Nanites in Ooze

November 30, 2015:

Ronin finds a warehouse with ooze in it and calls in SHIELD, who call in a contractor

New York


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There are some things that just require the right kind of… expert. If you need a code expert, you go find a hacker or if you're lucky Oracle. If you need a weapons expert, you go find Melinda May or a soldier in a pinch. Need a marksman? Clint Barton is your man. Need someone to tell you about biochemistry? That'd be Jemma Simmons.

And if you need an expert in making things really, really small? Well that field is pretty narrow.

Minitureization is at the heart of a lot of modern advances. Making things smaller, faster and more efficient is the golden triangle of modern technology. It's also at the heart of one of the most horrifying doomsday scenarios ever conjured from the feaver dreams of men.

The vat looks a bunch of grey goo. Literally. Just a roiling, simmering mass of grey… maybe liquid metal? Maybe some kind of chemical compound. It was found during an 084 incident, the same kind of portal technology that SHIELD has been tracking for months. The 084 in question is over in the corner, but this? This is something of a different stripe. The initial analysis is that it's a nanobot soup.

But what does it do? And who made it?

As soon as it was determined that the freaky metallic liquid was a nanobot 'soup', May got on the phone. It requires special clearance, but she pushes to get it done and sends the call out to retrieve one of the world's foremost experts on nanotechnology. Now they're just waiting for said expert to arrive.

Well Hank must be busy. Seriously why on earth call her. She isn't a scientist she is a fashion designer. Sure she is really good at figuring out solutions to problems. Sure she owns a company full of eggheads. That said Janet uses the technology more than understands all of Hanks tricks. This is pretty much the conversation she has with HAL in the flight over too. Still en-route.

Arriving with Agent May, Simmons has her field kit in hand and is inspecting the goo at a safe distance.

Although she's busy with researching the 084's, this may or may not be connected and besides, it's a nice change.

At the moment it's not doing anything but that's not really a comfort. SHIELD has no idea what triggers it, how it's controlled, if it can be controlled, what it will do if it becomes active and a whole host of other questions. More than all of that? Nanotechnology on this scale is highly experimental outside of any but the most lofty of research houses. There is nothing at all that suggests who could have made this but it's quite sure to have been very, very expensive.

Clint Barton is up on the catwalk, observing. He had meant to clear out after hearing about the 084 incident but he's kind of curious.

Jemma's equipment starts to pick up a signal of some kind. Or that's the working theory anyway. A spike in background radiation and the liquid starts to 'boil'. Violently. It's starting to rock the vat. "Uh, is it supposed to be doing that?" A drop of it falls out and hits the floor which immediately starts to sizzle as a hole gets eaten away in it.

Melinda May says, "My guess would be 'no'. She gestures for everyone to back off, as the soup is becoming dangerously volatile. After all, if it can eat a hole in the FLOOR, what gore would it make of a human body? May does NOT want to find out."

Janet lands next to Clint and resumes being full size. Sure she is still pretty short and small compared to the larger man. She leans against the railing and squints. "What exactly are they messing with." she pauses cocking her head. "Nanites… they are … but that is…" yeah she seems to be talking to herself. She yells down "It is probably going to start mass producing itself now… it is turning the floor into more grey goop."

Checking her equipment, Jemma steps back as May directs "There's a high degree of background radiation, Agent May." and she glances up as Janet calls down. "That would sound about right."

That's the classic grey goo scenario. Nanobots start eating everything in the area, making more of themselves. In this case that's not… quite accurate. More of the goo starts to drop out of the vat and then it siezes into one mass and starts to crawl with terrifying speed out of the vat and right toward May. It makes the ground sizzle but doesn't seem to be eating into it anymore.

"May! Watch out!" Clint fires an arrow on reflex. Which… goes right into the mass and gets spit right back out at him almost immediately. Only a quick duck saves him. "Right… bad idea…

Jemma can see a pattern now. She can probably isolate… wait… that looks like a waveform. That looks like… brainwaves? Being transmitted. These things work off of… bioorganic principles?

Melinda May dodges to one side. "Simmons! Get clear!" If need be, she'll lead the thing on a merry chase around the room to give the biochemist time to get … elsewhere. DAMN this thing is fast.

Janet taps her fingers rapidly on the railing. "Damnit.. Hank has something perfect for this.. those disks of his… I didn't bring any." she takes off shrinking as she shoots up into the air and flies over above… and out of reach of the mass… to fire a Sting down into it. Bioelectric blast of energy.

Simmons moves as the thing does trying to find a safer location. Unfortunately, she needs several moments of just being still to work on that analysis. Heading up the stairs that lead to where Clint is standing, she stops about one third of the way up and starts working on a solution.

"It looks like it's transmitting something, Agent May." eyes quickly scan the data she's collecting "And it seems to be bio-organic, which means we should be able to close it down." Maybe, she just needs a few minutes to come up with something … that bioelectric blast of Janets might help though.

The moment Janet blasts it, indeed, Jemma registeres what might be clincally known as 'all hell' on her instruments as the shock scrambles the transmitted thoughtforms.

And then it gets mad. It forms a spiral, almost a towar and lashes out tentacle like at Wasp, trying to grab at her. At least it's forgotten May and Simmons.

Clint meanwhile has had a brainwave. He's gotten out an EMP arrow but instead of firing it he's taking it apart. "Simmons! Something's transmitting? I might have just the thing for you. If you can use the flash transmitter in this to flatten out the brainwaves, will it 'reset'?" Good question. Regular brains don't like being nulled in that manner, Simmons knows well. This one is robotic, kind of, but it's still acting according to the principles of a biological brain. Must be all that chemical soup the nanites are swimming in.

Melinda May stops when Janet gets the nanoswarm's attention, and after watching Barton start to disassemble an arrow kind of picks up on what he's doing. She reaches into an interior pocket on her jacket, then throws two of Romanoff's shocker disks at the base of the nanobot 'tower'. See how it likes that.

Janet van Dyne eyes widen a good deal there as she spirals higher up lickity split. "I can go smaller.. I mean .. if there is a controller nanobot or something.. or is it from the outside to here.. or .." she Stings again ZAP

That's what Jemma needed and she nods to Clint "I believe it will, Ronin." Damnit, where's Fitz when she needs him - this type of thing is his bailiwick. "We'll have to Macgyver it though to trigger it." That should be possible, right? The EMP is generally triggered by detonation?

As she's talking, the analysis continues and it starts to identify different types of nanites … classifications really … and there's one that is significantly different to the others "Yes, Wasp. Transmitting the details to HAL now … " Janet should be able to target it.

The nanite swarm isn't homogenous. Inside the swarm are relay bots that keep the signal going to the rest. Kind of like neurons in a nervous system. The whole thing is remarkably biological. Fortunately Janet seems to be scrambling it pretty well, buying time for Clint to kneel down and break apart the arrowhead, handing Jemma pieces as she needs them. Unfortunately it has now retargeted May, shaping itself from an amorphous blob into a humanoid mass that flies at her with a martial arts like kick. Janet may want to get to shrinking and scrambling those bots quick. "Keep it busy May!"

Melinda May pulls her taser batons the moment she tosses the shocker disks, and then it's on. She responds to every attack this nanobot thing throws at her by swinging back with every inch of force and momentum she can muster, and making use of the batons' taser ends at every opportunity. She knows she can't keep this up forever, though, but if she can keep the thing from touching her and also keep it occupied long enough for Barton and Simmons to do whatever they're doing …

Janet cocks her head, still dodging as she fires a couple more stings into it. Then she gets what she needs from HAL and she spirals in close. "Damn it this is going to hurt…" and she shrinks.. much smaller than a wasp. She is going to feel like she did a week long bender in Vegas or MExico but by god she shrinks down to their level and starts firing as she looks for the problem nanites.

Jemmas really going out on a limb here - this type of development isn't her forte - yet she puts the parts together, cannibalising her cellphone to provide extra power.

"Wasp, I'm going to emit a strong EMP, it should disable the bioorganic mass and the nanites… on my mark, 3 … 2 … 1" and the bubble-gum and stickytape device is operated. She really hopes it doesn't affect Janet.

The nanites are kind of like spiders when you get down to their size. Sort of. Or maybe ticks. Either way they're disgusting but Janet manages to start finding and knocking out the 'nerve' nanites. May can tell as her fight starts to get easier. Her shock batons scramble it again and again (sorry Janet!) as its reflexes slow and its movements become erratic. It still won't go down though, the mass stubbornly sticking together…

Right until Jemma detonates her 'brain wave'. The artifical pulse flatlines the mass and it rather suddenly disintigrates into a soupy mess on the floor, a pile that's rapidly spreading but no longer a danger to anyone.

Cleanup on aisle six?

Melinda May keeps on fighting it, not realizing she's risking shocking Janet with every attack, until it suddenly goes sploosh. Ew. She hops backwards away from the spreading nanite puddle and takes a moment to catch her breath. Damn that was close. If that thing hadn't slowed down when it did she would have run out of steam and likely been pounded for it. "Good work," is all she can manage to say. Didn't even specify who she was addressing.

Janet pauses midlasting giant spider tick bug nanites "Wait what…" and she is growing rapidly trying to get up to not frying size before the 1… which works… human.. then she slips and falls in the goop.

Jemma lets out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding when Janet appears and the mass disintegrates. "Agent May?" she checks in with her Senior Agent "Ronin? Wa— Wasp?" she questions just as the woman slips in the goop.

Calling in the science team, the biochem starts to work to clean up and contain the mess. If Janet wants, there'll be samples for her available … but this is yet another thing for Jemma to examine.

"Yuck." Clint makes a face as the construct just collapses in on itself. "Well… looks like you have things in hand here. I'd call for a wet vac if I were you." The archer starts to pack in his arrows. "You okay down there Wasp? May?" He's going to be on his way out in a moment.

Janet van Dyne groans lightly "Okay my pride is severely injured…" she gets back up by shrinking nad flying up shaking off the goop. "Meck"

Melinda May nods up to Clint, stepping still further from the spreading goop. "Fine, Barton. Simmons?" She knows the biochemist misses Fitz, but she's really been holding her own despite all of the truly weird goings on.

Simmons is fine. She'd made the stairs and kept away from the action … "I'm fine, Agent May." she responds as she works the Science team to contain the mess for analysis. Yes, she misses Fitz's brains and assistance but she's getting used to improvising.

It would be nice to have a partner again, though.

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