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November 30, 2015:

Fenris calls people to Neverwhere to discuss what's going on



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Neverwhere. Fenris' refuge and the place where he goes to think. Or take time, when he needs time. It's also the place he goes when he needs privacy. Which he does tonight. He's called May, Zee and Ryden to discuss things… of import to people who have to watch over the magic of the world. The Primal Force. Of which Ryden is not a member but he's in the running for another job with similar duties.

Sitting beside Fenris, looking into the flames of the fire that crackles merrily in the middle of the clearing, is Zee. On first glance, she looks as she always does but those who look closer will see the lines of tension around her eyes, and notice the bruises and scratches that mar her arms.

Ryden's mostly recovered from his recent overexertion. Which is to say he's sober but just thus and his body is loudly complaining about it but he's ignoring that as much as he can. It's been months now since he used the drugs or anything like them when not necesarry. He hasn't mentioned that to anyone though and has even gone to the effort of pretending he was out of it to not raise suspicions. Tonight he's just too tired to think about it. He arrives quitely with a sober expression and even his clothing is somber and less weird than normal. Black jean kilt and plain tshirt and jacket. His goose is waldling at his side and seems a bit muted too. No angry pecking or wing flapping, just occasional glances up at Ryden. Until the little animal sees Zee and squawks loudly, rushing to her side. Startled, the lorekeeper looks up and curses. "What the hell happened to you?"

Agent Melinda May arrives as promptly as ever, thanks to her Ley Line Pendulum, and she approaches Fenris quietly. What? It's habit. Her eyes then lock onto Zee and she moves to sit on the young magician's other side before pulling something out of an inside pocket of her jacket. It's a thin packet of anti-bacterial wipes, for the scratches on her arms. She looks up at Ryden's exclamation and the goose's rushing over, then reaches to tap the good very lightly on the top of its head as a sort of greeting.

Fenris looks up. He's a wolf at the moment as is often the case when he's here. "Things. A lot of things actually. Zatanna has lost her power and things are heating up. I've asked you here, May, even though you already know about that part so that we could discuss what's coming up shortly. In brief, it is my believe that the Wild Hunts, all of them, are trying to stage a major breakthrough into the mortal world. If they do the body count will be horrific and there won't be anything most of us can do to stop it since there won't be any way to keep them out. So, as you might imagine, it's important that we not get to that point."

After May taps the gooses head, Zee scoops it up and settles it into her lap and then accepts the wipes from the Senior Agent. "Just weapons practice, Ryden." she murmurs after Fenris speaks "I zagged, when I should have zigged…" several times by the looks of it.

"What Fenris said is true, my powers gone for the time being and the viels between worlds are thinning. The lords of the hunt will ride." She cuts a look to the God-Wolf "Potentially all three hunts will ride together…" What's happened to her couldn't come at a worse time really.

Ryden smiles a bit at May and Damnyou's turning to gently butt his head against May's fingertips but then Fenris words sink in and he turns and stares. He seems a bit shocked and reaches out towards Zee with his senses. "What.." Damnyou settles into Zee's lap and makes little worried sounds at her. It takes a minute for the rest to hit him because Zee is the most important. She's far more special to him than he's let on. After another minute of thinking he sighs and sits in front of Zee and May. "I hate Faerie. I really do." "I guess I've got bigger things to worry about than finding those tree people at the moment. Ah well. They'll..figure it out." He babbles a bit to cover his worry and give himself time to think. "Everyone can use a change of pace from time to time, right?"

"We'll figure this out." How does May manage to sound so certain? Simple. She knows they HAVE to figure it out or things will get BAD. And that's not an option she's willing to consider. This Wild Hunt thing is not lore that she's familiar with, it's European lore. This means she's going to have to brush up, and fast, when she gets back to the Triskelion.

"Temporarily we can mend tears in the veil and use the Ley Lines to patch up the barriers but long term we're going to need to do something I'd hoped to avoid. The ancient used obelisks at key ley junctions as means to channel their power. We're going to have to do the same. And since we won't be able to build obelisks we'll have to make do with what we have. I've identified several towers in the cities that can do what we want them to. Unfortunately we may need to secure the permission of their owners to make modificaions…" Fenris glances over to Ryden quirking an eyebrow before turning back to everyone else. "And we'll need some additional power."

"Just so, Agent May." Zee absently pets the goose in her lap, soothing it by murmuring "I'm ok, really." And she is, she just has to learn to protect herself differently and not rely on her power.

"Fenris and I were discussing this the other day" she adds for the group "If we direct power into the viel, it should help it mend faster." she smiles a little in Fenris' direction "I thought we could erect memorials and use obelisks … but as Fenris points out, the planning approvals will just too long."

Ryden will sense that Zee has no power at all, locked away or taken? Who can tell?

Ryden's eyes crinkle at May's certainity. It's a good thing to see. He doesn't have that kind of faith or conviction about much. Only one thing really and that's the magelet sitting across from him. He can't believe in himself, he's spent so much time being a selfish little prick and running from his past that he doubts another thousand years can begin to make up for it. He's a failure and he knows it. For Zee though he'll find a way to do this. Fenris look draws a slight frown from the lorekeeper. "Power, huh." The kind of power they'll need to do this is.. not going to be easy to get. Not without messing up things further too. Except..

Ryden knows where to get that kind of power and he knows Fenris knows this. He also knows what it will cost Ryden who just shrugs his shoulders and smiles at Zee. For her he'd give anything. "It's a good plan. We can do this. And it won't be too hard to get into the buildings. I'm the greatest forger on the planet." He says it simply and without a hint of bragging. He really is. "And if that isn't enough I can just magic them. My personal magic won't be alot of help for much else. It's the power I'm linked to that you'll need. I can be a channel." He doesn't mention what letting that much power be drawn through him will do. "First though, I'd like to know how this happened to you."

May doesn't have much else to add to this conversation beyond one thing: "I can arrange with SHIELD to inform those buildings that we're running tests of some kind and get the city planners' permission to put objects in the basements or on the rooftops or where ever."

"I'll get you a list." Fenris murmurs. Certainly, he'd like to speak to the owners of places like Stark Tower and Wayne Tower and a few of the other well known towers (the Daily Planet over in Metropolis, that's going to be fun) before they do anything. There's no reason to upset people over this, if someone would rather not have questionable magical types poking around the drywall he's sure something else can be arranged with someone who owns a suitably tall building.

"The idea will be to 'broadcast' a field by channeling the ley lines power into them like a radio tower. Which means doing some arcane engineering as well. We'll have to temporarily change the course of a few ley lines while we do this… which is likely to have problems all its own."

Zee looks at Ryden, then Fenris and then Ryden again. "The Vishanti happened. This is part of my testing. They want to see how strong I am." Which might make sense, if Ryden thinks about it. Zee's not one to accept power from anything or anywhere, but she's not afraid to use hers either; What happens when that's taken away? What does she become.

As Fenris talks about diverting Leylines, the tension lines around her eyes deepen. Whereas before she'd know what to do, mostly … now, she has to contribute in a different way. "May I have that list too, please Fenris? Maybe I'll know some of the contacts." And she has to go and see Pepper, anyway … soon … "I'll read up on everything I can."

"Of course." Fenris will give it to her… soon as he writes it up. "For now though you need to rest and not be too sore to move too fast." The Old Wolf settles down to muse more. What? He does some of his best work here.

Ryden smacks his palm to his face. Of course the Vishanti happened. Duh. He shakes his head at himself. Damn. It makes so much sense and he can see the logic there and doesn't even disagree with it. Not exactly. He'd kinda been hoping for something simpler. Someone who's ass he could kick for example. Not that he would ever tell her if he did. He's smart enough to realize she'd be pretty offended by that. He also knows she can handle herself and has absolute faith in her. It'd just make him feel a helluva lot better to pound on someone now. "I need to rest too." He looks at Damnyou and rolls his eyes a bit. "I think he wants to stay with you for a bit more." Ryden wants to stay too even if he isn't going to say it. He simply shrugs his pack off and pulls out a blanket and pillows for Zee and then stretches out on his side and closes his eyes. He has a feeling he's going to need all the rest he can get just now. They all will.

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