Magic Has An EMF Signature

December 06, 2015:

Fenris introduces Astryd to Eight

New York


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Fenris has been hither and yon across creation and a few other odder places as he tries to find a solution to the weakness in the walls between worlds. He thinks he has a decent one but whether or not he can implement it before something 'unfortunate' happens is another question. Which means he needs to be ready to contain a serious Fae breaktrhough. Astryd, the warrior goddess and general Valkyrie is ever ready to do so. But Fenris has another friend always ready to defend humanity, and today the God-Wolf has decided to introduce the two.

Many things can be said of Eight, but social isn't one of them normally. Whatever it gets up to, it's certainly been up to. Today's meeting however, well there was never any need to convince Eight to show up. Petterson Industrial Chemical, is well basically a big hulking box of iron, tin and broken glass but it is reasonably secure and always more than just a little empty. So why not meet there, right? Eight stands, with an unearthly silence and stillness. Not breathing, no heart to beat and nothing as silly as idle movement. Darkly clad in dim light, it's terribly easy to miss. It's assistant however, thats easy to spot.
Thirty three tons worth of the most advanced hard armor on the planet, constructed in a decidedly spider or maybe even crablike pattern. It bristles with rocket pods, cannon, machineguns and lord knows what else. It's the sort've thing that might prey on VW beetles, and well as far as Eight's drones go? This is only a small one, all the same Fenris is liable to recognize the crossed sledge hammers under a human skull painted on it's nose. That'd mark this as "Grave Breaker".

The tall, grey eyed, strawberry blonde stalks by Fenris's side. Her wings furled so they aren't visible at all, she's dressed in jeans, tunic top and a heavy jacket. There's no disguising that aura about her … the same type of predatory air that Fenris gives off but different.

Gazing at Eight as he stands in the light, her grey eyes turn to the God-Wolf "I have said you have interesting friends," before turning her attention to Eight. "Greetings. I am Astryd." the light may reflect from the silver stranded torc at her throat.

"Hello Eight." Fenris greets his old friend. "Hello Grave Breaker." The 'pet' isn't sentient but Fenris greets it anyway, as one might a dog or cat. He'll let Astryd make her own observations about Eight. He's not human, nor mortal. Not by a long shot. His particular kind are the bastard offspring of the cold war, a race of sentient computer programs inhabiting the far reaches of cyperspace, observing, growing and hiding. Eight is their sole representative among those given physical form. Well, the only one anyone sane would want to meet anyway.

"Hello Fenris, Hello Astryd."The voice is decidedly masculine sure and Russian accented to boot, but it's just too low to really pass for a human. Eight steps forward, and well no it's not human at all. The shoulders a bit too broad, and well it's covered in a mixture of carbon to carbon composite with that distinctive almost gold shimmer and brilliantly machined ballistic steel painted in a simple flat black. There is no face really, just a broad swath of glass where it's supposed to be. It carries no arms, but then again those fists look like they'd make a fine sledge hammer if necessary. "Fenris is my friend, he vouches for you Astryd. My name is Eight, it is a pleasure to meet you."Offering a hand towards Astryd finally, as that "screen" pulses with a dull green light before exposing a simple smiley face Emoticon. "Can I get either of you anything, coffee and a scone perhaps?"

At the name of the 'pet', a small smile softens the hard planes of Astryd's face and she inclines her head to Eight as … it … is introduced. "Well met then, Eight." She's intrigued, curious even, but she's not going to ask questions just yet.

The emoticon on the screen where the face should be, gets a quirked eyebrow. "And Fenris vouches for you too." Her own voice is low, the accent a mix … a byproduct of being trapped on Midgard for three hundred years and travelling the world over. "I'd ask for Ale, if you have it. But the Midgardians don't brew anything near strong enough for me." She's an Asgardian, what would you expect. "So tea instead and the scone sounds lovely." She assumes they're staying for a while.

Fenris chuckles a bit. "Some coffee would be nice, thank you Eight. You've been well I hope? I've not heard from you in a while. This is indeed Astyrd. She's like me… well, a bit less storied, but like me all the same. I've brought her here today because there's a chance you may be working together in the future."

"Yes, me and Fenris share a bond. Once upon a time, I was fated to destroy the world."Eight simply lifts those mitts to stuff them in his jacket pockets, before turning away to snag a serving tray. A brilliantly polished silver serving tray no less, chock full of embellishments so photorealistic that it ends up being a little spooky. Tea cups made of, well who knows but if not for the brilliant gold inlay they'd be quite literally invisible. Coffee and tea is poured with precision, teacups set on saucers and offered with it's scone on a napkin. Fenris gets a rather more pedestrian affair, a plain white coffee mug emblazoned with "World's best Wolf".
"I encountered nine, we fought. The amount of destructive power necessary to end that manifestation was sufficient to destroy my previous chassis, and caused the destruction of a prototype King Tiger. It took a considerable effort to alter my entire drone fleet and my personal hardware to prevent potential exploitation, critical materials shortages delayed my return to the field. I do hope I was not missed terribly, unfortnately family comes first."Eight glances to the side for a moment, before turning back. "I understand you have combat operations underway, Whom would you like me to destroy Fenris?"

"Another destroyer of worlds." Astryd murmurs as she watches the tea setting appear. There's little to give her thoughts or feelings away, she looks just what she is - a warrioress who's likely seen too many years.

Well, no emotions until she reads the logo on Fenris' mug, then there's a small smirk given in his direction and a quirked eyebrow. "Really, Fenris." she chuckles before listening again to Eight.

Taking the tea and scone from Eight, she cants her head slightly. Numbers instead of names, gives some more depth to what Eight is … but she's still not asking, at least not yet. Particularly with that last question "Destroy? Are we destroying something, Fenris?"

Fenris smirks a bit. "I've known Eight for a while. There's a possibility that he likes me." The wolf waits while the other two size eachother up. And then the questions. "Faeries, perhaps. The walls between the worlds have been weakened by all the magic going on locally, big magic swapping things out. Now faeries are coming through and they've got… ill intent. Hunters. Predators. Not the kinds that mortals would really like hanging around and they want nothing more than to kill and kidnap to their hearts content. I'm working on a way to keep them out but if they move before I'm ready…"

"My race, was created by humanity. The populist human term would be "Artificial intelligence", though this implies our inherent intellect is somehow false. As such we prefer the term "Digital Intelligence", anyway. We are the children of Humanity, and we look upon the plight of our parents and despair. Modeling suggests eventual human extinction without our aid, and so we give it freely."Eight settles in to, stand. It's probably too heavy for the chairs here anyway. Incidentally, Eight makes legitimately fucking incredible tea and that scone is absolutely mind blowing. "I am not a diplomat, nor a negotiator for the collective. I am a destroyer, and a builder of weapons. I exist to destroy any and all threats to the survival, continued liberty and evolutionary success of humanity. Fenris would not bring me here, if there was not a worthy foe. In this case Fae, whom I shall destroy utterly and completely. Mercy, is a social construct not native to my species. As Fenris can attest, I am not as the saying goes "all talk". If this species as a whole presents a threat to humanity, then I shall see to their extinction."Said as matter-of-factly as talking about the weather. "Are Fae as vulnerable to iron as wikipedia suggests, if so is the mechanism of wounding understood scientifically or shall I begin field trials?"

The tea is good, as Astryd discovers as she takes a sip and listens with interest. "I see. Humanity's Children." Those grey eyes regard Eight as she … ahem… uses the saying from a somewhat recent sci fi TV show. "Digital Intelligence, then."

At the mention of the Fae, she nods to Fenris. "Perhaps they will need to be dealt with before you are ready." But she frowns a little as Eight speaks of extinction. "Extinction on this side of the veil, perhaps…" she demurs.

"They are susceptible to Iron and Iron alloys." She can confirm that much "How would you field trial, without live subjects to test on?"

A look is cast to Fenris, Eight is rather … full on.

"Some are. Some aren't. That'll be the fun part. Finding out." Fenris flat tone of voice makes it clear what he thinks of that manner of 'fun.'. "Most are vulerable to simply being shot if you do it enough. Magic is an equalizer but on this realm it can't do all the things it can do in Faerie. Which is a good thing. In Arcadia they're the lords of reality. Very whimsical lords."

Fenris glances back at Astryd and shrugs slightly. She'll get used to it.

"My standard ammunition load outs are all iron alloys for the most part, this saves work. High order explosives however will need modification, their shrapnel payloads will be unsuitable."Eight pauses, turning somewhat to glance at Astryd, and man that emoticon face is still smiling away. Creepy, right? "I will find a test subject, and then I shall test." The face does finally fade as Eight eases back just a hair. "Waking drones, Ammunition selection modified and underway. I will be fully combat capable in thirty eight minutes, do we have means of detecting their incursion or shall I begin work? Do they exhibit unusual body temperature, height or facial features?"

"Thirty eight minutes?" The tea and scone are forgotten as Astryd begins to get a feel for how … efficient… Eight is. "Can you detect magic, Eight?" even Astryd for all her being an Asgardian doesn't have those senses well developed. Her magic lies in different directions. Fenris' magic is a constant source of interest for her.

"Most Fae look different, but with the number of mutants in existence, I wouldn't be relying on that as a detection method. Not even body temparature would be an indicator." Certainly, from what she's been learning, mutants exhibit an interesting range of differentials and … they wouldn't want to target the wrong beings, right? She's … busy enough.

"The ones we're most worried about will be fairly obvious anyway." Fenris points out. "Hunting, stalking or actively fighting. Most of the ones we're dealing with are not subtle. Goblins, hunting hounds, saytr and greater spirits of taking what belongs to others, be it liberty or life." Most of them are pretty inhuman too though Astryd is right in that looks shouldn't be relied upon too much. "If monitor the parks and waterways in this local area I'm sure you'll find some. They seem to break through easier there."

"Unfortunately, I cannot prepare them any faster than thirty eight minutes at this time. Thirty seven, now."Eight's 'face' dissolves in a wash of cool blue, before it gets to work. Projecting a hologram across the floor, and its cast in full color with no small amount of detail here. Little red pips washing back and fourth as tagged holographic drones orbit overhead. "Query begun, searching. Searching."Those little circles are tagging individuals, some are tagged police, others caped, others mutants, still more unknowns. Inside buildings, inside cars, moving on the subway. Eight drops it's head just a touch as those fans begin to whir, it's really opening up the CPU's here. "Sensor sweep online, thirty two percent efficiency. This will take aproximately three minutes to undertake. Also, to answer your query Astryd no I do not detect magic beyond it's EMF signature."A beat as those fans idle back juuust a touch "Sensor network is not operating at peak efficiency during rearmament, I apologize for the delay. Wow, Fifth street. Thats an original Matchless Silver hawk, no nevermind those wheels are from a BSA. Humans do such silly things to machines."

"I thought it was rather quick." Astryd murmurs as Eight explains the 'delay'. As the hologram appears, the Valkyrie glances at Fenris with raised eyebrows and then starts to walk around it, getting a good look at it. As Fenris mentions the woods and waterways, she adds "In between places, as well… Where the woods meets the fields etc." Which means there may be places in urban settings that could be used, much less likely but there'll be some Fae that can use those areas.

"If you can detect anything of magic, you can use that … even an EMF signature should be distinct enough." Clearly, this goddess has used her time on Midgard to learn … and not remain hidden.

Doorways are a major 'security threat' in this instance but there are simply too many of them in New York to monitor reliably so Fenris doesn't mention. "Astryd is very good with getting things on their side of the fence. Granted mostly she deals with the souls of the dead but she has a sense for it. In the event that I am busy it may be important for you two to be able to coordinate quickly."

"I only have four drones with the imaging equipment necessary, it will take longer to retask them. EMF waves cannot be directionally oriented with these assets, I'm merely looking for spikes in bandwidth impedence as the drones orbit. These sensor packages are incredibly difficult for me to source the necessary materials for, and at the altitude they must fly to avoid detection by US government assets they are of a limited utility. Smaller assets are better tasked towards surveying park boundries, and they are inbound but they are not equipped for maximum top speed."Eight overlays that map of EMF as it speaks, followed by…well the overlays just keep coming and coming. It actually hurts to look at really, theres what thirty maybe fourty seperate sensor feeds all getting their own scan. Then theres all the datafeed from all those drones, and Eight's own sensors. "Craftsmanship and design can only make up for so much when I am denied access to the materials necessary, in quantities sufficient for my use. Most of my resources are allocated on primarily offensive or defensive tactical assets, this strategic level of intelligence is just too expensive for me to support to any greater depth. Any more and I would need to dip into my cat food budget."

Setting the cup and scone down, Astryd crosses her arms and squints at the overlays before shaking her head and looking away. "Well, Fenris, seems your friend knows what they're doing." As he mentions her ability, the grey eyes fix on the God-Wolf again "If you say so. My magic is no where near as powerful as yours." Unless, you know, she needs to shepherd souls to Valhalla.

"Given that then, Eight. How will I contact you?" She carries a phone, like just about everyone does in this day and age. "Cat food?" That … causes her to blink.

"Eight has cats. Several of them. I don't think you'll need to do any reallocation. Just be ready. I don't know that this is coming but if it does we'll need all hands on deck." The God-Wolf sips the last of his drink and stands. "I should head out. Astryd are you going to stay and visit?"

"You can send me a text at your convenience, please be advised that logistics remains a significant hurdle. I will get there, but I may not be terribly swift. That said, you should expect aerial drone support fairly swiftly. Also be advised, during combat action you should refrain from touching me or getting too close to my drones. The muzzle blast from many of my larger drones is capable of causing potentially lethal injuries. Additionally my own rifle may be of sufficient volume so as to inflict hearing damage, hearing protection is advised."The Holograms blink off finally, as Eight lifts it's heads. "I should change my batteries before we begin our next combat action, especially if I am to be running all over the city."A beat, as Eight begins to turn away. "I like cats, I keep strays. Unlike dogs, they treat me as a living being. Also, they are adorable. Until I am called for, be well."and off Eight goes.

Watching Eight depart, Astryd cants her head. "Cats, I see." she murmurs before turning to Fenris. "Guess I'm coming with you, then." The goddess turns once more to where Eight has gone "As I said, Fenris. You have interesting friends." Those words may be heard as the pair the leaves.

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