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December 11, 2015:

Babs and May catch up after a long time … and Babs outlines her latest dilemma.

Clocktower - Gotham


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Oracle has asked May to join her in the Clocktower, to bring the Agent up to speed on some things and get some insight into the SHIELD / JL:A split … if she can.

It's early enough in the day, for the two women to be sitting in Babs apartment, mugs of tea in front of them, quietly chatting.

She's just explained about David Cain breaching the Clocktower and the threat against the Batfamily. She won't elucidate much on the second… Batfamily secrets and all that. "I'm concerned May. He held a gun to my head and he could have killed me." Her reaction to that might seem overblown to the other woman, who doesn't know how Babs came to be in the chair.

Melinda May doesn't need to know how Babs ended up in that wheelchair. She's clearly a bit freaked out over having a gun pointed at her, and that's quite enough put May into full defensive mode. "Do you want me to track this person down and have a few words with him?" Translated from May-speak that likely means make him pee himself in abject fear then flee for Siberia. She'd come by to catch up and talk about the SHIELD split with JL:A but this rank as far worse in her book. Especially considering all of the things May can tell are not being shared with her. Again, she knows better than to pry.

"I might need help, yes. But not yet." Babs responds as she sips her tea. "He's known to the Batfamily and we are starting to track him…" and he's made it personal. "I'll be spreading rumours, making it seem that The Fox, Batgirl and I are laying low… gone to ground, if you like." There's a soft snort at that "It will be interesting to see who believes that."

"The Fox and Batgirl feel I should move though." Clearly that's been exercising "He knows where I am and …" she shouldn't have to say it - she'll be a liability if he chooses to move against her.

"I agree." The Fox…. that's the guy May punched once, right? "In the interim, the gymnasium seems quiet enough. Or, I can help arrange a safehouse for you." She knows the true challenge is setting up whereever the woman chooses to land with the level of internet access that she requires on a constant basis. Second rate DSL would not even begin to suffice.

Yes, that's the guy May punched once and fought a real, down to earth Hydra with. "The gymnasium… " Babs hadn't thought of that. "Is not a bad idea, temporarily. Although, I'll need to do some upgrades there." It would certainly get her out of here … which will break her heart really. "We should be able to use this location as a decoy though …" She needs to think more on that.

Sipping her tea, her green eyes consider May "Batgirl thinks it should be somewhere mobile. Allowing me to move quickly if found." Her disability being a major factor in that recommendation. "Safe houses probably won't cut it."

Melinda May considers that for a surprisingly brief amount of time. "That can happen, but it would require a lot of official approval on my side, and a lot of trust on yours." Because, how cool would it be to have Babs working from the Bus?

That stops the redhead for a moment, and she wraps her hands around the mug in front of her, considering May. "You know I trust you…" she says slowly. She's let the woman into her life, her real life … not just that of Oracle … Information Goddess.

"What are you thinking, May?" She … has an inkling. And whilst The Bus is a SHIELD resource, it is definitely an option. Heck, Babs had been considering, relocating to the Watchtower.

Melinda May hedges a little, which is very much unlike her. "It's a … unique SHIELD resource. Typically assigned for the Director's use. Getting his okay for a long-term assignment might take some work." She'd likely have to get Coulson's help as well.

"I don't know, May…" Babs looks intrigued but understandably reticent. "We would have to work out how to keep my identity secret." Maybe she could develop a costume or something… nah, the logistics wouldn't work.

"No offence, but SHIELD is a pretty big deal too… I'm not saying 'no', but it will require a lot of thought from all of us, if we agree to do it." The redhead grows thoughtful "Do you think you could make discreet enquiries?" She trusts May to use her best judgement there.

Of course May nods at that. But Babs should well know by now that the SHIELD agent's idea of discreet goes something like, 'Gotham's information specialist needs a secure, mobile, extremely high data-density capable workbase, and to maintain strictly anonymous. I'm thinking the Bus. Okay with you, Director?'

As long as SHIELDs director doesn't need to know anything more than that, Babs could well be ok with it … even if it's a short to medium term thing. Of course, Oracle has worked with SHIELD on a number of occassions, so she's known to the Director. "Then please ask. We can then make decisions on the outcome of that."

"In the meantime, May, I'll see about relocating to the Gymnasium." The Tower was her home, her sanctuary … but it's not much of a sanctuary anymore.

"How goes things on the SHIELD front?" If there's things May can speak about that is. The last time they worked together was infiltrating the Purifier facility, where May and Falcon found a prototype Sentinel.

Melinda May takes a bit of time to relate what she can to Oracle about recent SHIELD events, mostly that Captain is a very good distraction, Rain is increasingly helpful around the labs, and similar. "Have you been able to keep up with Barton lately? I see him here and there, but he never stays in one place long enough for me to find out how he's been doing."

"Barton?" Babs snorts a little. "Last time we worked together, he fell on a roof and gave himself away. Ended up requesting emergency extraction from SHIELD." The redhead is amused "I can see why he gets hurt… I actually dread the day that I have him and Falcon on an operation together." beat "I can't pin him down either, the mans as elusive as they come." Which is why he's good at what he does.

"I've met Captain and Rain, a couple of times. Of course, they just know me as Babs." she smiles as she remembers Captain hopping into her lap. "Perhaps we should try to corner Barton, soon…" See what he's up to and all.

Melinda May nods. "I might need your help with that." Because, yes. Barton is frustratingly elusive. And the thought of Barton and Wilson on the same mission… oy. May does NOT want to be in charge of that one. Anyway. "Do you want help with relocating now?" Yes, she's that adamant about not leaving Babs vulnerable for even a moment longer.

"Of course. I'm sure we can arrange to pin him down." Even if they have to setup an op to do it… poor Clint. Mays offer to help move, has Babs startling a little "If you could do, or arrange, a physical security analysis of the gymnasium, let me know what you think we need there, that would be a help." There's still a little work to be done.

"I'll organise tech to go in there" Of course, this will all have to be done carefully and through trusted channels "And then I'll move. It will take a few days to organise it all." In the meantime, she'll just extra vigilant….

"I can most definitely do that." May can likely even have the building evaluated for defensive measures that can be easily and quickly added to the structure. You know, the standard set up for a high-liability safehouse. And if she can't do it, Barton could just as well. "Let me know when, and also when you're ready relocate." Because who better to be the driver, hm?

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