So Much Power

November 30, 2015:

The Vishanti visit Wanda …. (emits by Fenris)

X-Red HQ - New York


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Wanda Maximoff is a lot of things. Mutant. X-Man. Chaos Mage. And perhaps slightly nuts. The one thing she might not call herself is a hero. But she's certainly done enough to have attracted the attention of the trio of elder beings largely responsible for overseeing this reality. They can't act directly on earth so often they act through servants and intermediaries. One of them has come looking for the woman in red. He (or she, or it, it's not clear) has a message.

"I told you that it was here" Wanda whispers to no one in particular as she sits on the balcony of her room at X-Red HQ. Her legs swinging over the edge as she stares at the airport nearby. "It's where they all come. See." She points at a plane lifting up into the air and then frowns. "Except they are leaving…" Wanda does have red on at least; an oversized football jersey and leg warmers. Yes, leg warmers.

Zee has been looking for Wanda. She's got news to share with the woman … and a request. It's probably a good thing that the raven haired teen started her search at X-Red! After being admitted and directed to the balcony where Wanda is sitting, she speaks softly "Wanda, it's Zee. I need to… " she cuts off, her magic may be taken from her, but she recognises that feel in the air.

Wanda might be surprised by Zee approach … she doesn't sense the young woman magically … Zee's 'magically dead' to her senses.

There's a sense of power that is not coming from Zee. A very distinct and very powerful sense that even Zee with no magical spark to speak of at the moment, can detect. As soon as the young mage starts to approach a light fills the room and a vaguely humanoid being appears. Wanda Maximoff, heed me for I bring the word of the Vishanti to you. Not even a hello for Zee.

A little jump at the sudden voice before Wanda looks behind her. "Zee?" It looks like Zatanna but it doesn't feel like her. Wanda looks confused but before she can ask what is going on there is a bright light and a very definite feel of magic in the air. Wanda scrambles to her feet, fingers twitching as she cocks her head to take in the shape. "Vishanti? Oh…I remember them. Do you remember them, Zee? They came to see us when…" Her lips purse in thought. "It was important but I…" Wanda screws up her nose. "My memory is not very good. There was this one time that I have forgotten when…" The witch is in danger of babbling if not stopped.

Zee wouldn't expect them to acknowledge her. She doesn't want them to either. This is Wanda's time … she's just glad she can be there for the woman.

Stepping forward to stand just behind and to the left of Wanda, the Mistress of Magic lends her support. "Be still, Wanda. I remember. They wish to speak to you." at you mightbe more correct, if Zee guesses correctly.

Wanda Maximoff you have been watched. Your mettle has been weighed. You have passed the test of spirit. Now you must pass the test of strength. Which may give Zee some sweats. When they said this to her… they took her magic.

Of course the Vishanti are nothing if not creative and insightful. Not all strength is born of magic. Magic only amplifies what you already have. It can also show what you do not have. Often the true test of strength is what happens when a person all they could wish for. This is what the Vishanti wish to know of you. What kind of person is Wanda Maximoff when she has power. Power has been granted you. You will be watched.

And it has. Wanda can feel the rush of power adding to her own. Or perhaps not so much adding as unlocking more (though not all) of the potential that lies within her. Wanda has spent a lot of time fearing what her magic may do, avoiding it when she could. And now? Now the power to reshape the world around her has been given to her.

Wanda listens…though she may not totally understand. She isn't even sure she volunteered for any of this. But it is obviously not her choice as power courses through her body. She wobbles on her feet as scarlet energy glows around /all/ of her. Her eyes growing wider. "What are you doing?" she manages to breathe out before glancing at Zee. Wanda's eyes now glowing red. "I don't know if…" Her train of thought lost as she stretches her neck from side to side. "I can see the people who hurt Brinley" she whispers. "I could crush them right now, Zee." Wanda's breathing slows and deepens.

No glowing eyes from the teen mage as Wandas power increases. No jealousy either, just a profound look of … empathy. They both have their trials to bear.

Taking one step closer to Wanda, Zee lets her hand rest on her shoulder "And will you, Wanda?" Her eyes never leave the being that's presented itself to Wanda "Or can you show them a better way." beat "Breath Wanda, just like you're doing, nice and deep and think about it for a moment." another beat "And don't forget to thank the Vishanti's emissary for their message." Is there the slightest hint of sarcasm there?

The emissary fades out, it's task complete. The light and presence leaves the room leaving only Zatanna, Wanda and waaaay more power than either of them wanted. A cruel twist of fate perhaps that where as Zee leaned on her power Wanda ran from it and now their ability to confront their fears is being tested.

And what happens if they fail?

"Thank you" Wanda says to the emissary…not even noticing that it has gone. "What will I do?" she whispers to Zatanna. "Anything I want." There is a glint to her eyes beyond the fact that they are glowing brightly. A wickedness in her expression before she shakes her head, trying to clear it of the power's influence. "Too many voices" she groans. "I can hear them all and I don't want to hear them. I want them to be quiet." Wanda spins around to stare at the airport beyond. "I can make them be quiet…can't I? Should I?" She starts bashing at the side of her head. "This is not good, Zee. This is not good!"

Curling her arm around Wanda's shoulder, Zee looks so sad. Is it because she's lost her powers or because someone she considers a friend is in pain? Let's go with the latter.

"I can't tell you want to do, Wanda. You need to decide what's for the best." reaching up, she takes the hand that is bashing the side of Wandas head. "Come on, let's go get some tea … " If Wanda will let her, she'll draw her to the common room…

Damn the Vishanti … that's what she's thinking although she's torn … these trials are finely wrought and nearly perfect.

"What's best? What's best is that I should be stopped. It's too much" Wanda mumbles as she is led away to the common room. "Tea? I don't even know if I need things like tea anymore. I don't know if I need anything." Then for a moment she stops thinking about herself.

"Zee…your powers are gone. Did they…" Wanda frowns, in her current state she can pretty much be sure which of the endless paths of reality ahead of her will correctly have Zatanna's answer. "But I don't want to be Sorceress Supreme. Not if it is like this…"

Still with her arm curled around Wanda's shoulder, Zee snorts. "Don't let the power confuse you, Wanda. You still need sustenance - more than ever before." So says the homo-magi who had power enough at her finger tips.

Seating the woman on a stool in the kitchen, Zee busies herself boiling water and preparing mugs, shoulders tensing as Wanda asks that question. "Yes, they took my magic, or locked it away. They want to see how /strong/ I am, without it.

After few quiet moments, as the teen organises tea for the mugs and adds water, she looks out of the windows in front of her. The lights of the airport are so pretty at this time of this night … she's not taken the time to appreciate the beauty around her in a long time. "If you think it's best you be stopped, Wanda. Then you need to do that yourself. Draw deep…" her voice is low and, hopefully, reassuring "and remember your friends … are here to help to you."

"Why take away the power that you will gain when you are Sorceress Supreme?" Wanda asks in confusion. "They want you to learn how to box? To shoot a gun? You have always been strong and they are stupid to weaken you." A pause. "Like they are stupid to make me stronger." Her voice softens, her word spoken absently. "And I am so very strong."

Wanda snorts in amusement. "Friends? All my friends leave me, Zee." She gestures at the empty building around them. "Even when I am in a team I am alone. Maybe I should be Sorceress Supreme? Sitting there all alone looking over the world. If anyone else was given the role then someone who loved them would be hurt they could not be with them anymore. Me…" A shrug.

"Think Wanda… " Zee turns and hands a mug of tea to the woman. She's asking the woman to think about what she knows about Zee and her power … and the trials she could possibly face as Sorceress Supreme.

"They want to know that I can think beyond my magic." the teen murmurs into her tea "And that I can use alternate methods when needed." As to Wanda.

"Alone for now, yes, Wanda. But what happens when you activate your communicator or ask for help?" There's a difference between being totally alone and 'alone for now' … "And did I run, when I saw what you were confronted with?"

"So why did they /give/ me power?" Wanda asks though the expression on her face suggests she soon works it out. "To see how insane I would become with it" she answers herself in a flat tone. "I won't let that happen" she vows…even though she didn't do very well with the Dark Wanda episode and her mind is already threatening to explode with the power and the confusion it brings.

Wanda nods slowly. "No, you did not run but you knew what was coming. And, yes, people will come when I call…if I call. There is so much noise…" She tiredly rubs her forehead for a moment before rising. "Thank you for your help, Zee, but I think I need to get away from the noise for a bit. I don't know how long but I promise I will be back."

Zee's not going to answer that. Any of it. That's for Wanda to work out on her own. Zee's been schooled in her power since she was born, she'd doubt she'd cope any better than Wanda if she had not.

"If you need to go somewhere, fine, Wanda." Zee sips her tea still looking out over the lights "But consider… maybe I can help you mute those voices or understand them better for a while."

Lack of power or not, the Mistress of Magic has confidence to spare.

"Without your powers?" Wanda asks about the muting of the voices. She leans over and hugs the Zatanna. "I will be back. I promise. But I need to sort out the voices a bit more and I need quiet." A half smile appears. "Though I think at the moment I could take away the voices of everyone for miles around." Wanda stands and glances down at her clothes. "But I need to change."

A shimmering glow of scarlet and now Wanda is wearing her old clothes…but they are in much better shape than they ever were when she was in a dumpster. "Thank you for being here…and being a friend" she smiles before she walks back to the balcony, glances back one more time and then shoots up into the air with a scarlet trail to show her passing through the night sky.

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