Sir Talksalot

November 27, 2015:

Reed and Jean see each other at a department store on Black Friday

JayCees Department Store

A big box department store in Midtown Manhattan.


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Shoppers from all over the world come to New York City, Manhattan specifically, for all of their shopping needs here in the Christmas season, and today is the major kickoff to that event. Insane deals of 50, 60 and even 75 percent off brings even the least likely consumerists out.

Including Reed Richards.

He's currently at JayCees Superstore, a big box retailer, decked out in what passes as casual wear for him: Black turtleneck, grey pants and a charcoal overcoat. He's been here for the past hour and a half, trying to maze his way through this place, all in an effort to obtain the One True Toy of the Holiday Season: The Sir Talksalot. There are many toys just like it, and a host from the same line of television programs, but the Sir Talksalot, he is assured, is extremely rare.

The bad news is there is only one remaining and the shelf is still at least another half an hour away.

Reed looks left, looks right, and then begins to stretch out his arm to impossible lengths, grasping a hold, and bringing it back.

"Gotchya!" he exclaims, his own moment of eureka.

A good portion of the shoppers included a few of those from the Xavier's School of Gifted Children; mostly college students accompanied by Jean to pick out toys and other baubles for the children who were permanent residents there whom were either abandoned or orphaned at a young age with no family to call their own. They had a game plan, fan out and spread out. Grab anything with the best deals that looked at least interesting to the children who's name was drawn out of the hat that they picked.

Clothes, books, papers, toys. Anything that would strike a fancy in a little kids heart come christmas, and Jean had the ultimate place to hide them. In the X-Bunker. None of the kids were allowed to go down there!

Perhaps it was something of a shock to see as Jean reaches up towards the Sir Talksalot toy that a hand descended from the heavens to snatch it just before she could even touch the box. "Hey!" She calls out, watching as the hand slowly disappears with the prize above, with a slight shake of her head. "Oh no you don't!"

Was she petty enough to track down the person who actually took the toy from her reach? YUP! It's black friday. And black friday is the day when the beasts come out.

With a look left and right, she begins to spread to those around her like an infection; blotting their minds from her visage as she slowly lifts to fly after the hand as it slowly returns to its person. She wasn't surprised to see Reed there, for he was the only one who could do what he does. And with a soft drop behind him, that infection slowly retracts as a hand reaches out to lightly tap his shoulder from behind. "You have something of mine, Sir. And I came to collect." All said with a grin.

"I got it," Reed says into his cell phone, clearly joyous that he was able to obtain the final, missing piece of his shopping list.

"Of course it's the one with the adjustable arms. Are you kidding?"

"A meeting with Jaina? I don't really want to meet with the CFO this close to Christmas," Reed continues. "I'm sure that she's not going to have any good news for me."

"Yes, I know our numbers are down."

"Yes, I know that we haven't had any new patents."

"We did not."

"How did we lose in merchandising? We thought Johnny especially was going to have a good year with as much as h—"



"Yeah, I guess s-"


"A fair point. Listen, we'll talk about it when I'm home."

"Alright. You too."

Reed smiles towards Jean despite the difficulty of the conversation he's just had. "Hey, Miss Grey! So good to see you." Clearly he does not seem to understand that he has taken the toy she wanted. Instead, he's just seemingly relieved to see a friendly face. "I haven't seen you since that day over at the Baxter Building. How are you and the others? Happy Thanksgiving, by the way."

It really is unclear of when Jean came in in the middle of his conversation, but she stood and waited to be addressed, and had half the mind to lure him into giving up the toy. But the conversation did give a little bit of worry on her part, only smiling when he does and leaning in to press her cheek against his upon both sides to offer greeted kisses. "Mr. Richards." She says evenly, lowering herself back and away as she draws her arms behind her back.

"I know! I'm really sorry we haven't come by. There's been a lot of things we've needed to.. deal with on our end and I do wish that we could have came by sooner." Which means, Scott never returned for his check up. The busy-body. "Happy thanksgiving as well." She gestures so they could walk, leading the path with an easy gait. She also takes care to keep people out of their path to avoid the cluster. "We're doing well as we all could. With the random attacks on mutant town and the like. I do need to make an appointment to see you, perhaps sooner than later."

"Well that's no problem," Reed responds regarding her and the rest of the team's business. "To be honest I've been spending most of my time exploring the 8th Metaphysical Zone. I wouldn't call it a new reality, per se, more like a inbetweenfinite reality source. They have some jewels I'd like to test for potential positive properties with lasers. Hopefully with uses in medicine."

"Ah yes, Mutant Town. That sounds pretty awful what's happening down there. And I'd love to meet and help in any way I can. Would you prefer me to meet you somewhere or would you like to come to the Baxter Building?"

"You've been exploring the 8th Metaphysical Zone and you haven't thought to call us? Mr. Richards, you are perhaps the only person who knows full well that we need a vacation and you purposely shut us out." She was joking, of course. "I'd love to hear more about it. Possibly even accompany you. Lord knows I need something else to focus on other than the current events for a time." She nods a touch, her brain immediately working.. "Don't suppose it could have any type of energy application, would it? Those jewels. I do have a proposition that I need to speak with you about in the.. right setting."

She looks around, spotting a clear space where they could enter in their respective lines, mentally summoning the students so that they could prepare to purchase their items and leave. "Baxter building." She states. "What's really awful is that most of the residents there are now armed with what I'm sure is illegal weapons. I do need help cleaning that up, but I'm unsure how to go about it."

"Unfortunately the normal temperature is high enough to cook a brisket, both flat and the point, and there's nothing there but dust and rocks. Other than that it's an absolutely wonderful place," Reed responds with a smile. "If you'd like to accompany the crew, I'm sure Johnny or Sue, or even Ben, would jump at the opportunity /not to go/."

Reed rubs at his face, trying to think of the best course of action. "You know, Ben is always one with the common folks and the kids. And Sue is the one who works best with community projects. Unfortunately both of them are heading out of town with Johnny for a meeting with some executives in Southern California tomorrow."

He ponders a bit more, before adding his thoughts on the best way for Jean to proceed with her problem.


"If you could make a suit that doesn't fry of of Johnny when he turns all fireball.." Wait a minute, Jean has a suit like that. "..then I'm sure you could possibly make a suit that controls and protects our body temperature." She smiles a touch, then nods. It was official, she was actually going to go and would make it a point to stalk the Baxter Building just to do it.

"Magnets? God no.."

"It's the moral implications of it all, not -how-. I could walk in there and take it from them easily. Convince them not of their will to hand the weapons over and promise them that everything will be okay when it would really not." She sighs a little, hands dipped into her pockets. "It's the moral implications, Richards. Possibly me and the others taking away their right to defend themselves from being slaughtered and snatched from the streets. We can't be there twenty four seven."

"It is, of course, a difficult problem," Reed replies, apparently not off put by her rejection of what he thought was a fabulous idea. No, really, large big magnets up in the sky and it'll just suck up all the guns. And kitchenware. And anything else met—okay, perhaps a bad idea.

"Gun control in the middle of Manhattan means something different than the middle of Montana, and what happens when those rights impede on the rights of others? I see your dilemma."

"How do you think I may be of service Miss Grey?"

"Not only that, there is also the implication that we'd be playing God or I'd be considered a Mother Theresa or a Martyr for a cause a million times over.." Jean handwaves just a touch, her eyes slightly rolled. "Your brain. And perhaps a little leg work as well if you feel kindly to it. But you're possibly the smartest man alive and I'm sure that without Sue, Ben or Johnny you could help us figure out how to clean the place up without more lives being lost. And giving them some sort of protection. Invisible, of course. As we would."

"Well, I would certainly love to help. And the others, well, who knows? Maybe they'll be able to assist us when their schedules clear up," Reed says with a smile. "Let's plan for a meeting then at the Baxter Building at the earliest convenience."

"And maybe we'll be able to assist you in that.. 8th zone you've found and other adventures." She grins a little, her nose wrinkling just a touch. "Since you'll be alone for a while, you can count on us. Be sure of that." She does stop to reach out a hand for a shake, the appointment would possibly take place within the next few days. Surely, Hank would be pissed but.. another set of eyes wouldn't hurt to look at their systems. "Monday morning sounds good?"

Reed smiles and shakes on it. "Monday morning it is. Tell me, what is your favorite sort of brunch? I can speak with HERBIE and ensure that he has it prepared. It would be the hostly thing to do, and HERBIE loves playing host."

"Crepes. Crepes and belgian waffles. And possibly vegan muffins with raspberries." Just the thought of it all made her smile. "Anything with fruit in it." She looks over to see the group gathered with their bags outside, impatiently waiting on Jean to finish her current conversation. "I.. have to get going. I'll call you Monday morning to let you know that I'll be on the way." And with that, friendly waves abound.. she was manuvering through the crowds to meet up with the rest of the students.

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