Paintball Training

November 28, 2015:

Paintball training with Darcy Lewis.


Training Course Area


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Outside of the Triskelion, near the docks is a cordoned off area that SHIELD uses for interdiction tactics and training. This is where Snake-Eyes has called for orders for weapons training for Darcy. But what good is just sitting there shooting at play targets all day that don't do nothing back? And him going out in gear is cheating. So.. he asked for a certain witch to come along with him and perhaps an invitation to a more trained agent, just to give Junior Agent Lewis in training a little bit of a challenge.

Set up on a table outside the training course made of shipping containers and a docked tug, there are the standard SHIELD fare of weapons; mainly the .30 cal machine pistol - except instead of carrying the standard load of lethal rounds, they have been retrofitted to fire paintballs.

The trobule with Shift's attempt to train Darcy was that he wanted her to pull the trigger on live rounds while aiming at him. It left Darcy more than a little pissed. But, being shown that the guns she'd be firing at friendly were paintballs seemed to excite the Monster chugging junior agent.

"Oh, fuck yes! I've always wanted to try paint ball. Bitchin' idea, LoudMouth. I love your ass so hard right now," she blurts out, having changed into something more like SHIELD tac-gear than her casual clothing. She has no idea who Snake has called to help him.

"…" Rain is not sure why she did this, but she wanted to help. So why not? She rubs the back of her head. "I - this feels a bit stacked…" She is just a henchman here. Nevertheless, Rain looks to her 'boss'. "So um. Ideas?" She furrows her eyebrows. A few puppets pop up. "Maybe just extra targets…"

SHe got the message on the post it note, placed on her laptop keyboard. Come to the Docks ~Snake-Eyes. Come to the docks. WHat the hell for? No doubt she was going to be forced to put on some sort of outfit and infiltrate something or another. Coffee in hand, Daisy makes her way down to the docks and certainly not dressed for whatever she might find there. Upon seeing Snake and Rain they are given a nod, and then her eyes slide to Darcy tho her words seem to address Snake. "I got your note…sorry Starbucks was calling. Well, they did not literally call…but..what if they did. That would be amazing. Hello. Miss Johnson, can we get you coffee?" She stops talking and looks at those before her. "So what do you need me to do?"

Carrying a small dossier of folders, Snake-Eyes hands them out. The first one goes to Darcy. Guess what? It says that she's Special Agent Darcy Lewis - a newly promoted SHIELD agent that has been tasked with hunting down an international crime figure, codenamed: <Unknown>. He's letting the person who gets that folder decide what her name is going to be.

The next file is given to Rain. She is the loyal henchman and servant of <Unknown>, her own name not decided either, she can pick her own supervillain name. She is not directly on hand to assist the international criminal, but she has plenty of her support she can offer to her to assist in her plans of domincation.

Daisy gets the last file. She is 'Unknown'. An internationally wanted criminal figure who has arrived on the luxury liner 'Tugboat' and is waiting for a load of illegally exported items - a crate on a crane up above the training field - and she must either kill Agent Darcy, or recieve the shipment.

Daisy and Rain will have two minutes (read: the next pose round) to set up and get in position, while Snake-Eyes holds Darcy in position before releasing her onto the training course at the start of the next round. He glances between the three women, making sure they understand the orders.

Of course, he never mentioned that Daisy may have a sniper out there with a paintball rifle. Who knows who might show up to surprise her. Snake-Eyes is planning on sitting on the crate to get a bird's eye view of the training.

GAME: Snake-Eyes has set the pose order to Daisy - Rain - Darcy - MELINDA?! - Snake-Eyes.

An international smuggler of sorts. Oh this is too good. She sets her coffee down on a crate and picks up one of the modified pistols. "Ivana Shewtyerass reporting for training. She winks and makes her way up the rampand onto the boat. "No don't be afraid Darcy. These hurt like a mother." She vanishes onto the boat, motioning for Rain to come and join her for instruction. There will be a quiet word exchanged before she checks the pistol for rounds and the extra paintballs. "Understand? I wanna be able to see her. So fog it up and light her up."

"Paintballs Galore, huh." Rain is a bit wry. Rain joins for instruction. She nods. Rain gets no weapons, because minions in ACTION MOVIES usually die before they can use them anyway! "Fog and glow. You got it." Nodnod.

Darcy takes the folder, reading the information. It's a game. LIke HALO. Oh, fuck yes. She reads quickly, biting her lower lip in eager anticipation and concentration. Studying the information for the minute, Darcy sets hte file down to tie up her hair, lips pursing. UNknown, unknown, unknown. She glances over at Daisy, grinning at the name.

"You better be afraid, Bob. Imma cap-a-bitch," she calls out, before looking at Snake. "I the only agent on this bullshit, you think?"

As Daisy and Rain get into position and discuss plans, Snake-Eyes stands with Darcy, glancing at his watch as he counts down time. As the two 'enemy' agents disappear into the training course, the ninja turns his attention back to Darcy and nods once. She's the only agent at the moment, but there was an invitation incase other agents needed training. When the time runs out, Snake-Eyes releases Darcy with a bow and turns to leap up the sides of the containers that provide Darcy and Daisy with cover as he himself takes a seat on the 'shipment' to handle it's slow descent towards the tug.

It's time for DRAMATIC FOG(TM). Gotham isn't the only place with ominous fog. Rain is an unarmed minion, and keeps herself behind cover. Fog will roll around the enemy HQ. It's thick, worthy of London fog. And Rain waits, to see Darcy before she can do the other thing.

There we go. Rule number one. Make it so your enemy cannot see you. Rule number two. Make sure you can see your enemy. It is difficult at this point to see Darcy, as Rain has yet to do the second part of what was requested. Yet, Daisy decides to test this new recruit and fires into the fog where she thought there were some crates before. Nothing like blind fire and exploding paintballs to unsettle the other girl. "Better find cover Staples!."

UNknown, means potential meta. Don't fuckign use above-game knowledge just cause you know Bob and Rain both have freaky super powers and you're just a squishy regular human person with bad eye-sight and killer curves. Darcy, grabbing the weapons she needs and extra ammo, makes her eway into the trainging course. She's got to hunt down HOLY CRAP! Paintballs exploding by her FACE! Darcy flings herself against and behind another crate. Well, she's an idea of where Daisy is now. Sort of. Maybe Darcy can get her monologuing. Bob's supposed to be a villian, after all. Villians monologue, and that's how the good guys take them down; says every movie ever.

"Or what, Bumbling Bobbo?" Darcy taunts just before moving again. Talk, move. Talk, move. Darcy stays low. Impressively low, for a civvie. Though, it lacks some grace. The way Darcy shuffles doesn't look right in boot-covered feet. May's watched Darcy skate and if she's watching now, she might note that the motions would be perfectly smooth if the girl where running on the toe-stops of roller skates than on her own two feet.

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with the glitterdust spell. And if Darcy doesn't move carefully, there's going to be rainbow glitter all over her. Rain is peeking shyly around a box before ducking back.

Of course they would turn it into playtime. But Snake-Eyes can't fault them for that. As he sits on top of his shipping container far above the fray, he watches. As he does so, the ninja reaches into the bag by his side, and pulls out a couple of six-bang flash gernades. Holding them to his side, he sets them down to take notes. If they get too corny, he's going to drop them in there to snap them back to reality.

Darcy Lewis rolls 11 on 1d20.

Rain rolls 11 on 1d20.

Rain rolls 15 on 1d20.

Darcy Lewis rolls 3 on 1d20.

Somewhere, not where this group are working, a set of silver drones sit in a case. The woman beside them, looks at the screen on of her computer. "Ready to go when you are, Agent May."

This is a secure comms channel she speaks on, no one else is privvy to it. In fact, the woman in question wasn't invited to this training session, but she can help make the task harder.

Ah there she is. Nothing like a thick fog and glowing figure within it. Darcy is lit up like a christmas tree and that makes it a lot easier to spot her. A lot. Yet, she is a wiry little thing and moves quickly. he might be easy to spot, but not so easy to hit. Daisy pops up and aims at the glowing figure, letting off a few rounds, but purposefully striking the ground right in front of her. It would appear that this cat wishes to toy with her little mouse toy a while. Afterall, how would she learn to shoot a gun if she had yet to fire a shot? She ducks back down and reloads the pistol. "Are you going to fire Litebrite?"

"Acknowledged. Deploy in T-minus ten seconds on my mark." May sneaks into the training grounds with a nod to Snake-Eyes on his perch overhead, and promptly starts moving toward 'tugboat' around the periphery of the area. Tucked under one arm, she's carrying Captain along. Hey, Daisy got a henchwitch, she claims a henchcat. And yes, she's swapped out her sidearm for a paintball pistol. Limited ammo, but she's planning on not needing more than a few shots.


Snake-Eyes is made aware of the new arrival from his perch and the visor'd head tilts curiously. But he does nothing to alert the others. Fluid situations are fun, after all!

Running quickly in a crouch, Darcy hits the paint puddle and skids through it like a pro. She takes a knee, twisting to wrench herself around a corner before she's up again and slamming her back to the crate. Back to where Daisy is, Darcy's taking a moment to get her bearings in the fog while using the crate as cover.

Fucking Rain is using magic. Cheating! Darcy pulls out her phone, opens the selfie app and uses it to peek over the crate. She shoves the phone into her shirt, and rolls out from cover with two shots in Daisy's direction.

"That's Sparkle Tits to you. I will summon everypony on your ass, I swear to Jesus," Darcy quips as she gets behind cover and sprints for hte next opening. Must get to Daisy fast. She can see me. I can't see her. Fog's too damn thick, even for selfie-sticks.

Apparently ninjas don't appreciate puns like Rain does. And then things get real. Rain is unarmed, to make up for her magic. Captain is wearing a stylish henchcat coat. And /he/ tracks by scent and motion. Fog doesn't bother him, or his sensitive ears much. "Um." Rain is quietly concerned. She moves from cover to cover, keeping the fog nice and thick. And the glittery totally fabulous.

GAME: Snake-Eyes has set the pose order to Rain, Daisy, Darcy, Simmons, May, Snake-Eyes.

Cheating Darcy? You haven't seen anything yet! On Mays mark, six silver drones are sent spinning into the air and head towards May location, buzzing in the air.

That buzzing can be heard by all participants, getting louder as the drones get closer. It's not a thunderous sound, probably sounds more like a swarm of bees…

And then they're there, flying through the room and splitting up. One aims for Darcy, One for Rain, One for Daisy and Two for Snake-Eyes as they get close, paint is shot for the armaments … if they aren't quick, all four will be tagged… The sixth drone? It's circling the room.

"Jesus! What the hell?" As the drone sprays paint across the deck, Daisy dives behind a set of crates on the bow and shakes her head. "Well that was not from Darcy." Apparently, the game just changed. All rules are off now and Daisy looks down at the pistol in her hand. Must deal with the immediate threat? It is so foggy she did not even see where the drone shots came from. She crouches low and finds a small crate, tossing it overbaord on the fr side to make an audible splash, and then she goes quiet.

At a run, Darcy glances up and over her shoulder at bee-sound. She can't really see the drone, but she can hear it. Darcy doesn't have time to think. She reacts. To a knee and a 180 drop spin so she's skidding backwards. Paintside arm is brought up and fires are fired on the sound.

"Fucking hell shit dammit," she cusses before tossing herself into a roll sidewise through a turn in the crate-maze she's in. Paint splatters where she was and the sound of the crate going sploosh draws her attention. Sudden fear spikes her adrenaline: Oh shit. What if what if someone went in and cant swim, or got knocked out ot… fuckfuckfuck. Ignoring if she hit teh drone or not, Darcy is up on her feet and sprint toward the sound of hte splash as hard as she can. She's still staying as low as she can, but speed is now the priority over paintball games.

Snake-Eyes notices the drones coming at him, and grabbing the chain, he flips upwards, climbing to the top of the crane. He doesn't have paintball weapons, so instead he draws his sword to start to run down the side of the crane boom to draw the drones towards him as he flicks several thrown kunai at the drones to keep them off-balance.

It would be a shame if a ninja were to get a splatter of paint on his nice clean black uniform.

Melinda May ducks behind the cover of some crates, then whispers to her henchcat and sets him gently down on his feet. She kneels down to check his paintball 'weapon' — a small, ink-saturated sponge attached to his dominant foreleg. All he has to do is swat at someone and he'll dab them with paint. Then she lets the feline go on his way and starts toward the crane assembly that's still slowly lowering the crates toward the tugboat.

The splash makes her pause, but she's practiced enough to know that that sound was not a human body hitting water. Don't ask how or why she learned to distinguish that particular sound.

Captain is on the prowl. His tail is low, he moves in a perfectly silent crouch, hidden by the fog. After all, his ancestors once devoured humanity silently from the trees. From the plains, and grasses. He is unperturbed by the drones, instead making a silent beeline for Daisy.

Rain herself is just trying to keep the fog up and keep out of the way. "ACK!" She's getting - "Aaah, crap." Magic requires concentration, and Rain looks like a bunch of Ooompah Loompahs puked on her.

Ah it worked. Darcy is making her way towards the splash. Daisy rises and begins to fire at the figure, standing in the bow of the boat and unloading a few rounds down at her. Her back is to any sneaking felines now, afterall, she is not even aware of Captain's involvement. However, when she rises to shoot the glow vanishes, and the fog begins to dissipate. She cannot see her target any more and she panics firing blindly to where she last saw the figure.

Darcy crouches as the blind shots fire in her direction. She drops to a baseball slide, letting momentum carry her along the cement floor. She's lower now, so she won't get hit. The fog, still clearing, hides the last crate in front of her until the last minute, and Darcy's foot slam into it. She oofs as her knees bend to take the impact and she rolls to her elbows and knees. The impact curls her into a ball against he crate, and shoving against het floor quickly, Darcy uses the last of her slide to get herself to her feet. Her back hits the crate hard, her head cracking it.

Should have worn her helmet.

Pushing passed the daze, Darcy shoves herself forward again, running on the balls of her feet a few steps before going whole foot, still heading for the boat while she sprays shots up that way too. Okay. THink think. Daisy's still shooting, so she didn't fall over. Which means, it was Rain. Because the magic bullshit is gone. Fuck! There's the boat! Must get up, must tag Daisy, must dive after Rain. That order. Becasue Friendship is Fucking Magic, bitches.

Darcy's shot at the drone barely misses, she was close but Jemma might be cheating as she swerves the little drone, sending it back in to target the Junior Agent just as she cracks her head against the crates. Can she deal with the extra distraction?

Daisy seems to have forgotten about the drone… which might be her underdoing, whizzing round, it comes right up behind her and hovers … Jemma can see Captain creeping through - time for a team up, take down.

Snake-Eyes thrown Kunai takes down one of the drones, but the other flitters around, still shooting paint the Ninja… whilst the sixth drone comes flying in behind him.

Yeah…. Jemma's cheating.

Melinda May reaches the crane, but there's a Snake-Eyes already there. She'll just have to knock him OFF of it. Drawing her paintball sidearm with the speed of an old west gunslinger, she fires a single shot off at the ninja before getting onto the crane gantry herself and swapping out the pistol for her taser batons. It's the closest she's got to practice weaponry on her person, so long as she doesn't try to zap Snake. She doesn't so much as glance at the approaching drones, so as to not give any extra hints as to their locations.

Snake-Eyes continues his run down the crane boom. Just as Jemma and Melinda both fire, he leaps into the air, sword sheathed away quickly as he refuses to use it on Melinda - deadly force not authorized as he lands on the ground and rolls, getting in closes as can be to Melinda as he ducks beneath her swinging batons and uses the carbon plating of his armor to deflect her hits. By keeping Melinda with him as they twist and turn in melee combat, he's making it harder for Simmons just to open fire on him.

She's not the only one that can alter the rules after all.

And what a double team it is. What is that whirring sound? Daisy slowly turns and finds herself face to whatever with a hovering paintball drone. Not only that, a pouncing cat. Captain pounces and Daisy immediatly drop her pistol as she catches the cat mid-pounce. His little painty cat paws swing at her as she backs up towards the rail of the boat. That is when the drone unleashes it assault, pelting her with paintballs and sending her further into the rail where she loses her balance. She quickly lets go of Captain and waits for the splash.

Rain is dunked. Her hair, and shoulders and face are covered in paint. The violet-eyed witch is a bit startled. Poor Daisy. Captain is a mighty pounce! Flailflailflail. "… good catch, thugh," He offers. He's sympathetic. Rain is moving to the side, as she's soaked and no one likes a cheater.

Is it her head that's buzzing or is that a drone? Darcy's having problem telling. The drone paints the crate right where she had been and is fast behind her as she sprints for the boat. Easy pickings. Two splotches of bright purple bloom on her back, and Darcy stumbles forward into a neat roll and back on her feet a heartbeat later. She drops the paintball gun. She's out. She knows it. There's another thing to do, and fuck everyone else for continuing with this stupid-ass game when someone went splash! Darcy keeps running, unarmed, and starts clambering up the siding of the boat to get to the deck as soon as she gets there. Oh, the short not-nice words in her head.

Rules are made to be broken…

With three out of four tagged by her paint balls, Jemma's sets the five drones to circle the melee'ing pair. With five drones in action, it doesn't matter which way the fighters turn, there's always one targetted an aspect of Snake-Eyes … but the paint isn't let loose yet.

Instead, every so often, a drone will dip and zip in, buzzing the armoured man, trying to cause a distraction. "Whenever you're ready, Agent May."

This tactic doesn't surprise May, but it does mean she has to be careful of the drones that are now startign to gather overhead. And thus begins what is likely the sort of sparring match that has most of SHIELD participating in betting pools.

However, a sound hits Snake-Eyes ears. One of the agents that he's in charge of tonight just went into the drink. He doesn't bother with the fight anymore, his loyalty to his troops coming first as he lowers his arms and holds up a finger to May before he turns and leaps over the drones, making a qi assisted burst to the water where he jumps in, landing with a small splash. The spar and the betting pool will have to wait as the silent ninja comes up next to Daisy and checks on her condition first before wrapping an arm around her midsection to tow her to shore should she require it.

"Daisy!" Rain is paint'd, but she looks worried as the gal falls in. "Are you okay?!" Rain runs over with a summoned towel. She slips, lands on her butt, resumes running with towel. "You guys did great! Totally did not expect an ambush. And Captain!"

Getting to the deck, Darcy spots Rain rushing over with a towel and then Snake-Eyes diving in, and the junior agent skids to a stop, panting and covered in sweat. She looks over the chaos, which she can totally handle, but.. the andrenaline of friend maybe hurt just grates on her. It's part of what made her a semi-scary blocker. Girls that hit her jammer had to watch out, because Darcy would lock on to players and ram them with everything she had as pay-back. It's training though, a practice bout, and Darcy knows it. She also knows she 'lost', and that annoys her. Not that she's going to let anyone in on that fact, so she just plays it all cool, watching Daisy get back to shore before turning to head back the way she came so she can collect her paintball gun to put it away.

People often think of Jemma as soft. Not suited to the field … and that could be fair - she is a Scientist after all. However, she knows a few things. And one of those is that 'in the field', your foe, your enemy, isn't going to care two bits about loyalty. They're also not going to care about a held up finger.

As Snake-Eyes leaps, the drones all turn to track him and fire … everyone of them … This is what would happen in the field.

If May takes exception to that, Jemma will wear the dressing down.

Melinda May stops the instant Snake-Eyes does and when he ZOOMS to go rescue someone from the water, she races after him as fast as she's capable of running.

"Simmons, stand down," she says into her locked comm … but only after the drones have all fired on Snake-Eyes. But that's 'cause she didn't expect it to happen. Yeah, that's her story and she's sticking to it. She does stop at the edge of the docks to help get Daisy out of the water if needed.

There's a distinct difference between 'in the field' and 'training exercise'. Especially when one is in the middle of a possible rescue operation and trying to haul someone out of the drink. As he hefts Daisy out of the water, he seems not to care about the paintbal splatters to his back. Or that May looks might amused. Instead, once he's sure that Daisy is stable, the ninja turns to head over to Darcy. He places a comforting hand on her shoulder with a there-there pat.

He rarely lets anyone into his personal space, so consider the pat a psuedo-hug. She did well, considering the totally screwed up situation. An impassively blank glance is given towards May and the drones, a small shake of his head. Disapproval, completely. It's one thing to introduce the element of surprise, but this took it far too far. He turns to check on each of his others, stopping to glance at Rain, a gesture to Daisy and the sign for a blanket. Once he's done, he turns to go gather the supplies, and place them back in their crates. He never speaks. They shouldn't expect him to now.

oh! The patronizing pat-pat, huh? Darcy shoves off the hand and shoves the paintball gun into Snake's chest. "Oh, fuck you," she tells him of the psuedo-hug. "I don't need your patronizing bullshit." She adds as she turns on her heel and continues to stomp off.

Rain has the towel. "Well, it was pretty surprising," the color dunked Rain offers. She will gently wrap Daisy up in the towel, and pull a blanket out of nowhere for Daisy. "I had no idea Captain was so sneaky," She teases her cat a little. "Is everyone okay?"

Melinda May moves to Daisy's side while Rain gets blankets out of nowhere (handy, that). "Let us know when you want to debrief from this training session, Snake-Eyes." Yes, she's letting him take lead on that part since he's the one that organized this in the first place. And she will take responsibility for her and Simmons' and Captain's presences.

With the gun shoved in his chest and Melinda addressing him, Snake-Eyes just glances at the seinor agent for a moment. He puts the pistol in with the others and closes the case, shouldering it to head back to the Triskelion. No words - not even in sign language.

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