UAE Smooth Briefing

November 28, 2015:

Captain Rogers and Snake-Eyes goes over new intelligence with Agent Scarlett


Briefing Room


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The Triskelion. Home of SHIELD, and always a place that's busy. After meeting with Shift, Darcy, and May last night, Snake-Eyes is currently down in the armory, making sure his personal weapons are cleaned and prepped for the mission to the UAE. One of the Uzis is currently disassembled on the table while the masked man works over the inner workings of the chamber with an oiled wired brush to clear out the carbon and cordite scoring.

His blades have already been cleaned and sharpened and returned to their sheaths on various parts of his body. It's just down to cleaning the slugthrowers now.

"Glad I could find you," Steve Rogers says as he comes into the room. As good as Snake Eyes sense of surroundings is, the ninja probably heard him coming a long time ago. "You ready to go?" he asks, looking the man up and down, and realizing that the question didn't need to be asked.

"I've got a meeting not too long from now to go over some intelligence, if you'd like to sit in on it."

Having heard the Captain's footsteps earlier, and then picking up on his unique qi signature as he got within closer range, Snake-Eyes was already reassembling his weapon, snapping the trigger guard and mechanism in place and working the bolt a couple of times to make sure it's secured. Rising to his feet, he takes his alloted magazines before sliding them into place along his webgear and shoulders the weapon with an affirmative nod of his head to Captain Rogers before he moves to follow Steve to the briefing area.

Small talk? What's that.

It doesn't take long for Captain America and Snake Eyes to get to the intelligence hub. The former takes a seat and looks up at the black monitors with satellite images already up. The pictures come from the terrorist camps in the UAE—Steve is pretty sure he can remember them from his sleep he's been over them so often.

In the Hub, there are bodies moving everywhere. Sure there are those sitting in computer wombs where they are all but directly wired into the network. But there are those walking around carrying printouts and paperwork. So much for the paperless society. Trees still get murdered for the sake of intelligence even now and even here. Standing at one of the large briefing holo tables is a redheaded woman. Rather than being done up into a bun as most military might, it is pulled back into a pony tail. She looks over a tablet, swiping images and report pages to the side before flicking a few of them to the large 10x10 digital table to project as holographic images that slowly rotate. Currently the table is displaying a 3D image of the earth with topographical full color data. It slowly rotates counter clockwise and half of it is bathed in darkness as if there were a sun truly shining upon it. It is currently mid afternoon here. But in the middle east it is already progressing toward darkness.

While Steve is more intimate with the mission, Snake-Eyes is still adapting to SHIELD life. He takes the time to study the maps, in fact his visor is already recording the information to store and set up GPS markers so that once they are boots on the ground they have an idea of where they are on the move. Even well-honed ninja sense of direction can use a map overlay now and again. A glance is given towards Steve and then the redhead at the head of the briefing section as he finally moves to take his own seat, settling down so that he can listen in and take notes.

"Good afternoon," Steve says to Scarlett. "This is Snake-Eyes, I'm Steve Rogers. We're here to discuss any new developments going on in the UAE before we embark for our mission. We were told you would be expecting us."

Over the course of the last year and a half, Steve has gotten more used to the technological gizmos that this headquarters holds, but to say he's not a little bit in awe of all they can do would be overstating it. Everytime he's in this room he's a little shocked.

Scarlett looks up, setting the tablet down on the edge of the display. "Hello, Captain. It's a pleasure and honor to meet you, Sir." She looks over, "Snake Eyes." She offers her hand in greeting. "Intel has been stable the last thirty six hours. Prior to that a tanker truck was seen entering the facility we believe Woods is using for his manufaturing and refining processes. The truck hasn't left and no other activity outside of what we know to be routine. We can't tell how long that will last though. Or where that tanker will be headed when it does pull out."

Accepting the hand for a moment, Snake-Eyes also offers a polite bow after rising to his feet. Once she returns to her briefing, the ninja returns to his seat and glances over at Steve to get his read on it, as he moves his fingers between the base and the tanker. It'd be better to catch them together, of course, but his attention turns towards a smaller screen as he starts to try to pull up possible troop strengths and the type of guards to expect. Local thugs? International hired goons? Quiet government support?

He finally writes a small note and posts it to the screen.

'UAV activity?'

Steve leans back in his chair at the mention of the tanker truck. That could be any number of things, all of them bad. Materials coming in would be the preference. Loading up a shipment to go out would mean SHIELD is already too late in the game.

"If you were a betting woman, what would you bet on?" Steve asks as he holds his head up with his hand as his blue eyes look over the photographs.

Scarlett gestures and the holographic globe spins around and zooms in onto the UAE. She zooms in on the neighborhood. "He's using a baby food plant. The apple doesn't all far from the tree. TI could be just about anything. The problem is it is a fenced compound." Satellite images come up showing night thermal scanes and daytime images from flights over the area at different angles. And another from a live drone feed high over the city whose display blinks "LIVE" in the lower right corner. "We believe there are some bunkers built into the facility. But Woods has not been known to fund his own personal army. We do know that al Radim has fronted him a few squads of men. It could be as many as twenty four from what we have tracked. We will have an accurate count by the time you are four hours out." She looks at the display. If these aren't bunkers we don't know what they are. Ground Penetrating Radar can't make them out. They seem like concrete rooms. So you'll have to plan accordingly. If you can get eyes on them we'd like to know what they are of course."

Snake-Eyes brings up his map, bringing up the surrounding territory. As he looks over the terrain and sees a lot of brush and empty space. He turns his attention back to the briefing officer and taps his fingers. 'Insertion?' comes up. They can't really drive up and knock polietly after all. His visor follows the mention of the bunkers and he nods his head slowly, filing away the information for future research.

"Underground labs would be my guess," Steve says absently to O'Hara. "We probably won't know until we get in there, to be honest. But as soon as I know, you'll know." Steve nods to Snake-Eyes. "Braddock and I argued about that pretty heavily. The original plan was to drop down out of Quinjets from above, but I'm open to suggestions."

Scarlett nods. "It's away from the city. About ten miles out. There aren't any military installations or Police checkpoints in the area. If they manage to signal for help it'll be at least five minutes before any outside help arrives. Possibly greater than ten depending on how organized the response is."

She looks at the lay out. "Quinjets straight in fast and loud are your most direct method. But there is too much open area around, you'd be exposed till you get all boots on the ground and the jets would be subjected to all manner of small arms fire. Or worse. Everyone seems to have an RPG in their back pocket these days. A direct air drop wouldn't be advisable. It's a full moon. You'd be exposed on the way down. You could, however, send two members in by glide suit. The Quinjets could mimic local air traffic for the jump. They could get in fast and quiet and secure a drop site for the jets to come back around and deploy the rest of the team."

Snake-Eyes considers as Steve mentions Braddock, he's already searching through the database and comes across two Braddocks. Brian and Elisabeth. He glances to Steve to get confirmation on which one he had the argument with. With Steve inarguably the mission lead, he leaves it up to the Captain to decide who gets assigned to what, as he leans back to continue to pay attention to the mission brief.

"Elizabeth" Steve says as he leans slightly towards Snake-Eyes, absently, before straightening and looking back towards Scarlett. "That's a good point. Insertion via wingsuit is probably the best plan. Getting out might be a bit more tricky, but our assault team will have members whose powerset might be helpful in getting us out."

Scarlett clarifies, "The Wingsuits will get your Infitration team in fast before they open their chutes and drop in. But they can sedure a landing zone. Here." She gestures to a large parking area inside the perimeter, ".. or here" atop one of the larger buildings in the compound. "When it's tim to extract, the jets can come back in and pick the teams up depending on where any firefights end up leaving them. It gives you two viable points Infil and Exfil. It's up to you though Captain."

Snake-Eyes nods, watching and listening to the exchange between intelligence and command as he makes his own notes as he continues to file away information for what he may need to know and updating the mission parameters as he goes along.

"Snake and I will enter via wingsuit. Shift will take the other operatives and see them to the landing zone—I like the building and the close quarters of inside versus a firefight where we'll be outgunned. From there we'll work our way underground and dismantle the site. Assuming it's what we think it is.

From there, we'll need to ensure we have a diversion to get out. That could be Braddock, or we could turn Odame loose. He's good at that sort of thing."

Scarlett nods. "I can't see any further issues to present. We'll work on getting a firm number on known forces on the ground or as close as we can. You'll have it in hand well before you hit the Saudi Pennensula." She looks at the intel report. "If anything further comes up, we'll forward it to you immediately."

Insertion by wingsuit. It's already part of Snake-Eyes uniform, he just has to make sure the membranes are ready. Nodding his agreement and approval to the plan, he looks between the two to see if there is any other information that he needs to know, or if it's time to start marshalling at the ready.

"Thank you, ma'am, for all of your work on this," Steve says with a nod. "We'll be in touch." As things seem to be wrapping up, he collects his things and nods to Snake-Eyes. The more he gets to know the ninja, the less feels the need to use words. That guy knows what he's doing.

Scarlett nods. "Good luck Sir."

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