The Partisan Word

December 01, 2015:

Yet again, Reavers target a hospital where a downed hero is taken

New York


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For a bit over a month now the Reavers - low rent cyborgs if such a thing can be said to exist - have made a habit of trying to kill superheroes, generally going after the lone wolves, the inexperienced and the isolated. To combat this Kate Bishop and a number of other heroes have spread the word of the 'Got Your Back' network, that gives otherwise isolated vigilantes and metahumans a chance to call out for help or a place to go when they get in over their head. As a result, the body count for the Reavers has been going waaaay down but not for lack of trying.

Tonight there's been another incident. A quick meta with the unoriginal name of Blue Shift was ambushed and wounded but managed to limp his way to the hospital. Police were summoned while the ER staff did its work but five minutes ago the police came under fire from a pair of bulky combat cyborgs. This isn't the first time that Reavers or Purifiers have targeted hospitals in an effort to finish jobs that they've botched and while there's only two of them the cops don't have the firepower to sort this out on their own. So the alarm has gone out to all quarters. SHILED, X-Red, everyone and anyone. And that's not counting who might just have been listening in.

Brins got the call out at X-Red and is currently talking to one of the police, a concerned look in her eye. Wearing black combat pants, a red T-shirt with a stylised X over her heart and a canvas combat jacket, she glances inside the hospital.

Last time they were here, there was someone she knew on duty.

The radio signal is weak, partially hidden by static but it's there. The voice isn't familar, but the callsign sure is. "Snake bite one actual, message received and understood."Clad in a mixture of ceramics, kevlar and who knows what else she cuts a familar shape. Then theres that cat-skull helmet, and the toxic green glow of those "eyes". Quietly she threads her way through the alley, tucking the stock of that nasty little carbine into her shoulder. She moves quietly and calmly towards the sound of gunfire as she pops that grenade launcher open and drops in a neat 30mm HEDP with a satisfying little -thwip- before quietly palming it shut, searching for these two cyborgs to try and get a proper line on these assholes. Preferably from the flanks, but of course.

SHIELD gets the call, but they're already stretched a bit thin. So May heads toward that hospital on her own. Once she realizes WHICH hospital this is, she's … displeased. With the Reavers. They really should make her angry. No one likes her when she's angry. Thus, when she arrives via ley line and approaches from behind the Reavers, she's already got her chain whip in hand. No pulling punches today.

Nine millimetre rounds bounce off the Reaver's armor and the police scatter when one of the laser and minigun armed cyborgs literally blows up a police car. They look like they're about to push into the ER proper when they start getting contacts from elsewhere. May in particular, they turn to deal with her, opening fire but the burst of whatever that was when she arrived is playing hell with their targeting so it's not horribly accurate. Up close there are plenty of chinks in the armor she can take advantage of. She's just got to get there without getting turned into paste.

A figure with amber batwings carrying an anti materiel rifle lands about a hundred yards away and takes up a bracing position.

Aspect on scene. He transmits on all channels, including that hidden, staticy one. With the Reavers temporarily occupied by May, Brinley Aspect and perhaps someone else have a chance to really make them pay for not knowing their surroundings or minding their flanks.

Brins squishy, she knows this and she seeks cover behind one of the concrete pillar at the opening of the ER … and manifests her glowing green and gold whip - not something she uses a lot in the field - it requires a certain amount of skill to use.

With a practiced motion, she steps out from cover and sends the whip snaking out towards a Purifiers laser weapon … if it hits it'll wrap around the weapon and let the mousy mutant pull the Purifier off balance … distraction at least.

"Hey assholes!"Comes a shout, as Part lets that red dot dance across the back of one of those reavers. "Fuck your shit!" Yes yes, Ladies and Gentlemen the Partisan has arrived. She lets that distinctive bullpup loose with a bellow of fire, letting the gun run full cyclic in an apparent attempt to dump that entire 75rnd drum into reaver flanks. Churning out steel cored death with a furious concussive stream of gunfire, windows shatter, dust leaps from the ground, lights flicker and die. Finishing that stream of gunfire with a distinctive K-THUNK of a 30MM cute little HEDP round left streaming towards it's target.

Melinda May has to throw herself behind the corner of a building as the Reavers open fire in her general direction, and they prove they're from the Stormtroopers school of sharpshooting. But, that also means she's stuck and can't get any closer to them. Not right this moment anyway.

Brin grabs the leftmost one, the one closes to Partisan, and yanks it off balance with her construct moments before Part opens up. While these things are armored to be bullet proof they're not iron man. There are joints and such that are vulenerable and frankly that 30MM HEDP is not something they were expecting to deal with today. The bullets spark as they slice cables and hoses and then that penetrator detonates inside the weapon arm of the nearest one, blowing all the connections and nearly blowing the arm off. Half a second later Jericho shoots the rightmost one right though its knee, locking the leg out and rendering the cyborg immoble. Now the gunfire is split two ways, toward Partisan and toward Jericho, leving May and Brinley unmolested. The thing, though? There's a lot less of it than there was a moment ago. These guys are nearly done.

Inside a young woman with mussed brown hair hauls the superhero off his bed and helps him toward a an elevator with several security guards. "Second time this month." She mutters, listening nervously to the gunfire outside. "Get him up to the ICU, I'm staying down here." She says as she pushes the erstwhile hero-patient in and reaches around to hit the door close button before bolting back. Brin might catch a glimpse of her.

Brin was leaning back against her whip, as the arm on the Reaver nearly detaches and finds herself stumbling backwards, the whip disappearing as her concentration falters, putting her in direct line of site of the young woman.

"Ms Trent?" the brunette calls the nurse who is obviously staying "Stay close to me…" it takes a few moments and her glowing green and gold bow and arrows (bodkins) appear… quickly she aims one at The Reaver … and looses.

takes a diving leap to the side out of cover, hitting the ground shoulder first as her right hand sweeps down to her side. It's a single smooth movement before she slides to a stop in a low crouch, carbine held off by her left hand as she swings that distinctive mother fucking laser revolver up. It does not unfortunately go "pew-pew", no it goes -POP-POP and indeed it typically makes mothufuckas drop. She draws down, aiming for the base of the neck and the terminal of the shoulder. So yes, she's going for yaknow. Traumatic laser induced decapitation. "Knock that shit off you chucklefuck, you fight like a little bitch so do us all a favor and die like a man!"The Partisan everyone.

Melinda May bolts out from behind her cover when the fire gets diverted elsewhere, making a dash for the hospital doors where she can now see Myers. She gets there in time to see the Partisan swoop in and make those Reavers really, really regrets their choices. At this point she doesn't even try to attack them again. She trusts the Partisan to put them down with a singular finality. Instead, she steadies Brin. "Can you tell if there are any casualities nearby?" As in injured police officers or civilians.

That chemical laser is no joke. Partisan boils through the armor (what of it there is) around the neck and shoulder area, exposing the machinery inside in two shots which is promptly melted to slag on the next. And has Jericho been watching on the cameras? Apparently since his next shot doesn't penetrate but rather rips one of the armored plates on the chest off moments before Brin looses her arrow. That, and another blast of laser fire from Partisan on the next put the second of the two reavers down for the count. By the time May reaches Brinley the ER parking lot is eerily quiet but for the sound of burning police cars.

Nice work Snakebite One. Good to see you again, by the way. Partisan has been off on her own business, or perhaps it was CCU business. Jericho thinks it likely both. As he shoulders his weapon and walks toward where May and Brin are that young nurse emerges. She looks a bit scared, more than a bit angry and… actually quite a bit like Jericho. "Safe now?" She'd heard Brin's instruction to stay near but she figured she'd do that from under cover. "What the actual hell? Are we gonna have to station Iron Man at our front door or something?" She sighs. "Hello Agent May. Is that…?" Yeah, that's Jericho approaching. And… who is the other one? The one with the laser revolver?

"Are you unharmed, Ms Trent?" Brin accepts Mays steadying hand. With a moments concentration, as her bow disappears, she answers May's question "Three wounded, I think, Agent May. In that direction." raising a hand she gestures to her left "It's a little /noisy/ and hard to pick up who's just frightened and who might be injured."

She'll leave the approaching blonde to introduce herself, simply greeting her with "Been a while… and hello Jericho. Thanks you three, for the assist."

Partisan snorts from behind her helmet, as she rises to her boots. Taking a moment to first reload that revolver, and then her carbine. Then well, meandering over to quickly take anything from those assholes she deems an immediate must have. Lenses, exotic batteries, fancy knives you know the drill. She gives May a little lift of the chin, Brin gets a casual little wave. Jerry receives a slug on the shoulder, before lifting her gloved hands to fiddle with her helmet. Popping the latches out back to start rolling it free to the hiss of pressurized oxygen. "I'm the Mother Fucking Partisan, of course."

Melinda May lifts her chin in a return greeting to Partisan and doesn't stop her from 'claiming loot' from the downed Reavers. "Might want to get some triage units out here, Trent," she tells the young woman that bears a striking resemblance to Jericho. "There are at least a couple of wounded." She nods to Brin to lead the way, hoping she can ferret them out quickly.

There are some laser lenses to work with, the power sources from the Reavers, targeting and comms, there's a few goodies in there. By the time Partisan is done looting the woman May keeps calling 'Trent' has ducked back inside and rusled up some nurses and doctors to get the wounded into the hospital where they can be treated. She stops at the door with the other two as Jericho grins to Part and then heads on over to May and Brin waiting for the expert soldier to join them, traced out blue. The woman kind of stares for a moment and then shakes it off. She doesn't see him like that really ever.

"You okay?" The hacker says quietly.

"Just shook up." Comes the response. "Friend of yours out there?" That's addressed to everyone since the woman has no idea who may or may not know Partisan but she's guessing Jericho does from the slug on the shoulder he got. "Hey Miss!" It's Miss right. "Thanks for the help. Seriously."

No need for Brin to lead the way, the injured are easily found. Giving a wave to Part, she quirks a faint smile a Gabby "Don't stare, you might give him a complex" she jest "You might say she's a friend." she remarks. Her introduction to Partisan had been … interesting but they'd reached an alliance of sorts.

Partisan peels that helmet away with a little sigh, aaand yeah she's young, blonde and it's not unlike a hundred other faces she's carried really. "It's no problem in the least, and really it's just "Partisan"."Casually hanging her helmet from her hip and ducking away to get a cigarette lit with a happy little sigh. "It's sort've like my job and stuff, you know being a counter-fascist populist folk hero revolutionary."Grinning juuust enough to let the sarcasm through. "Hard work really, no dental or anything."

Melinda May leads the nurses et al to the various injured people, and once everyone's been taken care of she returns to where Partisan and Jericho still are. "Partisan. Good to see you again." Even if the face is unfamiliar, the cat skull mask is a complete giveaway.

The woman seems a bit taken aback at Part's young age and glances over to Jericho who just gives her a bit of a shrug. "You get used to it." Or you know, you don't. Either way. "As she says, Gabrielle this is Partisan. She's a good friend of mine. Very good friend. Partisan this is Gabrielle. My sister."

"Call me Gabby." The young woman offers glancing around at May and Brinley. "So you work with these two… and this idiot?" She jerks a thumb at Jericho who snorts. "When she's not fighting the good fight yes."

"There's things you learn not to ask in this business." Brin murmurs as she takes in Gabby reaction. "And X-Red have … " her eyes cut to Part "worked with Partisan." even though X-Red have a /no kill/ rule. How does that work again?

Partisan clears her throat before stepping near to offer her hand and a warm smile, nevermind the battle gear for the moment kiddos. "Oh he's an idiot alright, which is why he needs somone to watch out for him. You know put foam on the sharp corners, make sure the area is devoid of obvious choking hazards. Anyway Gabby it's a Pleasure, if you ever need anything of course just ask."Easing back as she puffs after her smoke, to offer May a wink in her direction. "Yeah, I had some shit to take care of. Things got a little out've hand, but thats China for you these days. Glad to see I was missed, I did bring some stuff back if you want a gift yaknow."

Melinda May nods to Partisan, then looks from her to Jericho. "I've had to call in SHIELD support. We're stretched thin, but backup teams will still be here in about ten minutes." She tells them this so they can plan to be gone before the rest of the SHIELD units arrive, if they feel they need to. And then she turns to Gabrielle again. "Medical is sending an additional team again. Did anyone inside get hit this time?"

Brin will, of course, stick around. X-Red have a public profile and she's been working hard to develop and maintain relations (not that way!) with the various Authorities. "Other X-Red members will be along presently too, Agent May. They were all out on assignment." It's no secret that the team has to pay the rent, so to speak, and members work hard but also entitled to downtime.

The ER personnell are slowly clearing the injured out and it won't be long before the other Emergency Services arrive to help clean up. "Good to see you again, Partisan. With what's going on, I fear you'll be needed." Fear, likely being the operative word.

Jericho snorts again, this time at Partisan. "Glad to know some things haven't changed. I'd love to see what you brought back. Meet you over at CCU HQ when this is done? I kept the cobwebs out and such." Place is functional as it ever was.

"CC What?" Gabby looks up at him.

"Later." If the hacker ever does explain it. He's not in the habit of explaining much.

"Right. Uh, no, Agent May. No one inside hurt though they were gunning for my patient and you might want to talk to him."

"People like me are always needed, even if you don't want to admit it. It's not like the world gets less violent without me around, not like anyone is willing to do this job."Part pauses to let her cigarette fall, snuffing it under boot as she begins strapping her helmet back on with a soft hiss of oxygen oncemore. "Violence is the only currency that will always trade for more than gold, it's folly to presume Humans to be "nice" animals. You ever want to change anything, you've got to start filling graves."She gives Jerry a nod of affirmation, before snagging her carbine for a casual chamber check. Seems she's not long for this joint either.

May acknowledges Gabrielle's explanation and makes a mental note to have someone talk with the patient that the Reavers chased here. She'd do it herself, but she's been told that she doesn't exactly cut the most reassuring profile. So instead, she simply nods to the others as they either prepare to leave or choose to stay. Either way, she's now clearly having to coordinate with other SHIELD personnel over her commlink, as she puts one hand to her ear and steps away from the others to not interrupt them.

Brins already speaking with other X-Red members, and has moved discretely away from the group. She'll stick around and aid with the clean up and, if SHIELD permits, speak with Gabby's patient.

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