Hijacking the Hijack

December 03, 2015:

Partisan hijacks a Purifier hijack and others respond.

New York


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"Fuck you bitch, I'm gonna burn your shit down!"That'd be the Partisan, as if you couldn't guess. Screaming over the trunk of a conveniently located burnt out car, as she exchanges magazines. In the dark of an otherwise quiet night, a battle rages. This isn't even M-town, but it's not far from it. An empty stretch of concrete and derelict cars under an overpass, where purifiers met to get ready for their night's work. Pity for them, they found someone unexpected waiting for them. There are a trio of bodies already strewn next to the steaming Chevy Tahoe, as what little remain scramble for cover. "Don't you know who I am you sons-a-bitches, I'm gonna kill every last one of you!"
A mixture of kevlar, armor plating, ballistic nylon, nomex, temperature resistant silicone and spraypaint makes up the majority of her attire. There is of course that trademark helmet on, and whilst it's shape is all about function it does seem to accentuate that bright red paint which decorates it, making it look for all the world like a cat's skull with a pair of dull blue lights where those eyes should be. That'd be the Partisan these days, and well she doesn't exactly sit around and wait. Glancing over the hood to pitch a frag under the Tahoe, before rising to her boots and sprinting to the right in a magnificent display of exactly how swift she is when she's trying to outflank her prey.

Purifiers have been everywhere lately. Scoping out independent heroes and targeting them. They picked the wrong person this time. There are, to be fair, eight of them which is a larger group they normally gather in. There had been eleven of them but Part has already killed part of their roadblock and the others are scrambling to get to cover and work out a plan. Not far away an amber winged figure settles on a rooftop with an M-24. Found some friends there Snakebite one? Taking up a position, 450 yards your nine. Bipod in place… this is actually fairly short range by Jericho's standards.

On the ground the purifiers take cover on both sides of the street, load up and lay down suppressive fire. As if that'll help.

Jesana's popped over to New York to grab some milk. She wants fresh organic milk and has been to three stores already trying to find some she deems suitable. No farmer's market is open around here this time of night and she's ready to go overseas and try her luck so she can get home to her babies when she rounds the corner and pauses at the sound of yelling and scent of blood.

Nostril's flaring, Jes ducks down behind some news stands and peers out to take in the situation. "Oh for fucks sake.." She curses softly. Normally she's all for a bit of trouble but right now.. shit. Her eyes narrow. These are purifiers. She can't turn around and leave. "Oh god Fenris please don't eat me for this!" Jes moves between two parked cars. Better cover while she works out her best options here.

X-Red have received the reports of the disturbance and Brin is stepping disks in, to a nearby verge, and crouches to the ground. This type of action is not her thing, really … X-Red have a specific 'no kill' rule … and what's happening below is total carnage. She could just turn around and leave … but that's not how it works.

Keeping her profile low, her glowing green and gold bow appears in her hand and she nocks an arrow, trying to sight one of the Purifiers and bring them down.

"Would it kill them to find a crew worth of guys with a clue, this is just embarrasing."Part lays down her own suppressive fire from the hip as she breaks cover , eating up the distance as she takes a leap. It's not quite a wall "run" but she does get a few strides in as she gains altitude before kicking off with a low grunt of effort. Rolling once mid air to bring that carbine around, before raining high velocity death straight down on the poor chucklefucks below. There is no pause, not a skip to this beats friends and neighbors as hits the ground running. That Carbine swings against it's sling as she lets it free, Her right hand racing up over her shoulder to tug free that distinctive ring hilted machete of hers. Boots scrambling against the pavement as she whips that blade high over her shoulder, already racing towards her next target. This isn't your typical hack and slash machete which is such a staple of zombie fiction mind you.
There is a quarter inch thick spring steel, with a roughly rectangular chisel pointed shape and a distinctive ringed hilt. A quarter inch spring steel, more than a foot long and brought to a razor's edge. No it doesn't slash people, it pries car doors open. It crushes what hides behind kevlar, it traumatically amputates things. "Get Wrecked!" As good a war cry as any other, even if it lacks anything terribly offensive. Right?

The Purifiers are in ceramic armor, not that it does anything against someone as strong as Partisan. One of the group is gunned downed by sniper fire as they scatter. That's one for me. The hacker notes with some grim satisfaction. Another goes down with a glowing arrow in the back. Not doed but definitely down. Jesana can see there's probably only three or four left now and they're all clustered up. The way Partisan is ripping through them it won't be for long either.

Jes doesn't have that rule. THough she tries not to kill most of the time, the Titans aren't a fan of it either. Purifiers, Reavers and HYDRA agents are on her list of Assholes That All Need to DIE list however. The only reason she's still hesitating between two cars is that she's aware she recently did something to draw Fenris's anger.

She doesn't remember that it involved Purifiers and her losing control but it's not hard for her to guess that she did something dumb and probably violent. But this here, is so not her fault. She can't just turn away and leave. These people are monsters and already out here killing or trying to. She has to protect the innocents and now Brin is here somewhere too.

Her lips quirk in a faint smile as she watches the Partisan in action. She loves a good battle and this is something else to see. Hell, maybe her help isn't going to be needed. That lady seems to have things in hand. Still, if they break that cluster and come running her way she's ready. "Man I'm glad that sniper isn't shooting at me this time." Jes mutters as she glances up for a moment.

There's going to be some 'please explains' when Brin gets back to HQ, but for now she's going to try and limit the amount of dead. Nocking another arrow, she let's it fly into the cluster of three or four. Her aim is good, of course, but she's not fast like one of the Hawkeyes.

Agent May is late to the party? Is this a party? This doesn't seem like a party. Regardless, the thing that gives her presence away is an ICER round being fired into the remaining cluster of Purifiers. Then she's crouching down next to Jesana. "Here." She offers the Coyote-kin a small but particularly mean taser. Basically, she borrowed one of Coulson's.

That machete blow, is -spectacular-! It throws the poof sod to the ground in a pile, followed immediately by shards of what used to be a machete. There is blood everywhere, and I mean it's nasty by anyone's standards. Body armor did not save his life them, no it just made things worse it seems like. As he goes down, Part looses that Handle and swings a gloved hand back to her revolver. Only she doesn't draw, because well she doesn't need to. Theres a quick survey of the fallen, before looking over towards Jericho's position and waving him near. "Man, I wish these fucks would send somone with a fucking clue. It's like clubbing geese with a hockey stick every fucking time, next time I'm just going straight to the molotov. Fuck this firefight shit if they're not even going to make an effort."Part is talking to, well ok problem. See she's got a mask on, but well probably May. Yeah she's probably talking to may there, pausing to kick a fallen Ak up into her gloves for an inspection. "Awww man, this was a nice one too. They got brains all fucking over it, you can never get the smell out if it's brains. It's like buying a car somone died in, can't fix brain smell."Though she does quietly turn to offer the thing to Brin, if she cares to learn about "dead guy brainsmell".

Jericho takes off from his perch and alights about a minute later next to Brin and May, putting a bullet in one of the last ones as he runs. The other two? They're out of here if May or Jes or Brin doesn't catch them first. Partisan is frightening as hell and they're smart enough to know when they're aoutmatched.

Brins not taking the AK, no way. That's not her speed, at all and Part knows that. Taking aim at one of the departing Purifiers, she looses her arrow. Best thing about Psychic Constructs? No gathering the missing arrows up.

"Hello Agent May, Jes, Partisan and Jericho." Surveying the mess, the lines around the brunette mutants eyes are tight. Certainly not happy about the killing but … she's turning a little green as well.

Jesana eyes the Purifiers for a second before looking at May and accepting the taser. She'd rather kill them. So much. But she's already in trouble and these people aren't a threat to her daughter at the moment. There's a silent little laugh in her mind. They aren't really a danger to anyone right now. Take that assholes. Partisan doesn't seem to be what they were expecting. Jes nods at May. She'll follow the SHIELD Agent's lead. It's less of a struggle than it might have been but whether that's due to her Father's meddling with her mind, the drugs Frederick gave her or the fact that she wants to be a better person for her kids that makes it easier, Jes isn't sure. Maybe it's all of those things. She also doesn't want to disappoint her god. And now they're all dead anyway. Jesana whistles softly in awe. "Hey, I can get that smell off." Jes offers. She frowns a bit as she takes a closer look. "They didn't have those laser guns? Good. Maybe they're running out of them."

Probably not but she can hope, right? Though she really wants to get her hands on a second one. "Thank you. For stopping them." Jes nods respectfully at Partisan. She doesn't seem bothered by the blood or brains. Perhaps strangely so for appearing to be a young human woman barely out of her teens. Jes is alot more than she appears to be though. "Heyla Brin. It's okay." Jes awkwardly pats her shoulder. "Better them than us, hm?" She also makes a note to try to remember not to tear anyones throat out in her other form in front of the mutant woman. "Also better you're you and not me." Jes adds. She's aware of her skewed world view and really she's glad Brin doesn't share it.

Melinda May straightens up as the very few remaining Purifiers try to run, and fires an ICER round after them. Only one, she's not wasting any more than that on them. If she hits someone, good. If not, well, no harm done. She then turns to nod to Jericho and Brin. "Sorry I'm late."

Partisan tosses the AK back onto the street with a sigh, before turning her attention back towards those gathered. Brin gets a wave, Jerry a nod. She'll let him do the site exploitation if he fancies, these guys seemed more like the B-squad though. Anyway, people are talking to her. "Naw it's fine, no thanks are needed but I appreciate the thought. It's sort've what I do." Moving finally to produce her stencil and a spray can as she heads towards the shot to hell SUV. "Hey May, you're fine I wasn't expecting backup. Seems these fucks really got unlucky, if it wasn't for the CCU somone else would have been along shortly to handle them."A pause as she lays the stencil on a car door and gets to painting. "Oh and I heard from a mutual friend, you let her fire that 1911. I trust it's still running like a champ then, no tune up necessary?"

Jericho starts to kneel and look for cellphones and such. "No worries May. Glad you showed. Part caught these guys setting up a roadblock. I have no idea who they were waiting on but…" He shrugs. They're dead now. "Jesana, Brin, you two okay?" He glances back over his shoulder to make sure everything is on the up and up.

"I'm fine, Jericho." Brin watches the AK being thrown back into the street. Jes has misinterpreted why the brunette is turning green - she's not going to be sleeping well for a while. These types of attacks and results always stir up bad memories for her.

"Agent May, I'm pleased you could get here." As Jericho begins site clean up and Partisan adds her mark, she considers "Agent May, I would normally contact the NYPD to come in at this point." but considering she's SHIELD, she might claim jurisdiction.

Jes is fine. Disappointed she missed out on this but fine and really its for the best. She considers helping Jericho but resists that too. She really doesn't need the temptation of knowing where to find more of these guys. " Hi Jericho. Yeah. I'm fi- aw sonofabitch!" She stares down the street at the small health food store. "They aren't even open. That's great." She sighs. "You know, this isn't even M-Town yet. Maybe they were going to meet more of them here?" She doesn't see anything that looks like it would be a target but she's never been on this street before. "Assholes." Jes hands May back her taser after a moment of study. She's curious how it would affect her but not enough to try it just now. She's got to get home soon.

"Anyone know where I can get fresh milk at this time of night? Or am I gonna go have to rob a cow? They don't like me much.." At all. They might be big and dumb but they have good instincts when it comes to recognizing predators and she is so not in the mood to get shit at or stomped on. Not to mention the futile mess of trying to get milk out of one when its trying to both flee and kill you at the same time.

Melinda May accepts the taser back from Jesana, then steps over to turn Brin away from the gore even though it's likely too late to spare the woman whatever damage this is going to do to her psyche. "Go ahead and call in the LEOs, Myers. I'm not here in an official capacity. And, I can probably help with that, Jesana." After all, she can use her pendulum to convey the Coyote-kin to somewhere in the world where it's normal business hours for fresh milk grocers.

Partisan stows her stencil and spraypaint, before reaching back to snag an RKG-3 and plops the magnet down on that SUV's hood with an audible -clack-. "Brin this was all us, far as I'm concerned you were just an innocent bystander."Casually unscrewing the cap and fishing out that string and washer. She'll wait for Jerry to finish of course, no need to rush anything. "Milk at this hour, well theres that wierd bag milk stuff the Canadians are all about at the wierd grocery store over on the east side. The one with the big tiger striped rabbit out front, you know the one? That place has a scary ass meat market, but they're twenty four hours and yaknow. They also have kumis, and French cigarettes so they're the real fucking deal."

Jericho chuckles grimly as he collects several phones and K'nert appears, hissing news in his direction. "Or, you know, most Seven Elevens. I need to step out. Trouble on the other side. Part, I'll let you know if this has anything. May, Brin, Jes, nice to see you." And then Jericho is off, following K'nert down an alleyway.

Letting May turn her away, Brin looks at the Senior Agent and nods. Then to Partisan "It's my job…" to liaise with the authorities and ensure that the Purifiers can't hide. "Those of you that don't want to be here when the authorities get here, better go now." She's used to working like this. Placing the call, it's not long before she's connected and explaining what happened.

When the call ends she adds "They'll be here in about twenty minutes. Jes, if you can't get milk, we can spare some from the X-Red kitchens." But it seems that's all in hand.

Eyeing K'nert as he appears, she waves to Jericho "Say hi to Magik if you see her." Now, she'll wait for the LEO's to arrive … it's going to be a long evening.

Jes perks up at the meat market info. She likes raw meat. But scary ass might mean not at all fresh and that isn't good. Canadian bag milk.. her nose scrunches up. No thank you. "K'nert!" Jes waves before he disappears after Jericho. "I know seven elevens have milk." Jes rolls her eyes. "But its got all this crap in it. I don't want to give them that. But itll be dawn soon. Maybe I catch some one setting up early at one of the farmer's markets." Or just try to make some applesauce for now. Oh she's going to need to find some recipe books. Looking distracted Jes nods to herself. "I'll see you guys later, and hopefully again." She glances at Partisan. "Gotta hurry up now before they're up." Her phone chimes. "Crap! Really hurry. I'm glad eveyrone's okay! Sorry Brin, I'd stay but.." Hungry babies! Jes grabs her pendulum from beneath her shirt and trots off around the corner.

Well then. As the others all go their separate ways, May stays with Brin so she's not having to deal with the gore and the mess AND the police all by herself. Especially considering the lag time for the authorities to get here. Yeesh.

"I'm blowing the crank case ladies, so you should step down the road a little. I have an MO to maintain, you know."Thus the RKG-3, stuck on the hood of the SUV. "Incidentally, you girls wanna grab a bite to eat later? I feel like cooking, and yaknow Jerry has stuff to do."As casual as ever, of course. Blood soaked or otherwise, this is The Mother Fucking Partisan here. "I've got this recipe for Vetkoek I really want to give a try, haven't made any of it in like forty years."

Moving away, as Partisan suggests, Brin looks mutely at May before responding to Part "Not tonight, thankyou." she's quiet and oh, so, polite. "This will take a while to tidy up with the authorities." And then she's going to curl in a ball in the shower and let the water wash some of the memories away.

While running about the Farmer's market setting up Jesana is suddenly aware she may have totally misunderstood Brin's reaction. She's so used to seeing Brin in action with her bow and shields that she forgets the woman is an empath. "Oh holy fu-.." What she must have felt. That's awful. Maybe she can.. Jes sorts through her phone and sends Brin a quick picture text. "Sorry Brin. Something cute to look at while you wait" It's a picture of her kids now in human form and looking around five or six months old. A pretty dark haired brown eyed little girl and lighter sandy haired blue eyed boy. Maybe they aren't cute to anyone but her but the only other pics on her phone right now are girls Jes works with that she doubts Brin wants to see and Dusty Vell singing which.. yeah okay that one is cute too but an entirely different cute that she's a little possesive over at the moment. Still its better than reminders of awful things so Jes sends it too.

Melinda May moves alongside Brin with a nod to Partisan. "Another day, and I'll help you cook." Yes, if Jericho had heard that, he would have been justified in shuddering. The thought IS horrifying. Recognizing the look on Brin's face — she's going to go into shock soon, most likely — she sticks close and tries to be a calming presence. Most people seem to calm a bit when there's someone around that is able to appear similarly calm. Of course, there's that minor internal annoyance at the thought of the paperwork waiting for her when she gets back to the Triskelion.

Partisan jerks the pull cord, before jogging away at a rather leisurely pace. Then that RKG-3 cooks, and in a loud -CLACK-, its gone. Red hot steel pools under the SUV, sparks and red hot steel glides across wet concrete. It'll burn before long, but thats the point. Deny the Purifiers the opportunity to recover anything, give them closed caskets and make it clear she takes from their every assault. The SUV here doesn't actually need to burn, but it's part of a pattern. She wants them to understand what awaits them here, to view the human mulch which remains of their comrades and despair. It's not clean, it's not friendly, or kind or considerate. It is however, effective. Her casual indifference too is on some degree, calculated. She isn't blind though, so the SUV burns mostly empty. THe bodies lay where they fell, they are not carved into, painted upon, posed in undignified positions. She doesn't capture and torture, she doesn't burn them alive on livestream whilst spouting populist propaganda. Whilst she suspects May is fairly indifferent, she's increasingly aware Brin is not wired like her. "You alright, Brin?"Chancing the question finally as she half turns to tag her logo on a nearby wall where it'll be seen, as if anyone would question it.

Mays presence helps, as do the exercises she runs through in her head. You'd think that getting the drop like this on Purifiers - those that took out the Paragons, bar a handful - would be vindication for the young mutant, but its not. It just brings back the memories (complete with sound and scent) of that fateful mission.

Checking her phone and gazing at the images of the children, she shows them to May "Jes' children, I'm guessing? How old do you think they are?" mundane questions designed to ground the empath.

The sound of sirens can be heard in the background, they'll be here momentarily. Turning to look at Partisan, she gives a sharp nod "Alright, Partisan. Thank you." Clearly she doesn't want a fuss made. She'll be fine … this is all part of the journey to healing.

Theres a moment spent getting that blood soaked glove off, before she can root through her chest rig. "Brin?"Is all she offers, before pressing something into her hand. Smooth and cold, and Part is off. Tugging her glove back on and turning away to all but saunter away with her Carbine held casually against one shoulder. That trinket then, well it's worn brass and at first glance it looks every bit like a pocket watch. It's casing beaten and battered, the clasp has long since been broken or shot away. Held together with just a rubber band it doesn't take much effort for it to yield it's secrets. It's a compass, though the black and white paint on the needle is flaking and the compass rose around the periphery is worn nearly smooth. There is an inscription, a crude one in what looks like Russian or something. Looks like Brin might need a translator, but well Part's poofed into the night. Running towards the sounds of distant gunfire.

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