Part Of Your Soul Belongs To Me

November 23, 2015:

Jemma seeks assistance from Skye, Darcy organises everything, Rain blesses the duct tap and Illyana drops in

The Triskelian - New York


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With a smile for Daisy and now one for Rain, Darcy sifts through her delivery cart for Daisy's care package. Eyes used to dealing with ''Highly Organized Egg Heads'' sweep over the chaos of the hacker's workspace as bright red lips curl up in a smirk.

"Yup. I can see that," Darcy notes, finding her box cutter to start opening things. She's really glad that she's in the habit of loading the cart with random 'must have' office supplies and extra requisition forms. People never remember what they need until they see it in someone ELSE's bin.

"Hi, Cola-Bear. I'm great, actually. Finally warmed up again. Hot chocolate is the best. Especially with Kahula. And Bailey's," Darcy rambles as she begins placing desk organizing items like a pencil cup on Daisy's desk and filling it with pens and highlighters. It's got a neat little side pocket for paperclips too.

Even hackers need office supplies. Little pads of paper to quickly jot things down. Pens, and highlighters, and pushpins for their string and newpaper clipping conspiracy spider web board of crazy stalker. It's like… hack 101 kit. Would that be hacker 5 in base ten? Regardless! office supplies. Daisy needed some. Requisition form was filled out and sent off and down in her janitor's closet turned office supply cubicle, Darcy began making her care package. It was like any other. She fills the little bin, prints out the delivery label, smacks it to the front and sets it on the cart for Jimmy the delivery guy to take. Thirty minutes after his scheduled pick up time, Darcy finds out that he called in sick. Which is endlessly amusing to Darcy, considering she's only a day back from effing GREENLAND where she got attacked by Pro-Carter androids shooting lightning and water, only for Rain-Bear to scoop her up wedding-style. She could have called in 'post-field-op', but she didn't. Because Darcy gets paid by the hour and student loans suck. So, an hour later, Darcy makes her way into Daisy's office with a really quick 'shave and a haircut' knock to herald her rolling in with the office supply delivery cart.

"Did you call for emergency paperclips?" she quips as she makes her way in.

Rain is mostly here in passing. The witch seems to be forever occupied. Having her manor burned down has only added to her to do list. So she's going to get some more duct tape to bless, memos and permanent markers. That's how she rolls. "Um. Hey there," Shere's a polite wave to Darcy. "How are you?"

It was good to actually be behind a desk for a while. She had been out on numerous missions as of late. Delivering Snake-Eyes from the Sierras, dressing like a pizza delivery girl to infiltrate a compund that held Joey Guittierez. Yes, sitting behind her desk in front of her trust laptop was much welcomed indeed. The workspace is not as clean as it usually was, a coffee sitting on the corer of the desk and what appears to be a chinese food carton right beside the computer.

As the knock is heard at her door, Daisy peers up from the computer screen in front of her and reaches for the chinese before her, beckoning with a fork full of lo mein for the delivery girl to come on in. "Emergency paperclips indeed. If I have to write one more report I think I am going to collapse in pile of tears and lose whatever dignity I have left." She looks back to the screen and mutters with a bit of typing. "They really need to tighten their firewall." Her eyes cast back up and she smiles. "Come on in and just toss it anywhere, as you can see I am extremely organized."

With a smile for Daisy and now one for Rain, Darcy sifts through her delivery cart for Daisy's care package. Eyes used to dealing with ''Highly Organized Egg Heads'' sweep over the chaos of the hacker's workspace as bright red lips curl up in a smirk.

"Yup. I can see that," Darcy notes, finding her box cutter to start opening things. She's really glad that she's in the habit of loading the cart with random 'must have' office supplies and extra requisition forms. People never remember what they need until they see it in someone ELSE's bin.

"Hi, Cola-Bear. I'm great, actually. Finally warmed up again. Hot chocolate is the best. Especially with Kahula. And Bailey's," Darcy rambles as she begins placing desk organizing items like a pencil cup on Daisy's desk and filling it with pens and highlighters. It's got a neat little side pocket for paperclips too.

Jemma's been (ahem) staying at the Triskellian since the Sigma agent shot her apartment up and she was extracted by Ronin. Mays given her the number for someone to contact about safer housing, but with everything going on… she hasn't got to that yet.

Still sporting dressing on her hands and calves from using the dropline, the british born BioChem has come looking for Skye… errr Daisy.

Pausing at the open door of Skye's office, she looks "Is now a bad time? I've been reviewing some data we've pulled and… with Fitz away on assignment, I could really use some help." A glance to Darcy with a small smile, "I see your back. Hello Darcy."

Blessed duct tape requires duct tape after all. "I'm sorry to hear about the reports," Rain offers. "And that's good to hear," Rain smiles faintly at Darcy's reply. "I don't drink much. I'd end up one of those halloween ornaments." The witch slapped into the side of a house. D'oh. "Hi there," She waves to Jemma. Rain is truly stealthy when she wants to be. She doesn't seem bothered by the box opening and stuff. "I just divine my boxes. I cheat so hard." A wry smile.

"Course, I am careful." Turning her workspace into Fantasia would probably send a few agents screaming for the hills.

Illyana was passed a message that Jemma wanted to see her. How long ago that was? Well… Let's not talk about that. Illyana and Time do not always see eye-to-eye. But she's getting to it now, and that's what matters, right?

There is a spark of light, and then a two dimensional disk opens in the blink of an eye. It falls downward to the floor, leaving a certain blonde sorceress in its wake. Illyana is wearing her JL:A costume, no soulsword but a dagger big enough to count as a short sort sheathed diagonally across the small of her back. "Jemma. And peoples. Hello, peoples." She greets them before focusing on the BioChem. "You rang?"

"Hello, Jem! How're the Holograms?" Darcy asks of the Brit as she continues tidying up some of Daisy's desk. More like scooting the food into better reach for Daisy while she works, and making the piles of paper straighter but otherwise not touching or resorting them in any way. It frees up precious desk real estate for things like said pencil cup and the paperclip holder. Darcy moves to begin opening the magnetic pencil cup holder for Daisy's whiteboard/cork board combination.

"WHich is why, when you drink at my place, I confiscate keys and broomsticks. I'm responsible like that," Darcy quips pleasantly before sticking out her tongue at Rain and offering over the stubborn little box.

"I want you to cheat so hard for me," she adds. She's got a little trash bin on the bottom level of her cart, which she's putting the rubbish in. Minus the UPC barcodes, which Darcy tears off and drops into the little bin that houses some of Daisy's office supplies, like the pens and paperclips. The cups are coming from the 'random shit Darcy packed because office staff are as forgetful as Egg Heads' part of her delivery cart. You know, on thinking about it, she's just going to make a delivery run once a week. It'll be good to get out more, and she'll be more productive, or something like that. Going to have to get more sensible shoes though. These heels, though! And then… Illy!

Darcy watches the teleporting in Illiana, green eyes going a touch wide before she turns to Rain. "You mean like that?" Talking about hte teleport comment Rain had made right before they went on mission. No segueway, no 'hey, i'm changing topics.' Nope, just right into it as if no time had passed at all.

Rain blinks as Illy just sort of - Illys in. She looks to Darcy and laughs softly. "Makes sense. And thanks," She accepts the box. "I finally finished the blessed duct tape," Rain offers. "And sometimes, yeah. Just - different." Headtilt. Rain's magic is different, after all.

In her defense, her desk usually did not look this way. She kept it relatively clean; well if you caught it early in the week that is. It was her workspace and she knew where everything was; most of the time. It is amazing how a quiet afternoon of working alone in your office can turn into a sorority party. It is not as if she minded such things, she could use a break from what sheis doing and such a break is taken as she smiles up at those who have all recently gathered outside her door and within the room. The laptop is pushed to the side and she responds to Jemma. "Jemma. As good a time as any. That can wait. It will take them a whle to figure out what I did to their backdoor firewall."

She looks over to Darcy and her amazingly effective organizational skills and tools, offering a smile to the delivery girl she had seldom had the chance to converse with. "If you keep this up you know, I might just start ordering things I don't need to have you come organize my desk." Another nod and smile are given to Illy and Rain, patting a spot on her desk for Jemma to set down anything she might need looked at.

As Illyana stepping disks in, Jemma jumps. She's likely to never get used to that. More importantly, she's peering around Illyana… looking for K'nert, the little imp has the biochem very nervous. Something about fresh livers. "Uh, I did, Ms Rasputin." It was several weeks ago, actually, but that research hadn't been important until now… now that she keeps getting targetted! "I have a piece of 'metal' an unknown compound, Mr Trent thought that you might be able to help there, thought he recognised it's origins. It's in my lab though, let me … get it." A request is sent to an assistant to bring the sample through.

Darcy's words get a smile. 'Holograms' being the code word for her protection detail. "I suppose they're well. Doing their job, I suspect as I don't see them." Which is how it should be. "Are you going to volunteer for them, Darcy?" she's joking of course.

Daisy gets a message on her screen, a data file with information about access to the secure storage where the 084's that have been collected are kept. "I think I see some irregularities in the access of our storage container, but I can't be certain. Could you take a look for me?"

"Hello Rain, how are things going with your Mansion?" The mention of blessed duct tape doesn't even get a blink. Simmons' life has changed so much.

While Illyana took shrapnel in the shoulder recently, it doesn't seem to be bothering her now. Magic, right? Magic Magik. "Yeah, he mentioned something like that… Where'd you get it?"

It's rather belatedly that Illyana looks over at the others in the area, giving Rain a nod. They've met recently and she remembers the Witch. The blonde is at least on SHIELD files as being a contractor with them. One of her lower-profile gigs.

"Of course," Darcy chirps at Rain's highly unhelpful, helpful explanation. She turns to her cart and finds a single roll of duct tape. Again, UPC comes off before it's offered to Rain.

"Trade," she says before smiling at Daisy.

"And I will forget the markers today," she retorts, giving Daisay a ready-made excuse while she unwraps a box of pushpins. Hackers and their pins. So 20th century. Haven't you heard of Pin-terest? The thought making Darcy grin as she unwraps the bright red pins in their clear box. Red, like the app. She loves that Office Depot carries Pin-terest colors push pins. She chuckles at Jemma's comment.

"Me? Hell no. I can't rock a key-tar. Though if there's an opening for a fan-fic character who's only job is to look awesome, play a tamborine, and give out heavy helpings of sass. God knows that show could have used a bit more given how LOUD those outfits were," Darcy says to Jemma, not having any clue about Jemma's security detail or the reason for it's necessity. She was running off the 80s cartoon. Brass's got a sense of humor. If only Darcy knew!

Rain nods at Daisy. "It makes more sense in time," She offers. Then a look to Jemma. "Well, as it can. Hoping to have the wing repaired around Christmas. Magic helps, but I have to be careful." She pauses. She goes quiet a moment as Illyana begins to speak. She has her tupperware and duct tape.

There is another bite of the lo mein taken and the chopsticks are tossed into the white and red container. Her eyes and focus nw go to what appears on her screen and there is a quirk of her brow as she analyzes what is before her. "Interesting." Her fingers tap upon the keys a moment and a bunch of numbers fly by the screen, each number matching up to a SHIELD employee ID. However, on ID keeps coming up a few times as attmpeting to access the containment unit: A contractor.Daisy taps a few more times and mutters softly to herself as she does so. "Well they tried to mask it. Jemma. Look at this. Does this name sound familiar to you? It is not SHIELD authorized. There is a name on the screen which she has locked upon. "Apparently from what I can tell…they gained access to a SHIELD account and rerouted and access point." She squints at the screen a moment and hits a few more keys. "Clever bastards I give them that. I might be able to temporarily block their access if you want?"

Her eyes drift to Darcy, Rain and Illy, a smile given. "Pull up a chair. Make yourself at home. There may be coffee in the pot still." Her office area does have her desk, and a few other chairs and a small two person couch of sorts. Apparently, a lot of geeky conversations take place here. Not to mention the pillow and blanket upon it. How late does she stay here?"

Well, not the brass. Falcon actually. But that's a whole other story. "I'm sure I can find you a tambourine." Jemma murmurs but she's pretty distracted at the moment. She kinda liked the cartoon… so there you go.

Back to Illyana, Jemma takes a deep breath "At a break in, in a London facility. It had been left behind by … someone … and when I went to pick it up" she stops for just a moment and then hurries on "I was wearing gloves and using tweezers! It felt like my memories were being stripped away and I was seeing someone elses life." She shudders the memories were so /real/ they still haunt her. "Apparently it glowed red when the contact was made."

On her tablet, no holodisplay access for the biochemist here, she shows Illyana the images that Jericho could salvage from the security feeds. Darcy, Daisy and Rain can see them too.

The feeds weren't for the room where the shard was found, but breaking into the main base, there's a man and a woman, both with traces glowing exactly like Jericho's. The images are jumpy and hard to read but quite clearly display them gaining access, and then leaving again.

"We know who the woman is. She targetted me not long after we recovered the shard but she's very hard to track down." Jemma explains. At that time, the technician appears with the shard. It's in a secure container and offers the container to Illyana.

"What's more concerning, Ms Rasputin" she continues "Is that another Sigma agent tried use a similar shard on me the other night and again, I felt like my memories were being stripped away. Ronin believes it was an abduction attempt."

Daisy's update has Jemma looking over and squinting at the name "No, I don't recognise the name, but then, I wouldn't expect it. Flag it for Agents May and Coulson, please? They were a SHIELD authorised contractor, so maybe they were helping with something." Highly irregular, but it's been done before. Should they block access? "Let's not block access but escalate it quickly. They could be legitimate." beat "Can you tell if they actually got in? And if so, was there anything taken, can you tell?"

Rains update gets a small smile from Jemma "I'm glad to hear it will be repaired soon…"

Illyana does indeed make herself at home… By pushing some of the newly-placed office supplies on Daisy's desk aside so she can sit on the edge of the desk. Reaching for the container she frowns thoughtfully. Her eyes close as she holds it before her and her head tilts to the side. Rain might feel the presence of magic around her rise, and the shard within the box lifts and starts to rotate slowly. It goes liquid, reforming into a ball of some sort and pulsing in a regular pattern. When Illyana's eyes re-open, the shard returns to its former shape.

Cold, ice blue eyes move to focus on Jemma. "This is mine." She acknowledges. "Though how they've managed to get so much out of Limbo….

Darcy empties some of hte push pins into the the little openin gon the side of teh magnetic cup holder and affixes it to the whiteboard portion of Daisy's geek-board of power. And then she take a moment to make a heart out of the pushpins on the corkboard side. Smiling, she returns to her cart just as Daisy goes all 'I'm on to something'! Darcy knows the face well, and she quietly gathers up her clip board. Flipping to the second page, and producing a pen, Darcy holds both out to Rain.

"Sign here," she says, tapping the capped non-business end of the pen to the clipboard where a sticky flag reading SIGN HERE can be found. The form is a blank requisition form. Because Darcy has to keep track of this shit. Daisy's invitation has Darcy smiling, just before her eyes sweep over the rest of Daisy's office. Oh boy, is this computer geek like her very own star-science geek. Darcy knows exactly how to handle this…

But first, Jemma gets a broad smile.

"Awesome! I'll start practicing. Mind if I dye my hair purple? I like purple. Makes my eyes pop," Darcy says happily, not minding that Jemma's distracted. Darcy takes a moment to glance into Daisy's mug before she's going for the coffee pot. A quick check of the contents, and Darcy rummages for coffe mugs. It helps keep her from looking over the tablet displays or fancy numbers on Daisy's computer screen. None of her business, after all. Less she knows, the better. She'll just set out mugs and pull her cart over to restock Daisy's caffeine stash: Because coffee and creamer and filters are legitimate office supplies.

Taking the old pot with just enough coffee for two more mugs, Darcy refills Daisy's mug and leaves the non-dairy creamer with about six packets of sugar near by. A coffee stir is balanced on top of hte creamer. Waitress Darcy then collects one of the several mugs she found (having exclaimed AHA! when she found them) and pours a mug for Jemma and Illyana. They are handed to their owners before said office items that were relocated in favor of Illy's butt are once again moved to another work surface. Darcy'll return them laters. She watches the magic show on her way to the coffee pot to set it brewing a new pot of coffee. Her eyes tell of her wonder, but she holds her tongue. Darcy knows when Thinking Geeks must not be interrupted by rambling gal. Rambling gal will make coffee.

Rain is - deinitely a quieter type. She is magic, and curious about it. Then a pause. "How does it often get out of Limbo, may I ask?" She asks quietly. "I am unfamiliar with that place." it is best to be honest and humble, usually. Then a faint smile to Jemma. "Thanks. I had no idea he had so many skeletons in my yard." Awkward. But she listens.

Okay. Darcy is so going to be called upon more often. Daisy always wanted her own personal secretary type, and one that fixes coffee and organizes. Yeah Darcy is a keeper. I think Daisy;s materials are going to start "vanishing" so they need constant replacment. The coffee is taken and she starts to add the creamer and sugar as she eyes Illy sitting on the corner of her desk. It does not bother her in the least. One thing to be said about Daisy; she is one who embraces the laid back if possible. However, the conversation she seems to be having with Rain is something she would love to listen in on, but her attention is still drawn to her computer screen.

A hand is raised to rub over the back of her neck and she stares at the screen a bit longer. She exhales softly and murmurs. "I thought so." Eyes drift to Jemma and she even looks to Darcy as well, noticing that the young girl has an interest (at least a bit) as to what is going on upon the screen. "Well we have a few things Jemma. I can tell you they did not get access. At least not as deep as I went. I cannot tell you what they were teying to get access to. That is above my level clearance, and as I might be able to figure that out with some further digging. I am not going to do so unless asked by Coulson or May. I don't have security clearance to access that information."

She then turns the screen to Jemma tho and shows her a name. "Does that name sound familiar to you? Perhaps it does to Agent May and AC. I mean Agent Coulson." She sips the coffee and winks to Darcy. "I owe you…"

"No… it doesn't." Jemma looks at Daisy's screen and takes the cup of … coffee from Darcy. Eventually, she'll show Darcy where she keeps a stash of May's tea (Jemma really prefers tea to coffee). "Thanks Darcy. So where've you been?" Now that Daisy is working on that little problem, the biochem can afford to relax a little.

"Would you write the report, please Daisy? For Agents May and Coulson. I'm going to arrange a stocktake on that unit, just in case." This … is not good news. "These 084's and the stabilising portals are becoming a real concern." As it they weren't before!

As Illyana takes her perch, Jemma's eyes widen a little… and she watches the shard transform and move "Yours?" she questions. Given Jericho's suspicions when they first found it, that it came from Limbo isn't all that suprising. "Why would they use it to try and abduct me?" She's … not aware of how it operates. Illyana should be. "It also seems to be used in the traces on those people." Something else comes to Jemma at that point and she taps at her tablet, this might take moment.

Rains question gets a nod. That's a good one too.

Illyana glances over to Rain as she asks the question. "Well. Before I met Jericho, the answer would have been 'it doesn't'." Unless one counts her Sword and Armor, which she doesn't bring up. "Normally, it can't exist apart from the whole except in very trace amounts. Someone's found a way to do that, corrupting it with other metals that prime it to be able to find something else to keep it… hmm. Stable.

Illyana's cold, empty gaze moves over to Jemma now. "Yes, mine. Limbo is mine. Therefore anything of Limbo is mine." That's said somewhat flippantly, with a sort of 'duh' feel to it.

The blonde's gaze goes back to the shard, turning it this way and that. "I'm thinking maybe we'll as the other people this piece has touched a few questions." Beat. "If they're alive." Again, that chillingly empty gaze goes over to Jemma, and her lips curve upwards in a smirk. "Looks like I own part of you now, too."

"I accept all manner of payment," Darcy tells Daisy with deadpan humor. Her lips twitching up into a grin. By the coffee machine, Darcy kicks off her 6 inch platform heels, murmuring her appreciation of being told to make herself at home.

"Me? Just laying low, staying away from Crazy Clown Girls, keeping my nose clean. You know?" Darcy rambles by way of reply while getting another two coffee mugs ready to go before she fills out the two requistion forms. The one for Daisy gets items crossed off, items added, and her own intials written in. Rain's gets filled out completely, because files. She listens to Illy's commentary, green eyes sliding toward the sorceress before a brow quirks up.

"You… are freaky," says the squishy mortal just before she pushes her glasses a bit further up her nose. "Cool. But freaky," she adds nonchalantly before idly organizing Daisy's cubbies. All coffee mugs together, all coffee supplies together… She needs more filters soon… Darcy makes a note on her clip board.

Rain seems less of the opinion Illy is freaky, but she's magic so she's probably somewhere between super freaky and a slow disco freaky. "I think her super power is organization," Rain muses as she watches Darcy do her thing. Even as an engineer, Rain's workspace is proof that entropy is totally a thing.

For her part, she smiles as Daisy and Jemma talk. Although, she is quiet at Illyana's words. Her eyebrows furrow in thought. "I see. So someone is trying to manipulate matter of limbo. Maybe trying to gain a foothold or gain a feel for it. Or an experiment, I guess. It's not really my area expertise." Her eyebrows lift at the owning comments. "Yeah…"

Magic. It is an area that Daisy knows little about. She did not work in the WAND branch of SHIELD and the whole idea of magic and all that it entails was extremely foreign to her. SHe just nooded and smiled a lot when it came up in cinversation; but she was at least acceptive of it. Another sip of the coffee is taken and she stares at the screen once more, shaking her head and then looking up to Jemma. "Of course. I'll write it up this evening and contact May and Coulson about what I have found. Sorry I could not tell you more. It's just out of my rank. Well, legally out of my rank. I /could/ find out by enhancing the alternative routing satellite and dirdcting it through a sub-server…" SHe stops talking and simply adds, "Yeah…out of my clearance level." The computer is set aside and she slowly rises from the desk, walking around Illyana, and taking amoment to stare at the blond woman. She had seen Illyana before, but she was someone Daisy new very little about. she is a little freaky, but Daisy was not going to judge anyone…she had been there.

"That conveesation about limbo and manipulating such is not one Daisy feels she can jump into and not feel completely idiotic, so she approaches Darcy from behind and looks at the clipboard and then to her cubbies, then to the clipboard and then back to the cubbies. There is a solmen nod given and a murmured word for /Super Secretary/. "If I got am ini-fridge, do you think I could get real creamer?" The question seems serious enough and she reaches over and points to the clipboard. "You could add that there…" There is a pause when she realizes how pushy she seemed. "…I mean…I like coffee."

Jemma would likely be most put out if Darcy tried to organise the FitzSimmon lab. Although, it is already pretty organised. The look of horror that crosses Jemma's face when Darcy calls her freaky might be comical! But then, Jemma's been through Limbo and seen what Illyana can do … plus … presence!

Then Illyana's words sink in and she pales. Bad enough K'nert dibbsed her kidney, now Illyana is laying claim to a part of her! "Wha… what do you mean. How?" As to whether others are still alive? "The woman in the first set of images I showed you, is Anya Varikova. She's alive. The shard might be from her or the man she was with. Either way, they both have the same tech… so maybe she will do?" And maybe Illyana has a way of tracking that metal? Because the Sigma agents are well hidden.

Daisy's response gets a very sharp look from Jemma "Not tonight, Daisy. Now. That's an attempted security breach." And if it wasn't authorised, they need to move on it. "Could you look in that organisation, for me? Find out what they do? Who their board of directors are? Anything that might move this forward more quickly." Clearly, the attempted breach has Jemma worried.

"Yes, Rain." Jemma confirms "Do you remember that Bio-E project we looked at a while ago? This metal is linked to it somehow."

Illyana shakes her head over at Rain. "I don't think they're trying to get a foothold in Limbo. Just use the resources of it." Someone else is already working that angle, unfortunately.

Illyana holds up the case the shard is in, twisting it back and forth to draw emphasis to it. "This is comprised of promethium, which only occurs in Limbo and is an exceptional sort of battery. It's been forged with silver and iron, along with some other things but those are notable in that one is very magically active and the other is sort of anti-magical. The forging itself, getting the various metals to work together, would have taken some very dangerous magic. One of the properties it has, is that it doesn't just bond to flesh." Illyana pauses. "It bonds to souls."

Illyana looks over to Jemma. "So. I now have tiny bits of you bonded to my promethium." And from the sounds of it, she's keeping it? She stands up, moving away from Daisy's desk as a stepping disk opens at her feet. "I'm going to see about using the bit of this Anya Varikova's soul that's stuck in here to track her down." Because you don't get better sympathetic components than someone's soul. She gives Jemma a wink. "Be seeing you." And then she's teleporting out. With the shard.

Looking over her shoulder as Daisy comes up to her, Darcy purses her lips and looks so very serious.

"Do I get half a shelf in said mini-fridge?" she asks, voice pitched low as if she were entering into a conspiracy or forgeign negotiations over the fate of Iran. Her eyes are completely serious as she moves to pour coffee into the coffee mugs for herself and Rain. Jemma's look of horror about calling Illy freaky just earn the scientist a grin. It last right through Illy stepping away with a bit of Jemma in a box.

"See? Freaky," Darcy says, as if saying 'told you so'.

"I see. That makes sense," Rain replies. She seems sympathetic enough to Illyana. It sounds like a tough job. "Well. If I have her real name, it'll take some doing but I bet we can divine her." She muses. She doesn't comment on the sample for now, although - Illyana's words provoke an immense look of concern on Rain's face. Hmmhmhmhm. "Man. This feels way over my paygrade already." But she'll do her best. Or something. And then a beat. "We have a mini-fridge?" AAAAAAAAAND THE LAST HORSE ACROSS THE RACE LINE IS MAGIC-DERPY-HOOVES.

Right now? Did Jemma say right now? Truth be told, Daisy knew she would have to do it right now. SHe just felt like a small moment of distraction was warranted. She turns her head to Darcy and places her hand on her shoulder a head nod given. "Oh sure. I mean I have to secure said mini-fridge first, but that should not be too difficult. yeah. Use it to you liking." She turns and sees Illyana vanish, a raised brow and a look to where the portal once was; perhaps making sure it did not effect the floor of the office. That would be fun to explain to custodial staff.

She walks over to her desk and grabs her laptop then moving to plop herself on the couch and crosses her legsunder her, kicking her shoes off in the process. That's Daisy, the epitome of casual when able to do so. "Consider it done Jemma. I'll make sure that report is written and sent out to them." She stares down at the screen and asks Darcy. "COuld you bring my coffee over to me?" SHe eyes the screen oncemore. "Got it. Write the repot. Research the organization. Check into their board of directors and get my ass in gear doing so." She looks up and gives Jemma a nod. "Anything else?" There is a smile however given with her words as she softly murmurs. "Another couch night. I need to get out more."

Her eyes do raise as Jemma and Rain talk about something bio rleated. Not her wheelhouse. NNope.

Well it might become Daisy's wheelhouse, as Jemma continues to research. For now, the Bio E project is a side one … well it had been till they started targetted her.

As Illyana explains that she has a /tiny/ piece of Jemma's soul and doesn't look like she's about to give it back … Jemma pales a lot. Then the blonde is leaving and taking the sample with her "Ms Rasp—-" she sighs as Illyana disappears. Thank goodness she had examined it already.

Talks of mini-bars are forgotten as her tablet beeps at her. A set of tests are nearing completion, she's going to need to get back to her lab.

"Thanks Daisy. Please copy me on the report?" She'll follow up with either of the senior agents as soon as she can. "And thanks for the coffee, Darcy. Rain, if you want to review any of the research I've got on either of these things, drop by the lab and I'll run through it." The extra set of eyes would be appreciated.

Handing the mug back to Darcy, Jemma smiles at the others, "Got to run, research waits for no one!" and with that, she heads out the door.

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