In The Bowels Of The Triskelian

December 06, 2015:

May and Simmons find out where Darcy actually works in the building

TheTriskelian - New York


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It might be reasonable for Jemma to be looking a little tense these days. Between Psyborgs and Sigma targetting her, there's the whole 084 issue to deal with.

Her apartments been shot up and she's recently moved into Stark Tower … not to mention absent would be courtiers …

Which is why the bio-chem has left her laboratory and headed for a lounge, a lounge where May keeps her special stash of tea.

Jemma fully intends to replenish her stash and make a mug of tea for herself. Time for some time out for the biochem.

Darcy is on her self-appointed fifteen minute union break. Does she care that SHIELD is not in a union? No, not really. She's spent the morning updating her supply database and cross-checking what supplies need to be replenished with this month's budget, so that by now she needs to get up away from her computer. The cross-checking is likely going to last the rest of the day and it's mind-numbing and tedious but if she confuses a number somewhere she has to redo the entire thing. She leans against the cupboards, red glasses shoved up onto the top of her head, pinching the bridge of her nose as she waits for the coffee pot to finish perculating.

Agent May is already in said breakroom, having just replenished the tea stash (she knows Simmons will be raiding it at some point soon), and is juset settling with a mug of tea of her own to get a few minutes rest before going back to the grindstone.

Entering the breakroom, Simmons pauses and looks at May and Darcy. "Agent May, Darcy. How are you?" she asks politely as she heads to the coffee making facility.

Filling her cannister from Mays stash - yes, she does have her priorities right - before making tea for herself.

Darcy's hand comes from her face, pulling her glasses back into place as it goes.

"Heya, Jem. Oh! Hi, Ninja Nanny. Didn't hear you sneakysneaky in. I'm okay. Tired, ready to be done with my fuck-ton of paperwork, and nursing a bruise RIGHT where I rest my forearm when I type. You?" she rambles with a note of fatigue as she looks between Jemma and May while a grin pulls at the corners of her lips.

Agent May nods to Jemma then looks at Darcy. "You need to have the ergonomics of your desk checked, then." She likely doesn't realize where Darcy's desk currently lives. She doesn't answer the question about how she is, though. That's for her to know and everyone else to wonder.

Of course May doesn't tell them. Jemma hadn't expected her to. "Let me see your arm, Darcy." she speaks to the woman as her tea finishes steeping. Nodding to May "Your desk can't be set right. Shall I arrange for an ergonomic assessment, Agent May?"

If Darcy will let her, Simmons will take her arm and start inspecting it to determine the extent of the damage.

As requested, Darcy unbuttons then shrugs out of her jacket while the other two tell her she needs the ergonomics of a desk that was probably in use when School Marm Carter Taker-Awayer of the Head Phones was in grade school and Darcy just snickers. Her arms show bruises a few days old easily; the joys of pale skin! Darcy holds outs her arms for inspection. The bruises are found mostly on the front side of her elbows where they would press against the ground if she were on elbows and knees and curled into a ball. One forearm, likely the one she's bitching about aching when typing, has a rock-shaped bruise, about the size of a small baseball. Next to it is a fainter quarter inch stripe maybe two inches long, running from elbow toward wrist. Small bruises are visible on the outside wrist bone of each arm.

"If you want. But I can tell you right now, my desk is for shit. My gramma's school teacher probably used that desk. It is le suck with a metal folding chair. …You haven't been to my office, have you?" Darcy answers on a question, wincing only when the rock-shaped bruise is poked at and not seeming to even realize the others are there even though they are just as visible.

May nods to Jemma. "Please." She glances over and then doubletakes at the sizes and shapes of those bruises. She sets her mug aside and stands. "Take us to your office. Now."

Jemma looks at the bruises and glances to May. "These show repeated pressure on this part of the arm…." looking back to Darcy she frowns. "I can give you some salve for this … but…"

May's instructions cut across her musing and she sighs as May sets her mug aside, and rises. "Lead the way, Darcy." Jemma is sure not to leave her cannister behind.

Darcy blinks a bit and looks at the one arm while collecting her jacket with the other. It's clear she doesn't think the bruise is all that bad, but when told by her SO to lead the way to her broom-closet… errr, office… Darcy leads the way.

Down to the lower levels of HQ.

Down a hall that is likely original to whatever HQ was before it was HQ.

…and into an office that was a janitor's supply closet. The desk is old and clunky. Darcy's folding chair as a couch throw pillow on it.

"Well, I do have to lean on it when I type right now, so yeah," Darcy chatters along the way. "Happened on that last op with Cap… The one after the Greenland one with Carter. I ATAT'd a fucking honking mutant thing. I kinda didn't think through the whole It-Pulling-On-My-Tow-Cable-And-I-Am-Not-An-XWing thing and it yanked me off my feet."

May stops in the doorway, frowns, backs up and looks at the door, then at the desk crammed into the tiny space, and looks around the rest of the miniscule room as if trying to figure out WHY Darcy is here.

Simmons looks slightly horrified as Darcy shows them the office. "Uh… Darcy, where's your office? Not the supply closet, but where you work." Clearly the British born biochem thinks this is something of a staging area.

A look to May confirms that she is not alone in her confusion …

Why is Darcy here? Because that's where she was told to go to see to office supplies. She tugs on her jacket, leaving it unbuttoned as she slips in past Simmons and the boxes of stuff to inventory. The other side of the doorway is floor to ceiling boxes, but each one is labeled in fat sharpie marker in what must be Darcy's handwriting. The boxes are repurposed cardboard case of paper boxes with a significant portion of the front narrow side cut out. The labels read like a page from an Office Depot Catalogue: paperclips, staples, pens (list of colors), etc. She steps over the 'To Be Inventoried', carefully presses a rolly mailroom cart out of the way, and drops to the ancient desk.

"I work right here. Ya'll send down a supply request to the mail room where my inbox is. I come down, check the request into the system here to make sure quoas are kept and shit, then I pull what I'm allowed to of the order form, and pack up my little cart here for delivery. The heavy shit runs through somewhere else, and I don't deal with that. I'm the 'little things that make the office world goes round' fairy," Darcy explains as she leans away from the desk top and against the back of her metal folding chair. Her posture is attrocious.

This explains so much. She steps out of the tiny room again and this time speaks into her comm unit. She's gonna be a few minutes. Don't wait for her.

Jemma is now horrified, officially. "How… how can this happen?" she asks faintly as she loks around the nook. Nook… would be generous for sure. She thinks about her lab, how specialised it is, how well laid out, how neat and tidy …. how roomy. It's such a contrast to what she's seeing here.

Looking to May as the Agent steps out, Jemma then looks at Darcy in mute appeal "Why…." why didn't she say something!

Darcy blinks at the look of horror on Jemma's face, then looks around before looking back at Jemma. "Why am I in a broom closet? Because I bitched about my iPOD? I dunno. How can I survive in this kinda place? Same why I survived college dorm life, I guess: Creative use of cardboard and duck tape." Yes, she says DUCK Tape even though she has clearly written on one of her boxes DucT Tape and she probably KNOWS it's duct tape. She still said duck tape. -quack quack- Darcy leans a bit to the side to watch May step out, but then straightens to peer at Jemma with a smile.

"Welcome to my domain. I have staplers and pens. Not as fancy as your lab, but ya know… Make do with whacha got. Broke college student mentality. Pulling a paycheck but I still live by it, cause, ya know: Loans," rambles the Stapler Goddess.

May finishes whatever conversation she's having by saying, "Yes, I'll handle the paperwork. Get it done. Now." And then she's turning back toward this abysmally tiny room with the two women inside. "Lewis. Gather your things."

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