Crash Course pt. 2: Stink Eye

November 25, 2015:

Darcy and Shift return to the Triskelion after the mutant finishes giving her a crash course in firearms and driving. They're greeted by Agent May and her stink eye.

The Triskelion, New York City


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Its well into the evening. The sun has gone down, but the clock hasn't quite struck midnight when a Harley Davidson Iron 883 comes rolling up to the main security checkpoint at SHIELD HQ.

Dropping the kickstand, Kwabena looks up at the building. The brightness in his silver eyes seems to fade, the grin on his face faltering. The last time he was here, it was during a very difficult time for him. HYDRA brainwashing, his death faked by the man at the highest level, and set on a suicide mission into HYDRA's ranks that ended with his death.

He doesn't speak about it, but he's hesitant to leave his motorcycle at the check in for visitors. "Hey, Evil Kneivel."

Odame looks over his shoulder to the passenger behind him. "I still don't know how it all works 'round here. Any chance I can park dis beast up front?"

Its weird, but ever since his resurrection and the curious reparation of his shattered soul, he's become… attached to things, like his motorcycle.


Darcy purses her lips under the helmet, then shrugs. "Yeah. I guess? I mean. I can't give you my parking pass, cause I technically haven't left yet, cause Cap drove me out, but… I can flash the front gate and see what happens?" Darcy is helpful.


Rain is a night owl. She's working in her work space, and it looks like an escape from Fantasia. Tools are hovering, while Captain patrols. The cat has the run of the non-classified spaces, and many agents appreciate CAT(TM). But for now, the witch is witching.


The idea suddenly strikes him. "Christ. Why didn't I realize…" He draws short, doing a double take back at Darcy. "Listen, hot rod, my reputation around here is filthy enough already. Please don't flash de gate guards."

Revving the engine, he rolls up to the gate, greeting the guards. A simple explanation is given; he and Agent Lewis have been summoned by Steve Rogers for an operation. Which is entirely true; they're scheduled to ship out within hours.

Minutes later, the motorcycle is parked in a special motor pool designated for people who are neither SHIELD Agents, nor contractors, but have been requested for various other reasons. A duffle bag is lifted from its resting place on the ass end of the bike and slung over his shoulder. In it, a change of clothes. Shift is wearing only the gunmetal gray uniform he wears when doing… Shift things.

"Want to take bets on who Cap's gonna send to me my babysittah?" he murmurs to Darcy.


Melinda May has been 'chatting' with Rain — discussing like the storage and handling of various tupperware items, though she excuses herself and steps aside to receive the message that Lewis and Odame just arrived. Thus, when they enter the building, she's waiting for them just inside the entrance. And she's got her arms crossed.


"I meant my ID Badge, ya prevvy fuck," Darcy quips while bapping at Shift's shoulder. She clings to Shift as they roll in and he's 'excuse' gets them into the parking lot. She slips off the bike, wearing Darcy's comfy attire which is a LOT of non-SHIELD issue knitwear. None of which she made herself, but she has friends who scarf and beanie and sweater. Darcy misses weekly Snitch 'n Bitches with the derby girls, and for a moment she ponders if Gridlock, NYC's own flat track team, has a knit-night she can go to… and hang out… and not yarn. Darcy can not yarn. She is okay with this.

"Hmm.. not it, because I am a terrible babysitter," Darcy replies as she leads the way inside. She left her 'uniform' in her office when Steve demanded she head out to that place in the email to meet with this guy. She's about to say more when.. May. Darcy pulls up to a stop.

"Hi, May. Been a while. What's up, SO?" please don't PT me?


"Yeah, I try to keep them out of the way but…" Sometimes, these things just find a way. Rain blinks. Captain blinks, too. "Ooooooh," The cat says. He's gonna follow May, acting as Rain's proxy. After all, the witch can see what he does if needed. And she so is.



Kwabena isn't sure how to respond to that little misunderstanding, so, he simply doesn't. Silence is golden. He's grown adept at not putting his foot into his mouth.

When Agent May greets them, he fights very hard to continue keeping his mouth shut. However, he had a great deal of fun teaching Darcy how to 'drive aggressively' out at an old, 'abandoned' racing track in Jersey. It just slips out.

"Guess dat's answered," he murmurs.

Now, in spite of the way May seems to be giving the both of them a particularly nasty hairy eyeball, Kwabena is genuinely thankful to see her. He doesn't like being here; he doesn't like Government types; but she worked hard with others to help put him back together. He owes her.

"Agent May." The woman receives a well practiced upnod. "Good to see you."


Yes, May is aware of Captain the tagalong, and she's okay with that. "With me." She then turns and leads the pair back toward where Rain is working. "Lewis. Next time you leave base, check in with HQ." The 'or else' is left unsaid, but it's there. "Odame. Likewise." When they reach the witch's workspace, she stops and looks at them again. "Now. Someone explain to me where you've been." Because they both seem a little too … bracing for a scolding to have just been out for a cup of coffee.


Taking a breath, Darcy bites her lip. "Even is Cap demanded I go?" She asks, just to be sure. At May's demand, though, she glances and points at Shift, "He did it?"


Captain jogs alongside May. His legs aren't nearly as long as May's, after all. Rain is working in the office. There's a magical GPS (GPS modified to detect magic) on the work bench, instruments floating and a few things of tupperware around. "There's coffee and tea at hand if anyone wishes it. And I can portal in juice, should you wish," Rain offers. And a couple of unopened waterbottles with cold condensation on them.

"Please, come in. Don't mind the floating stuff." Otherwise, Rain is quiet, and working.


A witch keeps a strange office. Desk, cat, condiments, who knows what else, and a lone figure in black that is sitting in the shadows. Apparently Snake-Eyes decided this would be a good place to meditate. Only the slight flicker of light off his slotted visor gives away his presence as he actually looks up as Rain recieves company, holding to his lotus position, quiet as can be as he observes for the moment.

Though on the table in front of him, he already has - if May's nose is picking up on such things, a steeping pot of Gyokuro tea and a small assortment of ohigashi set on the plate in front of him along with two cups. Apprently he's waiting for Rain to take a break.


Shift takes a moment to adjust the duffle bag, then follows along with long strides. He seems perfectly comfortable with all of this, but that's simply because Agent May is leading the way. If some other chump had come in here, he might have demanded for Rogers. Or May herself. Or even that Simmons scientist who always looks at him strangely, as if she were a few notches on the right side of morality to keep from dissecting him.

Once inside Rain's office, the witch is sent a nod in greeting and a look of recognition. His silver eyes stray toward the character resting in the shadows, and there they linger for a moment or two, until May questions he and Darcy.

Now, he's got no problem explaining things, but Darcy's answer suggests that he did something wrong. He turns to stare at her for a moment, before leaning over to rest his duffle bag against the wall inside of Rain's office. "Off de books training," the Ghanaian answers. "Since Lewis is on de UAE op, I gave her some few instructions on how to stay alive."


May does take note of Snake-Eye's presence and offers him a small nod in greeting. The tea is noted, but she has other things to deal with currently. There will be questions about where he got the Gyokuro. Hopefully somewhere local is finally importing the genuine stuff.

Listening to Shift's explanation, she quirks an eyebrow. "What manner of training?" She could be gearing up for a serious scolding, or she could be eyeing Kwabena in an almost … evaluating manner.


"Well, thre were small guns, then big guns, then lots of very reckless driving. You should be proud!" Darcy says, her more usual unflappable attitude comng to fore.


Rain smiles faintly at Snake-Eyes. She seems happy enough to have the ninja in her workship. Rain pulls a soldering iron over. Instruments hovering in the air soon come to rest on a table, so no one gets bonked with hovering instruments. The tea does smell nice. Captain hops up onto a surface, so he can watch. Curious.


Thanks to his pre-SHIELD contacts, Snake-Eyes imports. He has his own source back where he recently was and he has it shipped to him quite often. With the arrival of more company, the quiet ninja just observes, probably evaluating May himself - one can never tell with a mask that allows him to cover up so much. There's a return nod of his head to Shift before his attention returns to the conversation, a curious tilt of his head towards Darcy and her usual enthusiasm.

Reaching over, he chimes a small gong, to get Rain's attention, and gestures to the chair across from him. Tea and a show. Who could ask for more, right?


Kwabena knows that look. Darcy's quick response allows him a bit more time to digest it; his 'make money' radar is pinging right next to the warning klaxon built into every mercenary's brain - that which reminds one to never trust the government.

How many times will he break that rule?

"De basics," he expounds. "Primarily firearms safety, basic marksmanship, tactical opahration of an automobile." The chiming of the gong catches his attention, and he pauses long enough to observe the exchange between Snake-Eyes and Rain.

"As I said… de basics." He folds his arms. "I believe everyone can be an asset, but dere ah some few things a person simply needs to know if dere's headed into a potentially hostile situation."

He is casually omitting the part of his training method that remains unconventional. A less experienced merc might have used a 'look' to keep Darcy quiet about that whole affair, but Kwabena merely stands there, eyes remaining fixed upon Agent May.


Melinda May nods. "When is the UAE operation?" That might seem like an odd question, but there is a reason for it. She glances over at Snake and Rain again, but turns her attention back to the other two. "Officially, all training needs to be given by SHIELD sanctioned and certified trainers." Yes, SHift gets a bit of a stink-eye with that sentence. "WHen you get back, Lewis, apply for sidearm and rifle certifications. Also for driving certifications levels one and two."


Oh right. Snake-Eyes is reminded. As Melinda brings up the mention of certification, he rises to his feet and brings Melinda a small flash drive. It has information on it from his personal assessment of Darcy's abilities on the mission in Greenland - one that Peggy was supposed to write a report for but hasn't. It includes the positives that Darcy was quick to scan files, though old, of HYDRA dealings with the automations and supplies in the warehouse, but also a negative of her nearly getting drowned because she lingered too long staring at nude female water android.

With the file delivered, he gestures to the table for the others. There's plenty of tea, and Rain probably, as an engineer, has a wide array of whimsical coffee mugs she has collected over her college and SHIELD career that can be pressed into service as tea cups.

Although, as May brings up the UAE mission, the ninja turns his attention to Shift expectantly, as if inviting himself along for the ride.


Gong? What? Darcy looks over and smiles at Snake-Eyes before looking back at Shift. She seems to think things through. There's not much to add to Shift's explanation so she just ansers the question. "Whenever Cap says wheel up. A few hours, I think? I'm just glad I got my headphones back. Carter was mean," Darcy says beforeMay tells her about the applications. "Really?" She waits a beat then turns to Shift and grabs his albows. "Didja hear it?! I fucking graduated, bitch!"


Rain will accept tea and sit in the seat gestuered to. "Thanks," She murmurs. Rain quirks an eyebrow. "Should I step out?" She asks. She isn't sure she should be hearing about this UAE thing. Otherwise, she and Captain are listening. Happily, Rain is ambidextrous and already knows how to use her pistols. "And uh. Sorry about the headphones" She does seem a bit apologetic. Rain did a lot of bearing and running in Greenland. Rain really does have a lot of whimsical coffee mugs. Many of them with bad physics and math jokes. It's awful, really.


Well. This marks the second time Kwabena Odame has broken SHIELD rules, and compares to the first incident, this one's a walk in the park. May's stink-eye is answered with a simple nod of his head. If she wants his opinion on bureaucratic red tape, she'll ask him.

"Within de next five hours, yes," Kwabena echoes Darcy's answer. "Could be -"

He's interrupted by Darcy's exuberant reaction. He blinks, momentarily startled by it, but quickly forms a lopsided grin. "Don't get too excited, Lewis. If I'm judging Agent May's mathematics correctly, you're about de levah of a Boy Scout." He then grasps her forearms in a friendly way. "Practice. Nevah get rusty."

At the ninja's gesture, Kwabena gestures that they go ahead for a moment. He turns away, snatches up his duffle bag, and crosses the room to set it in a better place, before moving to join the others at the table.

Catching Snake-Eye's look, Kwabena considers, then looks to May. "Not sure what de clearance levah's are around here." He's got no problem sharing the mission parameters, but he also has no measurement on Rain or Ninja's ability to keep their mouths shut regarding sensitive intelligence.


Melinda May doesn't ask for the mission parameters. She likely already knows them. Accepting the USB memory stick from Snake-Eyes, she nods to him and pockets the device. Inside pocket of her jacket, and one would have to risk groping her to try and get it back. Just try it. "Next time, Lewis, stow the headset before Carter sees it." Because, really, the young woman should well know by now that the LMD is an old school stickler for the rules. Then she also moves toward the table where the ninja has a pretty nice little spread all set up. SHe's pretty sure though that there's not enough there for everyone, so she's content to just stand off to the side and spectate.


Snake-Eyes, likewise, has already surrendered his seat. He's not going to drink or eat around others and expose himself. Or maybe he's an LMD and doesn't have to eat. Or drinks blood. Or who knows what. Retaking a place on the desk in the corner, he folds his legs back into the lotus position to listen to the briefing for now.


"Fuck Boy Scouts. They got nothing on us Brownies. Selling cookies like a motherfucker," says Darcy, off the clock and not giving shits about language. Maybe she's just trying to get it out of her system cause in five hours she's going to be trapped on a plane with Captain Langu- "Wait. Did you say five HOURS? Duh fuck, Kwa! I mean, shit. When's a girl going to fucking sleep, man?!" She follows after her SO, because she's a good little Junior Agent.

"I had them under my hoodie, and the volume was down so I could almost hear everyone, and I wasn't doing anything. All the briefs had been bad, we were just sitting around flying… and she took my music!" It really does seem like the end of hte word. Except that she is all smiles and a hug for Rain and (why the hell not) one for Snake.

"Hey there, Loud Mouth. Let me get a word in, wouldya? Rain! Girlfriend. Didja finish biddy bobbiditying the tape?" Because that's a word now. So sayeth the Darce. As she reaches over for a glass of tea. "Man, this shit better be better than Shift's. Kwa, You've got sitty taste in drink. Blech. I can STILL taste."


"There's a computer here if you need it," She offers. Rain pauses. "Also, I think it was because I was kind of helping us two." A wry smile. "I am not a leader type," She admits. Rain will stand with her cup. "You guys are guests in the Witch-work-space. I can step out if it's confidential. But I am a bag of secrets. That which enters does not leave, or whatever." She looks quietly amused by Darcy. "You can rest here. There is a sleeping bag." Weird. Rain looks to Darcy and nods. "Yeah."


"It's a long trip to da Middle East, Darce," Kwabena answers. "You can rest on de plane." Oh, he's been hard on her, and it doesn't end until the mission's over.

Rain's acknowledgment seems to be enough for him. "Well. I won't bore you with de pahticulars. Cap'll be sure to go ovah dem in de actual briefing." While talking, he prepares himself a cup of the tea. It has an unfamiliar scent, so he doesn't spoil it with cream or sugar, opting to taste it first.

"Long story short? IWO got hold of de young man who originally created 'smooth'. Dey've worked out some way of putting a concentrated type of it into de U.S. drinking watah supply. If dey tahget de right locations? Could affect up to one third de continental population. Mission is to stop dem before de weapon leaves UAE borders. And -"

He glances around at the others. "Has to be a quiet op. Can't have something like this on de front page of de Washington Post."

Primarily, because a military operation in a friendly nation without sovereign support tends to be bad for the diplomats, not to mention regional stability.


Melinda May lets Shift explain, so clearly this information is NOT above Rain's clearance. She nods to Kwabena and leans back against the edge of a table in the work area. It's probably the closest she'll get to relaxing right now. She's not been tapped to transport the team to the UAE, so she doesn't have to worry about being ready in five hours. She does, though, level a look at Darcy 'social media maven' Lewis, silently warning her that Shift is right. This is a serious mission, and blabbing about it will ruin a lot more than a few reputations.


As Darcy approaches him for a hug, Snake-Eyes lifts his arm, placing a finger gently against her solar plexus to halt her advance. The solar plexus is a nice little bundle of nerves to halt her advance, plus it prevents any perversion by touching her chest. His other hand comes up and he wags his finger back and forth in a nuh-uh fashion. Request for hug: denied. His head tilts to the side and he waits for her to back away before lowering his hands again.

With it starting to turn to winter, the ohiashi candies still holds the autumn theme of chrysanthemums, waves, maple leaves, and small designer hats. As Kwabena goes into the mission brief, the silent master takes mental notes. He's run plenty of covert operations - it's sort of why Fury snagged him - but he gives a nod at the mention of keeping the operation quiet. This is not a mission for those looking to make Good Morning, New York.

Five hours? He'll be ready. Already he's moving to get to his feet and offers a polite bow of his head before he heads off to gather the remainder of his gear and prepare.


Stopped, mid-hug. Darcy oofs at the touch, then pouts at the denial. With a heavy sigh, Darcy backs again and sits at his side instead. This plus having to be on an airplane in five hours makes her pouty. She slides a glance at May, "I know. I know. GPS is off on my phone. It's just a glorified iPOD now.. WHICH REMINDS ME! I want myiPOD back, dammit." Cue foot stomp.


Rain blinks at poor Darcy. "Oh dear. I can probably fetch the iPod if you want. Otherwise, I'm here if someone needs my assistance." She tries not to look too amused by Snake's reaction and concerned by Kwabena's words.


Kwabena drinks the tea appreciatively while going over some additional details, then excuses himself in favor of meeting with Cap to go over additional plans.

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