New Accomodation

November 25, 2015:

Jemma visits Pepper to discuss her current accommodation dilemma

Stark Industries - New York


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Agent May had passed Jemma a name and phone number, with a note telling her that she might find secure accomodation there. Recognising the name - Tony Stark - Jemma's opted to contact the person she knows at Stark Industries … and arranged a time to pop over.

On arriving, she's been directed up to Peppers office and is just approaching Peppers assistants desk, with a smile. "Hello, Jemma Simmons here to see Miss Potts."

She's still got dressings on her hands and she dressed smartly, although she probably still looks like the Scientist she is.

The assistant smiles up at Jemma, then after a moment gestures for the biochemist to proceed through to Pepper's office. Inside, Pepper is just finishing up a phone call and there's a pot of tea on the credenza, being kept warm with an electric warmer. (SOME people *coughTonycough* think open flames are unsafe.)

"Dr. Simmons, welcome, come in," Pepper greets cheerily. "How have you been?"

"Miss Potts. Jemma, please." The british woman smiles at the cheery and enters. "Busy, really. There's a lot going on." Pepper, of course, knows of some of it - the Psyborgs. Even though she's smiling, she looks a little nervous. "Thank you for agreeing to see me. Agent May thought that Stark Industries might be able to help me with …. a personal matter."

Pepper Potts ohs? at Jemma's words. She moves to stand and pour some tea for Jemma and to refill her own cup. "I'll be happy to help however I can." She's expecting funding or resources to help with searching something or other, or perhaps a grant from the MSF. After all, that's what people usually ask for when it's a 'personal matter'.

As Pepper pours tea, Jemma takes a seat, crossing her ankles, still looking nervous. When the cup is handed to her, she smiles again and takes a deep breath. "It seems that I've attracted the attention of groups that" she coughs a little, how ridiculous does this sound? "are trying to harm to me. Due to some of the investigations I've been doing."

Pausing a moment, she watches Pepper "The last attempt resulted in my apartment being … shot up. It's uninhabitable and I need to find somewhere safe to stay. Of course, SHIELD has facilities, but there's a concern that they may not be safe for me." That might be saying a lot "And my senior agent thought maybe Stark Industries might have something appropriate. I can pay of course."

Of course, given the news Jemma just dropped, it's a risk … a risk that the groups will find her and that the accommodation will be ruined like her apartment.

Pepper Potts sits across from Jemma and takes a sip of tea while the scientist explains. "Well. If your senior agent actually admitted to Stark Industries being more secure than SHIELD's facilities…" She puts her tea cup down and stands again. "Come on. I think I might have something that will suffice." She waits for Jemma to stand ad follow, then leads the way back to the elevators, letting her assistant know she'll be gone for a few minutes.

"More secure for me, yes." Jemma admits as she takes a quick sip of her tea and sets the cup down. Rising, she looks quizzacle at Pepper and follows the redheaded CEO out, pausing whilst the assistant is given information.

"Really?" She hadn't expected something quite so immediate!

Pepper Potts offers Jemma a smile. "Really." They enter the elevator, and it's a very short ride before they're stepping out again. This hallway, while still being a hallway, FEELS more residential. Or like a really really high end hotel. There are small decorative tables here and there, and doors presumably leading to residential type rooms of some sort or other. "Tony insisted on creating residential space for visiting foreign employees, or in case the Avengers' ranks ever outgrew the space he set aside for them." She looks up and down the hall. "Would you prefer an eastern view? Or maybe southern?"

Exiting the elevator, she looks around, slowly recognising the general layout. Jemmas been in this area previously, when she met with CorvJimus. This … is not what she expected. "Uhhhh, Eastern?" she stammers a little "I mean, normally when I'm 'at home' it's to sleep." The biochem is a little bit of a workaholic, particularly lately with all that's going on.

Pepper Potts chuckles softly. "Well, be careful. If Tony finds out you're here, he might try to lure you in with access to some R&D labs. He tried to do similar to a Dr. Banner once." She leads the way toward the end of the hall, then stops by one door. "JARVIS, if you could unlock the door, please?" The door has an electronic keypad lock that also has a place for a traditional key, and when Pepper asks, the lock clicks open and the frame of the keypad blinks green for a second.

Welcome, Miss Potts, Dr. Simmons," the AI's voice offers as Pepper opens the door to lead Jemma inside.

That comment gets a look of interest from Jemma. Getting her hands on Tonys…. R&D facilities? How interesting.

"Hello JARVIS" Jemma greets the AI as she enters and glances around. It's a fairly standard layout. The door opens to a common / lounge area, a TV/entertainment system sits against a wall. From there, is the kitchen divided by a breakfast with overhead cupboards. The apartment is fully furnished. A nice big couch, two arm chairs and a coffee table fill out the living the area. The kitchen is state of the art, complete with cookware.

From the lounge, there's a short corridor leading to the bathroom and bedroom … the bedroom has a queen size bed.

Jemma looks at Pepper, slightly in awe "This?" she croaks just a little "What would it cost, Miss Potts? Uh, the answer is yes, no matter the cost" She really needs somewhere safe to live.

Pepper Potts offers Jemma a smile. And amazingly, she manages to not be smug about it. "How about … you let SHIELD cover this with the housing stipend that they likely owe you now?" She moves to lean against the back of the couch casually. "Though if you insist on paying some form of rent, you could write the checks out to the Maria Stark Foundation."

Jemma turns to look at Pepper and stammers a little. "I'll add 20 on top of the stipend to the Maria Stark Foundation." she says quickly. It will cost her. She's still got the rent to cover on her apartment but Stark are being incredibly generous.

"I'll take it, really I will!" Now just show her where to sign.

Pepper Potts straightens up and steps over to a little side table by the front door. She opens a drawer there, revealing a set of keys and a magnetic stripe card very much like hotels use. "JARVIS, please assign this residence to Dr. Jemma Simmons effective immediately."

"Done, Miss Potts. Dr. Simmons, if you wish to set your door key code and biometric locks at this time?" the AI offers politely.

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