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December 02, 2015:

A meeting at Queensland Park leads to wants and needs left questionable…

Queensland Park

Originally, this land was set aside by King George III for his consort
Queen Charlotte, though after the Revolution those who wanted to live like
'Kings' quickly set up their farms and became the shining welcome to
newcomers to Metropolis.

This area is home to the bulk of the immigrant population and while in
other areas, like New York and Gotham, would say that members of these
diverse ethnic cultures cannot live in close proximity, the residents of
Queensland Park prove it untrue.

Welcome to the melting pot of humanity.


NPCs: G.W. Bridge Agent Friso



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Devastation was not only kept to Hell's Gate when it came to the opening of the final Boom Tube. The blast stretched out to Queensland Park as well, and this as well as New Troy are the two major spots in flux of needing expansion as those who resided in Hell's Gate were forced to move. If not from their homes being demolished, by the Agencies that moved in and walled off Hell's Gate like an Area 51. What was not under lock and key remained an empty wasteland.

In Queensland Park the hospital is overflowing and understaffed, workers and volunteers step up to take in these 'refugees' and displaced citizens of Metropolis as well as begin the building of additional high rises and small homes to litter where open fields had been, even Reserves and National Guard brought tents. But first and foremost is cleaning up the mess from the backdraft and that is where Starfire is despite the slow fall of snow and iced over slabs of hammered concrete. The purple metal boots plant firmly, a hiss escaping as they release an exhaust and anchor down while the emanating heat coming from the flamed tail of radiating mane works to melt the mornings surroundings of ice and snowfall so she ca get to work again.

The appearance of the Outsiders brought in rallies of cheers during the invasion as well as terror. Despite the team being known among the streets and vendors, /what/ they were was resting on ignorance and assumption. Now they knew, and after a very real alien threat. This did not stop Starfire, and this morning she brought Skaar. Foundations needed stripped and poured for people to have homes come Christmas…

Large chunks of re-bar and slabs of severed brick and crete chunk off and fall to the ground as Starfire uses the leverage and planted feet to lift a large piece of fallen complex that made up most of a second level. Muscles strained and her jaw set but once she got it hefted and out of the way she launched it to Skarr who worked on a dilapidated building beside her but closer to the truck that would dump and mince the old to make into new and prepare for the pouring. "Heads up!"

All the while the massively cleared area is maintaining an audience of onlookers, curious residents, media, haters alike as well as children who have painted their face orange or green and emulate with small stones. This has been going on for weeks and one complex is almost done.

Somehow Skaar has been dragged into this. Koriand'r can be very persuasive when she wants, because the green-skinned young man doesn't like cities much, or crowds, or people. Demolishing buildings could almost be entertaining. But actually he has to be careful not to break anything that can be salvaged, as the belongings of people that lost almost everything are still there, sometimes in places walled by the firemen and rescue teams from civilians.

She also keeps tossing large chunks of buildings at him. For fun. "I got it," he replies laconically, catching the flying wall of concrete and brick, and keeping it together with the Old Power. Several tons of debris get dumped into the truck, which groans under the weight.

The truck driver looks bemused and makes sure his machine can handle the weight before giving a thumb up and climbing into the cabin. There goes another. The trucks make a dozen trips every day, and there are hundreds. Lexcorp, though, not NYC's Damage Control.

This 'assembly line' keeps going, and sometimes she even tosses Skaar 'trick shots' of rubble and heavy lifting to keep him on his toes and keep it fun for them. none the less some jeers of people bearing signs for them to go home yell and try to point out the error of these ways and how destructive we are while others argue back at them and Starfire just ignores it. It is a normal backdrop white noise at this point and slowly the rally of haters has dwindled over the weeks. Either giving up by not being able to rile the alien scum with throwing rotten food and stones or simply seeing and believing. Not all are bad. But then you have your zealots…

Lifting another massive wall still held at a bent edge of metal bracing, beneath is a smashed toy box, but a stuffed elephant protrudes from the side and remains in tact, only the small tuft of hair on its tail is singed and a leg is soggy from the water used to douse flames by firemen. The wall is held up in one arm and the elephant is worked free just before she chucks the wall over her shoulder to Skaar! "I saw these in Pooh cartoons! Is this a Heffalunp or Woozle?" Perplexed brow dips as she dusts the stuffed creature off and walks towards the crowd and sets it on the 'Lost and Found' Table that has formed fr the residents to claim anything of theirs that survived… That is when the caravan of official sleek vehicles is spotted winding their way towards them through the streets, the lead Cadillac pulling up so close residents even had to part ways.

"Skaar, company." Starfire states as she steps back and heads back to resume work despite the man in his polished shoes that steps forth from the back of the Cadi, tugging at the lapels of his suit to straighten them and clearing his throat. Wordlessly trying to get Kori to stop and acknowledge him so he did not have to go beyond the safety barricades and get dirty. When she doesn't stop he sighs and looks to the flack vested DEO agents and gestures for them to join him beyond, pursuing her although it is evident that their eyes are also on Skaar as their birth is wide and acknowledging, but non-aggressive - with means to flip switch…

In Skaar's opinion, Kory is too easily amused. But he is usually grumpy, so his opinion is biased. He actually welcomes the sight of the government agents, it is more interesting than dissembling ruined buildings, even if chances are they do not come to give them medals.

And a second later something more interesting happens. A large dark grey and blue airship comes down into a nearby ruined park. The civilians ooh and aah as the flying vehicle sports preeminently the stylized eagle emblem of SHIELD. Grey on gray. A ramp drops from a side and sure enough, several agents in blue armor come down. But they are not armed except for the holstered sidearms. The first of them is a powerfully built, dark skinned man in his fifties, the hair gone white already. He doesn't hesitate a second to walk into the ruined building, despite a comment of hone of his younger companions about it looking unsafe.

The look on Skaars face at the agents gets a perk of brow on Kori's face as she draws to a stop. She very well heard the following footsteps down to the squeaky moan of every footstep in those tight leather polished shoes. That and the rustle of those with him, but it gets drowned out with the drop of the airship and the exit of other officials. Now she is not finding this amusing as it almost appears like she and Skaar are being herded into a surrounding circle.

"K'tten. Lock into coordinates, set disabling interceptors. If they attack ground their ship, fry their vehicles GPS and computers then wait for my next call."
"Aye Kori, triangulation acquired. Locked." K'tten replies and then slowly Starfire draws in a breath to keep that tension from being evident.

In that moment of pause though the DEO Rep has closed the distance and when she turns the mans soft hand is extended with a pearly smile that reaches to rims of RayBan sunglasses. "Agent Friso. I am here to speak with you both in representation of the DEO." Though as he speaks his head tilts a bit to show his attention has momentarily driven to the man disembarking from the aircraft, his shoulders squaring.

Interesting… Kori looks back at Skaar before her pupilless emerald gaze lowers to the extended hand and her own tawny huen hand slides into the offered, the bracing of purple armor having slid from forearm to settle like fingerless gloves.

"You don't look dressed to help." Kori states while her eyes reflect the evident inspection that rolls over him and then his men.

Skaar comes in from the other direction the men in black, giving them a vaguely threatening stare. Of course they have not come to help, not with the building at least. "What is a DEO?" Asks the green giant, leaning against the wall. He is not up to date in the news, no surprise there.

The SHIELD agents show up quickly enough, their outfits much better suited to move through the building. "Friso, you're early," grumbles the older agent. Or maybe he is late, the man seems unhappy about it. "Commander Bridge, ma'am," he greets to Starfire.

"No Bridge, you are late. Rule of thumb for business, show up early." Friso states as he adjusts his glasses and shifts his guarded gaze from Bridge to Skaar and the smile that threatens to form seems small and forced.

"Department of Extranormal Operations. After the attack on Hell's Gate this became our jurisdiction." And it seemed every word and syllable drew his attention back to Bridge.

The rising tensions are palpable and Kori withdrew her hand, wiping ot off on her thigh as if there was something foul in the exchange, but Bridge on the other hand gets a slow nod from Kori and then her gaze settles on Skaar. A silent exchange, but in the way her spine straightens it tells enough. "If you have not come to help then you are in the way." Her words slicing between the two mens posturing exchange.

"I am here in regards to your appearance here, as well as that of the ship that revealed itself over Queensland Park during the attack. Presuming it is alien." Friso states now, for the moment trying to cut off Bridge as if his looming presence was not there at all.

"I am Captain Koriand'r of that ship. It has done no wrong here. My friends an I only have helped."

"So, you are saying you and yours are not of this world?" The man more states then asks. Confirming.

Skaar listens in threatening silence, frowning at the exchange. Friso is leading up to something with his questions. "Neither is Superman, hmm? Have you talked to him?" He pitches. "Extranormal Operations," he snorts. What are 'normal' operations for these people, anyway?

Bridge shakes his head. "I am a soldier, I don't do 'business'," then to Starfire, "captain, I will wait outside until Agent Friso has said his bit. I expect what he is going to say will make me want to throttle him. But I do need to speak with you, if not now, then soon."

"Oh we are aware of Superman and his status as well as those of shared ilk." Friso states, the smile cold and lazy - he does not practice much, but it is evident this is business to him and he is the hand shaker first, but the way Starfire studies him… Wishing she could see the depth (or lack thereof) of his eyes. His vibe makes her far more tense, but neither are slighted acute attention. Admissions can be warnings as loud as silence and a costume.

Friso does not seem to pay attention to Bridge's departure, the reflection of it seen fed back in the lens of the sunglasses. He regards Skaar and comes to the smart conclusion to fold his hands behind his back as he continues. "None the less, I am here on behalf of the DEO to strike you a deal. We need people like you both, your crew, we need your help and your knowledge so that things once speculation and mystery can be a bit more revealed to us. Work with us and the benefits you will find are rewarding." Though he does not elude to the detriment.

Starfire watches Bridge go and her chin lowers in a nod of affirmation, she will speak with him, and almost would rather, now her words to Friso. "Me and mine are not here for exchanges with weight," Politics. "I like your Earth, and your people, but your…" A waffling hand gesture like she'd pull the correct word from thin air is made. "Governments… I do not trust. Aliens are aliens from your shoes to mine. Me and mine are not for sale."

Friso remains calm, the elusive smile omnipresent as he turns then to face Skaar. "And you. Does she speak for you…?" The pause waiting for a name.

Skaar shrugs. And lets a few seconds pass, to gauge the patience of the agent. "No one speaks for me. And I shall think about it." After all, they are just asking for information, or are they? They, however, come with the airs of entitled noblemen, which almost always rub wrong to Skaar. Friso doesn't seem the kind of person that makes fair deals, or deals fairly with people.

With the lowering of Friso's chin now they can get a glimpse of his eyes, they're a stone-cold gray and show as much lifelessness, in fact it is almost sinking. It is brief and Starfire holds that gaze for as long as it is shown with the small nod. He now steps forward and his hands withdraw from behind his back, slowly… He is trained well in working with the unknown it appears and so his move seems harmless and spread to emphasize it. From his hand a card is flicked between fingers and out towards Skaar, another to Kori, seeming magical but it only setting the smoothness of his actions. Deliberation.

"We come in peace. Do you? People wonder, now especially. Sometimes the wondering needs answered to all the right people first." With that he nods towards Bridge and adjusts his sunglasses once more, the smile spreading to almost cocky proportions. "You're out of your jurisdiction, Bridge. I will be noting it to my superiors." It was.

Without further ado, Friso spins on heel and heads back for the caravan, smoothly avoidant of any mess in his way while his men close behind him. "I will give you one week to formulate responses."

Starfire holds the card between fingers and looks at Skaar, lips pursing just before it goes up in perse flames. "I also don't negotiate for my friends." A hand reaches out and claps Skarr on the shoulder, glancing towards Bridge with silent inquiry. Does he even wish to proceed?

Bridge went outside, but the two aliens can almost hear him ignoring Friso. One of the younger agents, however, is not as controlled. "S.H.I.E.L.D. is a worldwide agency that works for the United Nations, of course we have jurisdiction," Bridge interrupts her, though. "Quiet, he is just goading and you fell for it." "Sorry, sir."

In fact Bridge says absolutely nothing else until the black cars are retreating down the shattered street. "That was quick, should have figured he wouldn't dare to go into the threats with so little backup." He sees Kori and offers a brief smile. "The public is concerned about aliens, fanned by the outspoken voices of the usual fear-mongers. But you have proven to be friends now and in the past, so usually S.H.I.E.L.D. would leave you alone."

The old soldier pauses, trying to find the right words. "But right now, we need the help of our friends. There is a plan… a project, to give Earth a voice in an intergalactic community of which we don't know enough."

Friso heard, but to each their own avenues. No one deals with 'Trespassers' with as much candor as necessary for long. These aliens and theirs have been assigned to him and gained attetion of their actions by the DEO. Every step from here on out will be dissected. This started nicely.

When they step away from one meeting place and enter another, Bridge is held with the same regard - but a different manner of business as one goes from suit and tie backed by people geared for spec ops to ones already dressed as soldiers. "Oh he hinted enough." Kori stated lowly, again glancing towards Skarr and rubbing those fingers together.

"You want a very large and loud voice then. And you will need one that is backed. Your Earth is small and the many nations do not get along, neither do your agencies. As I said, I like your people, but not you politics." A gesture from him to the departing caravan. "You have a long way to go before you want to be more known then you already are."Pausing she watches Bridge and tilts her head. "Aliens even hate other aliens, and I do not speak for the ones I know. What do you desire from us, Commander Bridge?"

Bridge nods. "I'd leave to people smarter than me the details," he admits. "But we do need information on space civilizations, historical data, and certainly the technology. Not the secret super technology, but the technology that is common in all races able to travel between the stars. We have bits and pieces, but not the whole picture."

Skaar looks at the SHIELD agent. But it sounded almost like a chuckle. "They want access to your Wikipedia, Koriand'r." That made the Sakaarson's day. Hilarious.

Skaar's joke gets Koriand'r staring at him deadpan for a moment, at a loss for words to either of them and then the laughter came in a manner that has her holding her middle and the ends of hair casting a brighter glow, the heat emanating to warm the surroundings and if you're too close… Likely start heating you like a tea kettle to rise with her own mirth.

Well, commander, I have never had it put to me that way before." A brow waggle and Kori winks to him but then after a moments breath, sobers with the voice of K'tten breaching the comm loud enough to be heard throughout.

"X'Hal bless that man for having a sense of humor." Though K'tten was not speaking of Skaar. "He has to have one to think we would just hand over what is left of our people and all that we know."

Kori's laughter was utterly gone and the seriousness came down to every tic upon her face, her deep plum lips set into a line. "She is very right, Commander Bridge."

The SHIELD's agent shakes his head, "no… only what would easily know already to anyone in other world." He pinches the bridge of his nose. "Actually the Wikipedia is a good comparison. Look, you have made Earth your home and you are willing to risk you lives for it. Would be sharing your technology and history be a greater sacrifice? Or do you have some code of law that prevents you from doing so? I work for the United Nations, not any singular nation seeking advantage over others. You said it, we need a large and loud voice, and that means we need spaceships and we need to know who is trustworthy out there."

Kori is skeptical, it can be read in the way she watched Bridge from beneath furrowed brows and from narrowed gaze that insets those emerald eyes deeper, shadowing their brilliance. A sidelong shift of eyes went back to Skaar and then she queued up the comm piece bud so that it could be heared loud and clear - feedback and intel alike from crew to this… SHIELD.
"My people are few to none, my tech is in the hands of my people and their people alike. It is not my sole decision to share it. Give my advice.." Kori pauses, her lower lip captured between teeth as air is hissed inward and then the exhale visibly releases the tension wound tight in her shoulders.
"I can help. This place is our home and I will protect it. I swore it years ago when the people welcomed me the first time and made me feel comfort here. But I think you understand when I say I cannot give what is not mine and as for my people… I have one other of Tamaran with me I would have to consult before agreeing with that." Nevermind Blackfire, or her existance somewhere out there, if the time ever came there - it would be handled.

Bridge nods, then thinks for a moment and goes on, “we are not asking for your ship, captain. Just for a way to build our own at some point in the future. There are a few samples of advanced alien technology all over the planet. But no blueprints, manuals or people willing to train our science teams in what for your ship technicians would be basic skills.”

Skaar seems amused by the whole setup. After all, the humans have tried to ignore the existence of aliens for a long while. Or at least the governments did. “You got those for a while, hmm? But instead of letting your best go over them you hid them away. This attack forced the human rulers to change their stance.”

The look on Kori's face could show the chagrin mingled with amusement as Skaar speaks and Bridge asks for alien help. The thing they refused to know until they are forced to. "So then, Captain Bridge, what would it be if I offered to assist in overseeing blueprints and supplies? I can,"
"Koriand'r! are you out of your mind!? You cannot possibly…"
"K'tten. I got this, I will give nothing of ours up. That is a discussion we will all have. But I can give them /me/. That is -not- anyone elses decision."

Now Kori tilts her head at Bridge and nods. "As I was saying. I will tell you what will and will not work, aid in design and blueprints and see if I can find others that are willing to do the same. But do not ask me for anything other then me." Kori is no fool to double crossing and loopholes that will lose lives and friends with alien colonies, and Earth is no exception.

The SHIELD agent seems to be somewhat surprised by Koriand’r offer, but it is not a bad idea. It is not as if a number of superbeings do not already work with SHIELD. “I suppose that is not a bad idea. I can clear it up with Fury easily enough, and give you access to the labs at the Triskelion and the carrier Odysseus. Much of the research is still top secret, but I think that is due to change in the next few months.” He glances at Skaar, too. “Our politicians will do what the people demand. Sometimes reluctantly, but they will do so at the end.”

Starfire takes a step back and lightly brushes fingers along Skaar's shoulder, indicating coming to a close with this before she starts heading back for the construction and the people that stand and wait - watching with a new type of wonder and curiosity. "You know where to find us, Captain. Just let me know the details and I will let you know the can's and cannots and will gather who else is willing."
Pausing though a few long strides take her back to stand before Bridge and extend her hand to shake and close this part of their discussion and meeting, unless he had anything else to add.

Bridge shakes the young woman’s hand. No much to add but some details about how to establish secure communications between the starship Starfire and SHIELD. They are certainly going to request Kori’s expertise often. Which will doubtlessly lead to arguments with K’tten, since the other woman is the real technician!

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