Fluffy White Bunnies

December 03, 2015:

Supercharged Wanda helps out in M-Town and then breaks Brins brain

M-Town and X-Red HQ - New York


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So… this could have gone better. It could have gone worse to be sure. Bobby had responded to a call for help in M-Town put out through the 'Got Your Back' network and is presently pinned behind a car while a small squad of purifiers tries to dismantle it with overpowered flashlights. He's got options to be sure but a lot of them involve property damage and it's entirely possible he's already been shot at least once (he totally has, and it hurts like hell). This is Iceman to any X-Men. I've got purifiers outside a club and they have me pinned. Could really use an assist here.

The ice nerd glances up across the street and at the rooftops at the small squad of men spread out over about fifty yards. A laser pings near his face and he ducks back down. Nope. Still there.

Wanda has been around the world since the unwelcome gift from the Vichanti. Seeking peace and quiet for the most part but also trying out her new powers where she thought she would do good. It never really worked out as well as she hoped but it never does. So she came back to New York and at the moment Wanda doesn't even need her communicator to hear Bobby. The witch flies down to the location…yes…flies. A small trail of scarlet energy behind her to mark her passing before she comes to a halt behind the line of Pacifiers shooting at her boyfriend - Bobby just doesn't know his role yet.

Wanda's eyes are white with scarlet veins flickering through and around them as she stares at the oblivious thugs. Energy builds up around her twitching fingers as she mumbles ancient words to herself; and she knows a lot more of them than she used to. "Enough. You need to learn manners" she whispers before her magic is unleashed. The scarlet lightning wrapping around each of the squad and consuming them in a blinding illumination as their cells are changed and mutated. When the light finally dissipates there are a line of fluffy bunny rabbits looking very confused.

There might be a certain Blue Envoy that feels differently about Bobby's role.

A flash of light and Brin appears besides Bobby, glowing green and gold bow in her hand. Brin had contacted Magik and got stepping disked (is that even right?) in to his co-ordinates. Firing off an arrow in the direction of the nearest Purifier, the mousy mutant, ducks down beside the car. "You're injured." Yeah, she's totally blaming Bobby. "How badly …" she ducks as more laser fire whizzes over their heads.

She hasn't seen the rabbits yet … but when she does, she might try to adopt one.

Bobby looks up at the red lightning and the sudden lack of laser fire. And then he sees a white rabbit hopping across the street… well, hopping around the street in circles. Looking confused. And then Brin's there too. "I'm hit in the leg but not too bad…" He murmurs. "Did you know… Wanda can fly?" Bobby hadn't known that.

"Wanda?!" Bobby calls out waving. Well, at least no one is shooting at him now. Is there anyone else around? Hopefully not. "Whew, am I ever glad to see you. Thanks. Come on down?"

Wanda descends from the heavens like a demonic angel…it's the red that does it…before landing softly on the street. "Hello, Bobby" she smiles before a nod for Brinley too. "Hello, Brin. How are you both? I am well." Her eyes narrow for a moment as if listening to something before the smile returns. "Are either of you hurt? Is anyone hurt?" A sigh as a rabbit bounces past. "I hope they do not go too far. I can change them back if you want. No one is dead." A pause. "Not here at least."

"I didn't" Brin responds as she looks up at their flying team mate and then around at the confused rabbits. As the one bounces past Wanda, Brin tries to snare it in her green and gold shield … WHAT? it's cute? and then she sighs "Please change them back, Wanda … but … can you make it so they're restrained? Oh, Bobby's hurt, in the leg."

"Hang on a sec Wanda…" Bobby gestures in several directions, putting ice cages around each of the rabbits. Man sized ones, thank you. "Okay, whenever you're ready… er…" Brin gets a glance. Yes, yes, he's hurt. "I got hit in the leg before I realized where they were. My mistake really. I can walk but it really, seriously burns. A lot." Only winged probably or he wouldn't have a leg.

"You're looking a bit… different?" The red light playing about her. Bobby only remembers one other time that's happened. "Is everything okay? You went missing from the HQ last night." Yes. He noticed.

"Was it only last night?" Wanda muses absently as she carefully picks up rabbits and places them gently in the cages. "Different? Do I look better or worse?" She looks over at the hobbling Bobby and offers him a faint smile. "It is me. It is not /her/" she assures him. "Let me fix your leg. I am better at these things but may not be for much longer. I do not think I have pleased the… Am I allowed to talk to you about that?" That last question is more to herself and the heavens than anyone around. Wanda waves her hand and the rabbits are now rather confused men in ice cages. Naked men.

"Nggghhhhh" Brin watches as the rabbits transform and blushes … of course they'd be naked.

She's not seen the redlight around Wanda… but she's seen it Bobby's eyes … when he's looked at her. "Yes, just last night. I went looking to speak with you and you … weren't there." Brin sort of needed a friend last night. "You can speak with us…" she's totally bluffing.

Bobby lets out a sigh of relief and gives Wanda hug. "Good to know it's just you. Yeah, uh… if… you don't mind fixing my leg? That'd be great." Because it really hurts. "And then we should probably get out of here." Back to X-Red or off to get somewhere to eat. And it sounds really like Brin and Wanda might want to do some catching up so perhaps he can take a chance to change his now hole-in-leg pants.

"If you do not like this reality, Bobby, then I can change a bit for you" Wanda explains lightly as her magic permeates his wound and the healing begins immediately…and quickly. "People think that reality is solid but it is not. It is fluid. It is everywhere but nowhere." She smirks at the others. "Is it any wonder that I go mad trying to see it all. It also bends." Deciding that Bobby is well on the way to healing she looks at Brinley and tilts her head slightly to one side. "You are sad. You will tell me why." Another flash of light and they are in the X-Red Headquarters once more. "I do not really like doing that" pants bent over Wanda. "I do not want to damage the walls too much. But it is quicker."

Oh wow. Brin's head spins as the trio is transported but she's sensible enough to help Bobby to a room to lie down and recuperate. It might take her a little longer to join Wanda, but that's possible because she went by way of the bathroom and … threw up.

Finally returning to Wanda's side, Brin rubs her temples "Thank you. On behalf of the team and the walls…" that feels weird saying. "Just a little sad, Wanda. It happens sometimes."

"Why are you sad?" Wanda asks before smiling slyly. "It only happens /sometimes/? I must be doing something wrong" she smirks. At least her eyes have returned to normal. She took the time Brin was away to change back into her long t-shirt and legwarmers…or she clicked her fingers. "I have ice cream" she offers and sure enough there is an open tub of it with two spoons jammed in. "That is supposed to help, no?" A pause. "Are you pregnant?"

Oh right, She'd thrown up. That couldn't possibly be because of the transport … eyeing the change in clothing, the mousy mutant takes the icecream "Uh no … or … I hope not?" Not that Brins opposed to children but all in the right time and place, right?

"What happened to you, Wanda?"

"So you want to be pregnant?" Wanda offers. "It may make you happy?" A pause. "Oh, I would not do it. Well I would do it but not do /it/. I just heard voices so I thought you might have been but I can make it happen if you want." The witch purses her lips and then grabs a spoon. "I think I will shut up about that now" she decides before shrugging. "I will tell you what happened to me after you tell me why you were looking for me last night? People do not normally look for me. I am too crazy. No one likes a crazy person. That is the same all over the world. Mmmm…try the ice cream."

"Ngggghhhh" for the second time tonight, Brin is speechless. If she's thought of having children, it's only been in the very recent past. Right… let's change the subject.

Licking icecream off her spoon, the mutant frowns "You know full well, that I look for you." How many times had she sought the woman out for a late night snack in the X-Red kitchen?

"I wanted to speak to you about what happened at the hospital." there'd been another Purifier attack "and …" for a moment the brunette looks a little sheepish "I just needed to talk. About anything."

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