm… he doesn't have tentacles, it's okay!" hey, this is why Lunair will never be a diplomat.

"My balls. Why did he throw it on my balls….." Quill moans pathetically.

"… wow, he has really good aim," Lunair sympathizes.

"I'm fine, Morien. Get to safety." Yeah, Melody was fine alright. She was really, really fine. She was totally fine.

She hops from the stage, noticing Bruce stealing food then exiting, her path taking her past Lunair as she holds out her hand. "Sword or a bazooka, Lunair.. Oh my god is that dude in the buff?"

Now people. Lets get one thing straight. Just because Melody is a lady doesn't mean that she's NOT going to look. She looked alright. She wasn't sure if she should applaud that naked landing or what.

And.. in her defense? She's seen tons of naked asses before. Not that she invites folks over to look at their naked asses. But.. goddamn it. She ain't dead yet. Melody was totally going to look.

"I think there's a rock stuck on his ass." Melody deadpans. That was a little pebble.. right? "Oh.. Lunair. Bazooka."

Taking pictures of the ship, Carter Hall appears completely caught up in what he is doing. It is not until several shots later that he realises he is also taking photos of the naked man as well (not on purpose). Blinking, he lowers the camera, peering over the top of it with a quirk on his lips that might say:

'What have I done? What am I doing??'

"Did they just call him… 'Star-Lord'?" he asks aloud. He glances at Lunair and the young woman's enthusiastic welcome to the naked fellow, and idly lifts a hand to itch the side of his face.

"The… naked spaceman cometh. I… can't believe I just said that. Uhgnn…" The archaeologist half-doubles over with a grunt of a pain, feeling like a thousand needles beneath his skin are trying to get out. He glances at the backs of his hands, and upon seeing traces of metallic gold there, he mutters:

"By Horus, not again…"

Bow jokes are not new to Kate. On the other hand, so far, this ship hasn't presented a threat to anyone already on the planet, and starting a war with someone from another planet would probably generate a whole lot of paperwork. So she doesn't shoot at the ship. She does, on the other hand, fire a foam arrow to help break Quill's landing with some fast-expanding foam. Which may hopefully help with the nudity. Some.

"Lunair, do you have an anti-nudity ray or something?"

A horrible sound from the aft part of the ship signifies that it's engine, or the pair of gerbils in a running wheel are starting to spool up, meaning it's going to be getting the hell out of dodge before some kind of attack choppers appear out of nowhere. "Ya'll have fun wit'im now. An don't kill'im, he owes a lot of people money! Taz calls out the airlock before it grinds closed. This time, pretty sure that's Molly Hatchet blaring out of the ship. Say what they will about 'hoomans' but apparently they like their music. Black smoke pours out the back of the ships before it hauls itself higher into the air. A small explosion in backfiring, before it starts to move off and out, until it's little more than a blink in the sky.

The foam helped, leaving Quill to extend his arms at the sky, extending middle fingers. "God….you guys suuuuuuck."

Staring at Carter, Brins bow and arrow dips as the mutant is assaulted by his emotions. The others can look to /Star Lord/ there … she moves to the archealogists side. "Sir, do you need assistance… I can tell you're in pain." She's not getting to close just yet, but she's obviously concerned.

And then the ship ups and leaves them with a clearly disgruntled, naked man….

"I can make him some clothes, if you want," Lunair offers. She can apparently do more than armor and weapons! "It's how I-" Pause. NOT going to admit to using it to sneak into things. "Hello sir! May I give you some earth clothes? They will be temporary, but I can purchase you some later or some of us can help some." Then a pause. Lunair gently taptaptaps the strange, naked man's shoulder. "Ummm… Here." She'll put a nice, business suit on him if he doesn't protest. "Okay, bye aliendouchebags! Thank you for coming to Earth!"

Morien lets out a reluctant sigh as he goes around with security. He starts to make some phone calls. "Get several trucks here and move two of the bands on top of the trucks. We only have the jazz band that can play once things calm down." Morien frowns, "Yes, we are still going on. This is no fuckin Gotham, I am not letting craziness ruin my charity.

Morien looks over at Arielle, "Have the food trucks move, so people can get food and drink, until we are ready to serve. Let everyone know that anyone who stays to donate will be put in a raffle for two week vacation all expensive paid vacation plus 10,000 cash in whatever resort that Umoja International does business in.

"Clothes….dufflebag." Quill notes at the large bag laying atop of him, thankfully covering his dignity. Numbly, he opens it, sitting it up and starting dump it's contents out. Everything of his is there, at least; red longcoat, pants, odd-looking boots, a twin pair of alien-looking blasters, holsters, a Sony Walkman. "Shit. I'm really back on Earth." he says, sounding quite horrified by that idea. Suddenly, he's on his feet, shaking one fist in the air, the other holding his coat infront of him. Does nothing to hide his butt however. "You backwater assholes! I hope you come back, because I'm stealing your ship next time! And your women! No, wait, you can keep those! But I'm taking your ship!" Personal rant over, it's only now that he turns around to face…well…everyone else. "Right. Soooooo….hi. Is it me, or is it a little drafty?"

As more of the golden substance starts to fight its way through the pores in Carter's skin, the man drops his camera - smashing the lense and casing - and makes a dash for the rest-rooms, keeping his hands hidden beneath his arms folded over his chest.

"Not again," he murmurs under his breath as he makes his exit. "No, not again. Horus' Beak, why is it happening again? - and who the hell invokes the name of an Egyptian god??"

He pauses, blinking.

"An archaeologist?"

And he disappears inside the men's room.

Melody wasn't that upset. Everything went off without a hitch save for the ending, usually parties would have a naked man show up to steal the show. We call that.. SUCCESSFUL!

So in other words, she was quite pleased with the turn out! She reaches into her clutch to pull out her cell phone, her own phone calls made. "Grab the packages from under the trees and prepare them for delivery. If we're moving the space, no ones going to be watching them. Mmhmm. Yes. And get my lawyer on the phone? I need to speak with him." She immediately hangs up the phone as she approaches Morien's side, a slight awkward smile upon her face.

"That's the first time I've heard you swear. Kinda cool."

With her greeting pointedly ignored, Lunair looks confused. "Um. Hi. There's a bathroom you can change in. Welcome to Earth. Please don't have tentacles." Lunair has low standards. Lunair does helpfully point out the bathroom.

Kate lowers her bow as the ship flies away, sighing. The work is never done. "Kate Bishop, Justice League," she announces herself as she approaches the partly naked Quill. "And I'm going to have to ask you to come with me so we can sort out…" She pauses, making a bit of a face and gesturing at the man as a whole. "All of this."

As Carter stumbles away, Brin turns back to the … vi…. scene. At least Kate has the situation in … under control.

Dismissing her bow, smoothing her skirt back down her legs, the brunette will go help Melody and co with whatever they're doing.

Morien smirks, "I use to swear a lot, when I was younger." Morien remembers the scroll that the Sphinx gave him and narrows his eyes a bit. "I have to take care of some business that might keep me from the office, but I was hoping we could still meet; even though, we concluded our business together. Morien clenches the scroll tightly but still manages to pull off a smile. "Think of it as a date, because that is what I am asking you on, Ms Kenway. Morien thinks to himself about the scroll. - I will never back down from any enemy. Let the war begin. -

The years in space have given Peter a complete lack of modesty, because aliens don't really give two craps about human nudity. Or it's his mood, because he just dresses right there. "Can't believe they dumped me in Jersey…" he mutters, pulling his pants on, then shirt. In the midst of strapping his two thigh holsters to his legs, does Kate get his attention. "The Justice…what?" he blinks. "Sort what? Oh, right, the /aliens/. Look, those guys? Harmless. Mostly. My fault for getting drunk on someone else's money. Waking up on a mattress two days out of Knowhere…not much I could do at that point." He gives her another look. "Right…am not going to be able to talk my way out of this, am I? Alright, alright." The Walkman is clipped onto his pants, headphones around his neck.

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