The Devil You Know, Part 1

December 03, 2015:

Foggy meets up with Matt the morning after another grisly murder in Mutant Town

The Law Offices of Nelson and Murdock

It's in Hell's Kitchen.


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10:36 AM

The original meeting was set for 8:30 and that had to be pushed back until this afternoon. 36 minutes ago the second one was supposed to start, but Miss Page made contact with the client and got that moved to tomorrow.

This has, unfortunately, been the way of the world at this firm ever since Matt began moonlighting in red.

It doesn't take super senses to hear him slinking up the stairs, tapping his way to the door. His hand closes around the brass colored doorknob, still faded and worn down to the rust, and he opens it very slowly. Almost immediately his back is to Karen as he closes it just as carefully.

He walks briskly towards the office with only a head nod and a "Good morning."

Matt sits down quietly across from Foggy after closing the door, pausing only to give the man a nod before he begins to fire up his adapted computer.

Cue Foggy sizing up the most likely to be severe injuries, from bruises. Did Matt opt for a dark shirt (he… imagines he has some way to tell- maybe a dry cleaner willing to fold a cuff a certain way) under the suit jacket today in the event of popped stitches. He frowns. Then, when Karen turns, forces a smile. "Morning!"

Karen gives Matt a longer look, while setting a folder full of braille files on his desk. "The clients weren't exactly happy to have their meeting pushed back twice. You know, /I'm/ the one that gets the brunt of the verbal abuse when you keep doing this, right? They mostly swore at me in Cantonese, but I'm pretty sure I got their point."

Foggy chimes in "I'm sure today's meeting will both happen /and/ be fruitful. Right Matt? I, for one, found another case from ten years ago that… kind of sets precident? We can use it, I'm sure. Probably."

Matt raises his hands as the braille files are set down, or slapped upon the table. There's a bit of a wince as he turns to regard Karen. He doesn't say anything, really, instead giving one of those classic Murdock long, long pauses, before replying in a calm, measured, and low tone.

"Karen, I apologize for my absence. As I mentioned, I have not been feeling well lately. It was not my intention for you to be yelled at." Notably, he does not mention that it will not happen again.

Though Foggy is most likely getting used to this nowadays, he may notice that Matt does not seem to be hiding any fresh bruises, at least from the way he's dressing.

"Yes, Foggy, I am very optimistic that we'll be alright if it goes to trial. I'm not even sure I expect it to end up at trial."

There is a long, awkward pause. Again.

"Karen, would you mind making a pot of coffee as I take a feel over these files?"

Foggy takes this as his cue to go into "legally sensitive conversation and/or vigilante shit Karen can't hear about (damn you Matt for making him keep that damn secret)" mode and crosses the office, pulling up a chair at Matt's desk. "When I finally buy this office a Kuerig, you're going to have to find a lengthier task to put her to. Personally, I vote snack runs. The bakery that just opened up down the block has macarons," he says, shifting in the chair as he folds and unfolds his arms. He's wearing one of the nicer suits he has, so this is mostly given away by the shuffle of a wool-blend, rather than that kind-of-squeeky sound synthetic fabrics make. One day, one day they will be able to shop somewhere else besides the Men's Wearhouse.

"She really does make a good cup of coffee," Matt replies as he sits back in his chair and exhales while his face raises up towards the ceiling.

Reflexively, Matt reaches up to his neck to under the crimson tie and the button at the top of his grey dress shirt in a measured and practiced way. There's a bit of a sigh as his head lowers back to face Foggy.

"It was a young girl this time, Foggy." There's a twinge of helplessness to his voice. In the past few weeks, Matt has been tailing a half dozen murder cases down in Mutant Town. Each of the deceased were mutants and each shot with the same caliber gun.

"Shit, Matt," Foggy replies with an exhaled sigh. He can practically see the weight of the girl's life on his friend's shoulders. At this point, he could probably guess what Station of the Cross he's at with that burden. "You are not personally responsible for every life in this city." He wonders how many times he's said that. He wonders when Matt's ever going to believe it.

He's quiet for a moment. "Can the family afford the service, or should I have a 'group of anonymous donors' take care of it?" He makes the air-quotes audible.

"I'm not really sure, to be honest. She was gunned down in an alleyway not far from 5th and C. I got there in time to give some first aid while her father went to call the police. She was gone by the time the authorities arrived to contaminate the scene. After they left, I was able to get in a bit without the patrol officer noticing."

Matt lets out a sigh and begins to rub at the sides of his head slowly as if a migraine is coming on. Or as if he hasn't gotten caffeine this morning.

Or as if he hasn't gotten enough sleep.

"Is this a lone wolf sadist or something more targeted? I have no clue."

"You did what you could, more than what anyone else could have," Foggy consolse. "Go home and get a couple hours of sleep, we don't have that meeting til later today. Take what you need with you and Karen and I can get the paperwork together." A pause. "And I do mean go home and /sleep/. No pretending you've gone home only to run around in red kevlar PJs some more. That kind of thing gets way more noticable in the daylight hours.

"I can't, I'm behind as it is. But after business hours today headed straight home, promise," Matt says. "I'll catch a nap when we take lunch," he adds as if that makes up for it. "We need to get that meeting in with the Wu family and I think if we put it off any longer we're going to lose them.

"Look, I know we have our share of pro bono work. All the same, I was hoping you'd be interested in making contact with the family and maybe helping them out. I'm not even sure what they'd need." Pause. "I'd do it my self but the secret ident—"

Just then the door opens and Karen comes in with two steaming cups.

Foggy nods assuringly. "Yeah, yeah, I can handle that, I'll even dig the contact information up myself," he assures Matt, taking his cup from Karen- and then when she isn't looking, he leaves his own cup for Matt, he's going to need the extra fuel. "Karen, do you mind giving me a hand with some of the Wu papers? You have so much better luck with the copy machine than I do. Teach me your ways of electronic snake-charming," he begins with her, leading her ot of Matt's office.

A few moments later, the sound of Yet Another Paper Jam can be heard. But they're handling it!

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