Where'd He Go?

November 30, 2015:

SHIELD put a tail on Solange Myers (emits by Simmons)

New York


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Solange Myers is for all intents and purposes a stay at home Mom who lives in New York. She's come to the attention of SHIELD due to a job she posted on taskrabbit, asking someone to situate one of the 084's that had been found.

Rather than bring her in straight away, it had been decided to watch the woman for several days, see what her activities were like. On paper, she seems to be nothing spectacular, but her actions might indicate something different.

Today, she'd had coffee in a nice little boutique coffee house and is now walking through a park, which is moderately populated, and it appears she is just out for the stroll. Perhaps walking off that double cream bagel.

Rain and Captain are pretty good scouts. Rain does stand out a bit, so the violet-eyed witch tends to let Captain do the close work. Most people don't think much of a cat, especially one with clothes that might make you go 'aw'. The internet is powered by cats. Humanity once worshipped them. It's just a facet of the world. And Captain remembers how to talk only in cat language. But he'll just be in the park. Yup. Kitty on a stroll, while Rain is on a bench reading Engineering Monthly: Pocket Protectors- Bane or Boon?

Kate Bishop is actually pretty good at urban reconnaissance. Aside from the fact that she can be recognizable, she still looks like just any other New York rich girl when she's walking around. She can even do the text and walk thing. She's been tailing Solange for the last couple of hours, a duffel bag over her shoulder, in jeans and a pea cot with a beanie cap to keep her head warm and sunglasses to hide some of her features. That, and the ever-present phone with one earbud in mean she fits right in.

Melinda May is, of course, monitoring Ms. Myers' movements remotely. Another perk of Captain's presence: Cat-Cam. "She's about to pass your location, Rain. Be alert." So far, this woman has been they very example of a boring civilian. Perhaps a little too boring. It's making her even more suspicious. Also, she's supposed to be a stay at home mom. Where are her children?

Clint has been doing this for a little bit and… while he's not in the SHIELD game any more per-se, he does come when asked. Usually. More or less. In this case the presence of both May and Kate is more than enough to get the elder archer to come on down. "I really need a good way to hide a bow…" He muses into the radio as he watches from his preferred spot. Above and a bit away. Survielance is one of the things he's good at. That 'Hawkeye' moniker he used to have isn't for nothing.

It's the middle of the day, during the week, the kiddies are at school, but she's supposed to pick up them up soon. The youngest one has bee put in daycare … presumably so Solange can get a break …

As Solange passes Rains position, a man starts to walk beside the woman … has he joined her, or is it just circumstancial? They're a few steps past Rain, when the man says something to Solange and receives a slight nod in response before she murmurs something back to him.

From the left and the right, the others will note, two other people approaching the pair that are now walking together. Although the approach is casual, there are tells that only the best trained in spycraft will pick up.

Odd isn't it? That a stay at home mom, might be meeting with a man in the park? Oh… wait…

Captain is going to keep walking along nearby. Periodically sniffing. Doing cat stuff. Just a kitty. Rain looks over her magazing, watching without watching. She resists quirking an eyebrow. Meeting a man in the park? Is she after a boyfriend? They seem to be familiar or at least okay with one another. "Noted," Rain replies quietly. "They seem to be neutral to friendly. Familiar, at least. Not talking really loudly." Hmmm. Otherwise, all eyes are on people.

"Okay, if we're following around a cheating housewife, I need a new job," Kate murmurs into her earpiece, typing something out on her phone as she walks behind the woman. "Way not what I signed up for." She doesn't seem to have noticed the tail just yet - she's good, but she's not really trained as a spy - but she's still keeping a careful distance.

That cinches it for May. "Captain, get closer. I want to hear them. Rain, if you have a way to listen also, do it. Bishop, maintain distance. If they split up, we'll need to follow multiple targets. Barton, you know the drill." For her own part, May is finally stepping away from a fence dog park area where she'd been 'watching' the dogs as if monitoring a pet of her own, and she starts toward where the woman and man are walking with others approaching. If they end up needing to be taken down, she's not about to leave Kate to try and do that alone.

Clint keeps watch from his perch. If he needs to be there in a hurry… that's what arrows are for. "Mmmm, I don't think this is your usual kind of liason. There's none of the affection I'd expect from someone having an affair. There's two more coming in from the front. Looks like this is a group meeting. Can you see if they're carrying anything? My angle up here is bad. Could be a document drop or… some other kind of exchange." Yeah Clint is that paranoid. Comes of being a spy.

The extra two people join the little group, very casually… to the untrained eye, it would look like they've just caught up and blended in, but Clint and May can likely tell differently.

As Captain moves in, he'll pick up snatches of the conversation "He got picked up." … "Potential problem." … "Watching the others."

In one of the newcomers hands is an envelope and as his hand brushes Solanges, the envelope changes hands.

Those who are trained can tell that this group is about to disperse … they better move quickly if they want to do anything.

Rain isn't aware. But Captain is following just behind them. Curious kitty. He is close enough to see the object switch hands, and thus the camera. He meows, likely to distract them. Rain frowns, from her spot. Kitty! Right, turn around and pet the kitty! Who does NOT have a camera hidden in his coat! They would have to come close and grab his coat. But cats are teases, so if they reach for him, he'll circle their legs.

Kate pauses not long after the group does, leaning against a bench to continue fiddling with her phone. The other nice thing about those reflective sunglasses is that it makes it hard to tell if she's looking at them. "Hey, Clint, you got one of those riot foam arrows in your quiver?" she asks. "Could stick these guys, keep them from making a break."

Melinda May is very much capable of seeing the goings on even though she's still slightly farther out than Kate. "Exchange has been made. Move. Myers is the primary target. Go." And with that she breaks into a full sprint toward the four people, ICER already in hand. She won't hesitate to take any of the four of them down in the middle of the crowded park, even if it might create bad press for SHIELD. Because she is THAT sick of this whole thing.

Clint stands up on his perch and aims. Taser arrow. These things pack a punch even if they're not quite god-of-thunder worthy. More than that, they're easy to make so long as you know how to make a battery flash discharge. Which… does rather ruin the battery. But you know, not everything in these arrows can be clean.

"Got the one on the left." Thwip! BZZZZZT! That's the second time in recent memory he's used that trick. And that should make things easier.

Clints arrow takes down Solange … leaving her three companions, who were momentarily distracted by Captains meowing, although none them seemed inclined to pat him (how mean), turning to stare at the downed woman and then scattering.

One heads straight for Kate, one across Mays path and the third into a copse of trees, seeking cover as they try to get away.

Captain would pout, but still. Rain and he have a job to do. He's bolting after the one into the trees. He sprints faster than a human (!), and Rain soon follows suit, trying to get a bead on the fellow and newt him. Captain can then catch a newt real good.

Kate doesn't really have time to dig into the duffle bag for her bow. It's nice for carrying her equipment, but it's not so great for getting it out at speed. Luckily, arrows aren't the only thing she can do. As the man runs toward her, she steps out in front of him, reaching for an arm to twist, turn, and - assuming he doesn't break free - flip him over her shoulder to the sidewalk.
Melinda May snaps off a single ICER round at the man racing across her path, not even slowing down. If she hit him, she'll stop to truss him up with zip ties. If she missed, she'll keep chasing after him.

Captain might be fast, but this guy is too … as he disappears behind a tree, Rain looses sight of him. When she and Captain round that tree, there's no sight of him and the violet eyed witch can't detect any magic. So where did he go? They can't see any sign of the fleeing man.

Kate doesn't get lucky … she's very well trained, and it shows as the man lands flat on his back.

Mays single round wings her target, and he takes several more steps before falling in a heap. She can zip tie him and then take them all for questioning.

Captain has scent, and the two keep going. Rain is going to try magic, to detect living souls. Cats can outsprint humans (a kitty could beat Usain bolt!), so this is a bit shocking. Still, they go after him around the tree. Rain is likely slowed as she tries to go around.

"Hi," Kate says lightly, twisting the man's arm behind his back at a very uncomfortable angle. "You're under arrest. Or being detained. You know, actually, I usually don't stick around much past this point, because there are other people who are way more qualified, but suffice it to say that if you try to run, it's going to hurt a lot, and then it's going to hurt a lot more, so. Stay down."

Melinda May zip ties the man she took down with the ICER and then promptly pulls her ID for the Park police officers already converging on them. She makes sure they know what's going on so they don't try to stop Kate or chase down Barton or — heaven forbid — try to kennel Captain.

Unfortunately, Rain and Captain pull up nothing. It's like the man just disappeared. There and then gone … just another thing to add to the list!

That leaves SHIELD with Solange Myers and two other men to interrogate, uh take into custody. The envelope still clutched in Myers hand? Has a USB drive contained within … maybe that will shed some light on what's going here.

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