A Day At The Races With The Queen

December 01, 2015:

The veil thins and beings cross over … a God, mages and an Atlantean respond

Aqueduct Racetrack - New York City


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This water is… all wrong. Actually this whole place is all wrong. Where the old Aqueduct Racetrack is in South Ozone Park there is now a lake. With a Lady! Who isn't, to be clear, the actual lady of the lake. Rather it's a fae being that has taken on that legend and the trappings of it. The trouble? Well she's sitting right on top of a tear in reality that's already disgorged several black knights who are terrorizing the befuddled race enthusiasts and gamblers that were all in their seats about ten minutes ago and are all now otherwise very wet and terrified or being dragged before the 'Lady' to make their proper allegiance. Or else.

Fenris arrives via a 'Way' and surveys the scene with a slight roll of his eyes. This is going to get a bit messy. They need to close that tear.

But not like, the M. Night Shalalalawhatsits guy's lady in the lake. Because that was just weird. Rain is out on nightly snack runs, and her quiet patrol. She does care, and works as a mediator between mundane and magic. She's shy, and a quiet psychopomp type. It's an important role, and she does her best to fulfill it. But negotiating between underwear gnomes, fair folk and ghosts is a tough business. Yes, Rain leaves offerings out. Her family is Pagan as all Hell and they have a family tree and life span long enough to trace it back to the days when people actually did worship folks like Fenris.

But then, something is going down and she and Captain are going to investigate because of course they do. Fate is funny that way. They come in by broomstick. "OH HELL NO." Captain bristles. He sees a big potential bath. And he wants 0 of it. "C'mon, you'll be fine."

Jesana actually does worship Fenris. In her own way and despite the contradiction in it. She's Old Coyote's daughter, but she's also herself and she does what she will. She's not very amused when she arrives. THings have happened recently and she had not wanted to leave home. A look around to study the situation and Jes growls softly. "Who the hell does that bitch think she is?" The darting forward in a mad dash to thrust her iron and silver dagger into fake Faerie Lady's throat doesn't happen though. Instead Jes keeps her head and looks around to see who else is about. "I think those pills are helping. I still want to kill her. But I'm not." Yet. Jes mutters to herself.

She didn't feel the pull of magic as reality tore. The only indication she had was a tremor through the Leyline … but that was enough for Zee to use the more 'mundane' mode of transit.

Of course, the Leyline deposited her some way off and she'd had to jog to get to the racetrack. By the time she gets there, she's hot and sweaty and not at all in a good mood - loosing her power, just … bites. At her right hip hangs a simple short sword (thank you, Fox) and left hip hangs her emerald pendulum.

"I got here as quickly as I could, Fenris." Blue eyes watch the mess and she withdraws the sgian dubh from her boot… ritual magic for the win. "Where would you like me to focus? Hello Jes, Hello Rain…"

Those that can will be able to tell that Zee is diminished … they can't sense any magic around her.

Dragnet isn't terribly fond of New York. Its sort of the weird cousin he's reluctantly decided to tolerate and only visits on holidays, if only because these are usually contrived against his will or in some form of 'maybe I just maybe I should man up and put my big boy nanofiber pants on.' Usually this ends poorly, with him being chased by Purifiers, HYDRA, or the occasional overpowered monstrosity fresh from a Lexcorp lab. There is probably some perfectly sensible reason for this, metaphysical or otherwise. He has long since labeled this as the Wil E. Coyote Conservation Effect of Villainous Intent. When it isn't caught by something bigger it falls down. Hard. Usually on Dragnet.

However, the stealth armored vagrant and sometime crime fighter did promise he'd poke his head out and actually look for a bigger problem to solve. Which of course comes to bite him in the the ass as his leisurely reconnaisance is cut off as one of the black knights, perhaps sensing movement, grabs Dragnet and hauls him by the scruff of the neck to make his allegiance. Or be squished horribly. "I've always been a fan of yours. Mallory, swords from the depths, all that jazz." He says, trying urgently to say something that will give him time to slink off, probably deducing most of AIDOS's kit isn't designed for fairies, especially with him surrounded by big and beefy big knightly types. "Hail uh…Arthur? Camelot? The Wizard of Oz?" It should be noted Dragnet is working off a community college education and a lot of time where his most illuminating periodical was last weeks copy of the Gotham Gazette.

Has it been mentioned that Dragnet hates New York?

Pepper Potts was actually nowhere nearby. One of Atlantis' patrolling guards was close enough by to sense the 'wrongness' in that water, and sent a telepathic message back to Mera. Arthur has enough to deal with. She acknowledged the message, and arrived here as quickly as possible.

Racing up the (admittedly filthy) little causeway along side one of the Surfacer roads leading into this land mass Arthur told her is called 'Long Island', she reaches the end of the waterway and just rises up out of the water and zooms along the roadways in as close a straight path as possible leading to the currently waterlogged Racetrack. She's leaving a shallow waterway in her path, and likely attracting a LOT of attention, especially when she and her water-path cross over a major roadway on an overpass, hop a set of train tracks, then wash through the Racetrack's currently full parking lot.

Reaching the edge of the racetrack itself, she stands atop a fifteen foot tall pedestal of brackish water, looking VERY put out. And she makes her voice carry. "How DARE you create this abomination!" She's referring to the not at all natural lake. "Leave. NOW."

All. Hell. Breaks. Loose.

Just as Dragnet is being told to make his allegiance to the Lady of the lake or meet his maker (whether or not a sword armed fey knight can do that is another question), Mera arrives. The Fey woman stands up indignatly, drawing her own sword. Excalibur. Or rather… a fae image of it. Not the real thing there either. Still quite potent though. She rises up on a pillar of enchanted water and floats toward Mera. "Usurper! Darest thou come to my lake and evict me from it! Thou shalt rue the day!" Mera may not know magic, but she probably knows what it looks like as the woman begins to cast.

"Zee, Rain, Jesana." Fenris murmurs low. "We need to close this tear and banish the Fae before it gets worse. Someone needs to free the captives too before something happens to them. Jes, actually, why don't you do that. Give those knights something to worry about. Rain, Zee, can you manage an abjuration?" He's already kneeling and drawing a complex circle with the knife that just appeared in his hand upon the ground. Something that should amplify whatever Zee and Rain are able to do assuming they don't start doing something else.

Rain does notice, but pointing out someone's lack of magic is probably like pointing out one's fly is down. She does lower near Zee at the greeting. "I can share my power if you wish," She whispers, offering a relic gun. Zee will have to hold onto it, and will only be able to pull part of Rain's power, but it's better than staring, right?

"This feels like one of the fair folk. Something right out of King Arthur's book, but that's European and she'd lose so much power here… unless she's looking to expand. But maybe we can parlay polit—" And there's Mera. And a Dragnet. The sound of a deal screaming, throwing off its clothes and diving out a window is heard. Well, then. Rain keeps floating, so she and Captain stay floating. She does seems sympathetic to Zee, even if Rain is past her teenage years and thrown into a forced, early maturity by homelessness. Still, there's poor Dragnet. Captain sighs. Rain nods. "We'll help. Though, I think that guy from Tron needs our help." She does remember Dragnet, she just has an odd sense of humor. And Rain will begin to focus, whether or not Zee accepts.

Jes edges over to them, resisting the urge to drop onto all fours and roll over to show Fenris her belly. She doesn't remember what she did but she knows it was something dumb and that she made him angry with her. It's something to worry about later but unsettling enough it takes her a moment to notice that Zee is.. what has happened to Zee? Jes's eyes widen. Then there's the Atlantean woman who seems really pissed about the sudden lake but she's standing on a wave of water of her own? And there is Rain and Captain and some guy. Jes brushes the bottle of meds in her jeans pocket. What the hell is in these pills? "Knights.. right. Sure. I'll just.." Yes. She's just go and do that. It's easy and she can focus on it totally. She doesn't draw her daggers but has a pair of brass, actually iron knuckles that she slips on as she darts down into the fray. "Hey buddy!" *Punch* She slams her fist into the faerie knights jaw twice as he swings around, picks up his sword and whacks him across the back with the flat of the blade and screaming and indian war cry to draw the attention of his friends.

"Queen Mera." the teen mage watches as the Atlantean Queen confronts the fae, that's one less problem they has to deal with … at the moment. "Dragnet! I've been wondering where he got to." Seems the man has decided Gotham was too dangerous or something - she doesn't think for a minute she was part of that decision.

"Thanks Rain." taking the relic gun and looking at it curiously, she'll use what she can take. For now, the gun is hooked on her belt… Bending to draw her own construct in the sand, drawing the power from what Fenris is doing.

With the construct drawn, the raven haired mage stands and draws the sgian dubh down the palm of her hand. As the blood wells and start dripping, she holds her over the centre of the sigil, draws Rain pistols and starts chanting.

Such a cumbersome way to access magic - particularly when all she used to have to do was speak backwards and concentrate.

As a narrative note: bullshit, Zee. Gotham has rituals and rules. A complex but not impossible code of courtesy, territory, and avoidance Dragnet knows like the back of his hand. New York has faeries popping out of aquifers like daisies. As for making Dragnet meet his end, The knight probably can, or if he can't Dragnet doesn't know it. For all of the mysticism bound up in the creation of the AIDOS he's actually never had it field tested against magical arms. Strictly speaking Dragnet isn't even aware of the fact the suits computations and functions are sped up and computed through a lot of dead smiths, assassins, and spymasters. The Renn Fair Water Ballet is about as weird as he can take right now. The cloak kicks back in, and hopefully with the various fairies distracted elsewhere it will permit him to slip to a better vantage. Which at this point is far away from the knights, the raging wee coyote, and…..well, Mera restores his utter terror of the deep and its denizens. He's seen Jaws, and knows the Atlantean woman probably has a shark in her skirts or something.

But, he can't just leave things as they are, so he starts cycling through his choices. Not knowing or willing to gamble on the risk of utilizing his mass driver to the surrounding civilians and uncertain if light or gas really does anything to them, he settles for the tasers, firing them towards a pair of knights that are hopefully too distracted by a raging coyote. Oh, and the amp control gets eased significantly since they can probably take it. There are more amps and kilovolts in Heaven and in Earth than are found in philosophy, Horatio. "Nice place to visit, but no way I'm living here." He remarks.

Mera does indeed recognize the hallmarks of spellcasting, and this strange … Surfacer clearly has no clue. With an abrupt gesture, she wrests control of a small portion of the Fey woman's water pillar and uses it to immobilize hands and arms as well as to muzzle the Fey. "You will be silent, ignorant Surfacer! You can not even begin to fathom to whom you speak so rudely."

Mera and her pillar of water — the roadways she used to get here having drained away to just leave a path of wet pavement — move closer, revealing the Atlantean queen to be visibly angry. "You have tainted this water in a manner I have never seen before. Correct it, or I will." She's too focused on the false Lady to offer polite greetings to the Surfacers helping defend the innocents in the area.

The water is tainted with magic and the Fae Lady glares at Mera. "It's not tainted. It's purified. How dare you insolent WENCH!" When her water is used to bind her the Lady gives an outraged scream and immediately tries to just boil the water under Mera.

While that's happening Jesana has attracted the attention of… well… everyone. All half dozen of the black knights (minus the one she just downed) charge at her as Dragnet vanishes. "SORCERY! WIIIIITCH!" Of course, they're yelling at the wrong person. Double of course, as they chase Jesana, one of them may well trip over Drag.

Rain and Zee's power funneled through Fenris circle closes the rift… actually surprisingly quickly. Huh. The Godwolf is used to that being harder. Now to just send these damn things away. "Well done, okay, now, banish them. And the lake, if you please."

Fortunately, Rain has twin pistols. She is a pratical, ambidextrous witch.

She channels easily enough, though she has the problem of being unable to hide her magical nature. Then a pause. "Oh gods, a magical, highpowered cat fight." The violet-eyed witch is a bit well, wide-eyed. That's probably the last thing the area needs. She also remembers Mera. "Salutations, your highness!" She does bow. It's important to remember.

It's a bit difficult to really combat cast, but at least one of the black knights is going to turn into a black knewt.

Don't worry. He'll get better. Still, it's time for a banishing ritual.

Zee's eyes widen as the rift closes quickly, she hadn't been expecting that either. With Rain providing covering 'fire', the teen closes her hand and squeezes more drops of blood into her construct and begins to chant again … syphoning power through Rains relic pistol as she does.

Banishing this many? It's going to take a moment or two … and this type of casting? It takes its toll, there'll be one very tired magic-bound mage at the end of all of this.

Jes spares a second to hope the Ocean Lady kills that damn Faerie Lady. She growls at the knight. "I am a Bitch! Not a witch you stupid bastard. She was trying not to kill them. Really. THere are so many now though. Which was the point yes, distract them for the others. That one kinda loses his head though when she brings the sword around in a swift arc backed by most of her strength. Then she lets it go and grabs his body and throws it into the group rushing her. It buys her a couple seconds to start dancing around them and punching and kicking. She's a lot stronger than a regular person and the iron knuckles have got to be hurting them. She's bound to take some blows and probably a few cuts as well but Jes is also fast and not wearing any sort of ridiculous armor. Nor did she just have a headless companion flung at her.

Boiling? Seriously? Mera doesn't even pay the water heating beneath her any attention. She's not nearly as resilient as her husband, but she's still FAR more tolerant of temperature extremes than the average Surfacer. "You waste my time. I have fare more pressing matters to attend to."

Letting the Fey woman scream and try to flail all she wants, she turns her attention to the tainted water and in a bit of concentration turns the entire 'lake' into vapor. Without heating it. Let's see you top THAT, Ms. calling royalty WENCH. WENCH.

A fully amped Dragnet (yes yes, bad science pun) is on minion control duty. He's going to run out of juice for it fairly soon, but he can burn that bridge as he comes to it. The combat stimulants step in as the blade of one of the knights, moving at an instep to take the faeries legs out from him while he is imbalanced from the attempted cleaving. For all of his terrible luck at getting into these situations, he actually does fairly well once he's in them. Maybe he is improving in spite of himself. At least his armor isn't ridiculous…well, he hopes it isn't, Tron jokes aside. Blame the thus far unknown manufactures for not having watched movies during the 80's. The armors shock pads pulse as the electric charge is delivered point blank to any knight within point blank range. Though even he stops a tad slack jawed as Mera transmutes an entire lake. "I feel like I should more vigorously disapprove of this." He says, but then thinks better about it. Without a Lake, its just a Lady, right? He can handle a lady. Well, maybe not certain ladies. Most ladies. Okay, someone else can handle her.

The entire area is suddenly fog. Very warm fog. Which means that the race course has gone from being a lake to a sauna. This makes Jesana and Dragnet's job of distracting everyone eaiser because suddenly there really isn't any visibility left.

And then it's gone. The lake. The Fae. Everything but the water Mera brought with her, the godwolf, a couple of mages, Jesana, the Iron Hobo and a bunch of very confused gamblers.

Fenris relaxes a bit and rises, bowing slightly to the Sea Queen. He recognizes her in very general terms at least as a very powerful Atlantean. "Not bad Rain. Thank you for he-" As he's talking something tugs in his pocket. "Hrm?" He fishes inside it and draws it out. It's a ley pendulum. And it's tugging in Rain's direction. "Curious. Seems this one likes you."

Holy snap. Fog. Rain stays on her broomstick with Captain. She bows to Mera, too. She recognizes Mera as the Sea Queen and also someone very capable of rendering Rain into a red paste with a snap. "…?" A peer at the pendulum. "Is it okay?" She seems surprised. Is it reacting to her sharing magic with Zee? Curious, and baffled. "Hi Fenris and pendulum. Sorry we didn't greet you guys earlier."

The shy witch hesitates, looking to Zee. "If you need help or-" Fingerwiggle. Magic. "Anything, just ask, okay?" And she looks to Fenris. "What does that mean?"

Jes suddenly pauses mid swing and turns in a slow half circle. There's a frown of disappointment on her face for a moment. She'd been having fun. Her eyes quickly check her companions over. They're all standing, good. Well, Rain is sitting. Jes then eyes Mera. She doesn't bow. She bows to no one. Ever. "Thanks." She does acknowledge the help though. The coyote doesn't know anything about Atlanteans beside the fact they seem to come from the ocean and they taste bad. Oh, and the two she'd killed had been real assholes but.. that can be said for some of most kind of people really. She puts her knuckles away and smiles at Rain, her fingers brushing her own Pendulum necklace. Rain is a much better person for it than.. Jes's smile falters. No. She's not gonna think about him. Not today after this great fight. "You all okay?" She asks instead.

Handing the pistol back to Rain, Zee looks tired - she hasn't felt this way in months. Reaching into her waistband, she pulls out a pack of antiseptic wipes and wipes down the palm that she sliced.

As the pendulum accepts the gun witch, she turns blue eyes to Fenris and then back to Rain, touching the emerald pendulum she wears at her hip. "Seems you're being invited to be part of Primal Force. Protectors of the magic of this world." beat "And yes, I will ask." She's nearly certain that's part of the test.

With a curtesy to Queen Mera, she finally smiles wanly at Jes and looks for the Iron Hobo.

The pillar of water Mera brought with her slowly levels down to fill in the now-dry bit in the center of the racetrack that did originally have a small amount of water. Now it's refilled back to its original level. She looks at each of the other defenders here and nods. Apparently her temper was only for the Fey woman. This time. "Is there anything else with which you need assistance?" She's asking the group in general, and, well, she'll only slightly take offense if people turn and run (or broom) away screaming.

Rain accepts the pistol and tucks it away. "Thanks," She nods. Then a blink at the pendulum. Rain will carefully accept the HARD TO SEE IN THE NIGHT LIGHT pendulum. She'll get a feel for it later. She looks to Zee. "Do you need any mana or rest? Just let us know, okay?" She not smothery, but she's trying. Either way. Rain sort of bows neatly to Mera (She IS on a broomstick). "No, thank you, your highness. I am well now. I - appreciate your help. We all do." Hey, it pays to have good manners and Rain learned a good deal about them with Loki and the Asgardians. Riling up Odin or Sif is on Rain's 'Top 10 Ways to Earn a Magical Darwin Award' list. Captain tailflicks. Cat is good, too.

Concerned, Rain looks to the others. "Well. I have to go make a call on what kind of wood we want for one room. But. I'll definitely stop by soon. You need to rest, and - well. I'd rather not be here to explain to the cops that a fairy lady turned up. You'd probably get hauled in on DUI or intoxication charges." That is a bit of a joke, but Rain does start off.

Jes waves at Rain and Captain. "What.. wood for a room?" She's been a bit out of touch recently. Jes moves to Zee to look at her hand if Zee will let her. "I don't know what happened but if there is anything I can do.. I'll do it." No questions asked. She looks at Mera again. Why do they keep bowing? WHo is this Lady? "Thanks again. That lake thing would have been a hassle." Really she has no idea how they would have gotten rid of that. She doesn't have a handle on what kind of magic Rain does. Maybe it would have worked.. Jes seems to be carefully avoiding looking at Fenris. "That was kinda fun. Except for the whole human hostage thing. I hope those people are okay." They all seems to have scattered. Or more accurately, run like hell. Understandable really.

"Rest, but I'll do that best in Shadowcrest." Zee reassures the violet eyed witch as she departs.

"Part of Rains manor burnt down." Zee explains absently as the Gun Witch disappears. Holding her hand out so Jes can examine it… really? She'll bug Kane to heal that too… she'll owe him a few crystals before this is over.

"Thank you Queen Mera, but it seems to be handled here. Jes, this is Queen Mera of Altantis. Queen Mera, this is Jesana… " she /was/ going to add 'daughter of Coyote' but … that's Jes' story to tell.

And it's not like Mera would have any clue who Coyote is anyway. When Zee introduces the young native american woman, she nods to Jesana in the manner of someone used to seriously formal mannerisms, even if she seems not at all put out by any lack thereof in others around her. Oh, and about this time, three truly frightening looking Atlanteans catch up with Mera — her bodyguards assigned by her husband. Not their fault she kind of left them WAY behind in her rush to get here.

Fenris opens a Way and gives Mera one more polite nod. "Sea Queen." He murmurs. The others have this handled. Moments later he's gone and the portal is closing behind him. There's other things to be done, after all.

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