Bowling Date

November 19, 2015:

Brian and Kitty go out for bowling.

Bowling Alley in Westchester


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Westchester does not come with many forms of entertainment. It's more of a suburb, despite being close to New York City. It's forms of diversion are decidedly small scale. This may be, however, why Kitty and Brian find themselves at a bowling alley on a Thursday night. It's a typical small town affair, with the added bonus of just fitting the alleys for Cosmic Bowling. As such, the entire place is awash with black light. The pins are neon colors and the bowling balls glow.

A pitcher of beer sits on the plastic table by the chairs and the scoring computer. Lockheed is cautiously attempting to pour himself a glass while Kitty isn't looking and is attempting to put their names in. "It's a rule that we can't go by our usual names. You have to pick a codename." She grins at Brian, teasing. "Last time I went bowling, Doug insisted I be go by Puppy, but I refuse to do that this time. What name do you want to go by?"

"..a codename?" Brian asks, a lift of his brow as she's inputting the names, and he rubs his head in thought. Noticing the little space dragon angling for a beer, he casually uses his foot to nudge the pitcher back upright. You need an ID to drink, purple one.

The proper Brit chuckles. He plays cricket, bowling is new territory for him as he considers the idea of a codename, casting a smile towards Kitty as he does so. "Hmm. So, a codename or a fake name?" he finally asks. There's an important designation between the two, after all!

"Yes! You can't be Brian and I can't be Kitty. What's the dragon that's all over London? You should be that name." Kitty is a smart woman, but her forte is in computers and not so much history. She turns just in time to see Brian tipping the beer to its proper state and raises an eyebrow. "Lockheed, I'll give you some fries if you stop trying to drink beer. You get drunk on half a glass and the last thing we need is a tipsy dragon around here."

"Well, I guess a fake name. We used to call them code names," she grins. "This was back before…" she trails off for a moment, though she still grins. It was before they were all actually involved with the X-Men, but she can't quite say that. "It was awhile ago, when we wanted to be superheroes."

"Ah. Well, each of the dragons has a name. George, Paul.." he pauses. "It is St. George that slays the dragon, that may offend our chaperone." Brian points out with a playful grin. "So Paul. Dragon and Beatle." It works for him after all.

Listening to her story, he touches her shoulder in a comforting moment. She's a superhero now, but they can't discuss that outloud. And he sorta had being a superhero thrust upon him.

"Is one of them Ringo?" Kitty perks, teasing Brian easily. However, as he picks a name, she types in Paul for his false name." Lockheed flutters up to look at the computer and then back to Kitty. "No, Lockheed, you can't bowl, the bowling balls are bigger than you are, you'd be crushed. You can be on my team, though." Kitty thinks for a moment before typing in, 'Janis'. "Maybe not a dragon or a Beatle, but she's an American pop icon!"

At the hand on her shoulder, she smiles and looks up at him with a grin. she puts a hand on his just for a moment. Then, she stands and picks up her plastic cup of beer. "I believe it's your turn first. Have you ever been bowling before? Do you know how this works?"

Brian Braddock rolls 10 on 1d10.

"I believe it's rather.. self-explanatory?" Brian asks as he steps up, picking up the bowling ball that he had help picking out. And then he looks down at his shoes. "I still do not understand the idea of sharing shoes." he says with a slight wrinkling of his nose.

Slipping his fingers into the holes on the ball, he strides up. "And then…" he looks to see what the others are doing. "Ah. I see!" he says as he takes a couple of strides and then unfurls, the ball racing down the lane before it smacks into the pins, knocking them all over.

On the screen above, all the pins run around in a panic as a Pac-Man ball chases them down and gobbles them up. "I knocked down all of the wickets. That is what I am supposed to do in this case, right?" he asks as he turns to Kitty and smiles brightly.

Beginners luck.

Kitty Pryde rolls 10 on 1d10.

"Yes, well, you'd be surprised how many things you think are self explanatory that aren't." Kitty grins at Brian and watches him set himself to bowl. "Well, you're not going to buy special shoes to go bowling once a year, are you? And you need these soles for the waxed wood or something. I don't know, it's tradition."

As Brian gets a strike, she lets out a proud cheer. "A strike!" With a pleased laugh and shake of her head, she tells him, "They're pins, not wickets. What's a wicket?"

It's her turn now and she picks up a glowing ball. There's no real technique that she has perfected or anything. Instead, she just takes a few quick steps and rolls. Much like Brian, the ball rolls straight down the alley and knocks the pins entirely over. With a whoop of surprise and elation, she jumps up and down once or twice in celebration. "Tied!"

Brian Braddock rolls 3 on 1d10.

Brian Braddock rolls 6 on 1d7.

"Wickets are in cricket. They're shaped vaguely like those, and it is not a good thing to knock them down." he explains as Brian watches her set up. Because well, Kitty in jeans is never a bad thing to look at. As she rolls, he watches and then all the pins are knocked down in turn.

"Jolly good!" he calls out, his accent for a moment thick as London fog, giving away his status as an exchange student as he rises to his feet, a quick hug offered as they switch spots.

"Lessee.. did I rub off on you, or you on me?" he asks teasingly as he takes up his ball and rolls it. He only knocks over three of the pins this time, and he looks. "Bugger." And he starts to turn around to head back before Lockheed gestures at him and points at the screen. He still had a second roll. "Ah!" he says as turns.

Taking up the ball, he tries again, but this time, he leaves one little pin standing by itself. "Well." he says, resisting the urge to stomp the floor to knock the last pin over. That's cheating, and he's a gentleman - and made an agreement with her over a video game to play fair with her, either way.

Kitty Pryde rolls 9 on 1d10.

Kitty Pryde rolls 1 on 1d1.

Kitty Pryde rolls 2 on 1d2.

"Ah, so the complete opposite of bowling," Kitty leans against the scoring computer and grins as she watches Brian's next frame. As he nearly gets all the pins down she laughs and nods her head. "You were close!" While they're competing against each other, for now it's certainly friendly competition. Plus, it helps that she's winning for the moment.

Lockheed flutters over to her shoulder, intent on helping out on her next roll and she grins at the little purple dragon. "Okay, dragon for luck!" Plucking her bowling ball from the return, she rolls it toward the pins in a mostly straight manner, but leaves on pin standing. As the pins reset, she grabs her ball again and takes a deep breath. Then, she charges down the alley and lobs the ball toward the final pin, knocking it over. "A spare!" She beams and runs back to high-five Brian.

Brian Braddock rolls 3 on 1d10.

Brian Braddock rolls 4 on 1d7.

Brian laughs. "Why do I get the sense the fix is on?" he asks teasingly as he high-fives Kitty and goes to collect up his own ball. "So all down is a strike in one row, and a spare in two?" he asks curiously as he rolls his ball.

Another three. The same three he got in his last frame. Apparently he's found a rut. "Huh." he mutters, as he takes up the ball, considering the pin, and looks to the dragon. "I blame you." he teases him playfully before wriggling his hips playfully and rolls again, only upping the ante by four.

"Well, it seems I've lost the plot rather quickly this game." he says with an amused chuckle as he starts to head back towards the scorer's table.

26 to 20+

Kitty Pryde rolls 10 on 1d10.

"Yes. Strike is all down in one, spare is all down in two." Kitty grins. "I haven't been bowling in years, I promise you. But, there wasn't a ton else to do in this town when going to school. Not everyone could get a pass to go, but Doug and I were budding hackers." And it's nearly impossible to keep Kitty in or out of a place that she wishes to go. It's what she was born to do - literally.

"Blame your country! They should have had more bowling alleys! I bet if we attempted to play each other in cricket you would handily kick my ass." Since she's certainly never played that before. Picking up her ball, she moves to roll again. Her form is pretty similar to the two frames before this. The ball barrels down the alley and she gets a strike.

As she spins around, she blushes and grins. "I swear, I've never rolled a game this well before."

Brian Braddock rolls 8 on 1d10.

Brian Braddock rolls 2 on 1d2.

Rising to his feet, Brian smirks good-naturedly. "Home turf, home rules. If you ever visit London with me, I'll turn the tables." An interesting propostion as he grins and gives Lockheed a pat. "Stealing some of your luck, Janis." he teases her as he takes up a ball.

Rolling it down the alley, he strikes down eight of the pins, and he grins. "That's more like it." he offers spiritedly as he takes a drink from his beer between rolls, before setting uip and rolling the ball, taking out a partial split. "Ah, that is a spare, right?" he asks as he steps back towards her.

Kitty Pryde rolls 10 on 1d10.

As Brian rolls a spare, Kitty lets out a whoop. "It is!" She has no qualms about being loud in the black light tinted alley. Giving him a quick, tight hug, she beams. "Better not have stolen all my luck." While she loves winning, she also feels a little bad that she's beating Brian in what is essentially a home game.

However, she's not the type to roll badly merely to make Brian feel better. She'll win or lose by her own merits. Her turn is met with a similar roll as before and this time she gets another strike. Her celebration is met with an embarrassed grin as she makes her way back to Brian and takes a long drink of her beer. "Sorry, Paul. This is not exactly what I had in mind when I suggested we go bowling."

Brian Braddock rolls 3 on 1d10.

Brian Braddock rolls 4 on 1d10.

Returning the hug, Brian can only roll in his chair and have a hearty laugh as Kitty continues to roll one amazing game. Rising to his feet, he comes to her and smirks, playfully. "Well, you said you've never done this well before - perhaps I'm the source of your luck." he winks at her playfully as they switch places.

Taking up the ball, he seems to be stuck in that same three then four rut that has been popular for most of the game as he just rubs a hand over his face playfully at the second frame and hands his head in mock shame as he comes back. "Oh, my poor bruised ego." he teases.

Kitty Pryde rolls 5 on 1d10.

Kitty Pryde rolls 4 on 1d5.

"Maybe you are!" Kitty grins. "If you were a lucky rabbit, I'd be forced to cut off your foot," she warns him. "You're doing really well for someone who's never played this game before. Believe me, I'm not just saying that." Nor is she just saying that because she's winning quite handily.

It's her turn now and she goes to roll. It's not a strike! Nor is the second roll, leaving a single pin standing. It's her first frame where she hasn't knocked everything down. Returning to their designated area, she grins. "See, I think my luck may be wearing out."

Brian Braddock rolls 5 on 1d10.

Brian Braddock rolls 1 on 1d5.

"Well.." Brian studies her for a moment. "Perhaps we should try to find a way to restore it." he offers teasingly, but doesn't try to steal a kiss or anything, a grin as he rises to his feet, bumping his hip to hers as he goes to the lane to gather his ball.

Loosening his first roll, he feels better as half the pins are knocked down - however, on the second attempt, he rolls a total gutter ball that only knocks down a pin because it was thrown so hard that it jumps the track at the end and smacks one of the pins. "Of all the buggerity." he says with a laugh as he comes back to her. "Some kind of hex you have on me, Janis."

Kitty Pryde rolls 10 on 1d10.

"Perhaps," Kitty beams at Brian and then laughs. As Brian rolls again, she gives him a quick shoulder squeeze before moving back to roll. Again, she gets a strike. At this point it's a little embarrassing. And she laughs and blushes, shaking her head. "Okay, maybe next time I will let Lockheed roll for me," she tells him. "I didn't put a hex on you, I promise, Paul. I think you just have bad bowling luck. Or I have a lot of it."

Brian Braddock rolls 8 on 1d10.

Brian Braddock rolls 2 on 1d2.

She touches him, and Brian offers a winsome smile. "Oh, Janis, if I was really worried, I'd already left." he points out as he squeezes the hand on his shoulder. "I'm learning, you said you've done this alot. You are quite skilled. And.. it's fun. And I get to spend time with you." He should probably lay off the beer just a little, because he's getting slightly buzzy, but then he rolls yet a spare! "..well, I think it's all tied into you, Janis." he points out. "Or maybe we just play well off each other."

Kitty Pryde rolls 1 on 1d10.

Kitty Pryde rolls 1 on 1d9.

Kitty grins. "Or maybe I just have that much of a winning personality." Clearly joking, she shakes her hair back in a very model-esque gesture. It's all teasing. "Not a lot. It was high school. This is what we could sneak out and do. We were pretty boring, despite everything." Picking up her bowling ball, she rolls it while still talking. It's clear she's distracted and only gets one pin. Frowning, she gets the ball again and rolls. Again, only one pin. It's her worst frame. With a sigh, she shakes her head and returns to their area an finishes her beer, pouring herself another. "So, did you just play a ton of cricket back in England?"

Brian Braddock rolls 3 on 1d10.

Brian Braddock rolls 3 on 1d7.

Beer frame! The screen announces as they hit the eight frame, and Brian is still very far behind - to the tune of 61 to 107.

"Where Betsy and I grew up, it was expected." Brian admits as he gets to his feet as he grins. "Mind topping me off, hon?" he asks before he goes towards the lane. "So sports were expected. I played a little, but not as much as she did. She was just involved in everything." Rubbing his head, he lets out a small sigh. "I was more bookish when I was younger." he admits.

Stepping up, HEY, it's those three pins again - except this time he bookends it by getting three on the other side as well, leaving the exact middle pristine. He looks at the pins and snorts with a chuckle as he comes back to her. "I promise that my aim is not so bad."

Kitty Pryde rolls 5 on 1d10.

Kitty Pryde rolls 2 on 1d5.

Brian Braddock rolls 3 on 1d10.

Brian Braddock rolls 5 on 1d7.

"Cricket? Did you play rugby, too?" Kitty grins. This is the part of the date that she's enjoying, learning more about Brian. "I can definitely understand that. I was definitely more bookish as a kid, though I also tended to get in trouble." That's just how she is. With a laugh, she shakes her head. "I'll believe it when I see it," she tells him easily.

After rolling his ninth frame, Brian laughs. "My dear Janis, I conceed defeat. You are the superior ball handler." Innuendo flows with beer at this point as he grins, and he comes back over to take off his shoes. "Well, if you ever give me a chance, I would love to try."

At that, Kitty can only snort. "That was terrible come on," she teases. "But, I forgive you, Paul." As the game comes toward the end, she laughs and leans forward to give him a short kiss. "I'm sorry I just totally kicked your ass at bowling. Next date we'll try cricket and you can kick my ass."

Returning the short kiss, it totally counts as Brian blushes brightly, and then grins. "Darts." he points out. "I challenge you to darts." Thrown objects are much more fun. Plus, pub setting. "I'll make sure you get a taxi home. I should probably get to the train station soon."

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