Born Under the Sign of the Moon

December 06, 2015:

Reese finally retrieves Connie's body; Hal and Reese plant a seed for victory..

Somewhere in California


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"YOU WOULDN'T DARE!" Baba-oni shouted, her voice ringing, slamming against the very walls of the broken down, mystical Shinto Temple that resides as a broken residence in New York, condemned and untouched. Seikatsu remained, her entire nude body a glow as her hands press hard upon the golden altar, the blood moths flitting amongst the air from the Oni she's vanquished with just a wave of her hand.

"I DO SO DARE! For I am the Prophet! Yogen-Sha! Seikatsu the Undying! Daughter of He Who Dwells in Silence! Harbinger of Tsukuyomi! Keeper of the path of the dead! Watashi wa watashi ni iz? shi, koreij?de wanai mono kara niku o sh?kan suru koto ga anata no chikara o yobimasu!"


The entire building that was once the Shinto Temple collapsed, each spot of wood, brick, stone.. everything that made it once was collapsed in on itself by the light of the moon. At first, the moon itself seemed alive, larger than it normally was, as a ray of light from the moon bore down upon the temple, destroying whatever was inside.

From that reckage, was a small voice..

"Hal.. help us!"

She didn't know if it would work, the call to Hal. She didn't want to call the Speaker of He Who Dwells in Silence. That would be another part of her soul that she possibly would never have gotten back. Either way, she could probably guess and surmise that He would know that John Constantine's body was back on Earth. And she had to act fast.

Hal Jordan was actually near Mars at the time, investigating a satellite probe from a distant star that passed into the solar system. To his relief, rather than the usual weapon of conquest and destruction, it was just a simple exploratory device, sending greetings from a still primitive culture to whoever might be out there. Kind of quaint, really, and mostly featuring some strange music and really odd pictures of tentacled beings hugging one another.

The beacon he'd given to Reese had never been used in that way before, but distance means almost nothing to a Green Lantern. When she speaks his name, the created device carries the message directly to his ring and provides a homing beacon that lets him find her right away. He'd been letting Reese have her space lately - she was nomadic by nature, not used to being fenced in, and he had no desire to corral her. He just liked her company. But he cares, indeed, enough so that he moves at startling speeds, warping space around him until he's blasting down through the atmosphere, probably setting off a few NASA alarms in the process.

When he arrives, he deploys his power, scoops and imagined construction equipment rapidly egeinning to pick carefully through the debris and seek out the blind woman buried within it.

With each rubble moved by the imaginary constructs, a glow of blue light was slowly beginning to become unearthed. It was rare for her to use any power in such of a form, and Hal would be the first to see just what she had done. But once she was revealed, she remains within that bubble, her body draped over another, his trench coat hung upon her shoulders as her head turns to listen to the noise of the falling debris, her head tilting to listen.. a small sigh drawn from her lips.

She moves herself away from the body, falling back upon her bottom, the coat soon bunched over her form as she allows the bubble itself to flicker out of existence. "Hal?" She quietly asks, then quickly rights herself. "Green Lantern?" It felt odd calling him that. Very odd. But it also felt odd asking and accepting his help.

Hal Jordan lands carefully near her, his constructs dispersing for the moment and leaving him just sheathed in the close quarters, emerald glow of the ring's power. He kneels down, "Well, I see you've been keeping busy," he says with his usual aplomb. "Are you all right? What happened? Who's that guy?" he says, gesturing towards the fallen man.

He keeps his senses aware, power prepared to be used in case of any sort of attack or follow-up. He still doesn't really have any idea what happened here, after all, so, for all he knows, Godzilla's going to be popping up out of the ground anytime now.

Her hand reaches out to lay upon his knee, using him as an anchor for her to gather herself to her feet. The coat was buttoned, the tie wrapped around her body, her hair a clear mess, dust upon her cheek. "Baba-oni happened." Reese says evenly.. "This.. this man.." She reaches out with her foot to give him a nudge. "Is John Constantine. Someone has been looking for him." Her lips purse tightly, she wasn't sure how to explain this. But then again, he was an intergalactic cop, so he'd probably understand what she would try to tell him.

"We have to get out of here. At least before the police comes.." She flits her hair behind her ear, her hand reaching out yet again to find him so that she could ease down to her knee, reaching out to grasp the mans wrist to try to tug him but.. with great power.. does not come with great strength. "Help?"

Hal Jordan nods, "Of course," he says. He may be an intergalactic cop, but he also understood that getting in trouble with the terrestrial ones could be a serious problem. "Should I bring him along?" he says, wrapping energy around both himself and Reese. He puts his actual arm around her, too, drawing her against him as he starts to lift up and away, pulling Constantine in tow.

"I wondered what was up with the old bag - you hadn't brought her up in a while but types like her don't tend to give up, in my experience," he says, "Anywhere in particuar you wanna go?"

"Yes.." Reese is usually the one who wasn't much for words, but once he wraps his arm around her, she draws her own around his shoulders to lean in and place her head upon her arm. "It's because I've been kept busy and out of her reach." Reese explains. "But tonight was the night and she needed to be dealt with. Something I had to do on my own.."


By the light of the moon, and before the cobblestoned path of the Shinto Temple, Seikatsu softly begins to pray to Tsukuyomi, the Moon God. Each ceremonial cloth that she worn was shed in honor of him, the light of the moon kissed her skin and filled her with vigor as she continued her quiet chant as she walked boldly into the face of the known..


"I needed her energy to bring him back." She couldn't see Constantine, but she knew that Hal brought him along. "Something is trying to eat the world from the inside out and we need his help."

Hal Jordan takes to the sky, skimming well up and away from any interference. Without thinking about it, he heads, for the moment, towards the west and the sea, always drawn back to California where he grew up. It wasn't as if he couldn't bring them back fairly quickly, if necessary and he's mosty just on cruise control without a specific destination.

"Something trying to eat the world from the inside out? That definitely sounds…unpleasant. And this Constantine knows how to help, huh? Well, you know you can count on me to do what I can. Fighting giant monsters and such is actually one of my specialties. That and poker. I'm really good at poker."

He must have known that she wanted to go somewhere warm; she didn't offer up a destination but she could tell by the way the wind shifts of where they were going to go. "Yes.." She admits, her head nodding, nose brushing against his chin in another nod to confirm what he's said. "I.. don't know what type of monster this is. I just know that he is immortal. And he has a speaker who wants to use Constantine's body to bring him to earth. But as of now, it.. has this thing.."

Could he even understand her? Would he be upset to know that she's playing a part in this destruction?

"He has this thing that is in the astral plane, and it's destroying it slowly. Turning it bad and dark, and wiping it from existence.." She reaches over to try to grasp his hand where the ring lays. "Would your ring allow you to go there? The astral plane.."

Hal Jordan considers, "I'm…not sure. I don't think so. I could try, but there's no guarantee where the portal I could make would end up - or if it's somewhere I'd want to open a portal to if I did," he says. "Maybe this Constantine can figure out a way to help, though," he says. They're over the Midwest now, sheathed from the effects of the wind and weather by Hal's power, with John's unconscious form just hauled behind them like the tail of a kite.

He squeezes her fingers when she reaches for his hand, "Whatever you need, I'll try, I can promise you that, at least."

"I understand.." She didn't want to risk Hal even more than she had to, but he was powerful, she knew that he could handle himself. "Maybe.. I don't know. I don't know if and when he wakes up he will be himself, or if he will be.. Him." She furrows her brow slightly, then lets out a slight sigh. "I just know that we have to get somewhere before he actually does."

She remains quiet for a moment, her fingers grasping his hard.. "That night.. when I last saw you, when we were sleeping. I was pulled into the astral by the monster. He offered me a pact to be this demons Prophet. And before I knew it, I accepted. I am not sure if it was something I wanted or if it was something that needed to be done but.. there are times it takes over my body and it does incredible things that I cannot even comprehend.."

She frowns just a touch. "I almost.. or it almost tried to kill you. Or wanted to. Your ring protected you while you were sleeping. But.. I had to leave. And I'm sorry that I did without saying a word or telling the truth."

Hal Jordan considers her words, not quite sure what to say to that at first. What do you say to something like that? As much as he'd experienced, he could scarcely imagine what it was like for Reese, how these sort of invisible things could intrude upon her. She lived in a world of superstition and shadows - as strange as things often were for him, they were tangible and often fairly clear-cut.

"I'm sorry that happened to you," he says softly. "If it wanted to kill me, then I must be dangerous to it in some way. That's good. It means I have power," he says. "We'll figure it out. We'll find a way, "he says, growing more determined. "Nobody's perfect, Reese. I know I come pretty close, but I set an impossible standard,' he says with a wink.

"Yes.. you must be dangerous or.. someone who needed to be protected at that time. Maybe I ran away because I was ashamed.. but the last time that happened you knew exactly where I was." She lets out a little laugh, the stops, one brow raising as she tilts her head away from him. "Why do I get the feeling that you winked as soon as you said that?"

She shakes her head a little, then draws her other arm around to embrace him into a full hug. Whether it was by flight, or not.. she was going to hug him as she had never done before.

"I missed you."

Hal Jordan shakes his head, "You never have to be ashamed. It's not my place to sit in judgment of you or get mad at you for things that may not entirely be under your control. Even if it was, I wouldn't, because I'm pretty fond of you and that would be a shitty thing to do," he says. "And I'm glad we've gotten to the point that you can feel me winking. That seems like a good sign and speaks well of my winking prowess."

"If I'm able to affect this whatever it is demon, then we're going to win. Because that's what I do. So, let's put aside worry for now and just figure out how we're going to do it." he says. He leans his head over and nuzzles his head against her as they descend to a little beach near Coast City, not much trafficked by the public. "And I missed you, too."

"Just say, I love you Takeda Seikatsu, instead of telling me that you're fond of me." Reese jokes. "Your winking is an impression, sometimes I can just tell with you. And I'm at that point that I don't need to feel your face to see if you're smiling in silence. I can just.. tell."

"I think.. no matter what happens to either of us, even John Constantine, we are going to win. It seems that we always do, even if the road manages to get darker first." She would look back, but she doesn't. "It's going to get bad, Hal. Really bad. I've never, in my long life of living have never felt something like this. And it's terrifying, the temptation of it all. To be this.. thing that speaks for evil. Person.. whatever." She leans over to kiss his cheek, then settles in upon his shoulder again.

Hal Jordan sets Constantine down as gently as he can. It is, indeed, warm here, with just a hint of breeze coming off the ocean, the smell of salt in the air. He turns to face her fully now that they're on the ground and reaches up to cup the side of her face. He draws her close to him and gives her a kiss on the lips, a soft and tender one that lingers for a long time, fingers slipping around the back of her neck to keep her against him. When he finishes, he smiles and says, "I love you, Takeda Seikatsu," he says a little breathlessly.

"You're right, that wasn't so hard," he says with a wry grin. "If it gets bad, we'll endure. I'm a Green Lantern - that means providing a light against the darkness. And I'm here now. I can remind you who you are, what you are. I can be your anchor."

Reese slowly uncurls herself from him, only to be wrapped up into a kiss that she's longed for since she left. Her fingers grasping against the side of his suit, the tips of her toes lifted and settled as he slowly draws away from her. Her eyes remain closed for a time, slowly opening to allow a flash of red and blue, her eyes snapping shut again to shake it all away as she lets out a sigh of her own.

"See?" She manages to giggle out, though the smile upon her face wasn't one that was lasting. She holds on to him, and even as she couldn't see him, she looks up in his direction and nods slowly. "Okay.." He was going to be her anchor, she trusted him that much. "I suppose this place is as good as any.. then.." She murmurs softly, turning to shift within the sand.. walking until she feels her foot nudge against the side of Constantine so that she could kneel at his side.

"Magic is embarrasing.." She finally relents. "But.. I'm going to put a piece of my light.. the light of the world inside of him. When that thing takes over his body.. I'm hoping.. just hoping that he'll be able to tap into it and defeat the beast. But I wonder.. if you add a bit of your light inside of him as well.." What would happen? Would that be too much power?

Hal Jordan moves to stand next to her, considering as he looks down, "I can try. I'm not sure if I fully understand what you're doing or, at least, how it works enough to contribute. But I can try. Probably the best way I can try to do that is just to sort of lend it to you," he considers and then reaches down and puts a hand on her shoulder. As he does, she feels a slight tingle and suddenly a green ring has formed around the middle finger of her right hand.

"Now I'm lending you some of my power. It's as simple as force of will - draw upon it. I'll be your battery - if you begin to drain me too much or things begin to go bad, I can always cut you off." he says.

Reese tried to find the words to make him understand, her hands clasping against her chest, her eyes gone out towards the darkness as she listens to his words. And then, she could feel it, that feeling that makes her hair stand upon the back of her neck, her body shivering beneath Constantine's trench, and the weight of something upon her fingers. "Woah.."

It was like his own version of magic, and he showed what she had meant to tell him with just that gesture.

"What you've just done.. is what I'm going to do for him. From the both of us. You have your will.." She places a finger upon the ring that rests upon her hand; "And I have my soul." She reaches up to place a hand upon his, both rings entertwined, her other hand reaching out to allow her palm to extend towards the moon.

With the close of her eyes, she inhales.. focusing upon that will.. her soul and magic, allowing the blueish green light to form in a small ball upon the palm of her hand so that it could grow just enough for the size of a human heart.

Hal Jordan feels immediately connected with Reese, in ways he never imagined. He can feel every cell in her body, every fiber of her being. He's utterly aware of her, the space she takes up, the feel of a single bead of sweat on her forehead, the barest twinge in her lower back as she kneels. Ring to ring, he just opens his gates, giving her power and letting her control its flow - he applies his own will to make the power as malleable, as fungibe as he can, raw material with which she can craft.

He also gives her strength, letting her feel the titanic force of his will. Some have said that Hal Jordan has one of the strongest wills in the universe and, when she's connected with him like this, she'll feel the immense strength of his soul, his resolve, his endurance. This is a man who never gives up, never surrenders, who believes, utterly, that he can do whatever task is placed before him. He does not put limits on himself and from that comes his power, as much as it comes from any ring. He gives her a taste of that, as well, providing that anchor he described, centering her and sheathing her with his might.

Such a simple gesture turned out to be so much more.. there was a light of green within her eyes as she felt his will coarsing through her. She saw his heart in that moment, the connection of his immense will with her raw power, the connection of the earth all flowed within a circle.. even moreso when she leans forward to press the ball of light into Constantine's chest.

Even while he was asleep, that connection grew.. for it seems right then and there the will of the three was evenly matched. It was almost a guarantee, a shot in the dark that Constantine will win because of this, that he will never give up.. and that there was a trickster in the midsts of his personality that flit within the area that joined the three into the sleeping body of the man who was to save the world.

Or die trying.

Reese knew control, she felt it within her bones thanks to Hal.. she did not push more, she only drew back and attempted to branch off all avenues of power as to not take too much from Hal, to drain or deplete him. It was stopped with a sharp gasp, a nearly shrill cry as she looks up towards the sky, seeing the world as he sees it through that moment in a mix of stars, cosmos and milky ways that litter the landscape against the light of the moon.

"Oh.. my.. god.."

Hal Jordan digs his fingers into Reese's shoulder, feeling the tide of her power and his roiling together. He can feel her relief at not having to carry the burden alone and he fed back his own - he'd been more worried about her than he'd let on and finding her intact, regardless of circumstances, gave him a bit of peace of mind. His power is bright, forceful, technicolor in a black and white world, the raw, vibrant intensity of it shining out of the both of them.

Just as she sees through him, he sees through her - the hurts, the bruises of the world around, the strange ephemeral truths hidden in the astral, the layers of meaning that seem to underlay everything of the Earth, where the world became a sentient thing in and of itself and Reese one of its guardians and its enemies alike, torn between the two. He could feel that strange taint within her and he threw up the aegis of his will, giving her greater strength to resist while she shaped the power into Constantine's heart, feeding this strange man he didn't know from the well of Hal's energies.

There were bits and pieces that she could literally consume; she couldn't see faces but she knows that it was there.. they were there.. out there, within the galaxy, many stars and worlds seen through Hal's eyes, even feel the heat of the sun rushing towards her which draws her hand away from Constantine to clasp against his wrist. She could barely breathe from the sight of it all, which was overwhelming, seeing through someones eyes, harnessing their power, the great will invoked that wanted her to push and not give up, to see through the rush of power but the dark side of her wanted to harness it. To keep it.

"Stop.. Hal.." She manages to squeeze out, her eyes blinking as the green within her flickers to a dark blue.. then red.. and green again, nearly uncontrolled. "Hal.. That's enough!"

Hal Jordan brings that will to bear, hearing her voice in the distance. He was lost, for a moment, swimming in her memories, misty mornings spent on her knees…centuries lost in darkness…but at the sound of her voice, just as with the beacon that called him, he heeds. He draws his power back into himself, his ring focusing it all, turning it into a weapon as it fends off any grasping attempts from the darkness attached to her, shoving back until he finally pulls his hand from her shoulder, the ring dissolving from her finger, leaving a soft sunburn in its wake as he clenches his hand into a fist.

"MINE," he says to that darkness. He speaks of his power, yes, but also of Reese herself and the very Earth. Whatever this thing was, while Hal Jordan still stood, it would not have them.

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