A Strongly Worded Letter

December 01, 2015:

The Joker is looking for someone in Gotham and finds Ryden instead.



NPCs: Damnyou (The Goose)



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Gotham isn't safe. Which is a bit cliche, everyone knows that Gotham isn't safe. Gangs, villains, corrupt cops and of course, the God Damn Batman who may be as much a threat as any of them. Anyway, it's the kind of place where a person out for a walk or a stroll or a roll as the case may be is taking a calculated risk, even in the night parts.

And then there's the clowns. Clowns aren't funny in Gotham. Far from it. And it's all because of one man. One man who is presently out for a walk… looking for someone.

Ryden has returned from Neverwhere with even larger burden to bare. He's very stressed and tired and craving drugs or intoxication more desperately than he has in months. Determined not to give in he's gone out walk until he's calmed enough to sleep. He's not aware at first when his walking suddenly transfers him and his familiar from New York to the darker and often more dangerous or at least insane, streets of Gotham.

One moment the lorekeeper is strolling down the side walk in new york, an old travel pack hanging from his back and a purple woolen cloak wrapped around his neck and shoulders, the ends nearly brushing the ground as he walks. His goose is tucked beneath against the magi's side, small white and black feathered head peeking out sleepily. In the next moment they're walking down a much darker street in a very different kind of city. The goose rouses a bit, turning his head back and forth. "Qwek?" He peers up at Ryden, who still seems lost in his thoughts.

Somewhere in Gotham, green eyes fix on the screens in front of her, eyes that narrow as she watches the man strolling down the street. His presence is never welcome, particularly by this redhead.

"Now just what are you doing back here?" she speaks to herself as she watches the feeds in the immediate vicinity.

There's a man ahead of Ryden. Purple suit jacket. Slacks. Muddy greenish hair. He stops beside a poster of a rather distinguished looking man that says 'Jim Gordon for Mayor.' He's even close enough to a mic'd camera that Babs can get audio.

"Ah there you are Jimmy-boy…" He grins as he takes out a can of red spray paint. A few deft passes leaves 'For Mayor' crossed out and above he writes 'in memory of.' Then toward the bottom Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!. "Much better campaign poster, don't you think?" Is he talking to Ryden, to the camera not far away or to himself? "Really a candidate I can identify with."

Ryden stops walking at the goose's questioning sound and glances around. He comes to an abrupt halt near the green haired guy and seems startled. "How the hell long have been walking?" Seriously, what the hell. This is not New York. It's..Ryden squints at the poster currently being graffitied. "Gotham?" Pale blue eyes focus on the guy talking. 'In Memory Of?' And who is the dude talking to? The lorekeeper glances around again a bit more warily. He's getting a bad feeling about this…

That's just what she would expect of The Joker, at least he's acting true to his nature - CRAZY. It's strangely dressed man, with… is that a goose? … that she focusses on for a moment. Facial recognition processes kick in and the Information Goddess tries to identify who this is.

Is she worried for her father? Well, yes … but no more than usual really.

The Joker turns to see Ryden and grins. "Now now, don't be shy. The sidewalk is a good place to talk politics right? Traditional place for it, I hear." He gestures to the poster. "Take this guy for example. Wants to run on 'cleaning up the city' and 'making it safe at night.' But really, is that a good use of our city resources? Why, we might end up a police state following all that logic." He grins. "I'm thinking of writing a very… strongly worded letter. To his daughter. I hear she has Daddy's ear." Beat. "Or was it the other way around? Well, honestly, a little bit of anthrax to spread around in both places couldn't hurt right?"

Ryden's become aware of just how many places have cameras now. The damn things are everywhere. Seriously. Even in the freaking woods in the middle of nowhere. He found one while he was.. well that isn't important. He's done a bit of magic on himself though as a precaution. He can be seen clearly while being filmed if someone is watching, yes, but he won't show up on that footage later.

Ryden listens to the man talk without comment. He seems interested at first but the corner of his eyes narrow when the guy starts talking about the canidates daughter. Ryden doesn't like threats against women or children. The Anthrax thing.. normally Ryden would deal with this in a very decisive manner that makes clear his dislike of such people. Except this guy seems kinda insane. He's not in the habit of terrorizing the insane. "I think that's probably not a great idea. Just a well written letter is often enough to get your point across, man. The pen is mightier than the sword and all that." In his case that's literally the truth. Ryden's eyes move to the nearest street sign. Maybe this guy wandered out of an institution or something?

That bit of magic might go against Ryden, in the long run. People like Oracle often use those reviews to know where to reach out to and offer more help. But … that's a bridge she'll cross when she works out he doesn't show up. The redhead does have an eidetic memory.

The searches still running, it may take a bit to find him - if he exists in any records.

Eyes narrowing as The Joker speaks and levels the threat against Babs and Jim, she starts yet another search to look for communication devices … ah, there's one on the strangely dressed man. He'll receive a text:

Leave now. He's dangerous. I'll cover you're departure. ~~Oracle

She doesn't suspect that Rydens heard of her, but she'll try none the less.

Now … does Joker carry a phone or similar type of communication device?

"You know I think I'm in the mood for some spirited political debate. Perhaps we should wha-?" The Joker does have a phone. It's a burner but it doesn't take Babs long to figure out which it is. And of course, being somewhat insane he doesn't immediately throw it away at the first sign of it being compromsied. Now that he's distracted though Ryden may notice that he's wearing a vest… which seems to have a bomb attached to it.

Ryden yelps and jumps as the phone he jammed into his.. his briefs actually, vibrates. His purple velvet pants that match the cloak don't have pockets. "Holy shit. I'm gonna need to by the damn thing dinner if I don't find some pants with pockets." He swears aloud as he fishes it out of the front of his pants. Potential danger forgotten for a second as the lorekeeper attempts to do this without dropping his goose or flashing the stranger. He's kinda hoping there isn't a nuthouse nearby at this point. He's so not in the mood to end up there himself at the moment and he's fully aware that this looks.. finally! He's got the damn thing.

It's only a fraction of a second for him to take in the text and his eyes go to the other man and widen as he notes the vest. Then they roll up towards the stars and he silently mouths the words "Why me?!" Some one or thing out there or maybe the universe it's self seriously loves to fuck with him. There's just no other explanation. Well he can't very well haul ass now and leave this joker with a bomb strapped to his chest here. No pockets, no belt, no pen. Oh shit. This is gonna get interesting.

Oracle had been going to use that phone to deliver a shock to the insane Joker … but now that she sees the bomb on the vest, she'll go a little more slowly.

Zooming the camera in, as far as she can, she inspects the construction - is there a deadmans switch? and does she recognise the construction? Will delivering an electric shock, trigger it. Once she has the image of the bombs construct, her extensive database is searched. When she finds the instructions on how to disable it …

Another text is sent to Ryden

//New plan. Do you carry any non-lethal weapons? Don't use them yet… checking if that bomb is on a deadmans switch. Keep him talking. ~~Oracle //

The vest is electrically detonated yes. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to have an explosive in it.

Unfortunately, it does seem to have a lot of smilex in it. That's Joker Venom for the uninitiated. One of the most horrific poisons known to man. And Ryden is standing right there. "Huh. Could have sworn this thing was buzzing. Technology eh? Can't trust it. Now, where were we? Ah yes…" He levels a look at Ryden.

"Why so serious?"

Ryden reads this text while the Joker is still distracted. Sure he's got all kinds of non-leathel and very much leathel weapons. It's just, there all in his pack and he can't get it off his shoulders and open before that guy can explode himself. Not while he's holding his goose in one hand and the phone in the other. The lorekeeper's eyes narrow. The phone.. it has a keyboard, letters. He can rearrange them magically to form the words to a spell if he just has a- "Uh. It's this damn phone. These things, they're so complicated! I mean look at it!" Ryden waves the phone about in front of him in an exasperated motion. "It's a whole computer keyboard but its so damn small you can't type on it. And then theres all these programs and internet and what the hell. Can you remember when people actually just talked to each other!? What's wrong with a bit of conversation huh? Drives me totally insane!" Meanwhile he's concentrating mentally on the that keyboard and those letters. He's a little unsure it will work. He doesn't uses mix magic and technology. -Disarm this crazy dude's bomb and drop it into the world's deepest hole- flashes across his screen and the lorekeeper doesn't wait to see if it works, he throws his phone straight into the joker's face and then swirls his fingers in a complicated but very quick sketch of symbols to throw a shield in front of himself.

Oracle /had/ been going to send the disarming instructions to Ryden, but … there goes his phone. She's no idea this is a Mage she's dealing with and she lets out an exasperated sigh. She can't even get a message to him to watch out for Smilex.

Using her backdoor connection to Gotham Emergency Services, Police and Ambulance are despatched. It will take a few minutes for them to get there.

At the same time, the Information Goddess, tries to short The Jokers phone out and disable the grinning fiend …

Both things hit at more or less the same time, the Joker suddenly spasming as his phone turns into a taser and the other phone hitting him and porting his vest away. Where did it go? Uh, well, did Ryden's magic work? Probably best not to ask that question too hard. Either way the man who just threatened Babs and her father is now twitching on the ground.

Ryden's not worried about whatever is in that bomb hurting him. Oh it'll hurt he's certain but even if it kills him, lets just say that it's happened more than once since he came to this world. He doesn't know for sure what his people did to him and he never remembers where he goes when it happens but eventually he wakes up healed and healthy. Always in the same spot he first arrived. His familiar though, has no protection at all and Ryden's bonded to the goose. Not to mention secretly fond of the damn thing. It'll really mess the lorekeeper up if the little guy dies. And Ryden's not really an asshole, so he'd feel bad if the insane guy died too. He has no idea the joker is immune to poisons or whatever, hasn't even realized who the guy is. But he needed a hand free and it was throw the phone or throw the goose. Even if the goose survived that, Ryden's life for the foreseable future would be a feather-filled oranged beaked hell cause Damnyou would never let him forget it.

Then the guy is twitching on the ground and Ryden sighs in relief. "Thank you! Seriously!" He's staring up at the stars again when he says this. He bends over and picks up his phone. -What do I do with this guy now?- He text the Oracle back. He doesn't try to type on the tiny keyboard he just pushes the letters with his magic. So much easier. He wasn't kidding about that shit. He hates these phones. "Actually you know..that vibrating thing is kinda.."QWEK!!" The lorekeeper rolls his eyes. "Yeah yeah tmi.."

Restrain him and wait for the Police. They'll be there momentarily And indeed, Ryden will see the lights of the car approaching his location. He doesn't need to stick around… just, you know, don't let The Joker get away.

They'll take him to Arkham. Thank you, for the assistance. ~~Oracle

Ryden looks up at the nearest camera and salutes. Unless the Oracle has magic, they've got to be watching him from there. He doesn't waste any time pulling some pinke ribbon from his pack and tying the Joker's ankles and wrists together. It looks flimsy but it really isn't. He has it made special. Then he scoops up his goose and glances in the direction of the approaching lights. Yeah, cops are not his thing. Sighing he fishes an invisibly cloak from the pack before putting it and the bag on and taking off at a run. He's gotta find a place to call a cab. And maybe ditch this phone. What if this Oracle person decides to track him?

Of course Oracle will track him. But for now a message flashes on the screen of his phone.

Don't ditch the phone, I'll still be able to find you. Use it to contact me if you have need of support again. Of course, I may call on your expertise in the future, too. ~~Oracle.

When he looks, there'll be a new app "OracleApp" that connects to the Information Goddess. Ryden can run, but … he can't hide from her forever.

"Oh Geeze!" At least it had been in his hand this time. Ryden as the text thoughtfully as he hurries down the street and around the corner. Hm. He's intrigued. So he tucks it back into his pants after calling a cab. "I wonder how much it costs to get back to the hotel…uh, you remember which one we moved to right?" Ryden asks his familiar. The goose cranes its head back to look at Ryden then glances up at the sky himself. Why him?!

Oh yeah… a ride for the mage.

Cab has been called. Fare is on me. ~~Oracle

And as that message comes in, a cab pulls up. That's Rydens ride.

On the screen in the Clocktower, a new avatar appears … a goose with a pink ribbon around it's neck. Until Ryden chooses to reveal his name, or her searches return a name, he'll be known as 'Gooseman' and no, that's not a hattip to a popular movie.

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