Thrice Bound

December 06, 2015:

A disturbance along the leylines in The Bronx … has Primal Force responding

The Bronx Park - New York


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Fade In…

Fenris and a number of the area's magic users have known for some time that barriers that keep earth separated from various mystical realms have been greatly weakened by a number of what may be politely called 'shennanigans' (and may be privately referred to by the God-Wolf with a number of other words in various languages). In the last few months there have been a number of 'breakthroughs' where Fae beings get through from the other side en masse. Generally speaking these have been fairly well contained but each successive one makes it that much easier for powerful beings to push through.

The sense of a tremor, felt by those with ley Pendulums or mystic senses, comes from somewhere near the Bronx park. There is a ley line that cuts right along the Bronx river there, though it's the only one. Whatever happened or is happening there, it's sending out waves of 'disturbance' along the lines. Hard to describe other than that perhaps this is what it feels like when a spider feels a fly get stuck in its web.

Fenris arrives near a small copse of trees not too far from the enterence to the Botanical Garden. Odd. Everything looks in order here.

On my way…. Zee sends out over the Leyline network and grimaces as she collects her 'bag of holding'. The bag that she now has to carry around because … the Vishanti took her natural magic. Into the bag goes the short sword she's been practicing with, around her waist is the Sash Whip that May gave her so many months ago, in the side of her boot goes her Sgian Dubh…

With a little concentration, the young mage uses the Leylines to travel and ends up … on the side of the river, nearly sliding down the bank as she appears. "Whooops!" Looking around and spotting Fenris, she starts a slog jog to his position.

Rain is still… learning to use her pendulum. It competes with her divining crystal for pocket/necklace space. Captain is with her on their flying broomstick. Fortunately, Rain has both magic senses and the leylines. « On - way » Rain is trying to use this leyline business. It's a learning experience. She will come down near Zee. "Need the usual?" She whispers softly. Captain stays quiet. If they know, they say nothing. It would be rude. If Zee wishes, she may have one of Rain's channeling pistols.

Hey, no one would take her seriously with a 12 inch wand.

Melinda May shows up moments later, just in time to see Zee's near-slip. Without so much as a breath of comment she offers the young woman a hand up. She looks up and nods a hello to Rain, then will lead their merry little trio toward Fenris. This whole thing is just … unpleasant. Oh, she has far harsher words in mind, but she's never been one for actually cussing.

Fenris straightens up and greets the three arriving women with a wave. "Hello May, Rain, Zee." He looks around again. Something is vibrating as it were on the ley line back and forth like something huge is trying to get through. But there's no evidence of it. No visual evidence, no sense of a spell or a breakthrough. "There's… something over there." The god-wolf starts to move toward the trees. Once there he can see a crystal in the middle of a circle. "What on… this was set up deliberately to make it seem like something is trying to come through. Why would…" His eyes widen and he whips out his sword moments before a piercing cry echoes from above. And then Rain Zee and May can hear. Crows. Hundreds of them.

Accepting Mays hand, Zee looks sheepish as she nods hello to Rain. "It's no secret, amongst my friends, Rain." she says quietly in return. "The Vishanti are testing me and have taken my magic." She doesn't need that spread around, but those she works with closely should know what they're dealing with. For now, she won't take the pistol… she needs to practice with the skills she's devloping.

The resonance of her crystal with the Leyline actually sets her teeth on edge. "Hello Fenris." she peers out into the trees and frowns as the God-Wolf points out the circle.

"Is it a trap?" That seems likely, and she actually pulls the sword from her bag…

Rain ohs softly. "Sorry. I wouldn't tell anyone. But if you decide you need it, let me know." She won't force it, that would be rude and that tends to go against Rain's consent policies. Consent is important to Rain. She winces at the crystal's doings. She and Captain look to May, a nod. She'll follow May, with her feline in tow. "Awww yiss, all you can eat buffet," Captain quips. "Wait, I saw a movie like this. It did not end well for the humans."

Rain sighs at Captain. She peers at the crows. Are they afraid? Angry? Controlled? Magic senses reach out.

"Trap or not, be careful." Crows might usually avoid humans, but they're large birds, and rather strong. They could easily cause some serious injuries, especially in these numbers. May pulls her swords a scant second after Fenris' reaction, because she trusts his instincts.

The crows descend in flocks from three directions, curling out like a set of claws grasping at something. Fenris' Gale Rod snaps into his free hand and he scatters one of the descending branches like… er… crows. The other two come right in at May, Rain and Zee though, cawing and definitely aiming to cause harm. Rain can tell they're not controlled, they're conjured. The birds are real enough, but a spell has called them into being. That kind of conjuration requires someone nearby to control it…

Which May can see in the distance. A figure, hooded and robed with both hands lifted up not far from the riverbank about 100 yards away. If that's not a dead give away, nothing is.

Zee watches the crows descend, blue eyes widening at the number, and reaches with her free hand withdraws a feather and a smoky quartz crystal. The crystal is not all that large, fitting in the palm of the teens hand easily.

Curling her fingers around the crystal, Zee's eyes never leave the column of crows that are coming directly at her and she speaks … strangely enough in that backwards way of hers … the words of a spell. As the last of the spell leaves her lips, the feather is tossed in the air with a practiced motion … and the wind whips up and around the descending murder trying to scatter them to the four corners.

Melinda May can't afford to leave Zee and Rain here unprotected, but that conjurer over there needs to be taken down. And she knows how. Reaching to scoop Captain off of Rain's broom and into her arms briefly, she whispers and turns so the cat can see the figure off over yonder then sets him gently on the ground before standing again to swipe her swords at any crows that get too close. She trusts the cat to at least distract the robed figure long enough for someone to take them down.

Rain blinks, frowns. "Someone is conjuring those birds," She notes. And May's sharp eyes have it. Captain nods, and will move towards the robed figure, low to the ground. He's slinkslinkslinking along and may be nigh invisible depending on the grass length and lighting. He's going to go for the groin. It's what you do when you can't reach the throat. Chimpanzees, after all, will tear at your face, hands and groin. All the better to maim you. Rain herself blink and frowns. She doesn't watch her cat, instead choosing to try to help with the wind and amplify Zee's wind.

"Use your pendulums!" Fenris calls out as Zee's spell momentarily scatters the murder coming in toward her. Rain's help sends the third one scattering. But it's the work of a moment before they've reformed and are descending again. This time Fenris calls up the earth, hurling chuncks of rock and dirt skyward to a number of 'splat' noises. Zee and Rain (and May) may well feel their pendulum thrumming as Fenris makes his own power available to them, amplified along the ley line. This is what it means to be a guardian of magic.

May hasn't even been seen yet. The mage is oblivious to anything not Fenris, Zee and Rain.

Zee doesn't need to be told twice and reaches for that power as it becomes available to her, channeling it like she would her own - well nearly. With Captain attacking the mage though she won't call lightning - she doesn't want to fry the tabby, really.

"May, Rain. I'm going to try and open the earth beneath that Mage" The conjuring will be slightly cumbersome … reaching into the bag and withdrawing a handful of earth, the powerbound teen murmurs the words of a spell as scatters the earth around her feet … if the ground opens, May and Captain might be able to knock the Mage down.

So total is Zee's focus though, she's forgotten about those descending crows and as her spell releases, one gets near enough to rake its talons down her face … causing that sword in her other hand to flick outwards and try and knock it away.

One butterfly sword snaps out to bat that crow away from Zee, but not fast enough to keep its claws from her face. "Don't, Zatanna, it'll make you a sitting target. I'll get the conjurer." And then May darts off to the side to follow Captain after the conjurer. Unsure of whether or not this will work, she tries to will her pendulum into making her more difficult to spot. It works in those sword and sorcery movies that Coulson's made her watch, anyway.

The earth begins to rumble. Zee can finish the spell but Fenris is going to haveh is hands full keeping the crows off of her. Or she can redirect it. A shower of earthen shards to bring down every single crow around them. Her call. Either way May is on the conjurer after a brutal hundred yard dash. The man (for it is a man) turns as she arrives and produces a kris, parrying the first sword and stepping in to try to blast may with fire.

It takes a moment for Mays words to sink in… but the sting of the birds talons and the feel of warm liquid oozing down her cheek brings her focus back enough to understand. Seeing the murders of crows swirling around them, her blue eyes light of Fenris for just a moment and the spell is redirected … shards of earth fountaining into the air, dagger like … that then rain down on the birds around them.

Now that the concentration to conjure the spell is not needed, Zee turns to watch May in time to see the Kris drawn and fire blast out…

The earthern shards? They continue to rain down on and around Zee, along with the birds her spell takes out… what goes up, must come down, afterall.

Yeah, even May can't run a full hundred yards flat out without feeling it. She reaches the conjurer and her first, clumsy for her swipe at him is blocked, and she steps closer as well using her other butterfly sword in a follow-up swipe. She'll just have to risk that gout of fire and hope like hell her jacket takes the brunt of it. She doens't have the correct momentum to dodge, and would leave herself even more open to attacks if she tried to change direction too abruptly.

The fire burns… as might be expected… May manages to slit the mage and leave him reeling. She can kill… or try to bring him in. Either way his spell is disrupted. May's broken his concentration and Zee has killed his conjurations. Fenris is sealing the area off, counterspelling with the force of an angry god. That won't be happening again. "Finish it." His voice, while quiet, is clearly audible to everyone present.

The last of the earthern shards drop to the ground as Zee's spell fades. The teen herself is bloodied from being hit by the odd fragment and dirt has settled in her hair.

The mage is Mays, but Zee watches the fight carefully, schooling herself not to call out to the Agent and distract her. She hopes May remembers that she can draw on the pendulum in times of need…

OW. Seriously. OW. Now May is cussing aloud, and while she heard Fenris' voice loud and clear, she takes a second to pant and GLARE at the conjurer. And then she's taking a swing at the man's head, though when it connects she's only bashed him a good one with the hilt of her sword. "You don't get the luxury of the easy way out, you piece of go shi." She turns and takes a couple of steps away from the man, drops her swords, then very painfully starts trying to shed her jacket. There's GOT to be items in the lining that are continuing to burn.

There are and it's a good thing May's getting them off her. Fenris motions to Zee and comes over at a jog as she poleaxes the mage. By the time he gets there she's shed her jacket and he wastes no time in kneeling down to look at the mage's wrist. There's a tattoo there that looks like a thorny vine encircling the arm. There's another on the mage's other hand and one on the throat. "Thrice be bound and done. Yep. That's a faerie binding. They've been recruiting help and boosting its power. Explains how someone with no detectable talent pulled off a summoning like that."

Zee's never heard May speak like that and her eyes widen as she follows alongside Fenris, jogging a little to keep up with his long legged stride. As she reaches May, she hands the woman the bottled water - it's fresh and purified, and helps her stamp out anything that continues to burn.

Once that's done, she bends to inspect the tattoos - no touching of course - and looks at Fenris "He was channelling Fae magic?" She doesn't recognise the tattoos, although vines have symbology to the Celts.

Melinda May gets the smoldering jacket put out and ends up sitting on the ground not far from the conjurer, her clothes blackened and charred on her right side and most of her right arm pretty well covered in first degree burns, though there are blisters starting to form in a couple of spots. She's even got a section of hair singed off. Still muttering curses under her breath, she starts trying to pull something out of the remnants of her jacket.

"He was certainly getting a bost from somewhere. The thorns are a bit generic but the number three is very Fae. Fae often operate in trios." The old wolf stands and glances to Zee and May, looking over both carefully. "Either of you need healing?" May certainly looks like she could use it but he won't press it upon her. "Also are you going to want to take custody of the, er, perpetrator?"

"Three fold." Zee understands that and looks concerned and then looks to May and winces. The muttering of curses is enough to have her hold her tongue as she raises a hand to cheek, smearing blood as she does. "I don't think so, Fenris. When I get home, I'll use get these dressed and seen to." She might practice some healing on herself.

"If Agent May won't take him, I guess I should. Unless you want to send him to your sister? We should question him, though, shouldn't we?"

"I'm going to let May take him since she represents the authorities here and I really don't want to be fighting SHIELD and the government at the same time that I'm fighting faeries. They're both annoying enough on their own." Fenris shakes his head. "But we should question him. And soon. If, and that's a big if, he knows anything important it'll be time sensitive. Mean time, though, we should probably vacate ahead of those authorities."

Melinda May seems to have lost track of the conversation going on right next to her, fumbling with something in her jacket before finally producing a tiny aerosol can and shakily trying to spray its contents on her arm. She's on autopilot now, trying to deal with the injury based on her SHIELD training. Thankfully, that training includes calling in to HQ, which she's mumbling her way through now.

Putting her sword back into her bag of holding, Zee nods to Fenris "Sounds reasonable." she'll be in touch with May to see about questioning him. If May will allow, Zee takes the aerosol can and sprays it for the Senior Agent "May, let Fenris heal you, please."

She'll wait with May till SHIELD turn up and they secure the mage. She is, after all, still on SHIELDS books as a contract specialist.

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