What's A Wench (not a Wrench)

December 02, 2015:

Ulani and Rowan catch up with Mera

The Atlantic


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In the last few days, Mera received a strange message. A message in the form of a small water fish that swam into Atlantis looking for her. A message she should interpret as Ulani wishing to get in touch with her.

With their governments potentially compromised, neither Ulani or Rowan wanted to take the chance their request to meet the Sea Queen and King Arthur (if he was available) would be intercepted.

The Blue Female herself, has been waiting to hear from Mera and is currently investigating locations in the water just past New York Harbour - locations where ships were reportedly attacked…

As easy as it would normally be to contact Mera telepathically, she was particularly intrigued by the little water fish, and THEN sent to the Blue emissary telepathically that her message was received. A quick and very confidential conversation with Arthur, and then she's off toward the Surface, presumably to check on … something. She didn't say. And she dares anyone to actually try to stop and ask.

With her three guards in her wake (and she's careful to NOT outpace them this time), she arrives in a location she was told had an attack on a Surfacer ship. ~ I am here, Ulani. ~

~ So am I, Your Majesty ~ Ulani replies telepathically and swims towards the Sea Queen, offering a small bow as she gets near. "Thank you for coming, I have news about The Lord Of The Deep. It's not good, I fear. And a request."

The area they're in is nothing special and there's no sign of the attack now. But clearly, something has The Blue Envoy unsettled … and she's comfortable enough in Mera's presence to show it.

"Rowan and I went scouting in the Pacific a couple of days ago. The Lord Of The Deep is active there and even though I got close in my water form, I was still detected." Mera might be able to read between the lines, she was attacked. "Since then, we've lost two Blue Settlements to him." the implication is clear, The Lord On The Deep is on the move and bolstering his army.

Mera is as unsettled by this as Ulani appears to be, and promptly relays the information to Arthur. "I will see what aid we can offer." Doing so without risking an information leak is the real challenge, and she knows that Ulani knows it. "Any chance of assistance from the Surfacers?"

Ulani looks grim but reaches down to the pick up a netting bag, a bag that contains urchins and anenomes, opening it and offering Mera a choice of what's inside.

"Thank you. We managed to evacuate one settlement, but the other lost 100 residents." Taking an urchin for herself and cracking it open, Ulani fixes Mera with a concerned look "There's six more Blue Settlements in the creatures way. The Elite Six we used in Los Angeles are evacuating them. But we're worried, Your Majesty. The evacuations are causing other problems."

Mera should understand that. The compacting of the Blue populace into the bigger cities, literally herding them together. If the Governments are compromised … the Lord Of The Deep will now where the cities are. And then there's the issue of provisions - with the Settlements left empty, supplies to the cities will dwindle … and place more pressure on the natural resources in those areas.

"We were wondering if there's been similar activity in the Atlantic. We didn't want to scout near, or in, Atlantean territory without your permission."

Mera shakes her head no. "Not that I have heard of, but that does not mean it isn't possible." She is honestly irritated at the lack of trust still between the Blue and the Atlanteans, but is aware that her opinion is VERY unusual and most likely stems from her upbringing elsewhere. Generations of separation can't be erased that easily. "I will try to ask quietly." She looks in the netting bag and delicately plucks out an urchin before cracking the shell open without bothering to remove any of the spines first.

The two ocean-born women are conferring just outside of New York Harbor, in an area that has seen recent attacks on Surfacer ships. Considering the possibility of spies in their respective governments, it is likely reasonable to guess why they chose to meet here.

Rowan is late because he wasn't particularly invited but it's not hard to find the other two women from the sky. Well it's not hard to find Mera. There aren't many who look like her and not many of those who would be so close to a shore so regularly. There's a flap of wings as a six winged dragon touches down nearby and transforms into Rowan's more familair humanoid form. "Your Majesty. Ulani. Hope I'm not interrupting."

"We would like to recon the area, Queen Mera." Ulani looks up as Rowan approaches and holds out the netting bag. "Of course not, Rowan. You're always welcome. I was just briefing Mera on The Lord Of The Deeps' activity in the Pacific." She still hasn't heard if the other six settlements have been hit, but no news is usually good news, right?

"You were asking if the Surfacers could help, your Majesty." Ulani glances to Rowan "They are … unaware … of the extent of the problem. And given the feeling about Atlanteans, we think it best that remain so, for now." At least until The Blue make an appearance.

Mera nods, as much as she wishes she could demand that the Surfacers start contributing to the planetary defense, she understands why the Blue don't want to announce their existence. She bows slightly to Rowan in greeting, and then something occurs to her. He might know the answer to this conundrum that's been bothering her for about a day. "Rowan. You spend time on the surface, yes? Do you know what the Surfacer word 'wench' means?"

Rowan's eyes widen slightly. He does, though rather by accident. "Uh, it's not often taken to be a kind word. It describes a woman, usually of low station, who is often… er… available." In some places it can simply mean 'woman' or 'serving woman' but that's increasingly uncommon these days. How Mera heard that word he doesn't really want to know.

"The surfacers could help if they got their minds to it, probably, but they'd have to be convinced… and then our people would have to be convinced. And I don't think we have time for either."

Ulani blushes as Mera asks that question. She's been watching TV and movies. She did have to ask someone what the word meant, and her companion had blushed dreadfully as he'd explained. Mera can certainly see the picture of that interchange clearly in Ulani's surface thoughts.

"It's moving quickly, Your Majesty. And, as I proved the other day, our Elite units are unable to hide from it. If Rowan hadn't been providing aerial surveillance, it would have surely captured me." She's none to proud of that fact.

Mera takes in Rowan's explanation and Ulani's internal reaction to the word and is now even MORE glad she put that strange water woman in her place. Terribly, terribly rude. "I will let Arthur know, and see what sort of assistance we can offer." She hopes that that'll translate to 'all the assistance', but again. Politics. Ugh.

"The Blue are readying a… forceful response but it's checking us with every move and we don't know who we can trust in our own government. We're taking a horrible risk just trusting ambassador Kraye. We also don't know how bad the infiltration is and whether or not its secrets, trechery or both we have to deal with." And then there's Athur's people. Rowan doesn't want to put too fine a point on it but even if it weren't for the fact that some of them are cultists he doesn't know how much they can be trusted. Their anger and hatred almost defines them.

As they're speaking, Ulani looks off into the middle distance … and then looks back to her companions "We've lost two of those six settlements. The message just came in. No villagers taken, but two of the Elite Six were critically wounded, covering the evacuation" Blowing out a deep breath "That means they'll be out for a week." And they're the only ones that Ulani trusts.

Ulani's surface thoughts are incredibly worried, in turmoil almost. Mera will sense her frustration. They're bound by diplomatic measures but this is a far reaching problem.

"Ambassador Kraye wishes to meet, Rowan. Soon." The urchin is held, forgotten in the Blue Envoys hand.

Mera frowns. "I should return to Atlantis immediately." Yes, she's already shared the information wtih Arthur, but convincing the Council to grant a section of the already stretched-too-thin military to aid the Blue is going to take WORK.

"We think that it's psychic in some manner but you would know better than us." When Mera says she needs to go Rowan nods and steps back. "We'll be in touch your Majesty. Hopefully sooner rather than later." That is if the Lord hasn't done something horrible by then. Which is always a possibility.

"My thanks, Your Majesty. Here are my communication frequencies, you can reach me anytime." Even when Ulani is on the surface. With a respectful nod, she hands the mesh bag to Sea Queen … snacks for her to enjoy.

"Rowan, I'm going to meet with Ambassador Kraye. Will you join me?" Seems, this meeting is at a close.

Mera accepts the bag of snacks and turns to depart, heading back toward Atlantis. But not before sharing the snacks with her three bodyguards. Tide have to eat also, you know.

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