Stormwatch Knew About Them

December 08, 2015:

Another 084 incident, this time with a twist



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There are certain channels that SHIELD has learned to monitor. Things not normally used for communication but definitely indicitive that something unusual is happening. Some of these are new, evidence of something hidden moving in the shadows. What exactly they say, well that SHIELD people haven't cracked yet. But tracking them? That's not too hard once you know to look for them. This call comes out of Bludhaven, between Gotham and New York. Bludhaven isn't a huge metropolis. Not exactly rural either but it's not the kind of place that you generally expect to find coded tight burst communications coming out on extremely low frequency EM Bands. Whatever it is, it's the same kind of burst traffic SHIELD has come to associate with a certain class of 084 type incident. So a response, perhaps using contractors, perhaps quite forceful, is definitely merited.

Nyx can tell a bit more. Technology. More than that, technology that's way beyond anything this puny dirt clod normally produces. Technology that might, perhaps, be familair, depending on how traveled the rider is.

The Rider is quite traveled. Hard to say what when where the alien technology may have encountered or absorbed any particular bit of technology in it's quest. Also hard to say what the goal or quest is exactly.

Anyhow Nyx spirals along through the sky, popping along at well above light aircraft speed and then slamming to a stop in what would be jarring to a human body above Bludhaven and scanning.

Having received the alert, Jemma Simmons donned her field gear, grabbed her bags and joined one of the first vehicles headed to the location.

She's been monitoring these things and whilst it's unusual for a scientist to spend quite so much time in the field, it might be understandable considering what this particular scientist specialises in.

As they arrive onsite, she slides from the vehicle, seeking the Agent In Charge and other scientists. What is likely /most/ telling is the firearm she wears at her hip … no longer an ICER Pistol.

Agent In Charge. Of course. May is coordinating the gathered agents and scientists in the hopes of dealing with this quickly and quietly and most of all, with minimal casualities. Seeing Simmons amongst the other scientists, she gives the biochemist a small nod.

"You all have your assignments. Let's move."

It's a residential neighborhood. The source of the transmissions is a ranch style house with some property and outbuildings. There's people in there for sure. Well, for some definitions of people.

There's the sound of a pistol racking behind Samantha. "Nyx, is that you?" Trent. Of course he's here. The rider can sense him now, that odd blend of tech and magic and the irritating pull of the corruption in Samantha toward what counts as a demonic authority figure. "You do show up at the oddest places. SHIELD is on the way. If they're not here already."

May this is Trent. I'm on the ground. We have a guest. Looks like eight inside. All adults. Something's interfering with Thermal viewing though so I can't say if they're armed. This is definitely the place though. You going in hot or…?

Simmons instruments detect a spike of energy. Something is tearing a portal open inside that house.

Samantha looks over her shoulder, she is still airborn but well Trent can also of course. "Well.. there is something interesting here Trent." she looks down again. "Several.. well sort of human…" she watches him go landing to the ground and eye rolls before following him down to land.

Nodding to Agent May, Simmons fumbles a little as she takes the device from her bag. Eyes widening, she looks up over "Readings indicate that there is a portal opening in there, Agent May."

Before she starts moving with the scientists towards the house, she darts back to the car they came in and takes out a device. The Portal Buster that Fitz made … for now, she'll hold it … she sort of hopes it's not needed.

Melinda May pauses when Trent's voice comes in over her commlink. Trent, acknowledged. We are going in hot. Flag friendlies or get clear. At Simmons' pointing out the presence of a portal, she relays the information to the other teams so they can be prepared. Then, she leads the way toward the ranch house, specially trained tactical teams approaching from various directions while other agents move to evacuate the neighboring residences as quickly and discreetly as possible.

Acknowledged. That's all May gets in reply. The demonhacker looks over to Nyx and grins sharply. "Come on." He suspects she's going in anyway. May as well go in with him right? He brings his handgun up and kicks the side door open with practiced ease… and then rather quickly throws himself back as a fist sized beam of particulate energy obliterates the interior wall in front of him and disintigrates a patch of concrete on the deck behind him with a thunderous crack. Nyx can see a seemingly ordinary man holding a particle cannon with two hands that cannot be of earth manufacture.

May they've got vehicle class weaponry!

The front of the house errupts in energy weapons fire strong enough to rip a tank to shreds as the house' occupants open fire at any visible target. Nyx, in the back, will definitely be one. Simmons can see through one of the now numerous holes in the house that portal forming. This one seems… unstable. As if they're trying to get it open but can't quite hold it. Which should at least make it easier to close.

Honestly most people would be worried. Nyx is gleeful. I mean who knows at this point where they got the beams but … those weapons will be USEFUL. "All right!" she exclaims never minding Trent dodging for his life. She surges to the side when they open fire then shoots up into the air with a sonic boom. Of course it is only a brief spiral up and then she dives down into the house from above. Aiming for one of the humanoids with the intention of violently taking the gun from him. One hand gun. Other hand fist to torso.

"Arrrgh." Jemma jumps as the front of the house explodes, reflexively flinching from the shrapnel. Not that it stops her getting hit as the Agent beside her drags her to cover.

Peering around the corner at the front of the house, she grimaces as she dashes the blood from her cheek "Help me get this thing on." Jemma speaks to the Agent, shaking him off her arm. It's not that she's not grateful … it's just, well she's noticed that he seems to be sticking to her like glue (she might be getting a bit of a reputation for getting herself into trouble!).

The portal buster is cumbersome to get on and it takes a few moments before the british born biochem is pointing the 'wand' at the portal - the agents around her will need to provide cover soon. The device whines as it tests the opening … trying to get a fix on the spell.

Melinda May reacts the instant Trent mentions vehicle class weaponry and the inhabitants of the house open fire, warning everyone about the increased danger. DAMNIT. These people keep upping the game, and at this rate she's going to have to ask for support from major players to get this dealt with. Like Iron Man. At least, for now, the various teams are returning fire as best they can without risking themselves.

She looks over at Jemma as she dons the portal buster and says into her comm, "Simmons will need cover, Trent. Can you assist?" And then she's firing at the people inside the building herself, trying to take accurate shots instead of just spraying the room with gunfire.

The house isn't really cover against high caliber rifle bullets, much less particle beams. However the people inside have deployed some kind of 'holographic' cover in the form of some kind of projected barriers that are about waist high. They're crouching down beneath them as they engage the SHIELD tac teams in an admittedly lop sided gun battle. May takes one out though. Headshot and moments later Nyx has crashed among them, confiscating the weapon and knocking her victim across the room.

"Sonofa-" Yeah, I'm on it May. Jericho follows Nyx with a quick wing boost up to the roof before he breaks his blade out and makes his own hole. The fire slackens considerably when a second powered fighter lands among the group, this one wielding a pistol and sword like it's something he does all the time. The SHIELD troopers can see him through their sights, amber wings glowing as he spins, shoots and slashes, keeping his heavily armed attackers off balance while he splits runs one through and fills another with .45 hollowpoints. The agents can also see the look on his face and the flashing of his eyes. "Uh, Agent May, which ones do we shoot?"

Simmons at least has some cover now. Funny thing, that portal buster is designed to counter portal magic and this isn't that. However it can, secondarily, reinforce reality and that's what its doing now. The portal wavers and then collapses with a thunderous boom.

Half down. Half to go.

Nyx vanishes the gun in her hand like it is a parlor trick. Of course that involves melting the gun into her hand abosrbing the whole thing even as she points her other hand at a slew of them gathered for their defense. A particle beam lances out and she sustains the beam and slices it along at about… knee height across the lot of them.

Sam is so focused she does take a hit, which causes her to flare her wings as a shield to cover her back as she staggers. Not nearly down but man those guns hurt like hell.

Jemma has to fight to keep the 'wand' stable. Fitz had been knocked on his backside a couple of times because of this thing - that's something Jemma wants to avoid (she'd never hear the end of it from Fitz otherwise).

As Jericho lands in their midst, she casts him a frowning look "Not him. He's a friendly." she says to the agents, most of her attention on her own task.

As the portal collapses … the shock from the 'boom' … sends Simmons staggering backwards, loosing her balance as she heads to the ground, only to be grabbed again by the very same agent "Thank you." she murmurs, chargrinned.

The ones with wings are friendlies. Provide cover fire only. May knows how fast Trent can move when he fights and she does NOT want to have to explain to Illyana why one of her tac teams shot the hacker.

Thankfully, the portal goes down quickly, and Trent and his associate are mowing through the enemies like, well, like predatory birds on a pack of ferrets. Again, she takes careful aim at one of the remaining bad guys and tries for a head shot. Please don't step in the way. Please don't step in the way.

The remaining four are now very focused on Nyx and Jericho. The former's particle sweep catches one of them and just obliterates him, leaving behind his gun for later. As Jemma closes the portal a cylindrical device clatters to the floor, which Nyx might notice when she hasn't been shot. Jericho moves between her and her attacker, taking a blast on his own wing as he shields himself before May takes out another one. And then he smirks. He's got that 'you're screwed and you don't even know it' look in his eyes again.

There's a harmonic thrum and the demonwolf armor that 'Aspect' sometimes uses explodes into being. The next few seconds are a flurry of blade and digital claws sharp enough to split tank armor. HOLY SHIT AGENT MAY! comes over her coms. Aspect and Nyx are both very poorly documented so far as most of SHIELD is concerned and neither of them are really pulling punches. May and Jemma may be used to it but the tac teams… might be excused if they're a bit nervous.

Either way, the threat is ended. Time to secure the scene for cleanup. Hey, a few of them might still be alive. Maybe. And their tech is still there. If May can get to it before Nyx eats it all.

Nyx shakes off a bit like a big angry winged dog. Of course she looks like some sort of technical angel as she sparks and then blasts the one that shot her. Even though he is already down. Disinigration more than blood and gore though. On the bright side. "Stupid… " censored grumbling as she starts to pick her way across the room. Leaning to scoop up guns as she makes her way in the general direction of the cylinder. The guns don't stay in her hands for long though, disolving. Which may be good since her back under those wings has a small crater in the 'skin' that is reforming slowly.

Jemma might be used to Jericho's armour but as it hums into being, she's still shocked… Placing her hand on the agent who grabbed her to steady herself. Taking the Portal Buster off, and holding it in her hand again, she'll follow the TAC team into the building, finally recognising Nyx - her attention had been fully on the portal and she'd not been paying attention to anything else.

Melinda May is very quick to speak up when Trent 'wolfs out'. Stand down, teams! Stand down! The fight's over, anyway. Trent, we need the cylinder and at least one weapon for salvage. Yes, she saw Nyx making those weapons disappear, and while she won't begrudge the being for removing potential dangers from their midst, she would kind of like to have one or two to study later.

Jericho is quick to toe the cylender away and tries to get one of the guns before Nyx does too. He's curious himself, anyway. Hrm. No makers marks. No serial numbers. Manufacture and machining is all unfamilair. Yeah this is plain weird…

He's so engrossed that as May calms her agents down and the SHIELD teams approach he doesn't see on one of wounded but not dead men twich… and then arch suddenly. A ten foot tall lizardlike thing lunges right at Jericho and knocks him over before snarling and headed right at Nyx. The woman will feel an… odd sensation. Something trying to force its way in. Unfortunately for whatever this is… Nyx already has a rider.

Without even being told the SHIELD team opens up again. That's not a friendly, right?

Nyx frowns at Aspect messing with the cylinder. Really she is trying to determine if he is going to get in her way when she goes to pick it up. Her hoodie as usual is pretty shredded and messed up at this point. No helping it.

All that said Nyx's eyes widen as a giant lizard monster tosses Trent aside and charges right at her. "That… " she pauses and then a different intonation in her voice. "THAT IS NOT ALLOWED" and she steps forward to meet it and siezes it by its head in her much… much smaller hands and starts to squeeze… though her footing is sliding along from it's own strength…. something is bound to give.

Jemma watches Nyx with the weapons. Now that's interesting. She's not actually seen Nyx's ability in action, even though she's examined the young woman a couple of times.

The device that Jericho toes? Jemma speaks quietly to the agents with her … "I would like to recover that device, please." She's seen Nyx abscond with something previously.

Just as her group is about to move in that direction, the lizard like thing appears …. "Ngggnnnhhh" She'll just wait ba—- eyes fly wide open as Nyx speaks "Oh my…."

The creatures struggles seem near desperate. It's not bullet proof… though shooting it hasn't produced the usual result yet other than a lot of bleeding. Jericho picks himself up with alarming speed and gives the thing a slice across the back before just stabbing it. Then there's a crack of bones as Nyx's strength takes effect and the creature messily expires, gasping… which is odd since… Jericho didn't stab it there.

"What the hell?!"

Nyx shakes the gore from her pretty .. honestly tiny… pink little human looking hands and frowns down at it. "Not allowed." then she cricks her neck and looks at Jericho and moves to step around him towards the cylindar again.

Melinda May was trying to line up a shot at that thing when it collapsed. While the rest of her tac teams are likely quietly freaking out, she herself only LOOKS calm and collected. She's about as weirded out as Jericho sounds. Secure the area. Now. And she's rushing forward to make sure none of the other enemies suddenly lizard-out on them.

Jemmas pale and shaking … that wasn't just weird, it was scary. What was? Nyx, the creature, or both? "Wh— Wh—" licking her lips, she closes her eyes and starts towards the now downed Lizard thing. One of the TAC team go to reach for her, to hold her back, and changes their mind. The others form up around her.

Seeing Nyx heading towards to the Cylinder, the biochem takes a shuddering breath "We will need that, Nyx. It's evidence. And it may well give us something to go on."

There's a long moment as Jericho looks around to make sure no other surprises are in the offing. He notices almost too late Nyx going for the cylindrical device. "Nyx, leave it." It's quiet. And firm. Not really an 'order' per say but a very, very firm suggestion. He doesn't even want to think what happens if she eats unstable portal tech.

His expression says more than that, though. As May and Simmons approach along with the agents he gives them a glance and then looks down to the unusual corpse. "I've seen something like this before."

Oddly, they look kind of familair to Nyx though she might have trouble placing it. The Rider isn't always concerned with such things after all. But… she may recall a war, if it was around for that. A war with lots of juicy technology far, far away.

Nyx stops at the quiet leave it. She scans the portal cylinder and then turns away from it. It may help her teleporter. Or it could fuck it up with those readings. So hard to say. So instead she picks up another gun and absorbs it. Then she steps back to the lizard creature and peers down at it. "Deamonite." and steps on to explore the rest of the house.

Melinda May watches Nyx a bit warily, but when she finally moves on, a nod is given to Simmons and the tac team that accompanied her. "Support teams, move in," she says into her comm unit. Then she steps over toward Jericho, but not too close. "You okay?"

Jemma watches the interaction between Nyx and Jericho … her eyes darting to the creature on the ground "Daemon… what?" she asks to the womans retreating back. At Mays nod, the science team moves in and starts to secure evidence.

"We'll want the body back in SHIELD to investigate…" she says faintly.

Demonite? Is that like deadite? Jericho will have to ask Nyx later. He leaves her to go exploring (there's quite a bit here though not much more high tech. They'd been living here for a while and apparently trying to stabilize the area to open a portal… interesting.) "Stormwatch encountered this stuff. Simmons asked me to page through some files and figure out if this stuff had been seen before. They didn't have a name for them though… I suppose daemonite works as well as anything else. Anyway, Stormwatch didn't have much on them but they think they're extra terrestrial in origin." The hacker flips Jemma the cylender and May the rifle he managed to 'rescue' from Nyx.

As for their interaction… shhhhhhhhh…

Melinda May accepts the rifle from Jericho, then turns to start coordinating securing the area and getting the support teams in here to bag and tag and clean everything up. "Extraterrestrial. That fits with everything else, in a strange way." And really, doesn't she have enough to deal with with magic, and fae, and demons? Now ALIENS, too? SIGH.

Catching the cylinder, Simmons inspects it, turning it over in her hands. At the mention of Extraterrestial, her head snaps up "And they're … opening … experimenting with Portals…. "

Finally handing the cylinder to one of the other scientists to secure, Jemma glances at Jericho. "Stormwatch? I don't suppose you'd have those files?" She'd really like to look at them.

"Of course I do." Now it's Jericho's turn to smirk a little but it's a tired smirk. This wasn't exactly an easy fight. And the SHIELD agents are still giving him slightly wary looks as they secure the area, deal with the bodies and prisoners and so on. The man the lizard thing came out of seems to be alive… and unharmed… if very confused…

"I'll send them over to you but like I said there's not a whole lot. Stormwatch's ops teams fought them several times but they didn't have an in depth study. Still I'll send over what they've got. Might be helpful."

May's sigh gets a sympathetic look. "If they have this kind of firepower you're going to need sturdier agents. Or help."

Once again, "Understatement." And then May is pulled off to do that bossly coordinating stuff. Annoying, but necessary.

"All information is helpful." Jemma notes as she bends to the man that the lizard thing came from. He'll be getting the express shuttle to SHIELD medical … unfortunately, she doesn't carry portable brainwave scanners - yet.

"Thank you, again, for your help, Mr Trent." the biochem eyes the SHIELD agents around her. She probably realises that he wants to be out of here - the work that remains is pretty mundane really.

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