Into Oblivion

November 29, 2015:

Sometimes even the heroes need to relax into Oblivion

Oblivion Bar


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The Oblivion Bar sits in a pocket dimension metaphysically very close to Earth, explained Strange. Supernatural creatures from all the world and adjacent dimensions go there to talk, make business and drink exotic beverages. Strict no-conflict policy. Demi-gods are welcomed.

So, Strange took a few colleagues for coffee. He is in good mood lately due to be able to sleep some more now the Apokolips problem seems solved. "The Obelisks seem inert now." He comments, "they are no longer transmitting signals I can detect. I keep the out of phase, but it is easier now. I think we have time to deal with them, but I am going to keep researching on Apokolips. I have some leads."

Rain is glad Doctor Strange is in a good mood. She's been recovering from the stress of having a wing of the manor torched, skeletons planted and raised from the lawn and a portal to hell opened in part of it. Still, it beats more deskwork, watching Captain in his safety hat take over supervising construction and so on. So here she is, with the others. She smiles faintly, following them. She looks around at the others. "It seems like a difficult, unusual place to research. I really hope your leads pan out." It's more a blessing and a well wish.

Diana took some convincing to go out. Unless there was a /need/ behind it she preferred to stay in and train tirelessly, eat, sleep - repeat. If it was not duty, work, or the love of life she did not partake. But this was the love of life that was her very own. A night to be selfish and relish in things she had not in a long time? It's called relaxation Diana…

Though when the place was explained being in another dimension the tension was evident and Strange had to convince her to leave her shield, spear, mace, bow and not go in her armor. It also was of no help he brought up Apokolips on this outing. Instead of a look of emptiness it has settled into a deep roiling ire that reflected war in her eyes. She still had to be kept away from Subject Zero in the Watchtower to the point they moved her out - even after the techno-organic worms removal from her brain.

Sliding into the bar, Diana wore a pair of boots, fitted jeans tucked within the tops of the combat style footwear, her torso bearing a fitted shirt that is semi-sheer black over a camisole of camo green, but dropping in gathering of fabric down her back to leave the spanse of skin there bare to the small of back - a modern day Grecian style made for a 'edgy' fashionistas.

Long black hair was left uncut and now pieces were able to be gathered into a high ponytail that is looped into many drawn down loops of buns and several braids. A more warrioresque hairstyle to keep it all up and back in its many lengths.

"Just let me know when we can get there and finish what -they- started and make it nothing to need to ever research again." Words of finality as cerulean gaze sweeps over the place.

"For now please tell me they serve wine of Dionysus.." Breathed out as she looks from Strange to the company that came with.

Strange is not completely oblivious, and seeing Diana's mood turn bleak when he mentions Apokolips, he changes subjects. "Oh, the variety of the drinks here is bewildering. I don't think they even have a wine list. I usually come for the coffee. It is Kenyan."

The waiter confirms they do have wines from Olympus, though. The gods only know how they got here.

It isn't entirely unlikely that Dionysus is all about sharing and bringing the party to people. Rain is still a bit cowed and in awe of such big names as Diana and Doctor Strange. Really. "Seems they do. I like the teas. I'm afraid of ending up looking like one of those ghastly Halloween ornaments." The witch on a broomstick crashed into the ground or the side of a building. When you /are/ a witch, it's more a reminder of what not to do than a giggle. Though she does kind of laugh now and then.

"It is nice to have snacks here, too." Especially when a wing of your manor burned down. "How are you two, work aside?" She seems curious.

Strange's switch in topics has her drawing in a slow breath and letting it out, a timed motion learned by any who need to pause, pace themselves and /remember/. A hand reaches out and touches down in a grip upon his shoulder, the vambrace flashing in the dim lighting, the only token kept upon her to relate who she is in any way. "I am sorry my friend. You have done me and many very well with your aid in all fashions in regards to the… Apokoliptian's.. I forever will be grateful and aid you in your endeavor for them and whenever you need to call."

But now she leans into him and smiles lightly, especially in knowing they have the fruits of the purest and most expertly fermented vineyards. Aged for the Amazons. "But tonight, perhaps a good drink is in order.. Followed by coffee!" Diana gestures for three wines after and gives Rain a more studious look. "What fire of Hades has you looking so? Even you need more than tea!" And with that Diana is folding into a chair with a moment of poise.. and then thinks the better of it, giving in to a lazed repose.

Strange is American, he gets drunk with Whiskey. Not that he gets drunk often. It has been a few years since the last time something drove him to drink himself under the desk. It was a woman, of course.

"Hmm, I suppose some indulgence is warranted." He smiles faintly to Diana. "It has been a quiet week, we need quiet weeks every so often," but not too many, lest the world become boring, right? "Is there any pressing business warranting the attention of the Justice League? I have not heard anything through the official channels, but Fury hinted SHIELD would run into problems."

Rain is quiet for a moment. "I am glad to help as I can," She promises. "And sure, I may get some snacks or hot cocoa. I don't drink much." Then a beat. "Maybe something nice tasting. I seem to sense a lot more." Since she got magic. "And um. Well. I turned dating a demon guy down and he burned a wing of the manor, summoned skeletons in my lawn, bats that shit fire all over the hedges and opened a portal to Hell - which thankfully, was closed. It was a weekend."

Rain really does seem to get into odd things. Strangeness seems to just layer itself upon her like a diaphanous veil of wtfery.

"But I like hearing about other things, while we rebuild. Captain wanted to wear the supervisor's hat. I think it helps with his feline overlord urges."

A quiet week is a blessing, though the guises it wears can be many and the company of freinds and comrades in a relaxed scenario is few and far between. So she is taking it. The channels have been watched like a hawk (no pun…alright pun intended) since her return to more than less full health. There were a few smaller things looked into and joined in upon but they were short lived and quickly contained with no quarter given on Diana's part. She had even gone down to help in Hell's Gate with the move of old residents as well as boosting morale, overall.

"I have heard nothing but silence from Fury, which is unlike him but their trouble I am assuming he wants to shoulder with his people. The channels remain open for he and his, always will be and I do not feel I will live more then a few months longer before hearing his yell that Cronus would give accolades to."

Rain's own words have Diana sliding her a glass of that wine once it is served to thm as well as Strange. "Sip slowly, it is a fruit of the Goddess and mortal tongue would only find it an aphrodisia to get lost within." Its flavor is sweet, soft, but underneath itter from the ages and in other words it packs one hell of a punch.

"So has this demon been contained and properly dispatched of?" A rise of brow just as slowly as that glass is brought to lips, tasted, and then downed.

Strange looks at Rain amused when she relates her demon problems. Well, she is the one that wants to keep demons among her house staff. She should be used to sections of the house burning down periodically.

He sips from the wine cautiously, because beverages created for supernatural beings tend to have too strong effect on humans. "And then Satana Hellstrom dropped by, hmm? You might need better wards. I can recommend you a book."

"The staff are helping out," Rain explains. "I had been helping a fellow who was enslaved because he's tied to an artifact. He … was upset I had someone else." A sigh. "I honestly am surprised the southern US didn't freeze." Rain? Getting dates? Pish posh. Nevertheless, Rain goes quiet to listen. "He might be busy. There's been some weird goings on in town," Rain muses. She pauses and peers at the wine. "Thanks."

Hmm.. Caaarefully. Careful. "Wow, this is nice. And sadly, no. He pulled himself through the hell portal and I was more dealing with the skeletons and fire. I didn't want others to pay for my mistake." She looks to Strange. "Yeah, I'll do that. So far I like the one that just makes it impossible to reach my house without my okay. It keeps curious people from doing things like stealing bricks." Weird.

Reclining back, Diana reaches for the wine bottle and refills her glass, opposing arm slinging to hook over the back of her chair as she shifts to get more comfortable in the large old chair. The wood even groans with her stretch prior to relaxing even moreso, muscles beneath olive toned skin shuddering with the effort of it. Deep oceanic eyes shift between them as they speak of their ongoing turmoil on a level that likely does not require her aid, but they are her comrades and fast becoming friends.

"If there is need for me and a book does not suffice, I will gladly vanquish your Hades scum back to their eternal torment with no desire to come out even if allowed." Though watching between them and glancing around the bar she finds not even an eye has turned and they are truly at their own semblance of peace for now.

"Though do you not think, that now would be a good time for them to hook into advantage? Is this a rising epidemic or simply contained and of no consequence?"

Rain looks to Strange. "It's a long one but-" She was about to start when he gets a ring. "Um. I have no idea what those are, but nice to see you." A bit of a baffld. "It was contained. He raised them once just to ruin my lawn and go after people," Rain explains. "He also tried to set my cat on fire. I am upset with him." WINE SIP. "For now, we're mostly trying to track him. If he's in Hell, there's not much sense giving chase." If he's not bothering mortals, anyway.

Mouth opened, and then closed as Strange made his exit to greet Faust. Diana is not ignorant, and knows well who Faust is. At least when gathering more of the occults attention in the JLA has made her research the Patriarch's own practitioners. Or more. Head tips down and she watches briefly, once Rain speaks up her attention diverts back and remains there as she gives a summary of what happened to her home, and by the way she imbibed in between told more then her tone ever would.

Leaning forward Diana touches the glass and stares upon Rain and offers her a smile that is one meant for consolation. "You and Captain.. Your /gata/ are not alone. Just remember, if you need aid to let me know. It is not just honor," That hand leaves the glass and fisted, presses to her sternum. "It is friendship. So please do not hesitate?" Diana is one to know of pride, but when she did not ask so many risked their lives anyway without so much as a hesitation.

"But I must tell you. If you drink fully of that cup you will be staying with me for the full rotation." A smile as she returns to her repose and drinks of her second glass, draining it.

Rain blinks a bit. he looks back to Diana. She smiles. "Thanks. I appreciate it. I'll let you know. It's mostly construction work." A faint shrug. "It's -it kind of stung to give someone a chance and have them dip the dagger into your back," Rain admits quietly. "I had treated him as a guest." She looks to the cup. Her expressions seem fairly normal, though there is sort of a weariness. Having one's house torched, bats that shit fire and other things sort of proved distracting.

Rain also seems unused to guys being interested. She looks to Diana. "I am glad you're well. And thanks." A smile. She believes it. "I'll just drink part of it. I wonder if they can save it for me. I wouldn't want to waste it. It seems precious."

Diana tilts her head slightly, her knee bends and leg tucks up to prop upon the edhe of her chair, arm draped around her denim clad leg to rest upon the glass of Dionysus wine upon the table. Freshly thrice refilled. The free small regrowing whisps of hair sweep along her jawline and tease at the end of curled lips while those eyes remain upon Rain. "It happens to any and all of us. No matter who… Or what you are, those who you Trust.. when they turn on you it hurts deeper then ay physical wound could. Lasts longer too." A pause, a moment of thought on the glass she holds, spinning it in her grip that balances it upon the table top and then has another sip.

"All of us will always be /okay/." Pause. "It will not be saved, but I will finish it where you cannot and if you ever seek from the vineyards again I will get you a bottle from Them—home."

Ozymandias walks into the bar on the trail of his Justice League members. Upon entering the bar, he nods to a few of the regulars inside the bar, one of them an elderly man who Ozymandas exchanges a few ancients Phoenicians jokes that were not funny thousands ago. He makes his way to Diana and dips his head to her and Rain, "Good Evening, ladies. I hope I am not disturbing you."

Rain is quiet for a moment, sipping. She nods. "And thanks. I appreciate it." Rain smiles. "I'll have to bring you something from the cellar. My aunt was a 700 year old boozehound. She has some interesting stuff," She muses. "IT just felt bad giving someone who suffers persecution a chance and all because I turned him down as a boyfriend…" Gloom for a moment.

"And fair, thanks." Rain is less gloomy after a moment. "Um." She's thinking. And then along comes Ozy! "Hello there. Not at all. How are you?"

"I appreciate anything effort and time has been put into. Thank you." Diana states to Rain in regards to the offered gift, though drinking is not a past times of Diana's, this trip was an attempt to just -be-, and she will definitely appreciate Rain's offer as a private indulgence.

" Frowning though Diana stares deadpan at Rain speaks further. "Would you do it again for someone else? Give them everything just to hope to see their good?"

Ozymandias was a busy man, and one that she has not crossed paths with since a showdown and a feast - Hans' food has a way of filling more then just stomach.

Keeping busy was easier then sitting, because when the mind started to wander it was to darker places. So being duteous and returning to life was best… Healthier. But that did not cease Diana's knowledge that she and Ozy had exchanged words that were left hanging. Though, even now his approach is treated with a manner of their normalcy, gaze shifting from Rain to him with a light pivot of chins angle while other booted foot still upon the ground uses a toe to push him out a chair. The other left vacant if Strange returns from his depthy chatter with Faust. Doubtful.

"Not at all Ozymandias. Join us. Would you like a glass of Dionysus wine as well?" The bottle is held up and in that gesture the tender already noting a new arrival, brings another glass, though its contents can be whatever Ozy asks for.

Rain smiles back. "Noted. You are welcome." And she doesn't seem keen on outing people, and Rain is full of secrets. "Probably. It's impossible to destroy the house entirely." A soft laugh. "Besides, one butt shouldn't ruin it for everyone. The servants that live there are all demons. One likes cooking shows, the other likes butlering, there's the succubus who really enjoys roller derby and punchsports…" A shrug. "We aren't determined by what we are necessarily."

That's how Rain rolls. With chance. And she looks to Ozymandias. "It's good to see you. And yeah, it's potent stuff. It tastes really nice."

"I am afraid I rarely partake of drink or food when I am in uniform." Ozymandias raises his arms in a shrug, "I only do so out of uniform not to draw suspicions. Ozymandias settles down in the chair and clasps his hands together, "But, I hope my lack of indulgence does not keep you from partaking of any refreshments. I just think such delights are wasted on me, but I digress."

Ozymandias leans back in the chair and peers around the bar. "You know I came about six months ago by accident. I was chasing something through the streets, and I followed them here. It is a very interesting place. If it only it had a regular band, I might retire and spend my hours here playing music.

To Rain, Diana smiles, the olde chair even groaning with her lean back, one th returns the drape of her arm over the back and a flick of fingertips as if to emphasize her words. "Then nothing is lost of this, just a moment of hurt and then.. Your triumph over something meant to be debilitating. You have proven stronger and underestimated Rain. In more ways then one."

The way Diana sits is to face both equally while she imbibes in her own homelands fruits, and Ozy's denial seems to do nothing to the woman's spirits, instead she toasts him and sips. Not in uniform herself, Diana is in attire that is as 'civilian' as she gets. Combat boots, fitted denim and a semi-sheer fitted black top that is a modern day ode to Grecian garb with a camo green camisole beneath but her back is bare in the gathered frop of fabrics. Her hair and its styling is the dead giveaway in drops of gathered bun knots and smaller braids to keep the torn out bits regrowing in a weave of intricate onyx tress. "Why retire? Or is music your passion?" A cant of her head and she lets her gaze slide from Ozy to a vacant stage, a honed brow arching slightly. "I would not protest to 'regular' music." Pausing she finishes her third glass and refills, though this one sits untouched while cerulean eyes slide between Rain and Ozy.

Ozymandias unclasps his hands and begins to rub his left hand across the table as if he was inspecting the place for dust before he looks up to Diana, grinding his teeth as he forces out the word, "Passion? I only have one passion, desire, or motivation." Ozymandias eyes fall away from Diana and towards the table, before returning to meet her eyes. "I have mastered several instruments during my lifetime. I would love to entertain you with my harp or my trumpet, if you ever have the time. I play a couple of others, but the trumpet and the harp are my favorite.

Ozymandias smiles wearily behind the mask, "I only jest about retiring. It is not like I can become a museum curator or something. Are you filling better since the last time we spoke?

Rain ahs. "That seems handy and rough at the same time." Then there's a look to Diana. She smiles faintly. "Guess so." Rain is just uncertain. "I just feel a bit - I guess… caught off-guard. Couldn't hurt to work the wards a bit more." And then she settles quiet to listen. She peers to Ozymandias. "Trumpet and harp?" Curious!

Diana does not move now. She is utterly still in her seated position, but her watch upon Ozy is studious, piercing, and yet there is still that warmth there. "Harp, please. As soon as you have time? Tonight, tomorrow…" If that does not tell him about her current state…? He would know, musicians just /do/. Diana does not ever drink here, or has not openly where the team is concerned, but here, now… They are friends to her, those who came and risked all in a manner she feels indebted - eternally grateful.

"Do you meet the criteria to be a museum curator, without the diplomas and papers this world asks for? Do you have the knowledge? Because if it is as you wish…" Nothing is out of reach, even an apprenticeship, and she is sure he could obtain it with or without help.

"I am well, just… Enjoying some wine, and then perhaps a friendly spar upon our return before I sleep. And you, Ozymandias?" Diana remembers, no matter the state, it was -her-.

Glancing back at Rain, Diana smiles, but this time it seems hard won over her lips. "There are no wards for you heart that will work aside from freezing it. And then not only they lost… YOU did. They won. Never lose heart, Rain."

"Yes, I have the knowledge to be a museum curator. I would make a great curator…" Ozymandias voice trails off for a moment as he lost in his own thoughts on the idea of him being a curator. "There are things that are out of reach to some, and being a curator is one of those things and I am one of the some in this situation.

Ozymandias clasps, rubs, and unclasps his hands to signify that he his moving on from this topic. "As for being well. I am always Ozymandias, and I would be honored to play for you. It would be a memory I would keep with me for the rest of my years. Ozymandias turns to Rain, "I would also enjoy playing for you and your Captain as well."

Rain is happy to listen a bit. "I bet you would be awesome at that." She really thinks he would be. Rain thinks Diana and Ozy are friends, too. Though, she seems somewhat quieter and more subdued in her way. "That would be awesome. Maybe when we fix the manor or meet up again." Beam. "I should probably go check on Captain. I am just glad we didn't color code the blueprints." Because cats can't see color.

And then she smiles back to Diana. "Thanks. I will still be a collector of wayward souls in need of a place to stay." This is a bit wry. "See you guys soon, alright?"

Diana watches Ozy's movements as well as listens, it is not hard to put two and two together, although… A light tilt of her head as he eyes remove from his unfurling hands to Rain as she seeks to leave. "I think you will be. Your magic will permit it. Thank you for the company, Rain." The words are slowing, more deliberate, and the Truth in them is omnipresent, though there is a deeper meaning there. Anyone could see it. "Give Captain a chin rub for me."

As Rain departs that glass is resumed on imbibing to the manner of emptying it, turning back to Ozy and tipping her chin downward in a small nod before she speaks. "This leaves you as my sparring partner once the night is done. Some sparring and you can curate the soundtrack for it?"

"I can spar, or I can play music, but I am not that fast to do both." Ozymandias looks at her drink and then back at her. "I can tell stories of where I learn certain techniques, but that is hardly being a curator, more of being an old storyteller."

Ozymandias says, "I do wish to speak with you about helping out the Justice League: Alliance with some more resources with Shield's absence, when you have the time. Ozymandia offers up another smile behind his disguise, "I can play the harp, and talk business at the same time.

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