Gave You A Chance

November 26, 2015:

Following up the unauthorised access to the storage unit, May takes Jericho and Simmons on a field trip

New York


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Fade In…

After Illyana explained /what/ the silvery shard did the other day and left with the only sample they had, Jemma had sent a message to Jericho Trent, asking to speak with him about that. She had left a message for Illyana too, but Jericho is typically quicker to respond.

It might be Thanksgiving and a holiday, but for a british born biochem it's more of a normal workday. With Fitz away on assignment, other team members deployed and the mysteries of the 084's and Sigma weighing heavily on her, Jemma's in her lab reviewing data.

For once, she's not wearing a lab coat, just a brightly coloured sweater, jeans and work boots and she's pacing in front of the screen in her lab, speaking to herself quietly. The remains of a turkey sandwich are on her desk.

May would have got a report from Skye that there'd been an unauthorised attempt by a contractor to access the secure 084 storage facility.

Do not think about doing a holiday dinner in Limbo. Just don't. For one thing, demons don't really 'get' giving thanks or any of the other warm and fuzzy feelings typically associated with the Thanksgiving-Christmas season. For another, food in Limbo is baaaaaad. There's a reason Illyana prefers to eat on earth whenever possible. It's telling, perhaps, that a demonic idea of a formal place setting involves three to five knives that might be more accurately classed as daggers.

So you know, whatever Thanksgiving plans Jericho has, they're not in Limbo. If he has any at all. Probably not time with family though May and Jemma are unlikely to know that.

Jericho lets himself be escorted in by security (still won't give them what they want for that ID badge) and leans in the doorway watching Jemma works. "Ugly sweater contests are usually more of a Chirstmas thing, you know."

Melinda May would have preferred to spend the holiday with her family as well (parents are getting older, after all), but she has long since known better. She didn't specifically ask for the day off, so she's on duty when the report from Skye comes in.

Frowning to herself, May heads for Simmons' lab. She knows the biochemist is working today like most of the other international import employees. She is, though, a bit surprised to see Jericho there.

"Simmons. Pack up your gear. Got an unauthorized attempt to access 084 storage. Trent, I won't ask you why you're not visiting your sister. You're welcome to come with us if you want." If not, he can always wait here. It's likely an honest mistake and they'll be back in a few minutes.

"It's not an ugly sweater." Jemma actually laughs as Jericho comes in. "Are you here because you got my message o —-" Cutting off as May comes in.

"Oh good, Skye gave you the report." Grabbing her bag, she looks to Jericho with shrug. "Right away, Agent May."

May will know from Skye's report that the attempted access was from a Michael Canning, resident of New York. She's got his address, and the information they have indicates he's single with no significant relationships.

The report details it was a 'locker' in The Triskelian. The attempts weren't successful, but there had been a number of a period of days. Canning lives on the second floor of an apartment building. All the indications are that he's living within his means.

It won't take May, Jemma and Jericho (if he comes along) long to get there by car.

"Yes I got your…" And then she's on her way out. Jericho sighs. Fine, they can walk and talk or drive and talk or whatever. "She's got an ER shift, May. Happens when you're the new girl." Getting the bad shifts seems like a distant memory to Jericho who is, even to this day, working odd jobs and conducting a small war against various parties that is largely funded by what he takes from them. "Where on earth or you people going?"

"We got a report of a contractor trying to access a secure storage facility. An area that contractor should not be frequenting. So we're going to go have a chat with him." May leads them toward the motor pool and in short order they're en route in one of those typical black SHIELD sedans. "Feel like playing the heavy, Trent?" That'll be amusing, at least. Right?

Jemma shares the report with Jericho. "Yes, a contractor. He's been working with us for about eighteen months." she fills in.

If Jericho searches for Canning he'll find social media profiles, wishlists on various purchasing sites, the normal stuff. If he thinks to look for it, about 4 months ago, the pattern of posting information changes. Canning hadn't been prolific to begin with, but it got less.

When they arrive, Canning is at home … and answers the door when it's knocked on. Like everything else there's nothing remarkable about him, middling height and build and 'average' looks.

Glancing to May as the door's opened, Jemma takes a deep breath. May normally likes to glower … well look stern … and for others to do the talking. Right? "Hello, Mr Canning?" she questions

"Yes, that's me." The mans eyes dart around the group.

"How heavy?" It's a function Jericho can and has filled before though mostly in a demonic context. He can be very intimidating to normals when he wants to be. He usually doesn't want to be but that's neither here nor there. May might not want that either. Sometimes it's nice to have someone who can throw a car if it's needed.

Unless you're the car.

The hacker scans the network, quickly building a profile. He does this for most people he meets. It kind of amounts to very quick google and facebook stalking aided by the fact that he's already cracked a lot of popular social media databases and thus can view peoples personal details near-at-will if they're silly enough to actually put them on the internet.

Which a lot of them are.

Jericho eyes the door when its opened and glances inside. Building plans. Okay let's see. Possible escape routes. Yep. This should be interesting.

Jemma once again proves that she's a very fast learner. May does indeed stay silent, suspecting that her reputation will have preceded her even here. She keeps her eyes focused on Canning, waiting for the tell that he's going to try to break and run, trusting Jericho to block any possible exits the guy might have. With any luck, though, the man will actually have two brain cells to rub together and will not bother running.

This is not a role that Jemma is in any way comfortable performing. She'd so much rather be back in her lab. And that colourful sweater probably isn't adding gravitas to her demeanour!

"I'm Dr Jemma Simmons, this is Agent May, and Mr Trent. We're from SHIELD."

"Yes, I know."

"We've been given a report that you were trying to ac—-"

Jemma's knocked out of the way as Canning makes a break for it, heading for the fire exit that's three doors away.

Jericho's scan for building plans identifies that fire escape empties into a lane way, one of which end is blocked and the other empties onto the street.

Jericho sighs audibly and then bolts down the stairs. It's going to be a race to see whether or not he can beat the man to the exit but he's already looking for cameras that'll let him track the progress of the fleeing man in the event that it becomes a footrace.

Melinda May turns and bolts after the man the moment he shoves past Jericho. While the hacker is racing to get ahead of the man, she's aiming to just knock him flat. How fast IS he? Faster than May?

Canning's a researcher, not an athlete, but he is surprisingly fast.

Making the door, he wrenches it open, just as May tries to knock him flat.

The May body-check propels him down the stairs quicker, sort of. Stumbling isn't really all that quick, but he slides down the stairs to the landing, gathers his balance and is off again.

One more flight before he makes the entrance to the lane way.

Jericho does have camera access …. but will he need it?

Maybe not… Jericho cheats. As he comes around the backside of the building his traces flash red for just an instant and he leaps up with red claws coming out of his boots and hands, catches the wall of the apartment and uses his momentum to swing himself around. That should give him a solid, oh, four or five second before Canning gets there if he's done it right. Clotheslines. They're not just for drying clothes any more.

Melinda May mentally curses when her attempt to knock Canning flat doesn't do more than slow him down a little, and chases after him again. The stairs are not her ally, though. Being taller, the man can race down them more quickly, so he gains a few seconds' of lead time on her by the time he hits the floor level.

Really. What happened to stairwells with a narrow opening between the stair rails?

It does give Jericho the advantage and Canning slides to a stop nearly crashing into the demontainted hacker. That leaves him betwen May and Jericho, breathing heavily and a looking a little scared. His eyes dart to the entrance, as if assessing his chances of making the opening … but Jericho and his claws, he's not going to risk it.

Where's Jemma? Still on the second floor, rubbing her arm … he'd knocked her out of the way pretty hard. She'll catch up to the other two in a moment.

"I really wouldn't." Jericho tells the guy. If he thinks he's intimidating with panther claws, he should see what happens when Jericho really gets upset. And there's more than enough room out here for him to do it. "So why don't you answer the nice lady and we don't have to do this the hard way, mmm?"

Melinda May catches up just a moment or three later, and promptly reaches to restrain the guy with some of those really sturdy zip ties. "I was going to give you a chance to explain, Mr. Canning. You just gave up that chance." She turns him back toward the building, preferring to talk to the man soemwhere other than the middle of the street.

Restrained, Canning still looks at Jericho (that had been a fairly awesome display) and then May. Led back into the building he stammers a little "You can't hold me." and then to Jericho "No ones asked me any questions…" He did run before Jemma could say anything afterall.

Finally catching up with the group, Jemma's already requested a 'pick up'. "Agent May, Mr Trent. The Triskelian's been advised, there'll be a transport here in approximately 20 minutes."

Will May wait till they get back before continuing the interrogation?

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