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December 05, 2015:

Foggy visits the ME's office on behalf of the family of Mutant Town's latest murder victim.

Mutant Town

District X, also known as the less politically correct yet more popular
coined Mutant Town is a very unique Burroughs located between Alphabet City
and the Bowery of Lower Manhattan.

M-Town's famous (and infamous) for hosting one of the largest concentrated
populations of 'muties' in all of the United States and quite possibly the
world. This collection of metahumans isn't just those hosting the X-Gene but
many others who have found it easier to get by in a world rampant with a
lack of understanding and fear for the unknown. The very real unknown.

It's population boom began in the mid to late 90's after the X-Gene was
isolated and hate crimes against mutants and metahumans had almost become an
epidemic. The District X location was already nestled in a major cradle of
immigration from outside countries. This clustering of families and
community from allover the world had many subcultures and secrets, a secret
very few knew but overtime it developed in to what we now call Mutant Town.

No longer just a subculture or collection of assorted various subcultures
but it's very own enclave of metahumans, muties, freaks and outcasts.

This massive enclave has only grown in leaps and bounds, the Morlock
Massacre ten years ago attributed to this as has recent events.

To the outside world M-Town is seen as a dangerous ghetto full of
human-hating mutates, crime, prostitution, narcotics, illiteracy,
unemployment, overcrowding and violence. It has been listed as one of the
most dangerous places to live in the world several times over. Although
true, this does not mean it's incapable for people to live there or maintain
a happy life.

Quite the opposite really, M-Town is full of diversity and oddities the
outside world could only dream of, District X is the center of fringe
movement and cutting edge fashion, food, design and even some technology.
The cultural influence of the residents along with their unique abilities
aids in making Mutant Town one of the most progressive, liberal minded,
innovative, unique places in the world. Old School Total Recall has nothing
on M-Town.

Due to the diversity of District X and it's pro-mutant stance New York City
and the SRD have had a hard time keeping any form of law enforcement within
it's territories (SRD or 'MRD' come in hot or not at all - they have a
tendency to disappear in this neck of the woods). Due to this crime is a
major factor of concern and about 90% of all illicit activity is controlled
by organized crime families. Life within District X had largely been Wild
West rules up until two years ago when the 11th Precinct of the NYPD was

Though small this specialized task force of police officers is a collection
of some of the toughest, meanest, hardiest law enforcement professionals the
city has to offer, as a golden rule they follow the motto, "Expect the
Unexpected" which in M-Town, these are words to live by.


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Fade In…

Winter time is great in New York - at least for Liv Moore. The medical examiner can bundle up as much as she wants and noone will complain one bit about her 'wearing too much'. Dressed in a dark sweater and jeans with her white doctor's coat pulled over it, she's currently playing some quiet jazz on the stereo in the morgue as she's sitting at her desk, working on the latest batch of paperwork that has come in - usually attached to toe tags and bodies. It's Christmas jazz, at least?

Foggy can't help but find the combination of an ME's office and festive music just a tiny bit jarring- but then, he understands the need for a little normality when one's line of work puts one face-to-face with life's (or in this case, death's) ugliest moments. Like today, for example, the murder of a little girl in M-Town, and his pro-bono work on behalf of the victim's family is what brings him here today. Paperwork regarding what funeral home the body will be transferred to, etc. Also the possibility of a civil wrongful death case, should any suspects be found- he wouldn't mind getting a head-start on an evidence file if that's the case.

So, enter Franklin Nelson, esq, in one of his Good Work Suits and otherwise slightly shaggy hair neatly combed. Truth be told, he looks like he's about to attend a funeral- but then, he did spend a good couple hours with a grieving family today, so. There's that.

When Foggy steps through the door, a small chime sounds, alerting Olivia to the fact that she has company. Tucking away her notes for now, she rises to her feet to come out from behind the office. While Sunday usually isn't a day for visitors, she is expecting paramedics most likely to drop off a body. "What do you have?" she asks without looking up from her clipboard, the log book for the morgue, before she pauses and glances up at the suited man and her head tilts in a bit of curiosity. "Weekend pickups are usually done on Monday, if you're from one of the funeral homes." she states, her medical badge showing her picture and name as Moore, Olivia MD.

"Ah, no, actualy. Franklin Nelson, Nelson & Murdock. I'm working on behalf of the Larson family, I'm just dropping off some paperwork," he says, almost apologetically. "A victim's advocacy group has arranged to cover the funeral cost, once the… the body is released. I have the forms for that." The family has no desire whatsoever to return to the ME's office unless they have to, and it's a burden Foggy's willing to bear for them. The body in question is that of a young girl, Katelyn, who was shot with the same calibre bullet as several other recent murders in Distric X.

Lawyers. It's part of the life now, and Olivia musters up a smile, as she holds out her hand for the paperwork. However, when she hears the name, she straightens visibly. "I.. see." she manages. Once she has the papers, the medical examiner moves to head towards the drawers where the bodies are kept. She puts the papers on a clipboard, which she hooks to a hangar next to the drawer before she opens it.

While an ME is supposed to be detatched from the job, the young victim apparently had an affect on her. She's made sure that her hair was brushed back and that she was cleaned up after the autopsy began. As she looks over the notes, she nods. "Single gunshot wound. Entered through the right anterior cavity, three centimeters above the nipple. Once entered, the bullet fractured and caused multiple arterial tears and lung punctures. Death was rather guaranteed." she says quietly as he moves to the side of the young mutant.

She pulls out a small bag, filled with sharp fragments, all of them black. "Looks to be a .44 calibre round. I've not seen this type of bullet before, with a black casing. The police are still investigating it." she lets out a sigh. "I can understand why her parents did not want to come down here. I made sure to take care of her while she was in my care. Have they decided on a funeral home yet? She is ready for pickup, and I doubt she wants to be here any longer than she has to."

Foggy is used to The Lawyer Reaction. He winces ever-so-slightly at the description of the shooting. He hasn't handled many wrongful death cases in his career, and this is his first time working directly with the family of a victim. At least he doesn't look like he's going to throw up. He just, momentarily, looks like a kicked puppy in a (sort of nice) suit. Then he nods, and takes some papers out of the leather messenger bag he has in place of the classic briefcase.

"These are the forms for the home, I'm more or less just a courier in this case. But I did want to talk to someone here in hopes of establishing some familiarity if a suspect is found. I'll be handling any media contact for the family, and if there's only enough evidence for a civil case…" he trails off there. He doesn't want to sound like a lawsuit-happy ambulance-chaser, but sometimes civil cases can be the only way to bring some sense of justice to a tragedy. "I'm doing my best to be familiar with all the… details." Annnnd there's the puppy face again. How does he turn that /off/ in a courtroom?

"Media?" Olivia shakes her head. "It's another mutant death in the District, from what I've learned in my short time here, it'll get about as much play as a twenty-percent off coupon at Bed, Bath, and Beyond." Which means not at all, really. She lets out a breath. "Her age might get her a page six mention, but the Bugle doesn't seem to be big on these." What these? Dead mutants apparently. With a sigh, she moves to sign off on the paperwork, and glances at the funeral home. "Goodwin. Not a bad place, middle of the line. They have connections with the local flower shops here. There's one place where the florist actually grows the flowers from her. Kinda weird, but in a neat way."

She offers a hint of a smile. "I didn't mean to make the lawyer face, Mister Nelson." It's a genuine, for her, apology. "Just usually when I see one here it's because of a hit and run, or some drug pusher that is wanting to know that his mule is really dead. This is well.. different. Again, not in a bad way. So thank you for taking care of things for the family."

There's a smile, but it's forced- not because he has any trouble accepting her apology, but simply due to their surroundings. "It's okay, I totally understand it," Foggy assures Liv. "We're doing everything we can for the Larsons… and if an angry public reaction to the police dragging their heels on what looks like a serial case is what it takes to grease the wheels of the justice system…" again, he trails off. At least he's using his very high Manipulation stat for the powers of Mostly Lawful Good?

While the thought is there, a little nibble, a few bites, and she might get a better insight into what happened and even a possible glimpse of the killer, Olivia has already dismissed the idea. It's one thing to have the brains of a drug dealer with a Coke and a smile, but a young girl? She's not sure she even wants to handle that. Glancing to the lawyer, she frowns a little. "Well, if you're going to raise a ruckus, make sure it's a loud one, or it will just be missed as yet another sad day in District X. Between the mutant on mutant violence, cyborgs, and who knows what, a simple shooting is almost a sigh of relief."

"Anyway, you can have the funeral home rep come by in the morning, she'll be ready to go back to her parents." Olivia hands over the paperwork with her stamp on it and puts the evidence back away for the police to collect when they come to get their own reports. It would be empty to hope that the young girl's killer is found in a city where so many cases go unsolved. But she's not sure she wants to get involved again. Not yet. "Is there anything else I may do for you, Mister Nelson?"

He shakes his head, and retrieves a business card from the inner pocket of his coat. "Thank you, Doctor Moore. If you ever see or hear anything that may relate to this case," like, say, more victims, though he'd really rather not /say that/. "The family would… I would really appreciate it. My partner, Matthew Murdock should also be available if you want to get in contact." Matt's name has a bit of weight to it in this part of town, from what he understands- their firm taking a lot of pro-bono cases on behalf of mutant or metahuman clients. No surprise the other half of the same firm would be handling such cases.

She's new to the area, but Liv already knows the Murdock name. "Oh, the one that's on the billboard." Because well, he is. And Foggy isn't. Olivia offers a faint smile as she relocks the drawer, dropping the keys in her pocket to head back towards her office. He can show himself out, after all. But she stops before she re-enters her office. "I will keep an eye out. If anything comes up, I'll let you know." she promises before she disappears back into her office.

"Yeah, we… kind of knew from the start who the more photogenic partner was," Foggy admits, with good humor. "Thanks, have, uh, a good evening, Doctor." Is that an okay thing to say to someone who spent her work day elbow-deep in corpses? Try not to think about it too hard, Foggy.

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