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December 11, 2015:

Bobby, Wanda and Brin catch up at X-Red HQ

X-Red HQ - New York


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Bobby looks… tired. He's sitting at a computer at the X-Red HQ reading reports and rubbing his eyes. Sometimes heroing is all action and ice. And sometimes it's a bit like accounting. Actually, this is very much like accounting since it's all financials. This is not his area of expertise and right now he's kind of glad. If he'd had to study this in school he might have gone insane.

Wanda didn't study financials…or even go to school…but she /is/ insane so there is obviously no causal link between accounting and craziness. She has slipped into the HQ and stands their, quietly watching Bobby as he works; it's probably a bit creepy. Wanda is dressed in a very long t-shirt with 'Witchypoo' from HR Pufnstuf upon it. "You do not look happy" she suddenly announces.

Accounting might be Brins thing. She did go to business school, after all. Walking in just as Wanda speaks, she too looks tired, the tension lines around her eyes deepening. Clearly, she's not sleeping well again.

Looking over Bobby's shoulder, resting a hand on his shoulder to let him know she's there, she snorts softly "Thought physics was your thing … and numbers mine… Hello Wanda, love the T-shirt."

Bobby looks up and shakesh is head a little. "I'm not, Wanda. I feel like my brain's melting a bit." He pushes the papers away as Brin comes up. "I just wanted to see if there was anything I could find while folks were sleeping. I think I really am better leaving it to you Brin…" He sighs. "How are you two doing?"

"Find? What are you looking for, Bobby?" asks Wanda as she pushes away from the wall to wander closer to the pair. She glances down at her t-shirt. "Thanks, Brin. But this is not how witches look…or maybe it is my future?" A shrug. "Who knows? I may not even reach that old." A frown for both of them. "Neither of you look like you have slept in a while. Why not? Sleep is very important. Witches are good at helping people sleep. Like Sleeping Beauty…Snow White…am I a witch? Rain is a witch but I am not like Rain. Am I? But people in the old country would call me a witch." She's starting to babble.

Picking the papers up, Brin flashes Bobby a grin "I'm not going to complain if you want to help with the paperwork… " she takes a seat next to him, eyes dropping to the pages "just don't expect me to do any of your research work, ok?" beat "Looking for where they're getting funding still?" Reavers or Purifiers, equipment or Sentinels, does it really matter what, at the moment?

"I'm alright." She's lying and you don't need to be an empath to work that out. Thankfully Wanda starts to babble. "Breathe Wanda …. " she murmurs.

Bobby reaches out to touch Wanda's arm and maybe get her to focus. "Oh me? Couldn't sleep. There's too much going on right now." He knows he should but he hasn't been able to. "Yeah Brin, trying to see if there's any clues here. But it's all just account numbers and such to me. Give me math sure but this? This is more like torture."

Wanda smiles to Brin in thanks for the instruction to breathe before she too peers at the numbers…and frowns. "Don't think of them as numbers" she suggests, "Just see the patterns. That is what is important." Then a light tap to Brinley's shoulder. "Don't lie to me. We are friends. Would either of you like a hot chocolate? It will help. I guarantee it."

Brin looks up as Wanda taps her shoulder "Patterns, that's the idea, Bobby, Wanda's got it." her dark eyes settle on him, assessing. She's not going to say anything about sleeping. "Are these copies?" she asks as she takes up a highlighter … ready to mark something at least on the sheets. "See here, and here and here…" pointing to the sheets with the cap /still/ on the highlighter "Not the same amounts, but made on the same day of the week from the same account."

"Hot chocolate would be lovely, thank you, Wanda. Yes, we're friends. I had some news the other day, about a friend." she'll admit that much anyway "And the Purifiers and Reavers are getting so violent, I find I just can't sleep."

"Coca would be good." Bobby takes a deep breath and slides the sheets over to Brin. "Yes they're copies. Gotten from one of the north american subsidary companies Pepper's folks think is a front for organized crime. It all points north of the border, kind of like our other little thing with Berto…" There's a pause. "Wanda have you met Berto yet?"

"I don't think so" Wanda replies to Bobby as she heads for the kitchen while continuing to talk at volume. "I think when I first got here he owned the building or something? But I don't think I ever met him. Ooh…we have Twinkies." It is only a couple of minutes before she returns with steaming mugs of hot chocolate and places one each in front of Bobby and Brinley. "I think I should change my name to Banda" she muses after realising everyone's name starts with a 'B'. "What happened to your friend, Brin?"

Brin takes the papers, with a look to Bobby "Really? that's interesting." It's not long before she's highlighted a few entries, some in different colours. "We can start with these, at any rate."

Taking the mug from Wanda, she snorts softly at Wanda wanting to change her name… it's amusing in a way. The question gets a shadowed look though "The mage that healed me after the glass woman …" Brin can't say it …. 'broke her neck' … "he's ageing faster and prematurely. He sacrificed his very life to bring me back." It's a conundrum for the brunette. What Hax did was of his own free will, but she would not wish it from anyone. "He should have left me be …."

Bobby looks over at Brin. "Aging faster? Wait, Hax. That mage?" Has Wanda met Hax? Maybe? Bobby has trouble keeping track of these things sometimes.

"Are you Max's keeper, Brin?" Wanda asks lightly. "Do you control his life and what he does with it? He chose to help you, knowing what it would do. You should be thankful, not guilty. The worst thing you could do with this new life is regret it." Wanda may have been discretely dipping into Brinley's thoughts. "This woman of glass…I don't think I like her." The witch frowns.

"You mentioned that the Purifiers were getting more violent. I do not find this odd since all we have done to counter them has been to become more violent." Wanda nods to the numbers. "If you want to cut their funding then take away the reason for it. Do you know Partisan, Bobby? She gave this speech to justify killing these people and it was the same speech that the Purifiers give to jusitify their actions. I wish I knew what to do" she shrugs before gesturing at the hot chocolates. "They will replenish you as if you have slept for days…and you don't even have to close your eyes." A pleased smile before looking to Brinley. "I can see Max if you like."

At Partisans name, Brin stiffens a little. It's the carnage the woman is causing that leaves Brin sleepless. The violence and death inherent the actions of Partisan, leaves the brunette feeling ill.

"We.don't.kill.Wanda." Brin doesn't mean to be short or abrasive. It's just important to her that 'due process' is followed, it might take longer, but the effects should be more robust. "Bobby, what do you say? She's claiming M-Town as her own private battlefield." And Brins not overly happy about that.

"Hax, Wanda. Hax." she sighs slightly "He wouldn't have it any other way." Gazing out the window for a moment, she shakes her head. "It was his decision to make, don't seek him out for that." Of course, Wanda is free to see Hax whenever she wants ….

"I know Partisan." Bobby sighs. He's not going to have this discussion right now but he's always found the X-Men's institutional insistence on nonlethal methods to be idiotic. X-Red can't kill. They're too public. It'll create far more problems legal and social than it ever solves tactically. But there's a blindess and unthinkingness to it that Bobby finds fundamentally repugnant. "I think I'm going to follow your advice and get some sleep here tonight." He stands up and heads toward the back, taking his coca with him. "Night you two."

"I know we don't kill, Brin. I was saying that Partisan is dangerous. Her philosophy is that of the people she says she detests. She is no different…or better…than the Purifiers" Wanda replies before looking confused a bit more at Brinley. "Max…Hax…made his decision and he is the only one who can make it. I would have made the same one. If I seek him out it is to thank him for keeping my friend alive and to see if I can help him. At least while I am a goddess." That last word makes her giggle…she doesn't believe it. "Good night, Bobby" she waves, watching him leave before looking to Brinley. "Did the hot chocolate not work?" A glance at her fingers. "Maybe I am not as powerful as I think."

Brin watches Bobby goes and sighs deeply, sorrow etched in her eyes. She can sense his emotions on the matter. They reflect hers in many ways … she knows the necessity is there but the inherent violence in the action, affects her greatly. "Night Bobby, sleep well." she calls before turning to Wanda "He just needs sleep … no matter how good your hot chocolate."

"There are a few schools of thought on how to deal with bullies." Brin listened to Wanda has to say "Sometimes that means fighting fire with fire…" she /really/ hopes Wanda gets the analogies "but it's not X-Reds way." she finishes fixing Wanda with a /look/ … please, read between the lines!

"It should not be anyone's way" Wanda replies. With English as her second language and no one else around, she assumes that Brinley is telling her exactly what she wants to tell her. "Do you feel better?" she asks, nodding at the hot chocolate. She did zap it after all but maybe she got the magic all wrong. "How can there ever be peace when all we do is kill each other? And why aren't the police doing anything?" She sighs softly. "I have all this power and I am paralysed by indecision…or is it morality?"

"The police are…" Brin sighs. She spends nearly as much time liaising with the Authorities as she does anything else. The legal system is incredibly complex and Brin has a passing knowledge of it "It's incredibly complex, no matter how…" she looks towards Wanda "we might wish it otherwise."

"I feel better, thank you." Brin might be able to sleep fully tonight "Indecision wrought by reality, perhaps." she murmurs to the last question, there's something in her tone that indicates she might have been here already.

Wanda frowns at her friend but her frown is really for herself. Sometimes she feels like a child who keeps bothering the adults with stupid questions yet she has the power of a goddess…or at least close to. "I'm sorry, Brinley" she whispers before summoning up a smile. "I shall let you sleep then. I should probably…umm…do something…or something." Wanda also hasn't slept much lately with all that power but there doesn't seem to have been an adverse reaction to it. Yet.

"What on earth are you sorry about?" Brin asks mildly. "I'm sorry, Wanda…. but I do need more sleep." There's always a myriad of small chores to do at X-Red HQ… Wanda could choose one or many of them …

Taking her mug, Brin rises and heads off to her room. "Morning, Wanda." she yawns sleepily, sleep seems like the best idea.

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