Eye Of Newt

November 25, 2015:

The veil keeps thinning and magical problems brew … and a magical quartet respond ….

Queens - New York


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Fade In…

Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Three hags. It's often three. If it's not six or thirteen. Certain numbers carry significance in the arcane world and their precepts are obeyed even if people don't understand why. It's possible the hags themselves don't know. They just know there must be three of them.

There is an actual cauldron. Iron. Over a fire. Which has been built in the middle of a run down Queens intersection. It's late and this place is a bit abandoned so it's perhaps not a huge stretch of the imagination that no one seems to have noticed them, or the large figure in the furs and antlered helmet nearby. Though, you know, someone probably should have noticed.

A thrum of magic goes out. Rippling. The viel between worlds groans under immense pressure. This isn't good.

Ryden's current lodgings are in a nearby hotel. He's recently moved and is renting another penthouse but just the one this time. No second floor full of partying people at all hours of the night and day. Just lots of peace and quiet for his work. His new familiar approves and Ryden's received alot less broken fingers and toes of late. Also less random pecks to whatever part of himself the damn goose can reach. It's a rather drastic change for the lorekeeper but he's been more okay with it than he'd imagined.

Frowning, Ryden looks up from the globe of the world he's studying and turns his head in the direction of the disturbance. "Okay. If even I feel that, it can't be good." He sighs and dons his silver hooded cloak and travel pack. It's cold out so he picks up Damnyou and tucks the goose at his hip under the cloak before heading to the elevator and outside. "That really feels close. Like seriously." A few moments later and he approaches the intersection slowly before stopping altogether and just staring.

With a soft 'pop' sound, a raven haired woman appears near that cauldron and intersection, eyes glowing blue - the glow slowly fading. Ryden might notice her but for now her attention is fixed on the three hags, assessing what they are doing.

Nothing like a witch's sabbath to get the attention of a witch. Wanda had been roaming the streets as is her wont. Incognito tonight as she's in one of her moody periods of not knowing what she wants to do with her life. But, as usual, events take the decision out of her hand. Clad in simple hooded sweatshirt…which is scarlet…and jeans, Wanda peers at the ritual on disply with more curiosity than trepidation. Though Zatanna's sudden arrival causes Wanda to jump in surprise before wandering a little closer.

The horned hunter is standing off to one side, arms crossed. The three hangs are going through the litany, tossing in ingrediants as they name them. What? Shakespeare got it from somewhere didn't he?

The barrier between worlds is already weak. It's especially weak in Metropolis right now but that sort of 'fraying' has spread to New York and Gotham. And these witches are definitely unravelling more of it. Quite deliberately too. As their ritual builds the sense of pressure on the unseen world around them builds. They're not trying to open a gate so much as just rip the thing that keeps worlds separate and let something - probably a whole lot of somethings - in.

So it shouldn't be surprising when a large black wolf the size of a semi truck stalks out of the darkness growling. "You have. One chance. To stop." That is most likely the only warning anyone's going to get.

Ryden quietly moves towards Zee. He looks around the area as he comes up beside her and scratches the side of his head with his free hand. "It's not still Halloween right?" He asks softly. Maybe it's some kind of display? Only, its late and cold and there really aren't that many people about and this place feels weird. "It looks like a scene out of a.." A book. But he sure as hell didn't do this. His eyes narrow at Wanda's approach but he relaxes. He's seen her before, somewhere. He thinks. The lorekeeper had been willing to give them the benefit of the doubt but alarm bells are going off in his mind, bad shit is happening over there. "What in the nine bloody hells do you think your doing?!" He yells just before the God-Wolf arrives. Ryden quickly shuts up. God-Wolf is definitely more scary than a scrawnyass lorekeeper. Ryden eyes Zee and Wanda for a second. Yeahhh they look like more of a threat than him too. He looks like a friggin hobo. Hm. Shaking his head he turns back to see what the hags do.

"We need to reinforce the barrier." Zee calls to Wanda and Ryden. She's happy to let Fenris do the rest of this, they can try to do 'darn' the rent

Remembering the discussion with the God-Wolf the other day, Zee lets her magical senses roam.

Wanda and Ryden should feel the young mages power reaching … if either know of a way to reinforce the viel, her powers can be subverted for that …

Wanda removes her hands from her pockets so her fingers can twitch and jerk to bring her powers into this reality. No ritual with eye of newt for her. Have you ever eaten 'eye of newt'? It does NOT taste like chicken. "They are doing things they should not be doing" she remarks to Ryden. Wanda remembers him. Her blue eyes look over at the guy with the horns and she frowns slightly. "This is not a place for the Wild Hunt" she mumbles to her unseen friends before offering a smile to a flesh and blood one. "Hey, Zee. We should meet under better circumstances one day. You know, just hang out."

But then Zatanna is getting all serious…and she's a lot more powerful than before. Wanda is a bit concerned about that but now is not the time or place. "I feel like a seamstress sometimes" she mutters to herself as she flings her power into the ether to find the tear and heal it. Wanda's chaos latching onto Zatanna's more ordered magic to undo the undoing.

"NO!" The witches and the hunter yell it at once. The hunter produces a large axe and grows to about ten feet - up from about six and a half - moments later there's a thud as wolf hits woodsman, snarling and clawing and yelling. The hags turn to the three magi. And all three of them begin to weave. Counterspelling, trying to use their, magic as a conduit to really, really hurt them.

Ryden considers for a moment. He's done this before or something similar where Darque meddled. "What? Wild Hunt?" Ryden gives Wanda a startled glance then focuses on Oh shit, he'd totally missed that guy. He looks rather pissed off but Wanda's murmured words draw a smile. "Yes, it is like sewing isn't it." Since she and Zee seem to have things in hand he simply watches for a few moments before sending a few tendrils of his own power and guiding his fingers in complex movements to stitch around the edges. He's augmenting the thinness at seams of what would be a bad tear, freely giving up some of his magic to boost it. It'll take longer for him to recover from this but it seems needed. It's not like these spaces aren't bad enough already and now those crazy bi-uh-witches are trying to drag half of Faerie through.

Ryden snickers. Woodsman against a wolf, usually has a different outcome. This isn't a wolf. It's the God-Wolf. "Hope he eats ya, ya du-ohshit!" He sets Damnyou down quickly, still weaving magic with one hand and flings up his other after dropping the goose to trace a glowing golden symbol in the air. He can't throw up a shield without being sure he doesn't interupt Zee and Wanda's work. So he directs a spell at the hags feet instead. Fire. Very hot very pink fire shoots out from beneath that cauldron to try and engulf them. He cringes. "Yeahhh I so don't agree with that whole witch burning thing, those assholes were.. but really, you crazy broads brought this on yourself."

Zee's head bows, as the counterspell hits. It hurts and she has to divert some of her power to protect against that onslaught. With another murmur of words, some of her power reaches to the veil and starts to interweave with it, intricately… little stitches … pulling the ragged edges together.

Certainly a stop gap measure for now, but a necessary one.

Zee's trusting Fenris… and now Ryden… to keep her safe while she works her magely power.

Wanda grimaces at the impact of the counterspells. She's not used to that kind of kickback. But if they think they're going to be able to stop her then they're sorely mistaken…or know something she doesn't. Ancient words slip out of her mouth through gritted teeth and her magic pulses stronger. "A little help" she hisses to the boys as her magic joins Zatanna's in weaving reality back together.

Fenris seems to be having a tough time getting a handle on the 'woodsman'. Part of the problem is he's trying not to knock down buildings while he does it. There is a solution to that fortunately. A Way opens up beneath the struggling pair and they both drop into it and vanish. See how you like him now, axe boy.

The departure of the horned lords power weakens the hags significantly and with Ryden's fire they're on the ropes. They look like they might about to be ready to make an exit as Zee and Wanda undo their work.

Ryden's used to pushing pain aside, he's had a thousand years of practice and for something like this he doesn't need the drugs he has to take when he uses too much of his power. Besides some physical pain like this is nothing to someone with the kind of internal turmoil he struggles with every waking momen. So he quickly moves to place himself in front of Zee and Wanda and take the brunt of the hags spell on himself. Crystaline sky blue eyes go wide at the words Wanda whispers. His weaving never falters despite the distractions. When he really needs it, the focus is there. At least briefly. And lately he's been very focused on his masterplan so it's not as hard to find that state of mind.

With the hags powered weakened, Rydens spell has the hags reeling. Which leaves Wanda and Zee to repair the rent … something that all three mages can feel occurring.

The hags stagger under Rydens assault but rally at the last moment, sending arcane bolts of power streaking down on the homo magi, Wanda and Zeee

As Zee feels Fenris and Ryden there, she smiles momentarily. A smile that is quickly replaced by grimaced and a clenching of her jaw. She doesn't have long, truly … but she'll the pain and focus on repairing teh rent.

All three mages can feel it … the lessening of the pull of 'elsewhere' as the rent is slowly patched.

Another buffeting blow of power that makes Wanda hiss and buckle for moment…and makes her mad. Sweat glistens on her forehead as she plants her feet and her power builds. Her main focus is still repairing the tears but she does manage a casual wave of her hand that sends a pulse of power right back at those hags. "I hope I don't look like that when I'm older" she whispers to no one in particular.

Ryden's face morphs into an expression of rage. The hags could have left. Turned and fled and he probably would have let them but twice now they've attacked Zee. He's not letting that go. It's a shame really that his hands aren't free because while he's not a bad person, he's very capable of doing bad things to people when he decides they deserve it.

The hags do but just stopping them will have to suffice. His eyes flick back and forth rapidly as he searches through his labyrinth mind for something that doesn't require.. Ah there. A word of Power from a certain story that he read once to a little girl. And it's power indeed that the other two feel as the lorekeeper takes something from a fictional world and brings it into reality here on this one. It's like thunder and lighting and absolute quiet all at the same time and then its over and where the three hags stood are now three trees. Ryden ties off the last of his part of the weaving just as he drops to he's knees and groans, hands moving to clutch his head. It takes a long moment but he manages to get his medicine from his pack and inject it. "You won't. Besides it wouldn't be good to do that spell again. If I remember right, somewhere in the world three trees just turned into people." He doesn't realize she meant that they were.. well, haglike.

That might be a problem… thre trees in the middle of a New York street… but it does it's job letting Zee and Wanda seal the breach.

As she feels the last of her spell take effect and Wanda's power close the last of the rife, Zee sags. She's tired, that kind of working has taken its toll. "Thank you… " the raven haired mage murmurs "that was close."

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