No Girls In Labcoats Around Here

December 11, 2015:

It's break time at SHIELD. Simmons and Agent Gutierrez meet a rather entitled Reginald Darrow

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"Seriously, Oakhurst," Reggie snaps into his phone. "If I get home and you haven't found that lemur, I will make you eat an entire goddamn bowl of spiderwebs. … No, that wasn't scarcasm!"

He takes a sip of his coffee and enters the breakroom area, casting around for the coffemaker. "No that wasn't sarcasm either!" he snaps into his phone. He turns it off with a *beep* and curses under his breath, rattling around the coffeepot to gauge the quality of the coffee therein. "Holy god, is this all we have?" he mutters. "Man, I'd kill for a Starbucks or something. How are we on a multi-trillion dollar flying helicarrier and we don't have an espresso machine or a barista to make me a drink?" he demands of no one in particular.

That might be why Jemma drinks tea … and 'borrows' from the special stash that May keeps in this very breakroom. Certainly, the senior agent doesn't seem to mind that the biochem 'borrows' some to keep in her own laboratory as well.

Entering the breakroom, she's distracted (of course) by the tablet she's reading, holding a tea cannister in her other hand. Reggies comments have her head rising "There's a Starbucks just down the road. I'm sure you could use the Starbucks app to order and it will be ready when you get there." Pausing a moment "You must be new. I'm Doctor Jemma Simmons, R&D." A general trouble magnet lately, but she'll let that go, it's possible that news hasn't filtered through.

Joey Gutierrez looks up from the table where he's been sitting though his interest had been caught since he heard 'lemur'. Not going to ask though. "You really expect there to be someone to serve you coffee in a SHIELD facility?" he asks curiously. "Seriously?" Comments about being spoiled are forestalled by Jemma's arrival. "Dr. Simmons."

"No, /sarcastically/," Reggie tells Joey with an expressive eyeroll. "Of course. I mean, c'mon— SHIELD is basically charged with safeguarding the freedom of the world. I don't think it's too much to ask for a decent latte. I mean…" he trails off, thinking. "I'd even settle for a cappuccino. I guess."

He looks Jemma and slicks back his perfectly coiffed hair with one hand. "Right down the road, huh? You might have to show me the way sometime. Hi, I'm… Reginald Darrow, on loan to SHIELD," he tells her in a husky baritone. "You might have heard of me, I've sort of saved democracy like…. fifty times. And I gotta say, I love a girl in a labcoat," he informs Jemma. "How did we not meet on the orientation tour?"

"Agent Gutierrez" Jemma offers Joey a small smile as she makes her way to counter. Reginalds 'tirade' gets a somewhat flat look "If you've been contracted to SHIELD, I'm sure you can find your way on your own, just fine." Clearly she hasn't heard of the man. "I'm afraid, Mr … Darrow, you won't find girls in labcoats around here. And we likely didn't meet, because I was in the field at the time."

Looking to Joey again, the flat look easing "How are you settling in? There's a lot going on, at the moment… " She's about to file a report on her last excursion.

Right, spoiled and entitled. "I suspect they think you're perfectly capable of managing for yourself. At least, I'd hope so." Otherwise democracy is unlikely to survive the 51st time. Smiling at Jemma's question, he says "Just fine. Though it seems like a year has gone by very quickly since this all began. I never did thank you for your help in figuring this all out."

"That's a shame. Hey, well, we're meeting now, so that's… good?" Reginald remarks, casting around. He finds some coffee and pours it into his cup, then some cream, and then pours something else from inside his vest pocket into the mug.

"So like, what's your deal, dude," Reginald remarks, looking to Joey. "You a kickass field agent like moi, or one of the hundreds of drones who provide a totally useful if incredibly boring support network to those of us who kick ass in the name of democracy and freedom?" he inquires of Agent Gutierrez, slurping his coffee obnoxiously.

"Not that what you do isn't important, of course."

The /something else/ is noted by Jemma, she doesn't miss much, really. Reginald might not know who she is or her role within SHIELD, he certainly seems to have discounted her. Probably considering her just another 'squint' or piece of skirt, which sits fine with the biochem.

"Indeed, Mr Darrow. We're meeting now." she smiles this time as she steeps tea, taken from Agent Mays stash. "Kickass field agent, you say?" An invitation to share more about that…

"With what we do, Agent Gutierrez, a year goes way too quickly." She's thoughtful as she thinks about what has happened in that time "It's my pleasure, of course. You did all the hard work, I just helped you understand what you did." As to what Joey's deal is, she'll leave that to him to explain. "Have you caught up on the latest cases?" There's at least the one that is taken most of her focus and some agents may be aware that Jemma's been assigned a protection detail because of it.

"You got beat up a lot as a kid, didn't you?" Joey asks, considering Reginald. His question goes unanswered but Jemma's doesn't. "That depends on which latest cases you mean. It seems there's always a dozen of them to keep track of. Makes me glad my security clearance isn't that high or it would be two dozen or more. Why don't you assume I haven't and if I have, I"ll stop you?"

"Uh, no, no I did not," Reginald assures Joey with a chuckle. "Varsity swim team. Pretty demanding sport, pretty good at firming the shoulders," he grunts as a theatric aside to Jemma.

"But, yeah, I do the field thing. Y'know, spying, the honey pot, driving fast cars, gambling at Monte Carlo… I'm… well, I'm basically the world's greatest secret agent," he tells Jemma with no trace of modesty, settling at one of the other seats. "Y'know, first line of defense in the protection of democracy and freedom." He flicks his fingers through his immaculately coiffed hair once more.

"Why do you worry about security clearance?" he asks Joey, sounding puzzled. "You're a spy. Or at least, you work at a spy agency. Just go find out what it is. Lying and spying is basically all we do."

After filling the cannister from May's stash, Jemma takes the mug, cannister and tablet (juggling them a little without dropping or spilling anything) and takes a seat with the men.

"So you're the one that I blame when the scenes are so contaminated we can't make hide nor hair of what happened." she ignores the aside about firming shoulders, not impressed by the mans self confidence. "First line of defense, actually, is detecting the things before the driving fast and gambling in Monte Carlo is required." The information game first, then the action.

"Uh… ok, Agent Gutierrez. The most pressing one is the 084's that have been appearing, we had a small breakthrough on that the other day." Quickly summarising the devices that have been appearing, she then adds "The other day, we found a … being … possessing the body of one of the people trying to open a portal at a location in Bludhaven."

A few taps on her tablet and the image of the 10ft lizardlike thing appears on the screen…

Joey Gutierrez studies the screen a moment then sits back and shakes his head. "Oookay. When you say possessing, just what do you mean? Mentally? Or did that somehow fit in a person?" He makes a little compressing motion with his hands as if trying to figure out how to lose four feet of lizard. "I bet super agent here could take it, no problem."

"No, no no," Reginald chuckles at Jemma. "That's the first line of detection. The first line of defense is a secret agent. Highly trained, extremely expert, who slips behind enemy lines and delivers a coup de grace to the enemy general. I mean, Pakistan's military doesn't post movements to Facebook, y'know?. And, fortunately for moi," he asides, "quite often a general has a hot wife or mistress in need of seduction, and who tells me all about their troop movement plans."

"And whatever it is you two schoolgirls are talking about, yeah, I could totally take him. What are we talking about," he says, leaning to see the tablet, "and am I Out of my goddamn mind?" he demands, incredulously. "What /is/ that, a mutant alligator or something?!"

Oh, May and Coulson are going to love this one. Jemma resists the urge to roll her eyes. "You might be surprised, Mr Darrow. But spycraft has entered the 21st century … and much of the battle is fought digitally." Which is why they have people like Fitz. "Oh, don't get me wrong though, field work is still important … " which is why she ends up out there as well, not just stuck in a lab with a petrie dish and liver …

"Physically, Agent Gutierrez." Jemma smiles in bemusement "And /that/ is what I'm trying to work out., among other things." Reginalds surprised comment gets a snort "The name I heard associated with it, is Daemonite, Mr Darrow. But we're still investigating that as well."

"Daemonite. Is that a kind of Inhuman?" Joey asks. "Maybe that's how it does it. Did it? Is it still alive? In any case, stranger things have happened when Inhumans are involved."

"More like a … damn. I had something for this," Reggie assures them. "…crocodile Dundaerite?" he hazards, laughing softly to himself. "Hang on, come back to me. I can do better."

He slurps down more of his coffee and gets to his feet. "Whatever. You two have fun with your Ninja Mutant Crocodile," he tells Joey and Jemma. "I'm gonna go hit the range up. Practice those fundamental spycraft skills that /safeguard freedom/," he says to Jemma, cupping a hand and speaking over-loud. "Because you can't stop terrorists with clever Twitter handles." He ambles out of the room with a lazy saunter, sipping his coffee and humming obnoxiously.

Sighing deeply as Reginald leaves, Jemma rolls her eyes… she really can't help it, the man is more than just obnoxious, he has a dreadful sense of humour. Attention back to Joey, she murmurs "That was interesting. I'd rather like to be there, when Agent May meets him." Pausing to take a sip of her quickly cooling tea, she then continues "We don't believe it is an Inhuman." Words said slowly, as she thinks about the phrasing "I have reason to believe it might be extraterrestial in nature. I'm still…. running tests. And no, it's dead." Which means it's in one of Jemma's labs.

"I'd rather like to be there when he gets his ass handed to him." Joey states with a snort. "We can make it a double feature." Things like aliens no longer throw him so he just takes it in stride. "Where there's one, there's probably more. Is there a way to detect them while they're possessing someone?"

"You're on." Jemma laughs as Joey makes the suggestion. With the way things pan out for her, that's likely to happen easily.

"Yes, you're right. And with the 084's that have been appearing, it's a major concern, really."

The question is a good one but Jemma can only shake her head, "Not yet. This is the first encounter we've had with the species, but it's something else I'm working on with the science team." With Fitz on long term assignment, Jemma's finding herself spread thin. "There's so many questions, Agent Gutierrez, that I just can't answer at the moment."

"Well, I'm not likely to be of much help with them." Joey says with a sigh. "Not unless they carry weapons of metal, anyway. I don't think a ten foot lizardman really needs weapons though. There anything I can actually help you with?"

"Not right now…" Jemma sighs as well "Just keep asking the good questions." As to what a 10 foot tall Lizardman needs? Jemma has no idea, that fight was over fairly quickly… the Agents on site weren't taking any chances.
Finishing her tea, the biochem looks back to Joey with a smile "Thank you for the offer, though. I'll be sure to call on you when there is. Likewise, if there's anything I can help you with…"

"I'll be sure to let you know." Joey agrees. He finishes his coffee and stands up. "I think I'll go to the range and practice a bit. Can never be too good a shot right?" It's just coincidence that the asshole agent was here a few minutes ago.

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