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December 06, 2015:

Purifiers and Reavers make a hit on Little Italy … Partisan turns up, as does Wanda. Both use very different tactics.

Little Italy - New York


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There's a shop in Little Italy that specialises in enchanted supplies and Zee has decided to visit. With her loss of power, she's had to resort to 'ritual' to cast spells as well as … ahem… actually learning to fight.

On her left hip hangs her emerald pendulum, on her right hip is the fox shaped mark and today she's carrying a messenger bag, which contains the short sword that Kane has lent her. (How? It's a bag of holding of course!)

As she exits the shop, her attention is caught by the group that is coming down the street. Seemingly human, they're well armed and apparently well trained… and they pull people from the sidewalks, force them to their knees and aim weapons at their heads.

In this distance, not visible yet, there's a rumble … something else is coming in the groups wake.

Zee's eyes widen and she ducks back into the store - she knows she's not equipped to address this threat. Sending over the leyline network and to her contacts…

This is Zee, Purifiers in Little Italy. To my location.

Recently Wanda has been given a little…boost…by the Vishanti. Her test being the opposite of Zatanna's. A test to see how she reacts to having /more/ power. So when Zatanna makes her call Wanda is there in a thrice…by flying. She descends from the sky and lands upon the roof of the store, frowning at the sight of the Purifier bullies. "Why? Why can't they just be nice?" she asks no one in particular. She may have more power but her sanity is still in doubt.

A few mumbled words and she slips /through/ the ceiling and into the store where Zatanna hides. "Have they seen you?" she asks her fellow mage before taking a couple of steps to peer out the window. "Have you got your power back?" she asks nonchalantly as scarlet energy begins to build around her fingers.

//Zee, message received and understood. Snake bite actual, online and on the move. // Part's hauling ass too, she was actually on somone elses trail entirely but well she owes Zee. So she books it, clearing low fences and cross traffic in a dead sprint she never quite seems to slow down from. All but panting against her air filter, carbine pulled in nice and tight as she finally tucks a knee and drops to the pavement in a classic "baseball" boot first slide which comes to a rest behind a conviently located dox van. Pausing just a moment to steal a glance down the way, purifiers and civilians. Lovely. //Snake bite actual, on scene. Give me a minute to figure out how to peel these chuckle fucks off their civilian shields."Reaching a hand up to rifle through today's selection of grenades.

Zee. May. On my way. Of course, that means she has to get to a ley line and then arrive at a ley line. As luck would have it, though, the ley line she chooses passes right behind said enchanged supplies shop. She steps inside and… oh. Convenient. "Sitrep, Zatanna."

Looking as Wanda appears through the ceiling, Zee shakes her head at the woman "Still depowered but I'm not without resources…" She looks at the scarlet energy forming around Wanda's fingers. Taking a quartz crystal from the bag on her shoulder, the raven haired mage looks as May enters.

"A half dozen Purifiers, Agent May, in the street. They're taking hostages. Partisan is on site, as well." In the street the Purifiers are lining their victims up, guns held to their head.. In the distance, that rumble goes louder as three Reavers appear… cyberorganic beings who open fire on the scene, supporting the Purifiers in whatever it is they are doing.

"Do you think they have a conscience?" Wanda asks Zatanna softly as she watches the scene unfold before her. A scene that is not to her liking. "Hello May" she greets without looking at the agent who wanted to do lots of experiments on her not too long ago…or at least that's how Wanda saw it. "Partisan? I remember her" Wanda muses before taking a deep breath.

"The Reavers…do they have a mind? A human mind? With morality?" Wanda asks Zatanna and May. "People with morality should not be able to do this. They need…fixing."

//Contact rear, reavers numbering three. I'll take the heavies, can you girls handle the rest?"Finally Part tugs free her trusty RKG-3 and sets it aside, before easing back behind cover. Quietly cranking the gas port on that carbine almost shut, before exchanging that AP for good and proper hotrod loads. Three on one, and whatever the girls can't handle. Yeah ok, this'll be fun. //Be advised, I'm going loud in thirty seconds. This isn't a hostage situation, this is a public execution ladies. Lets go fuck some shit up. Snake bite actual, going radio silent for fourty seconds. // Easing down into the gutter to put an honest to god engine block between her and those reavers, before bracing herself in position as well as she can. Funny, she never did fire HV loads whilst supine. Huh…

Melinda May hands her ICER pistol over to Zee in case she needs it, and nods in acknowledgement as the others explain. // Snakebite, do not make this messy. Take down that executioner, quick and neat. Zatara, Wanda, immobilize or otherwise incapacitate the rest. I want to make examples of this group.// Yes, that last was said in her most dangerous tone. The one that sounds like cold anger.

"A conscience, Wanda?" Zee looks confused at her questions. "I … would … assume so but it seems to be skewed … " Zee hasn't had a lot of experience with the Purifiers. Taking the ICER from May, Zee nods to the Agent. "I can do that, Agent May. Wanda, you get to lead the way." Zee's without armour and is going to have to provide support from a distance.

The Purifiers are ready to execute the six civilians they've gathered. The Reavers continue to mow down anything in their path, getting closer to the Purifiers as they do…

"I won't kill them" Wanda promises Zatanna, even after May's call to arms. "Killing them will just make them right" she sighs before stepping out into the street, raising her hands and unleashing her chaos upon the Purifiers. Reality warps. Cells change. Neural networks unmap and remap. And when the scarlet energy dissipates there stand six Purifiers…functionally lobotomized. They stand there behind their victims…drooling. Arms limp at their side.

Partisan grunts, finally stepping out of cover to split the party. Purifiers to her back, reavers to her front. "FUCK YOU!" as she lights that carbine up, and shit gets loud and wild. Pouring high velocity sixty grain hardened armor piercing projectiles downrange somewhere north of six thousand feet per second. The concussion waves shatters the glass in the box van she's using as cover, hell theres enough fire belching out of that muzzle brake that it brings the van's fender to a red hot cherry glow. Driving her boots back as she holds onto that nasty little carbine in a truly superhuman display of raw strength and physical durability. Dumping the full 40rnd magazine in a single string, before half turning to whip that RKG-3 overhead towards the reavers. Stepping back as that empty mag drops free, her free hand racing for a fresh one as that entire carbine sends of waves of heat. Sizzling where the buttpad presses into her armor, nobody said it would be easy right? "Come get me you chucklefuck amatuer hour tryhard motherfucking cocksuckers, you wanna piece of me? I'll chew your god damned eyeballs out'cher face and skullfuck you to death!" Doing her part, obviously to keep their attention on her. Not the civilians, not that anti-tank grenade tumbling down at them from overhead. Harsh language usually works, actually it almost always works.

Melinda May would sigh if that were something she did openly. She had JUST asked Partisan to not make this messy, and that exactly what she did immediately. Well, at least Wanda dealt with the Purifers VERY promptly and they're not smears on the ground. "Zatanna, get those civilians out of the line of fire." This building seems ideal. "Wanda, with me." And then she's out the door and rushing to get those Reavers dealt with as quickly as possible. She does NOT need the paperwork this is going to create.

Well… that's a turn up… Zee puts the quartz back in her bag and withdraws zipties as she heads towards the Purifiers. "Yes, Agent May." The young mage responds, obviously troubled by the mess with the Reavers. As she approaches the now drooling beings, she zipties the six before ushering the civilians to safety.

Partisan however, is now faced with two Reavers who switch out their arms for small rocket launchers and aim at the freedom fighter. Two missiles are shot in her direction … just as May and Wanda approach.

Wanda glances to Zatanna with an 'am I supposed to obey May?' look before following along behind her. All that firing up ahead by Partisan makes her wince and frown. "That isn't helping" she whispers, fingers twitching and spasming. Is Partisan a mutant? If so then she seems to embody everything that these Purifiers are frightened of. But that doesn't mean she will let her die at the hands of a missile. Scarlet energy shoots from her hand and distorts the air in front of one of the weapons so that it becomes so dense, collapses and creates a wormhole for it to disappear into. Where it ends up…who knows?

Sprints out of cover, dodging that incoming fire with a dead sprint. "Left Left!" because, well it would seem she's headed for the one on the right. Circling around towards his side before tucking her shoulder and, five foot eight or not? Yeah she's going for the tackle. Carbine held off to one side as she sweeps down after the bastard's legs to get him on the ground!

Melinda May leads Wanda toward the Reavers, and is glad to see that the young woman's immediate instincts are to disarm the enemies. Of course, watching Partisan tackle another of them is kind if reassuring. She goes after the one who just had his weapon collapse on itself, pulling a pair of shocker disks that are most commonly used by Romanov. She throws them to hit and shock the Reaver directly instead of arcing up off of the ground.

Zee gives Wanda a nod of encouragement, she would trust May with her life.

The small rockets disappear into Wanda's wormhole just as a Partisan and May attack.

Partisans tackle sends the Reaver lurching but not before it sends a rocket in her direction. Mays shocker disks hit square on, momentarily disabling the Reaver … now is the time to act.

Wanda could open up a wormhole under the disabled Reaver but she would have no idea where he would end up and…couldn't that be just as bad as ripping him to shreds herself? She takes a deep breath, raising her glowing right hand and…then she just drops it again. "This is too hard" she sighs. "I don't want to hurt anyone anymore. Why can't they just stop? Everyone stop!" Her breathing quickens as her eyes glow white, scarlet veins throbbing within. She glares at the Reaver. "Just stop!!" And he does. His body motionless. His heart a stone that ceases to pump. His electrical signals, both organic and mechanical, frozen in an instant. "Just stop" Wanda whispers softly.

That Missile goes just wide, before part can sweep her arms down to grab the back of the fucker's knees and with that? Part drives that fucker to the ground, and gets right to it. Stuffing the barrel of that carbine up under the reaver's chin, before well she dumps a few rounds into his noodle cage at well under point blank. "Jesus christ May, neat and clean? Really? You think I have a stick of light infantry behind me, all I have is a carbine and foul language."Lifting that distinctive cat skull painted helmet up to peer towards May, before rising to her boots with a slow roll of the shoulder. Casually flicking gore off her armor as she looks around. "Zero civilian casualties, property damage pretty minor. All in all, not so bad."

Comparatively, yes. Not so bad. May looks at Wanda a bit worriedly, but replies to Partisan's comments. "I don't want us to give them even a chance of trying to say we're proving them right." And maybe, just maybe, one of these jerks will give May more intel on who is organizing them. Cut off the snake's head. Figuratively. Because she's getting sick and tired of this kind of of mess happening over and over.

Wanda's Reaver stops… paused in the moment of whatever it was doing. She can ziptie it and detain it for later questioning.

Partisans victim doesn't fare quite so well and it ends up splattered over the pavement.

Zee… has ziptied the Purifiers and is making her way towards the group as the sirens can be heard in the background…. LEO's will be here soon.

Wanda stares at Partisan after that brutal execution. "Maybe they /are/ right to fear us" she notes softly as her eyes return to their normal colour…with a pupil and everything. "And they are only trying to protect themselves" she adds with a hint of despair before nodding to an unheard voice. "I hope you find out what you need, Agent May." A nod to the SHIELD agent before she offers a smile to Zatanna. "I will see you soon." Then she is lifting off into the air, a trail of scarlet disappearing behind her as she heads off for X-Red HQ.

Partisan offers a glance after Wanda "They're fascists attempting to bring about a genocide, they should be afraid. They should be terrified, anyone who wears their little costume deserves everything they get. The prolitariat must be protected from those who wish to enslave their fellow man, and murder women and children for power. If thats not worth killing over, then whatever is?" Not that Part seems terribly excited, still brushing bits and pieces of reaver off her armor. "Violence is the only currency they accept."

Okay, May is in no mood to argue philosophy or sociology with Partisan. Not today. So, instead of letting herself get riled up over the topic, she simply looks from Zee to Partisan and back. "Local police will be here soon. If you need to be scarce, you have three minutes." She moves to zip tie the surviving Reaver.

Zee gets to the group just as Wanda makes her statement and nods slowly. She can't disagree really. The fear that the Purifiers are wielding is a double edged sword … with the type of reponse that was just launched against them… It's incredibly complicated.

Zee looks at the carnage and takes a deep breath in as she looks between the remaining two. "I'll stay, Agent May." For once she was a non-combatant but has standing with the authorities. Handing the ICER pistol back to May, she remains silent. For now, her lack of powers go unremarked.

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