The Fantastic Has-beens? Part 1: In this Economy?

November 28, 2015:

CUTSCENE (this scene should not count towards activity requirements) Reed Richards is dealt some harsh news about his company.

Baxter Building


NPCs: Jian Feeta



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"The movie was a dumpster fire," Jian Feeta says, the sympathy in her twisted face breaking through the exterior of her perfect makeup. "We're looking at a 9 percent on"

"Moldy chee-?" Reed Richards looks a bit worse for wear as he sits at the end of a conference table amidst stacks of financial information.

"It's a site that everyone goes to for their film reviews. Piling on, our comics distributor cancelled our book earlier this year."

"They did? We were one of the first comic books they had."

"That's true, Reed. Amid poor sales for the better part of five years they told us they felt they needed to make the change. Conspiracy theorists think there's a conspiracy because the comic book company and the film company don't get along."

Reed lets out an exhale and begins to rub his temples; the folds of skin exaggerated as he pushes harder and tries to get a handle on all of this. "What are we looking at?"

"We have a couple options. We can lay off approximately 50 percent of our enginee—"
"Right before Christmas? No way."

"Well, Reed, the only other options are to pull our health care and put them on the government plan. It's not as if you can really expect to work at a company that pays for your complete health care."

"What's are the other options?"

"You can start selling some of your patents with military applications. There's always the unstab—"

"We're not selling the unstable molecules," Reed responds.

"Reed, I realize this is very hard, but you're going to need to face some facts. Our licensing and merchandising revenues are way down. Ben and Johnny are still popular but our researchers say that Sue isn't really understood. And as far as you go, people just" Jian winces. "People think your power is kind of gross." She reaches across the table to give him a pat upon his arm. "Something has to change. There's a feeling among the public that the Fantastic Four just don't matter anymore. It was easier when there weren't as many heroesnow there's a super powered kid on every street corner you look at. Maybe it's time to start downsizing. The money will run out, and it will run out this year unless something major happens."

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