Sins of Our Fathers

November 01, 2015:

The Titans have some down-time and confer among themselves.

The Titans' Castle


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Miguel has an off-day from work, so the young Titan is working at the main computer monitor - various scenes are displayed, some from months ago. He's dressed mostly in his Bunker costume, but his hood is pulled back to reveal his face, and he's not wearing gloves as he taps along at the keyboard.

Jesana has slept at the base a few times recently. She's usually there and gone before anyone notices. For her, sleep isn't a through the night thing but rather a few two or four hour naps during either night or day.

Being so pregnant has left her more tired than usual and all the weird stuff she's been messed up in of late, it's safe here at the compound and a good place to rest when she doesn't want to go home. There's some scuffling noises back behind one of the desks as Jes wakes. She's got a little blanket nest there and might not have been noticed.

Miguel perks up when he hears the sound and goes investigating - and it doesn't take him long to discover the nest. "Oh, madre, sorry," he says gently. "Are you OK?"

Jes blinks at Miguel for a moment then glances down at her self. Oh good, she remembered to keep her night shirt on. An oversized and faded grey cotton thing but it covers the basics. She's also still where she went to sleep and not somewhere weird. Another plus. "Oh its okay. You didn't wake me. I don't sleep for long, usually." Jes smiles at Miguel and gets to her feet with a soft "oofh" sound. "And uh.. I'm sorry about the you know, growling thing before.

Miguel of course puts out a helping hand to aid Jes in getting to her feet. "Ah, that is OK; I wanted to make sure it was not Gar waiting to pounce my feet again," he says with a smile.

Jesana Ravae Jes shakes her head and laughs. "I'd totally put hot sauce on them. Or chili pepper dust. Thank you." She smiles and kicks her blanket back under the desk. "Things have been kinda nuts lately and there's only a few places that are safe enough for me to rest in if I don't want to go home." Jes explains.

Miguel squeezes Jes' hand as his parent's upbringing surges to the fore. "You will be safe here," he says, as if he's ready to battle hoardes for her. Which he is.

"I didn't know the monitor room was the new designated slumber party room," Keith's voice comes through the door a second before he does, sporting a grin in his human form. "If this is how you people conduct slumber parties, though, I'm afraid it's a disaster. For one- Miguel is completely over-dressed and is not even wearing pajamas. For another- nobody's underwear has been frozen. "

She looks a bit surprised and more so as she reads Miguel's sincerity. "Wow. I.. thanks." Jesana shakes her head and returns the hand squeeze. "Don't worry about it though. I don't intend to put anyone else in danger and the things after me are.." Jes sighs. "They're my burden to bear. I'll figure it out once I'm in fighting shape again." She glances down. Soon, and she still hasn't decided what to do.

Keith's comment has Jes laughing again. "I'm not wearing any to have frozen. But hey, at least I had on something this time. Waking up naked in the middle of a church in.. I dunno, I'm guessing Nevada? when you went to sleep in your damn den, not so great. Didn't think those old ladies would actually throw bibles at a pregnant person but.." Jes shakes her head and rubs her shoulder in memory. "Those bitches had good aim."

Miguel quirks a smile at Keith as he enters. He looks back to Jes. "You're a Titan, which means your burdens are our burdens; I will not let you carry them alone," he says.

"Hey, it beats waking up naked in a zoo… like what happened to Gar. Green Arrow had to come and bring clothes for him," Keith grins. Oooh yes, he is sharing that detail, because it is hilarious. That, and because the last time he checked this morning, Gar was still recovering from his ordeal…

Or was he faking? He didn't tell Gar about joining the group to take down Master Darque. He hoped he had a little more time to work it in conversation. "And I'm very famliar with the ability of old women to throw bibles- remember, I grew up Catholic and I had a grandmother from Ireland. I swear they must train for an olympic variant of it." He grins at Jes and Miguel. "But Miguel is right, of course, you're a Titan and your burders are ours. Except for the baby thing. You don't want me to bear that burden- I would make a horrible father."

Yes, Gar is still slightly recovering from being a Phoenix recently, and going ALL THE WAY into it. You can tell by the way he's got scraggly green feathers instead of hair, and his nose is rather a bit of a beak, and he looks ganglier than usual, which is to say, somewhat taller and stretched-out-looking. Still. He's only got to self-immolate one more time before he can return to human-normal.

He ambles in to the room (having just snuck a freezer-pack into Keith's underwear drawer) and turns his head almost completely sideways peering at the people in the room.

"Hey folks. Anything exciting and new out there?"

Jes looks throughouly depressed at the mention of the Green Arrow. She actually pulls a chair from the desk and sits down and sighs, her eyes on the floor. After a few moments the rest of Keith's words filter through. "There's actually something I need to ask you guys. I've found out some stuff recently that is.. well." Jesana sighs again.

"It not that I want to leave, but I will understand if you don't want me on the team after I explain. It might be the best thing. You guys can't do all the great stuff you do if I get you all killed." She IS NOT sniffling dammit. She isn't. There is something in her eye. Or its just the damn hormones. Not thinking about Arrow or leaving the Titans. When she hears Gar Jes glances up and then kinda blinks. That's a new look.

Miguel quirks a smile when he sees Gar, his teammates sometimes-transformations is something he's learning to take in stride. He looks back to Jes, crosses his arms and gives his best cocky smile. "Hah, I'd like to see anyone try.." he says.

"What are you doing out of bed, bird of paradise?" Keith grins an leans a little on Gar. Little does he know that right now his underwear is getting the glacial treatment. Jesana's words pull him out of the brief reverie, and he frownsd. "… what do you mean, Jes?"

"Out of nest, you mean? Because I'm part Phoenix, not part invalid. What's up, Jes?" Gar says, perching on the desk where he can reach out and try to drag Keith closer when he's not looking. (Best part of the glacial treatment: it's disguised as one of those herbal sachet things that makes underwear smell like herbs instead of moths.)

"I mean that my stepfather is still looking for me. He's killed my adoptive father, his partner and transformed his spirit into a monster to hunt me down. Doing that gave him control over my dad's wolves. I think they are hunting me too. John scared one of them off before.. before." Too much pain there too. And too fresh.

"It's not just that though. Now that I know who and what I am, I've been learning what it might mean. Old Coyote was born at the creation of the universe and there at the shaping of this world. He is The Trickster deity of the First Peoples, and the catalyst for change and chaos in the natural and spiritual worlds alike. The normal rules don't apply to him. In all the old stories Coyote and his friends die. Coyote rises again with the dawn but his friends do not. I don't have the immortal thing. Maybe, someday. I do seem to be developing the catalyst thing. People around me die. People that I love and who would still be alive if they hadn't known me. And now i've started to show up in places where things either are happening, or are about to happen.

He says I'm interesting and it's why he's watching me so closely now that we've found each other. But how can I stick around knowing I'm likely to get you all killed? After losing my family and my kids.. and John. I just can't…" Jes crosses her arms in front of herself and bites her lip. She doesn't cry. She isn't weak.

Miguel is clearly moved by Jes' tale and he subtly offers that broad shoulder just in case, you know, a little crying has to occur. He gives Keith a Worried look as well; growing up where he did, he's actually heard some stories of Old Man Coyote (also having read about him in school), and they are never happy tales for anyone in the vicinity whose name is not Old Man Coyote, and even then half the time Coyote doesn't come out of things too hot, either.

"Ah, fie on him," Keith says with a disdainful twitch of the nose, "Bloody nuisance, the gods. Don't you believe half of what they tell you- self-inflated with ego and more style than substance. Just ask Fenris… they're not even the creators they say they are, the Fae say the gods were just as surprised as everyone was to find the world had been created." Keith is drawn close to Gar, and says "Antedilluvian Druids from the dawn of time tried to kill me. The Erlking and the Wild Hunt tried to kill me- and I'm technically speaking half Fae royalty. Yesterday Zatanna vanquished a necromantic evil that had tried to usurp lordship over the realms of the dead…" oops. He looks sideways at Gar.. how is he going to explain knowing that? "… and Gar here can turn into the literal bird of rebirth and resurrection. I hate to disappoint Coyote, but nobody is dying here," the redhead says, giving Miguel a fleeting glance, "And I wouldn't worry about Miguel, either. He has a fierce aunt watching out for him in heaven who would probably do terrible things to your stepfather. And let's not forget the fact that Rain tutors with the Asgardian god of lies and magick himself- fancy magic with a 'k' in it- whose reputation is such that even Coyote would probably say 'damn, bro.'"

He ruffles Gar's feathers and looks at Jesana, "So instead of being apprehensive and fearful, we can prepare to kick the royal ass of whomever tries to hurt our family, regardless of who they are."

A pause, and a red eyebrow is raised with a smirk, "If everything fails, there's always Raven, you know…" it was a dangerous trump card, the figurative daughter of Satan. But she gave Fenris pause. The scope of even the slightest amount of her power unleashed could be terrifying to anyone in possession of an immortal soul. Which is something that immortals had.

Gar peers over at Jesana. "To add to that… you're having pregnancy hormones and they're swinging your moods around like a monkey on crack. I can smell them. Therefore, this is not the best time to be making life decisions. But if you're worried about us don't be. We're used to it. I just pretty much died three and a half days ago to fight off something pretty evil, and Keith stops existing at random. Also, your birth-father is not you and if I recall the stories, none of Coyote's other daughters or sons seemed to have that gift, not even the ones he slept with. So give it some time and don't jump to conclusions before they're hatched."

He glares at a feather that's growing oddly out of his left arm, and with an abrupt YANK pulls it loose. There's a small amount of blood that quickly stops. He hands it to Miguel. "Here. Have a Phoenix Down."

Jes lets out a relieved sigh and leans back in her chair. She closes her eyes but nods at them. "Thank you. I probably never said but you guys.. I think you keep me sane a little. I'm far from an expert but I think my gods might not have souls, not like people do. Animals don't and I'm half animal. I do know I have one, I broke it when I went to hell. I think that someday I'm going to have to chose. Between keeping my humanity or becoming something more. Or even something less. I think that mightve happened this year, I was so lost when I found out my family died. Coyote's aren't loners. Not all of the time. They live in small family groups. I never realized until it was gone what kinda stabalizing effect that had on me.

Finally she smiles and opens her eyes. "You're right about that too. Just because there's a chance I'll turn out like the Old Man, doesn't mean it actually will happen. Bad shit happens to everyone and I go after evil assholes all the time. That's hardly a safe and healthy life but you all do it too." It takes a few moments to puzzles out the Phoenix Down thing. Then Jes remembers a certain video game and bursts into laughter.

"Oh thats messed up. But hilarious. And yes these damn hormones are gonna drive me insane!" Jess rolls her eyes.

Miguel takes the feather from Gar and carefully stores it in a barely-visible pocket on his costume. "Can't hurt to try," he says, and seals the pocket. He gives Jes a concerned but warm look, then smiles as the tension breaks. "OK, maybe, yeah.."

"You know, I don't know what that says about us in general that anyone in this group is able to keep anyone sane…" Keith grins. "But really. We can't die. The laws of narrative deem it so- Miguel still needs to find a boyfriend and Gar and I haven't gotten married yet. You can't cut a story in the middle just like that, right?"

Glance at Gar. "… that is not an excuse to perpetually postpone the date on which we still have not agreed. Just an Eff Why Eye, Gar."

Gar would smirk but his face doesn't quite work that way yet. He bends over and whispers, "What's wrong with Leap Day?" in Keith's ear. Because, that would make it easy to remember anniversaries.

He rubs his arm a bit and then says, "What were you watching, Miguel? Before we interrupted you with our silliness?"

Jes watches them and her mood visibly lightens. "I think that its awesome you're getting married. You guys just go together." No way in the world, this one or any other is she ever going to do that. She still can see the appeal and understand why others would though. "I don't even know what this room is." Jes admits. "It's just warm in here and doesn't overly smell like anything in particular." It had also seemed a nice out of the way spot to nap.

Miguel looks back to the monitors. "I was putting together some video I've shot, for my family back home; some touristy stuff, some stuff with you guys, things like that."

"We go together like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dingy-dong," Keith says in a sing-song voice, one arm wrapped around Garnix. "This room is the monitor room. I'm pretty sure Miguel was looking up saucy internet videos before we came in. Don't buy his home video excuse… I certainly don't!" he grins and sticks his tongue out.

"… can we see the video, though?"

"Only if it IS NOT a saucy internet video. Especially not if it's people cosplaying any of us," Gar says, leaning into Keith. Phoenixes aren't flimsy like many birds. They use the fire effect for boosting their lift. But he doesn't feel quite like his usual self. Not that this is a lot different from when he turns into other things.

Jes looks over at the screen. She's interested now. If it's saucy interent people vids, well, eye candy. If it's for Miguel's family, then its probably pretty neat. She's new to New York and Gotham herself, having arrived last.. "Well damn. I just realized. It was october when I first arrived in New York. Almost an entire year." Jes seems startled by that. How can so many things happen in such a short time? "I should check out some of that touristy stuff. I always mean to and never actually do it."

Miguel sits down to bring up his results to date. "I will neither confirm nor deny that there are videos made in this very city that have people dressed as us doing some… well.." he mutters as he finds the file he needs. Then he throws the film up on the big screen. He still needs an editing pass, at least one more, but it's not bad - a kind of quirky video tour of New York, and then some 'home video' of him and the various Titans. "I'll be glad to show you," he smiles at Jes.

"The thing about Leap Day," Keith says, answering to Gar's earlier suggestion, "Is that our anniversary would only come around once every four years. I'm not up for that. Nor down for that, either," he smirks and kisses Gar's cheek.

"Oh god, Miguel, that was my bad fur day. You bastard," the redhead human sighs and rolls his eyes. "That's revenge for me getting to kiss Robin instead of you, isn't it?"

Gar chuckles at the image, briefly, because really it looked like someone had groomed Vorpal backwards and sideways as he slept. (Someone had.)

"Don't be silly. The anniversary comes every year on the day after February 28th, but there's the Extraversary every four years."

Gar considers that he totally would've gotten to kiss Robin first but the team dynamic was different then, and Gar was crushing on Dirt Girl while Robin was doing Serial Monogamy With Benefits to all the girls on the pre-team.

"That sounds fun Miguel." Jes smiles. She looks a bit excited by the thought. Fun isn't something she's had lately. Plus as far as she can tell Miguel shares Gar and Vorpals tastes and their hormones don't set her off at all. She and her body know there isn't any interest there. "Unlike pretty scientist lady." Whose probably only interested in men but could possibly…well Jes can dream and she does sigh dreamily. Then blinks. "Oh shit. I didn't just say that out loud."

"Now that you've reminded me of it, then yes," Miguel grins to Keith as he sits back to watch the almost-finished video." He eyebrow-flashes at Jes. "Yes, yes you did."

"You didn't miss anything. He's not a good kisser," Keith says with a grin. "Gar's a totally better kisser."

The redhead looks at Gar "… am I a better kisser than Dirt Girl?" ohoho. Loaded question.

"Given that she did her best to avoid it and tasted like gin and tonic, which she claimed was watermelon lip gloss, and she had teeth like a giant gateway guarding her mouth from all intruders, I would say you're a better kisser," Gar replies. "Now, she was far better than you at the psycho-crazy manipulative girlfriend game. I'm so happy you're honest with me."

Gar hugs a little closer and sighs happily.

Jes blinks a bit but doesn't ask. Otherwise these hormones which are up for ass kicking almost as much as they are for other things might send her after this 'dirt girl' to bitch smack her around a bit. Sounds like she'd deserve it.. Gah! Bad coyote. Jes shakes her head trying to clear it. "I keep meeting this Doctor with SHIELD and she's just, so hot. I don't think she even knows it. And she's probably totally into guys. Or, no one. But it's bad form to hit on someone at the scene of a disaster. If it went badly anyway, I'll still have to see her until we figure out wtf is going on with these bombs or whatever. Seriously tho. So cute."

"I refuse to beleive such lies," Miguel says with a smile to Keith. "Domino masked hotties like that cannot be bad kissers. Batman probably taught him like five different ways to pick a lock or disable an opponent just with a sultry pout."

"Pfff, it's true, and if you don't believe me… try to kiss him!" Keith taunts.

And then Gar twists the knife. Ooooowwww. Cats can't look guilty, but if one could… it would look like Keith O'Neil does, right now.

"Um… sweetie?" he says, voice sounding a little like a naked baby bird, "… there's something I have to tell you."

Gar was not drinking water when Miguel said that. Therefore, nobody gets sprayed. He does, however, make a combination honk-snort noise, which makes him blush a nice green for a moment, as he buries his face in the crook of Keith's neck so the odd noises are muffled. They go on for a moment, as he keeps visualizing Robin using the Elvis Lip Curl to cow the Joker.

"You went off and fought evil without me. It's OK," he says still buried.

Jes just shakes her head and bites her lip so she doesn't laugh and embarras Gar further. They are just so cute together. "I can't believe he's finally gone. I'm sooo glad. I'm also bummed I wasn't there." She shrugs. "There will be more evil assholes. I'm sure. Hopefully not as bad as that guy though. Jes stretches and nods and then gives them all a hug. "I need to go find food. Thanks guys! You're the best." Jes smiles.

Miguel laughs at the reasction he gets from Gar, and picks up his thumb-drive. "I need to go download some more video from my camera; still need to include a fight scene so my papi knows I can throw a punch," he grins, and heads on off.

"Alright Migs… don't forget, we're having lunch tomorrow," the redhead grins and pats his friend in the back as he exits.

There's a few seconds of silence afterwards and Keith's head slowly turns to look at Gar.

"… how did you find out?…"

Gar finger-waves after Miguel. "Nobody was around, then you were really tired and smelled of celebratory food, and you didn't tell me what happened. So I listened to the bits and pieces."

He pulls his head out of Keith's neck-hollow. "And that's just the overt signs. There are also the weird natural-world-feeling things that I get sometimes, like 'a bit of something rotten suddenly got a little better.'"

"Is this the bit where I get lectured about not telling you?" Keith says as Gar pulls his head out, warily. "I… well. I had good reasons. Or reasons that sounded good at the time. Like the fact that you were doing less well than you're doing right now…"

He frowns now, "… they sound pretty stupid now, in hindsight…"

"The only yelling I'm going to do is to remind you that being dishonest and sneaky 'for my own good' is almost never for my own good. What part of 'I will hatch into a revolting worm and live in excessively fertile soil for a day before I burn up into a bird and then I will be an ugly naked baby bird for a day before I burn up into a phoenix-man for a day before I burn up into my normal self' means 'don't tell me stuff after I'm smart enough to understand it?'" Gar doesn't actually yell, this is more of a petulant thing. But honestly, it's probably not bad. Also it's almost time to get out the cinnamon and sit in a pyre again.

"… I know. Look, I was worried… that…" he pauses and disengages from hugging Gar, because he needs to turn some of the monitors off. It's getting hot in the room. "That's not right. I didn't want to have the discussion. You know, the discussion I was fearing where you would insist on coming, in your condition. And I was afraid of what Darque's magic could do to you, being vulnerable like that…"

He rubs the back of his neck and frowns, looking at his feet. "I didn't give you enough credit… but would you have insisted in coming?"

"Oh. No, if it was three days ago, I was a worm, two days ago, I was a bird-brained bird, so no, I don't think I'd have been able to consider it. Phoenix natural magic is freaking weird, guys. Also, I need you to watch me when I burn out today, because when I come out of it, I might need you to remind me who I really am."

Rebirth magic. Not intended to be mixed with Elemental Metaplanar Attunement. Your mileage may vary.

"Wanna do that now? It's cold enough outside to light up the brazier."

"Well, it'd be safe to do it now," Keith agrees. "The Word will work, right? Just in case you refuse to listen."

He walks over to his fiance and puts his hands on his shoulders, gently caressing his neck, "… I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I honestly wasn't quite sure how. 'By the way, I went and put my soul in immortal danger while you were recovering' just doesn't… have the right ring to it."

That would get a grin if it didn't hurt to stretch his face that way, so Gar just punches him very gently. "There. You're suitably beaten up. I'm glad you were able to be part of it."

He's pretty sure that the Cait Sidhe is going to recognize the pyre; Keith hadn't seen the first two.

"You might want to be fuzzy?" he suggests as they ride the elevator to the ground level. The brazier is set up; there's a bit of a 'wicker man' look to the woven lattice, as well.

"… just for the record, I was secretly wishing you there. I was pretty damned scared." Keith would just never admit it, as Vorpal. "Alright, then, let me get my mirror and we can get you to flame on. Hopefully you won't go berzerk and fly into the garden and torch it. A certain someone would have a conniption over that," the redhead grins, and leans forward to kiss Gar in the chin. "… thank you."

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