Fallen versus Faux

November 22, 2015:

Months after their falling out, Roberto shows up to ask for X-Men: Red's help, dragging them into one of the strangest (and worst-dressed) encounters of their history.

X-Men Red headquarters (both new and old)


NPCs: Ariel, Chance, Devil Dinosaur, Moon Boy, Gomi, Bill, Reaper, Tempo, Wildside, Forearm, Locus, Reignfire



Mood Music: The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face / LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

Fade In…

The night is getting late, but the X-Red hub is still active. There's been a rash of strange activity around the outskirts of M-Town that has certain members of the team concerned. The trouble is only borderline criminal — street art, disorderly behavior, minor scuffles, and so on — but the outlandish costumes and demonstrable superpowers displayed by the people involved have locals whispering that 'the mutants' are getting restless.

The police scanner is playing through a report of traffic problems caused by a chimp riding a bright red dinosaur when an intrusion alarm starts braying, followed immediately by the chime of the reception bell. Apparently someone completely bypassed the hub's sophisticated security system… and then politely rang for assistance.

Bobby taps a key to look up the cameras. Intruders are not a laughing matter here anymore. While X-Red is still generally open to the public (but not this late) there have been enough incidents, attacks, kidnappings and general problems for there to have been some upgrades to the security system. The ice nerd gets a general location from the system and starts walking. Even at this hour it could be anything from curious civillians to an actual problem.

The ice nerd keys his communicator. "Any X-Red or general X-folks near the airport, we may have company at our HQ. Not sure if it's a party yet or not." Party being code for a problem where one brings mutant party favors.

Brin looks at Pepper, they're sitting in the common area of the HQ, startled. The little owlet perched on her shoulder, 'hoots' softly and hides behind the brunette mutants hair. "Wha—. Just a moment, Miss Potts." and then Bobby's voice sounds and she calls out "I'll check to the door, Bobby. Anything on the surveillance?"

Taking a breath as she nears the door, she reaches a hand out and opens it carefully "Hello?" Hey! It works.

Wolfsbane's been around the headquarters for much of the afternoon into the evening, helping with one thing or another. There was a brief excursion to go see to something when a call came in, but that's over and done with, nothing major. With a mug of tea in hand, she's just finished sipping from it when the sound of the alarms go off, causing her to flinch. Both hands find her ears as she grimaces, then she adjusts her level of hearing just enough to compensate. In possession of a comms unit of her own, she speaks up. "I heard th' bell up front. I'm on muh way." And so she is, the flaps of her costume moving as she does.

Jean was out doing the usual. Something she really shouldn't be doing. Flying high in the sky under the cloak of her own mind, nearing towards X-Red for any other reason than to check on everyone if they're sleeping or just.. working. The usual 'mom' (not) thing to do. There was a surprise when a call actually does go out, her hand lifting to press against her ear.

"Copy that, Iceman. Phoenix en-route."

That sounds so weird..

Kurt Wagner is not far from Mutant Town himself, getting a cup of coffee from a street vendor, having just finished doing some volunteer work at a nearby church. When the call goes out, he thanks the man for his service, giving a generous tip and then sighs as he looks at his cup, "Sadly, mein freund, the stresses of teleportation, they are hard on styrofoam," he says. He blows on it for just a second, taking a quick sip before he gives it to a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk.

The man, confused, looks up to thank his savior, only to get a frightening glimpse of a blue-furred face, fangs grinning before it suddenly vanishes in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a trademark smell of sulfur and a BAMF noise. The man considers for a moment, then adds alittle whiskey to the coffee. He was trying to cut down, but it seemed he might need a little nip tonight.

Colossus is on the couch, one arm tossed over the back. He's got nothing on his mind until the buzz of a reception bell. He leans forward as Brinley heads to the door, pushing off with his hands from the padded sofa and rising to his full height. Even when he's not wearing his second skin, Colossus is deserving of his name.

He keeps a careful eye on the mousy mutant as she goes to answer the door, one hand sliding into the pocket of his coat.

While only being a visitor to the X-Red facility, Pepper is as startled as everyone else when the alarms et al start sounding. She stays seated as Brinley stands to answer the door, though she does make sure she has her phone in her hand. You know, just in case.

Nothing untoward happens when Brinley opens the door, backed up by her wary welcoming committee. There's a group of teenagers and young adults slouching around in the waiting room; they could easily pass for extras in a campy sci-fi B film from the 80s. Their outfits are all clashing colors, glossy fabrics, and acute angles. They're mostly at the fringes of the lobby, leaning against walls or holding murmured conversations amongst themselves.

One, however, stands front and center at the reception desk, facing the X-men as they enter. He's wearing a high-collared, bias-cut tank top-slash-jacket that bares his midriff and a skewed section of his muscular chest, along with both arms. He's also wearing green leggings under blue briefs, calf-high leather boots, wraparound shades, and red and gold sashes tied wherever too much of his body was unadorned.


The outfit is so aggressively ludicrous that it'll take observers several seconds to realize that they're looking at Roberto da Costa. He's thinner and grubbier than any of them have ever seen him, with a gaunt cast to his features that seems out of place, but once you make the connection, it's inescapable. "Olà!" he calls out in his unique accent, returning Brinley's greeting. His tone sounds hesitant, inasmuch as Roberto ever sounds hesitant. He's clearly worried about how everyone is going to react to his reappearance.

Wolfsbane's arrival is not long in coming behind Brinley and anyone else who may be showing up around the same time. She stops and stares at the one who seems to be Sunspot, though it leaves her blinking at him more than once. "Roberto da Costa," she begins, her mildly wolfen features twisted into a show of disbelief. "Whit in th' world are ye wearing, an' why?"

Bobby slows when he sees who has broken in. Well, nothing's missing anyway. They don't keep enough good booze in here for it to be tempting to Roberto DaCosta… at least… Piotr's vodka isn't gone, right?

"Berto… hey there. Been a while." Bobby's voice is wary and noncommital. Which makes sense. The two Bobby's had not parted on good terms and have not spoken since. In fact, X-Red's present location is fallout from… all that.

The fiery blaze.. or quiet blaze of the Phoenix was just as such, Jean landing upon the ground and entering in the front door.. however.. she remains cloaked. Since her return to the school and business as usual, she still hasn't paid a visit to X-Red to check on Brinley and Bobby due to her own meloncholy and guilt. So.. as of now? She's invisible.

Unless someone can see her that is.

The rag tag crew was given a look over.. and perhaps Brinley could feel Jean the strongest. And that feeling? It'll probably say a few words of choice.

'What in the seven layers of friggin-fraggin' hell is this and what shit-show were they runnin' round these parts..'

Thankfully, it wasn't said aloud.

Brin … just stops… as she looks at 'Berto "Um, Bobby?" she calls to the Icenerd. The last time she and Berto had interacted, it hadn't been pleasant and despite that gawd awful costume, she's wary. "How may we help you, Mr da Costa?"

She frowns slightly as she senses his emotions … nervous, very, very nervous - not the Berto she's come to know. The rest of the crew gets a once over.

Kurt Wagner arrives just behind Berto, appearing in a puff of smoke. He's clad in a pair of Notre Dame sweatpants and a hoodie, pulled up a bit to obscure his features. He doesn't bother with the holographic projector when he's close to M-town and he'es trying to be more open anyway. But still, a litlte disguise doesn't hurt, just to reduce the shock of "HOLY CRAP A DEMON" all the time.

"Guten tag," he says, mildly curious, both about the obvious tension in the air and Roberto's…let's be generous and call it attire.

Roberto can't help but notice that most of the group's attention is well below his eyeline. He looks down at his outfit and grimaces, explaining, "It's… It's sort of a disguise. My face is well-known, so if I don't want to be recognized, I have to distract from it, certo?"

"Whatever, Bobbert. You know you look completely skrizz," interrupts a tall woman in a leotard and pink-streaked platinum blonde hair. She seems to be using that obviously invented 80s/90s faux-slang without a trace of irony. She also seems to share Roberto's current tailor, if the sashes, spandex, and glitter are any indication.


"Not now, Ariel. I'm trying to have a moment," Roberto says, wearing a hopeful half-smile and looking around at his old friends. "It's so good to see all of you again. O! But pardon my manners. These" — he raises his arms to indicate his entourage — "are the Fallen Angels."

The flamboyant Angels look back at the X-men with apathetic expressions. Ariel snaps her chewing gum, peers at the mutants over her outlandish, angular sunglasses, and skeptically asks, "You're sure these drab-os can help?"

Wolfsbane's confused expression only grows more so as she finds herself looking from one person to another at not just the odd outfits Roberto and his apparent friends are in, but some of the terms they use as well. "'Fallen Angels,'" she repeats, looking and sounding as if she's just tasted some sort of food that's quite foul. "Is this all some great big joke?"

Bobby quirks an eyebrow and folds his arms glancing back to Piotr and Brin briefly and then to Kurt as he arrives behind Rahne. He'd love to say that 1989 called and they want their sitcom roller derby hair rock cast back. But honestly he's not really feeling that comfortable. "Good to see us again? That was certainly not the impression I got the last time we spoke." And he is busy. Between Purifers, Reaver attacks on unaligned heroes and a flipping stolen Sentinel factory… he's got as much action as he wants to have for several lifetimes. Still… might sa well bite…

"Help you with what?"

Colossus was not there when they all had a falling out… but he heard about it, sure enough. Ever seen a giant stare at something that has irked them? Now they have, the large man's arms crossing over his chest and the tension of his shoulders pulling tight the thick muscles of his neck. He doesn't interrupt as the man introduces his escort as something perfectly suitable to their esoteric fashion choices.

"What is it you want?" Even his voice is large, almost as heavy as his hands, accented english lending even more threat than he might have initially meant.

All brows raise as she watches everyone within the room, her hands slowly lowering to press behind her back as she slowly moves herself into the corner. Surely, Jean was leading the X-Men on a temporary basis.. again.. yet she was not going to interviene on this one. X-Red really wasn't hers. Or anyones for that matter. But.. invisible she'll stay, watching and listening, and inwardly cringing..

Looking to Bobby, then Colossus then back to Berto and shakes her head "In disguise?" she questions before stepping back "Kurt, good to see you. Why don't you all come in?" That includes the Fallen Angels, who get her regard again … Ariel in particular. Brins quiet by nature and it comes through now, as she doesn't respond to the woman

As she clears the way to the common room, the brunette goes to stand between Piotr and Pepper, looking to Bobby. "He's nervous, very nervous… " That's so unlike Berto, it's not funny.

Sensing Jeans presence, she glances around the area … reaching out with her mind Dr Grey, you really don't have to do that. You're welcome here

Pepper Potts watches everything from where she's still seated with her eyebrows gradually climbing toward her hairline. And considering the increasing numbers of confused people all standing in the facility entryway, she figures a bit of people-herding might be in order.

Standing and smoothing her casual mist-grey sweater over a long skirt, she steps toward the others with the calm demeanor and straight posture of someone who has to deal with unruly people regularly. "Perhaps we should all have a seat and discuss this over coffee or tea?" She gestures toward the lounge area, though behind the polite request is a bit of steel to her voice. Possibly a non-optional request? Or more simply put, MOVE, people.

Kurt Wagner frowns softly, both at the strangers arrival and the obvious air of hostility coming off of Iceman and Colossus. He makes his way to approach, coming in along with the others. He gives a polite nod to Roberto's entourage - apparently, during his absence, he had joined up with a touring company of Xanadu. These things happen.

"Yes, I agree with the young lady's suggestion - refreshments always lead to cooler heads and warmer hearts. Not to mention bellies. And I just had to surrender my coffee before I came here," he says.

The Angels are more like a rowdy high school classroom than a herd of businessmen, but Pepper's skills translate just fine. They may slouch and grumble, but they give in to her nudging, following her into the lounge. They look around curiously, either impressed with the architecture, or appraising the black market value of anything not nailed down. Hard to tell.

"They're the X-men, Ariel," Roberto says, his tone oddly fond and nostalgic for someone who has been in the same neighborhood but giving the entire group the cold shoulder for months. But the chilly reception (and, in at least Piotr's case, a pretty intimidating one) quickly reminds him where their relationship currently stands. The Brazilian takes a seat off to the side, far from the central, spotlighted locations he usually favors in a group setting. "I… I don't doubt you have good reason to be upset," he says, his tone pleading, "but you must understand: what I did — it wasn't me."

He glances at each of his former friends in turn, taking in their reactions to this statement. "I was imprisoned. I was replaced by — an impostor. I'm sorry, truly sorry, about his actions." In spite of his claim that he was impersonated, 'Berto looks and sounds like a man desperate for forgiveness.

One of the Angels, a slight Asian girl with her hands stuffed into the pockets of an oversized purple jacket, looks sidelong at him and wrinkles her nose. "Come on, Bobby, we talked about this."

Roberto catches himself, straightening his posture. "You're right. Sorry, Chance." He gets his imploring expression under control, and even cracks a smile. "To be honest, Cold Twin, I'm a little offended that you never suspected. Aren't we supposed to have some kind of fraternal ESP?"

A short, geeky-looking kid in thick glasses cocks his head at Iceman. "That's your twin? But you look nothing alike."

Fashionably late? Or just late and fashionable? Hard to say. Betsy's navigating by dint of preternatural awareness rather than eyesight, fingers tapping rapidly and head bowed over her cell phone. Texts go out with a steady stream of soft *pings* as she communicates with far-flung friends, and she doesn't look up from the screen until she's joined the general melee. Her highly fashionable black-and-yellow ensemble makes her look like a wasp-aspected Amazon, particularly as she's nearly of a height with Piotr, and the former model gives the room a sweeping survey with her amethyst eyes before she starts moving towards Jean's position, flashing a quick smile at Kurt across the room.

Rubbing the back of her neck, Wolfsbane looks in the direction of Colossus and Kurt, then Bobby, finally back at Roberto himself and the other garishly-dressed Fallen Angels. "I just finished making some tea. Looks like I'd better make a wee bit more, then." She'll just…let the others go about asking him the questions that are surely on everyone's minds.

"Kitchen's around the corner, K- Nightcrawler. Feel free." Kurt's not public - at least not in the way X-Red is - and Bobby has to remind himself not to use the man's name. If he wants his name known, he'll use it. Until then Bobby won't make that decision for him.

Jean? Jean is… ooooooooooh. That sneaky little redhead. He probably shouldn't think that… oops. Too late.

Iceman nods to Piotr as he also asks why Roberto has dropped by in such an unusual fashion and… notes again Rahne's distaste for 'Fallen Angels'. Is it the name? Or their, er, unique style? Hard to say.

"It wasn't…" That's a bombshell. Bobby's head whips over to Brin for conrifmation. On the one hand, he knows there are things like shapeshifters out there. On the other, Berto hangs around with some of his best friends. Magik, Cypher and the rest. And there's telepaths in the X-Men. Someone would have noticed. Right?

Dammit! Well, it wasn't as if Jean was trying to hide.. but.. whatever. Her intention was to observe and yet.. seeing the way that Sunspot was grovelling had her shaking her head ever so slightly. Her reveal was slow in the way that with each step a little bit more of her was revealed, fully realized once she reaches his side to lightly lay a hand upon Roberto's shoulder. "It's alright, old friend." She murmurs with a smile.

"Seems to be a lot of that going around lately."

Ba-dum-tss! (don't kill me!)

Sneaky redhead or no, Jean lays a final pat to Roberto's shoulder, but moves away to give him the space he needs, possibly right into Betsy's path. Did she want something to drink? Surely! But she wasn't going to put anyone out for it.

Colossus doesn't appear, to Wolfsbane or other's honed senses, that he's likely to launch himself at the Fashion Army. Though the way he squints at them probably fifty/fifty anger and eyesore when light gleams off exotic dresses and hair. A soft exhale follows before he grabs a chair next to Brinley, plopping down. He will at least listen. How could he not, if those who were there /for/ the offense are willing?

Brin stiffens at Berto's words to Bobby. That whole incident had been dreadful and not even Jean had suspected. "Jean didn't say anything, Bobby and I didn't detect any difference." She's quick to confirm for the Iceman.

"Thank you, Rahne, that would be lovely. There's some harder stuff in there if people prefer, just not Piotr's or Illyana's Vodka." She'd never hear the end of that.

"The strongest of telepaths didn't pick up the difference, 'Berto." she'll ask the question "How do we know you're telling us the truth now." She'll stand beside Piotr, resting a hand on his shoulder … she can tell they don't much like the Fallen Angels - it's probably the dress code though.

Pepper Potts looks over at Rahne, then back to all of the loiterers. "Could you use a bit of help with the tea?" Having opted for flats today instead of her usual business-armor heels, she probably looks small and harmless around all of the taller people. Her eyes flick over each person, no real reaction to any unusual physical appearances or mannerisms, though a hint of bemusement at the attire of the Fallen Angels and a brief wash of concern at Brinley and Iceman's reactions does surface, only to be pushed back behind a very well-practiced wall of professional detachment.

"I'm Pepper, by the way," she introduces herself to Rahne, offering the young womana handshake.

Surprised by the contact, Roberto smiles up at Jean from his seat, reaching up to clasp her hand on his shoulder for a moment. "Obrigado," he murmurs with sincere gratitude. As she moves away, he leans forward, seeming to have drawn a bit of his old strength of character from her moment of sympathy.

"An excellent question," he says to Brinley, flashing her a smile. He looks as though he's about to say something else, but thinks better of it. Instead: "I have a simple answer: come with me to DCI. The… impostor is there. With us both in the same room, you won't have to take my word for it."

Kurt Wagner calls back to Brin, "I am German and Catholic - of course I would appreciate a stiff drink," he says. "Beer, if you have it, but wine or whiskey alike have their charms," he says. He lets his tail slip out through the hole he's cut for it, now that he's in more friendly quarters, the spade-tipped appendage wrapping around his leg as he takes a seat.

"It isn't the sort of thing one immediately checks, I would imagine. If surface appearances are such, Jean and the other telepaths tend to respect our psychic privacy. However different his behavior may have been - however much personal animosity clearly arose from it - it never extended to the point of suspecting anything such. People change, after all," he says.

Wolfsbane's just suspicious of something on some level, which any scanning telepaths can pick up on. She's unsure what to make of all this, but returning to the kitchen area - while still being able to hear the others - gives her the chance to figure all of this out a bit more without acting out of turn in the meantime.

"If any o' ye want th' hard stuff," the wolfen woman calls back out, "Ye can get it yuirselves." Seems she won't be spiking anyone's drinks. Short herself, it puts her closer to eye level with Pepper, and as she glances back over a mostly bare shoulder, the costume covering more in other areas, she adds, "I'm Wolfsbane, or Rahne if ye like. I've got th' tea covered, but ye can help with th' coffee over there." She gestures with a claw-tipped hand after shaking with Pepper.

Betsy stops Jean's careless ambling into her path with a single outstretched finger, poking into Jean's shoulder. "So. How's all this going?" Betsy asks Jean in a blunt tone, looking at the gathered entourage. Between Blue team, X-red, the 'Angels' and a few unfamiliar faces, Betsy looks a bit wary, or at least inasmuch as she ever does. She mostly looks cooly disdainful of everything around her. And despite Kurt's blanket statement about telepathic privacy, she's right on the edge of trampling all over anyone's thoughts if they're not of a care to keep their inner monologues to themself. She cocks a hip to the side and shifts her weight over one foot, thumbs hanging loosely on the faux pockets of her slacks, and visibly perks at the mention of libations being passed around, rising another inch on her toes to try and get Brinley's attention as the woman makes a trip to the bar— to either score a drink or follow her there as she can.

Brin looks to Bobby and then Piotr, dark eyes troubled. "I'm willing to go…" There's a chance they'll be walking into a trap, but with them all together? "Do you want to contact, Magik, Bobby? Or do we use more convential means?"

Rahnes comment draws a sigh but that's a worry for later "Hold the refreshments for a moment, you're both welcome to come with." Seeing Betsy trying to get her attention, the brunette raises her chin in acknoweledgement …. before looking back to 'Berto.

"If the others say yes, I'll go."

Bobby is already texting. Let's see if Magik is on this side… ah, looks like she is. "We've got a disk ready if you want it…" He'll go and see if this is the real deal. If it's an ambush… well… they still have absent teammates and friends who can come get them. "Rahne, Piotr, Jean, Betsy? Kurt? Pepper?" Kurt gets a louder call because he's off in the back. So does Pepper. "You folks want to investigate this?"

Pepper nods to Rahne after shaking hands with her, again completely unfazed by the clawed hand. She moves toward the coffee, but when there's an offer to go along to DCI to get this sorted out, she looks over and returns briskly. "I would actually like to go." She shoulders her bag as she says this, pulling her tablet. "There were some recent business contract changes that might need to be rescinded." She's already pulling her tablet to tap at the screen while approaching Brinley.

"JARVIS, please pull and have ready all changes to any contracts with DaCosta International that have occurred withing the past…" Her eyes — now very much in business mode — focus on Berto and give him a likely unsettling once-over. "Year." From the tablet, an only slightly tinny British voice replies, "At once, Miss Potts."

"I guess we'll be waiting on th' warm drinks, then," Wolfsbane says matter-of-factly, her hands rubbing together as she walks back out toward the others. Whether it's in anticipation or apprehension may only be known to the telepaths (it's actually a bit of both). "But before we go, I want tae know as much as we can about what we're about tae jump in th' middle o'. Can one o' ye sum it up? What's this about an..impostor?" She's eyeing the fashion-unconscious Roberto right about now.

Arms folded about her chest, Jean glances towards Betsy with a slight shrug of her shoulders. "It's moving and shaking.." Though, there was a grin given, Jean glancing off towards the others as they make ready to go, her fingers lifting to tap upon the side of her nose as her gaze looks almost vacant.


Straight, to the point. If there are amends needed to be made, she didn't need to be there to supervise, they were all big kids. However.. if Betsy wanted to tag along, it would be clear of the role she'd play. Not that she'd have to say anything. "But I do trust that X-Red will have this under control one way or another." She smiles sweetly, confident in all of their abilities. Not to mention, they have a frickin' Colossus! After pointedly giving them all the Xavier treatment, knowing tells and all warm smiles though lacking the bald head and british accent and posh style of dress, she'll decidedly hang back..

..and cook them all dinner before leaving.

Kurt Wagner gets his beer, popping the top off and settling in at the table, "I, too, will stay behind on this one - it seems a matter best to be handled among good friends, ja? Perhaps a bit of teamwork and cameraderie will do you all some good," he says. He leans back in his seat and looks over at Jean, "I have managed to go quite a bit now without being shot or blown up - nearly two months, a personal record - and am in no hurry to end the drought right at the moment. That said, stay in touch and, if you get in trouble, I will be along in two shakes of a mutant's tail."

Colossus seems ready to go… after all, X-Red /is/ his organization. Or, well, he is a part of it. He rises to his feet as others turn down the invitation in uncertain terms. "I will go." He just glances at Kurt, narrowing his eyes, but shakes his head.

Betsy shakes her head at the request from Bobby, right after Jean declines. "I tend to agree with Jean and Nightcrawler," Betsy tells Bobby, though not with an unpleasant tone. "I'm relieved 'Berto is back, but the truth is that his absence has hurt X-Red far more than others," she says, diplomatically. "The mending of fences has to start with your team, first. Believe me," she says, with a rare, wry smile. "I know a bit of what he's going through. This will be a good bonding experience."

She gives the back of Jean's arm a pinch, just 'cause she can, and heads to the bar to help herself to something cold or low-calorie. "That said, if it DOES turn into a crisis of some kind, you've a reserve element on standby who can effect a rescue."

"I heard /someone/ say something about whiskey," she mutters, casting around the cabinets for some liquor.

All earlier hesitation and uncertainty is gone: having a mission seems to have focused Roberto. "I see what you mean," he says to Jean, Kurt, and Betsy, his tone warm. "I appreciate you hearing me out at all. Tonight, we will settle the matter, for everyone."

He turns back to the group and continues, "For those who do want to go: we should arrive outside the building, and take the elevator up, so that he won't see us immediately. He's throwing a party and his guard will be down. He has been expecting me, but he has no idea when I'll arrive. Plus, he won't expect me to bring reinforcements. He thinks I'm too proud." He glances around the room, especially at the strangers he brought with him, and gives them a sheepish smile. "Frankly, part of the reason I haven't tried this yet is that I have been too proud to ask for help."

The girl with the bulky leather jacket rolls her eyes. "Well, if there's one thing you can say for running with the Fallen Angels, it's that your pride definitely won't survive the experience." After a moment, she adds more quietly: "That costume doesn't help, either."

Roberto gives her a look, more resigned than annoyed, but then turns to answer Rahne's questions. "You know when I came back from overseas with my powers increased? Well, that wasn't me." He gives a slight shrug, which nearly causes his ridiculous jacket to fall off. After righting the diagonal strap, he continues: "I don't have those boosted abilities. I won't lie: in a one-on-one fight, he'll flatten me, and he's sure to have powered flunkies close by. But with surprise and numbers, I like our chances."

"Alright then." Brin nods to the rest of the team who are staying behind. "Communicators on, Betsy… keep an ear out for us?" And not by means of the communicator, either.

As the Stepping Disk appears, Brin holds her hand out to Pepper, travel through Limbo can be a little disconcerting and steps onto the disk, they'll be transported outside the building with a short stop in Limbo.

"Ye are too proud, but once in a while ye have a sensible thought tha' slips free," Wolfsbane tells this Roberto, and whether it's really the Roberto she knows and remembers or not, it's a lighthearted moment and a hint that she probably trusts him enough to go on this mission and help. "If ye need me tae scout ahead a ways, I can relay what I see. Or, are we just gaunae rely on surprising them?" Otherwise, she looks ready to go, Limbo jaunt or not.

"He probably won't flatten Piotr." Bobby grins up at the big Russian man. "But then I haven't met anyone who can yet. Let's get going." One more text and the disk opens. Short jaunts through Limbo are short. Which is a good thing. A group that's amped up and ready for a fight usually finds one in Limbo. The place has a tendency to… respend to what people are thinking.

Bobby's been working with Magik a lot… he found out the hard way.

The ice nerd gives Kurt and Jean and Betsy a wave. "Good stuff's in the back cabinet…" He calls… just in case they want it.

"Do not touch my vodka," Piotr rumbles as he moves to join the rest of the team. "I will kill you." In that accent of his, one almost has to take his threat about his personal stash of vodka seriously. He joins the team on the Limbo disc, and out of nowhere, "I hate these things. Is why I can't walk around house naked."

Ariel eyes the portal warily. "Nah thanks, boffo," she says. "We'll find our own way." Stepping over to a nearby door — one that happens to lead into a utility closet — she swings it open. The room on the other side is not a utility closet. Judging by the furnishings and the sort of sparkly aura, it isn't even on this planet. "C'mon, Angels. We'll catch up." The ragtag group hops up and shuffles out through Ariel's exit. The woman herself blows Roberto a kiss, then follows them and shuts the door behind her.

"You shouldn't let it stop you, Piotr," Roberto advises the much larger man as he steps through the disk himself. "I certainly don't."

In seconds, they're standing outside the express elevator that led into the former X-Red headquarters. It's decorated with chintzy foil stars in blue and green. "Home sweet home," Roberto mutters.

Pepper Potts manages to not look too shaken when the emerge from the stepping disk even if it WAS rather (very) disconcerting. She's even more glad now that she didn't wear heels. She digs her phone back out of her bag and holds it in her hand again. Possibly a linus blanket effect? Those who know Pepper well enough know better — her phone has a decidedly non-standard and extremely high yield taser function built into it despite looking like a normal top tier StarkPhone.

Wolfsbane might just be blushing behind the fur as Colossus says what he does. The trip through Limbo is made with eyes closed, the same as last time, and they reopen only when she's certain they're back in a better place. "Once this is all over, remind me tae tell ye about someone I met th' other day." It's a good enough thought that she smiles briefly, then it's back to business. "So whit's th' strategy?"

Piotr does not flinch as he passes through Limbo, or seem aware of their Little Red Wolf's uncomfortableness with his sharing. He looks to Sunspot, "This clone of yours, will he be aggressive as soon as we arrive?"

Bobby stabs at the elevator button. Locked. Of course. Looks biometric. Time to find out how this story holds up. "Warm Twin, if you please?" He'll happily hear any thoughts on strategy. Otherwise, it may be that Berto's penthouse is going to get ruined. Again.

Brin casts Piotr a small grin at his comment, but remains silent nonetheless, she might blush just a little as well. "I'm sure your vodka is perfectly safe, Piotr." and then looks to Pepper "Hold onto that phone, Miss Potts." Brin murmurs to her friend, she knows how effective this is. "Mmmm, Rahne? You met someone?" the brunette registers the request for later.

Standing next to Piotr, she watches Bobby try to operate the elevator and waits …

"I'm hoping to hit him before he knows we're there, so he doesn't have time to be aggressive," Roberto answers Piotr with a grim expression and a note of skepticism in his voice. "If I can catch him before he activates his powers, it might work."

With a quick nod, he slides past cold twin and submits to a retinal scan, at which point the express elevator's doors slide apart. The security system, at least, seems convinced he's the real deal. The ride upward will be fast — perhaps surprisingly so, since no one here has taken this lift in months. Before long, the X-men and Pepper have been deposited directly in the old Red Team headquarters.

The hub has mostly been gutted, workspaces and personal apartments stripped so that the space can be converted into a sort of rave-friendly basement for the penthouse. Strobes and lasers fill the gloom, giving the shadows an ultraviolet cast. A couple hundred dancers are thrashing in the center of the holographic display, once used for briefings, now providing cold pyrotechnics around a blacklight-ringed DJ booth. Surrounding that clear focal point, the rest of the guests are arrayed around chairs and tables, drinking or otherwise imbibing.

Ignoring Rahne's call for strategy (typical), Roberto makes a beeline for one such cluster. The partiers are grouped around a low table, where scattered highball glasses and straight razors garnish a little mound of cocaine. It's nowhere near Tony Montana proportions, but it's more than enough to share. The DJ transitions to the Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" just as the man Roberto is striding toward rears back, blinking rapidly and swiping at his nostrils with his fingers. It's…

Well, it's Roberto. Looking much more suave, collected, and generally himself than the haggard version X-Red just followed into their old haunt — noseful of blow or not.

Smooth-spot glances up just in time to see rough-Berto go fiery and hoist a couch like a gigantic cricket bat — dislodging a pair of party guests who had been sprawled across it together. The seated Roberto grins like he's just noticed his best friend bringing him a present, cloaks himself in his own corona, and obliterates the couch with gesture and a blast of mutant might.

"What kept you?" he asks cockily.

How many paths can one girl walk and keep track? Many, keeping up is the issue unless there is a party - because that is on her list of 'to-do's', that and catch up with those she knew in Red that have been elusive to her for her hectic schedule. So killing two birds with one stone makes this gravy, but not when she arrives into a room full of strangers. Oh well…

There's alcohol for that.

Leaning back andholding up a part of the wall like a good little X'er she brings the glass to her lips and leers over the rim towards the hustle and bustle. Nothing like one pale white eye en mate with azure doing the narrowed number of going -through- you and beyond.

Rose just wants to shoot the DJ. Even if he did offer her some highball blow and a good time…

Check that, she still wants him dead, but just in a more Albino Squirrel Girl manner.

A dingle digit taps along the glass and then drags down, removing the condensation of the emptiness, pushing from her lean-to to move for a refill, heavy booted footfalls weaving her through the throng of dancing, writhing and otherwise wet-noise making people while one man with a girl on his arm already approaches, smearing a fingerful of cocaine along his teeth for that 'numbing' effect before he offers a toothy grin and a wink.

"Join us baby?" The girl smiling and giggling at his side.

Rose up-downs him and then the girl, her own upper lip drawing back into a sneer. "You look like if I touched you, you'd be sticky. No."

The door dings and Bobby steps out. He's not looking for Rose though he'd be really, really happy to know she's here. And will be in a moment. He's trying to thread through the crowd unobtrusively when the game gets given away and a couch goes 'poof'. "Well, so much for being subtle." He mutters to Brin, Piotr, Rahne and Pepper. Time for a bit of an enterence. Where's that damn speaker system… ah!

Iceman throws a hand out and just freezes the sound system solid. It probably still works, but no one's going to be able to hear it. The music abruptly cuts off.

"So…" He says into the silence, eying the two Bertos. "I'm not a huge fan of dubstep…"

Wolfsbane merely nods once to Brin, but she's more focused as they enter the elevator and take a very quick journey to the top. Even before they're in the thick of the rave-fueled party, she can hear and feel it, then see it with the lighting what it is. "Och, parties," she mutters under her breath before their Brazilian leads the way. Just a split-second after Iceman provides his own version of the day the music died, she might be heard to grumble, "Aye, that's our Roberto da Costa, rushing head-first intae trouble." Time to follow.

Colossus can't really do subtle at the best of times. He certainly can't weave through the crowd like his smaller, more agile companions. He has to bully forward as bodies sway and rub against him, his frown only hardening through the less than pleased with the whole engagement. So, when someone throws a couch across the room, he gives a relieved sigh. That's like the universal sign of FIGHTING, the music suppressed by Bobby's quick thinking. "It's awful." Piotr agrees as he swells in size to tower over everyone, gleaming like a titan crafted by the hand of Olympians. He reaches up and across to pull off the tatters of his ruined hoodie, throwing it aside on top of Rose's paramour with a heavy FLOMP.

"When has Berto ever been subtle." Brin winces … the sound and press of emotions in the room hurt - she hadn't be prepared for quite this. If she senses Rose in the room, she doesn't give it away, the surprised might be needed soon.

She doesn't manifest any weapons simply stops and folds her arms, looking between the *spot twins … "Alright 'Berto, there are two of you." she'll concede that point "Now… who's going to tell us the story."

"It's not dubstep," both of the Robertos say simultaneously. They might share more than faces, if their familiarity with dance music subgenres is any indication.

Of course, the party guests started to panic as soon as the mutant powers starts firing off, and now there's a stampede toward exits, hiding places, or plain old cover. The DJ wails something unintelligible when he sees his ruined speakers, whimpers "First Spiral, now this," and ducks down into the booth as the dancers scatter.

A few of the guests clustered around the party's host, however, don't seem so quick to run off. One boy, wearing pale makeup in what looks like a cross between juggalo paint and 80s New Wave foppery, gives the raggedy 'Berto a disdainful look and hefts a length of metal pipe, out of which a scythe-like blade suddenly extends. An older man with a shock of white hair and more teeth than ought to be able to fit into the human skull crouches and splays clawlike fingernails. A woman decked out in a sleek afro-futurist outfit sits back on her couch and stretches her fingers, and behind her, a musclebound man with four arms and a lunatic cast to his features advances, tearing his shirt to pieces for no apparent reason.


Scruffy Roberto drops the smoldering couch-stump to the floor with an almighty thud, and gives his counterpart a molten sneer. "Your friends in AIM kept me. Locked up, as a matter of fact. I see you've been making good use of that time."

Raver Roberto glances at Brinley, wearing a cocky expression that's visible even through his solar shroud. "I must admit, I didn't expect him to drag you into this. To turn my old allies against me? That's low." He flicks his chin at his opposite number. "Not to mention pathetic. You expect them to believe that I would turn into you? You're a mess. You're dressed like an idiot. You're apparently afraid to fight your own battles." He tilts his head, entreating the X-men. "Is that really the Roberto you want?"

Two Bertos? Rose is standing there with a fresh glass of rum and staring at it speculatively now as things start to heat up, wiping at a single nostril and immediately eyeing the DJ. This is his fault! But when Bobby flash-freezes everything and the music dies Rose releases a long exhale, now skipping from one familiar face to the next and putting two and two together…

Kind of.

"That's not sub step, that's Gen Y R&B, or something. Dub step sounds more like electro machine guns. I prefer it over that." Just sayin', Rose weaves through the stilled and awe-struck party goers to stand a bit closer to Bobby and company still sipping at that rum but with a little more haste. She has a feeling she may need to discard it soon, and well… Waste not want not.

Colossus gets a sidelong look though with a small appraising perk of brow and a half cocked grin deserving of the way her just unloaded his dirty laundry upon the trio wanting a tryst. So not her paramour!

But instead of acting at home with any company Rose acts placid. Neutral, and plops her leather clad ass upon a frozen speaker to prop elbows upon knees and spectate like a magpie, waiting for the first shiny object to get dran and flung in a direction. "Look! Twins, ladies! More to go around!" Beat. Mutter. "One bitch already lost part of her weave to try and claim a spot closer. Errant hair bits are creepy unattached." Sip.

Bobby lets out a relieved grin as he hears Roses voice. His hands are steaming like they're ice cold. Which… they are. He doesn't usually do this but making a statement might save them a fight. Or start one. And hey, if one starts, Colossus, Ravager and Rahne are here with them. "Keep an eye on Pepper, Brin." The cold X-Man mutters before turning his grin up to Piotr.

"Nice toss." Yes, he saw that.

"He's also not a raging egomaniac with the self control of a six year old." Bobby points, looking over not-Berto's friends and stepping aside to spread out slightly. Berto had said that he had powered friends. So… standing together might not be a thing. "So yeah, that's the Berto I want." He thinks. Hopes.

Something like that. "More to the point, do you really want to go mano-e-pancake with Piotr here?"

"This one doesn't call me a Personal Assistant." Brin points out to Raver Bobby. Yeah, she might smart about that, just a bit. Stepping closer to Pepper, she lets her gaze rest on Piotr for a moment, before turning her gaze back to the *spots. "I'll take him, any day…"

Wolfsbane squints at the two Robertos, who couldn't look more different than they do now, and the 'friends' he's got don't look like the sort she'd want to associate with. "I'd rather keep this 'Berto. As far as I know, he's no' intae tha' stuff." She directs a hand toward the drugs that had been snorted or otherwise consumed, then her features turn somewhat more wolfen than before as she moves in Wildside's direction. "Stay oot o' muh way, if ye know what's good for ye." In other words, dibs.

Piotr's shiny muscles flex, the cardiovascular expressed with the popping of veins. Barechested, frowning, and standing squared off against the world. "I /eat/ pancakes." It isn't clear if Piotr simply misunderstood Bobby, or is playing along. Either way, it's clear he is capable and /ready/ to hurt the first person to step forward.

Pepper Potts sees Berto and … Berto and then Piotr going from normal really tall guy to … wow… tall… and metallic… Again digging into her bag, she pulls a wool scarf and wraps it around her hand before reaching to try and get Brin's owl to step off of the empath's shoulder. So she can go kick butt. Pepper will stay back and out of the way.

"On your own heads be it," the rejected Roberto says, shoulders falling in obvious disappointment. "Tempo! I think it's time I got my work clothes on."

The black woman lounging on the couch rolls her eyes. "Grown man can't even dress himself without help," she mutters, making a lazy gesture at him with one hand while sipping a drink with the other. The space or the light around the DCI executive seems to distort, and suddenly he's moving with blinding speed, his clothes gone and replaced by one of the most ostentatious heroic outfits anyone present has ever seen.

Counting the Fallen Angels.

No minimal X-Red armor, this: the impostor (if that's what he is) has swathed himself in a golden cape adorned with so many ruffs and ornamental details that it looks like a purloined window treatment from Versailles. His forearms are armored with polished gauntlets, his legs clad in dark scale armor and golden leggings. He's shirtless, but wearing a plate of brassy metal that starts above his abs and runs all the way down to curve around his crotch. Over his face, he wears a partial metal mask, all acute angles.

"Behold," he says grandly (although he's noticeably panting — using the speed gifted to him by Tempo seems to have tired him out). "Sunspot no more. I am Reignfire!"


The Fallen Angel Roberto just gapes at him for a moment, fists clenched in fury, then yells, "Filho da Puta! The crazy new outfit was supposed to be my thing!" Roberto has mostly mellowed with age, but those who knew him as a teenager will recognize that he's about to have a full-on melodramatic rage-fit. "You mistreat my friends, you steal my company, you KILL my FATHER, but that's not enough — you have to steal my makeover too?!" His powers go into such overdrive that he bursts into literal flame, scorching nearby furniture. "You'll pay for this, seu bosta."

The rest of the flunkies are just as ready for a fight. "You're about to tangle with Forearm, so get ready for four times the beatdown, chumps!" the shirtless man bellows, either not impressed by Colossus's display or just too stupid to back down.

The fop with the staff rolls his eyes and snaps, "Twice the beatdown, you moron. Who taught you maths?"

Forearm pauses, wearing the befuddled look of a man about four seconds from counting his own arms on his fingers. "Wait. But…"

"Two arms, dipshit!" the New Waver waves his own to demonstrate. "Normal people have two arms! Two times two is four!"

"…ohhh, I get it. Thanks, Reaper!" Forearm answers, clarity dawning across his pinched face.

For his part, Reaper turns to the X-men and rolls his eyes. "I really, seriously, do not know him." Then he hefts his scythe and, in a lightning-quick motion, lashes out at Iceman with it.

In moments, the battle is joined: Wildside springs at Wolfsbane, cackling maniacally. Forearm rushes at Colossus. Both Robertos start unloading solar radiation at each other two-handed. Tempo sits back and sips her drink.

There are the /very/ shiny thingsshe had been awaiting. Lips curl into a smile around the rim of the glass that she knocks back and balances upon fingertips as those on one side draw and those on the other cast votes, like in the end it mattered.

"Survivor is the winner, right?" Rose inquires as legs kick out and she slides from the speaker top, turning and inspecting her empty glass, now tilting her head to the lupine woman, Wolfsrain with a small grin.

"Now now, careful on your judgements." Rose is quite the imbiber, to gluttanous proportions, but for the most part she handles her shit well enough!

It's not much of a debate, though, this was not X-Red and it was in part sad, as she had made 'friends' with this Berto but all good things…

When Bad Berto comes out in his wrestlers metal-plated gimp suit Rose. Just. Stares.

Unfriended. (Or blame the coke)

But when Reaver went for Bobby Rose is moving, quickly spinning to slam the glass she held across the wall, breaking it into jaggededges and then aiming to lodge it right in the passing lower back of Reaper.

Cold Twin's battle cry hasn't changed any. "Ack!" Ice coats his form, cracking and crackling as he moves and it snaps and refreezes. Bobby lashes out at the incoming scythe wielding maniac with the equivalent of a small, fast moving glacier, a wall of ice not dissimilar from his ramps that just jets at the target. While he backs up. Quickly. Bobby is under absolutely no illusions when it comes to his lack of hand to hand skills. He's okay. But that's all he is. Okay. Best to keep his distance and freeze.

As the fight starts the ice around a couple of the still throbbing speakers cracks and 'Party Rock Anthem' starts blaring audibly. "I hate this song!"

For some reason, it's important to Bobby that his friends know that.

"Reignfire?" is all Wolfsbane is able to ask before the reaction from 'their' Sunspot follows, and any lingering confusion over this whole display is quickly forced to the background when Wildside tries to take advantage of that moment for the first strike. Maybe it's the laughter from him that gives her the warning needed, but she rolls forward and comes up with her feet aimed to kick at him, help take his momentum, and use it against him to redirect him toward the DJ's booth.

Colossus's powerful legs bow and he throws himself forward like a truck, all steel and loud noises. He collides against Forearm, the two titans pressing the other and seeking advantage through the application of raw power.

Brins owl hops onto Peppers arm, the redhead gaining a smile of appreciation from the brunette, even as she stares at Raver Berto. Well that explains a few things.

Fortunately, as with everything that Raver Berto had done, Brin has been overlooked for the time being … that suits her. She's quiet normally, preferring to blend in and she'll use that to her advantage for the moment.

Tempo sitting back… that's her target… and glowing green and gold 'bubble' forms around the woman. The shield is non-lethal, but designed to cut the woman off from the rest of the environment, hopefully neutralising any assistance she's providing or can provide.

Reaper is fast, even without a Tempo boost. He turns on a dime mid-stride, leaping nimbly out of the way of the ice wall. Still, Bobby's goal is served: this puts him off the chase for a moment. It also sends him straight toward Ravager, whose broken bottle connects solidly with the flunky's lower back.

"Aaagh!" he wails, back arching. But not in pain: he whips around and backs away, the broken glass shattering against bizarrely resilient skin. "I think you messed up my jacket, you stupid bint!" Whirling the scythe in a rapid defensive pattern, he sprints directly at her, swinging for her head with the scythe's crackling blade the moment he's close enough.

Wildside's attack was, in fact, wild, and his uncalculated approach leaves him open to Rahne's careful counter. He goes flying, squealing and gibbering the whole way. But he left some kind of residue on the bottoms of her feet — it brings to mind Rose's earlier comment about sticky party guests. Whatever the stuff is, it starts to sizzle, and if there was any contact with bare fur, Rahne is going to feel her perceptions start to noticeably alter.

Forearm smashes straight into Colossus. With his two upper hands, he grapples, and with the others, he bashes repeatedly into the metal man's sides with his fleshy fists. On a normal bruiser, this would be pure agony as their vulnerable flanks were punished. Colossus's flanks, however, are not vulnerable, and despite Forearm's steroidal build, he has nowhere near the strength to wrestle with the Russian. Colossus has the supposed powerhouse pinned in seconds.

Tempo raps gently on the bubble with her knuckles. "Cozy," she comments. With a flick of one finger, she accelerates Wildside, her powers seemingly immune to the protective bubble. He recovers with unbelievable speed and is all over Rahne in a fraction of a second, swiping at her with reinforced, hallucinogen-tipped fingernails. Another quick flick of her hand sends a deceleration field at Bobby, aiming to get a little poetic justice by showing the Icemaster what it's like to be practically frozen.

The Robertos are going at it tooth and nail, but the Angel is clearly at an incredible disadvantage — up until the point that the huge heliport doorway slides open, sparkling like Ariel's doorway from earlier, and a bright red Tyrannosaurus with an ape riding its neck charges into the room, gives a deafening roar, and charges right into the middle of their brawl.

The first sign that something may be off the mark is Wolfsbane moving back to an upright position and miscalculating the roll. She lurches forward and has to stabilize herself with a hand against the floor, a quick shake of her head following. "Whit..?" she grimaces before Wildside moves more akin to having super-speed, getting him back up in her personal space much faster than he seemed capable of. A yelp follows and his claws cut into her forearms, which have been brought toward her upper body and face to protect that part of her. In a few more moments she may be faced with more problems, but in the meantime more signs of the wolf are let out, namely in the form of a short muzzle that snaps at her attacker before she surges forward with a claw swipe, then another, snarling at him.

Bobby is too focused on the scythe weilder. He really does need to maintain better situational awareness than that. He's in the middle of sending a rather punishing storm of golfball sized hailstones at the man when he's hit by some kind of… anti-motion field? It takes him a solid ten seconds to realize that no, he didn't get hit in the face with a bunch of hallocinogen. He's really, having a hard time moving.

Fine. Don't want things to move eh? Bobby can play that game. Shifting his focus (and his eyes, damn it, moving not getting any easier!) the ice nerd starts to tank the temperature around Brin's little Psy-shield. It goes from pleasantly chill to frostbite inducing to downright dangerous in moments. And Bobby hopes that works because, er, he only has one other trick. And it won't be good in a room this crowded.

Well then. Time to take Tempo out… Brin isn't going to let her friends get hurt if she can avoid it. The shield tightens and then with a force of will, the small mutant manipulates it to 'shove' Tempo off the couch and distract the woman, along with Bobby's ice trick… and then she's running towards Tempo, by way of Piotr … along with her psychic nudge, she's going to give that bubble a physical shove.

Rose is not one to just sit and wait, and she has a drug-induced boost that sets the edge and raises the bar a bitwhen it comes to Rose's own inherent enhancements where she does not need a Tempo.

The insult from Reaper only gets a smile from Rose, one that remains and yet creeps into a cold calculation. The swing of the scythe has her lowering into a crouch, but where she goes down her arms go straight and aim up, where hands were once empty there is now two HK pistols that pivoted into grip from the sling system beneath leather jackets sleeves; giving Reaper two new empty eyes to look upon with the misatched down the sights. At point blank range she fires upward to avoid collateral damage, aiming to put the bullets in an upward fire through his shoulders and into the ceiling ofthe penthouse.

Colossus lifts his arms, asorbing the heavy blows like a boxer. A boxer whose skin can reflect bullets and asorb the impacts of explosions. He shows incredible patience as he stands through the flurry of Forearm's blows. A weave of his shoulder and head has him duck under the man's blow, coming back up and nearly bowing the man with a thunderous hook to the ribs. He pulls the man close and into him, judo tossing over a shoulder and riding the smaller man to the ground. Their impact sends chairs toppling and bottles falling from their shelves. The hard point of his knee drives into the pinned man's chest and he turns toward a call, blinking at the running Brinley.

Still, Piotr is not a complete fool. He realizes the woman's intention without an telepathic explanation and extends a hand toward Mana. When she comes into his arm, he claps her hard on the bottom and then throws her through the air with /slightly/ less force than he'd use on the likes of Logan but the result is the same. Brinley covers ground rapidly, soaring through the air.

Pepper Potts backs hastily away from all of the others as fighting breaks out, taking the owl with her. She moves to put a wall at her back, the sidles slowly (partly to keep from drawing attention to herself and partly to keep from disconcerting the owl too much) with the sound system being her eventual goal. She still has her phone in her non-owl hand in case anyone tries to stop her.

Wildside is definitely crazy, but he's not invincible. He may be messing with Rahne's perceptions, but there's not a heck of a lot he can do about her fangs. He yelps in pain as her claws rake him, sounding more than a little like a chastened canine himself. The acceleration field is rapidly wearing off, so he's relying entirely on sending the young mutant on a bad enough trip that she'll be incapacitated before she can take him out of the fight.

Reaper is fast, but so is Rose: he whiffs it, probably not anticipating her speed, and takes both shots right where she aimed them. Twin holes appear in his chest, sparking violently instead of bleeding. The fop gapes at her. "Rude!" he screams, before lunging forward to headbutt her. If he makes contact, the result will be instantaneous dizziness and disorientation, although Ravager will be too tough to be taken out of the fight entirely.

Tempo is focusing on slowing Iceman as much as she can, the time warp delaying his attempts to freeze her out, when Brin's fastball special sends the woman pinballing through the room. "God damn!" she cries, her drink spilling all over her chic outfit. Serves her right. Both tempo fields cut out instantly.

Unfortunately, the sphere's rolling sends it right underfoot for the rampaging dinosaur, who steps on the ball, slips, and goes flying: not into the floor, but directly through it. The rest of the Fallen Angels, rushing through the heliport door after the frigging dinosaur friend that they didn't see fit to mention, wince as the prehistoric beastie plummets. Having deposited the Fallen Angels into the room, Ariel starts waving at Pepper. "Heyo vavva zayo! You need a lift outta here, boss lady?"

The dorky-looking kid is just wandering around the fray, staring at the floor and talking to himself in the dark. Chance, from earlier, holds her arms close to her sides, grins, and flings energy pellets at everyone in the room. "Double or nothing!" she shouts. The pellets all hit their marks, homing in if necessary.

Bobby tries to dodge but it doesnt do any good. Then his form just… changes. He goes from being covered in ice to being ice. "So… this is new and different…" With Tempos field off him Bobby takes off, ramping around the room aboive the others heads and holding both arms out as a torrent of ice issues forth. Lets see how she likes it.

Wolfsbane's already got heightened abilities to heal and recover from things that are introduced into her system, such as whatever Wildside's got in his claws, but his continued assault on her threatens to leave her in a rather precarious situation in short order.

That is, until Chance comes into play. Whether or not Rahne feels getting 'tagged,' the result is immediately to her favor. Already, some of the lighter cuts on her arms start to close up, not on the level of Wolverine-like healing but still quick. She takes a half-step forward, almost a stagger, then when the other foot plants in advancement it's more certain. There's a very audible growl from over her way before she grabs Wildside with her left hand, making sure he won't be getting out of the way of an even stronger punch to the gut than she'd normally be capable of delivering. Ouch?

Krrrrrr-k. Colossus gains another two feet, ten plus now and who knows how many thousands of pound. His resiliency hardens, the skin truly turning impenetrable through most common means, muscles twitching and his jawline locked into a grimace. It is not the only thing that locks, though. His limbs refuse to obey his orders and he finds himself, for one of the few times since his discovery of his mutantation that he has no control over it.

Colossus is frozen like a statue, his mind racing a thousand miles a minute and unable to return to his human form.

Fast ball special Brin, goes tumbling apex over base as she connects with the sphere, tucking into a ball herself to roll, but she's still clipped by the dinosaurs feet and cries out in pain, just as Chances' pellet hits her.

Assaulted by the emotions in the room, magnified by the effect, she slides to a stop near the feet of the dorky teenager and painfully drags herself to her feet… focussing on him "What do you mean you're worried about stepping on your friends?" No, he hasn't spoken those words aloud, she's picked them from his brain.

For the moment, Brin blinks dazedly at the teenager as she tries desperately to clear her head.

"Oh, fuck you!" She retorts back to Reaper as he speaks on and then moves in for a headbutt, a move she was not expecting and one that has contact made, her head snapping back as vision swims with stars and blood sprays from her nose to spatter outward with the motion that had her backpedalling with the staggering impact. One forllowed by Chance's other boost.

Leaning over Rose reaches up and puts her nose back into place with a sickening crunch as she feels another foreign adrenaline course through her veins, a rapid palpatation that brings forth reaction quicker then normal.

The pistols did far more then sharp objects and she is not about to lay her bladed weapons to waste against this unknown, though quicky that pale white eye flares to lige and she is scanning him…searching for records down to if he is wanted and there is money on any of their heads in the Merc Match.com Database. Afterall a merc's best friend and turn-on is money! But now she pivots one pistol back into the holster along her arm beneath the coat, charging back at Reaper with a quick barrage of movements that come in practiced martial flurry. The heel of her hand aims to make contact with his jaw to snap his head back and up, but in her hand is a taser and if impact and contact ismade she pulls that trigger on the sparking man.

By some fluke of fate ((OOC: for real, every single one of us won +roll 1d2)), the entire X-men team lucks out on Chance's powers, getting a massive boost to their abilities. Reignfire's squad isn't so lucky: Reaper finally connects with Ravager, only to have his stun field malfunction, giving her nothing but a half-second of dizziness. His smug moment of triumph will instead turn into a perfect opening for Rose to tase him, scrambling his mechanical augments and leaving him in a malfunctioning puddle on the floor. Wanted? You bet your ass he's wanted: terrorism, vandalism, drug charges, the works.

Wildside, likewise, will find his powers halved: between this and Rahne's augmented recovery abilities, they're wearing off faster than he could apply them even with a full-body hug. Her gut-punch is so powerful that when it connects, the man literally vomits, the puddle freezing onto the floor, then curls up and flops sideways with a tiny 'eep' sound. He's down for the count, and likely to need defrosting soon.

On the lucky end of things, there's an absolutely disgusting sight as four more arms sprout out of Forearm's sides. Of course, he was already smacked silly by Piotr's staggering assault, and now that the Russian is a literal statue kneeling on top of him, he isn't going anywhere. He simply glances over at Reaper, waggles now-eight arms, and whimpers woozily, "Hey, look, Reap. Four times the beatdown after all!" Seconds later, he falls unconscious.

Who even knows how Chance's powers hit Tempo? When the dino slipped on her, she went flying so fast that she smashed straight through the window. Good thing that force field is twice as protective at the moment.

But it's not all good news. Sunspot's powers are doubled, nearly matching Reignfire's, but the impostor is now at even more of an unspeakable advantage. He's melting anything Bobby tries to put near him instantaneously, and he holds up the totally outmatched Brazilian with a booming, triumphant laugh. "Second rate, Sunspot. That's all you'll ever be."

Then, for no apparent reason, he screams in pain and his leg buckles. He drops Roberto, barely managing to stay upright himself, and lifts the useless leg. There's a green lobster clinging to his Achilles tendon, and somehow managing to viciously glare at him with his tiny crustacean eyes.

The kid Brin is over-scanning cries out, hands going to his mouth: "Be careful, Bill!"

"I will boil you like an ENTREE!!" Reignfire screams, his corona kicking into insane overdrive. The lobster has the impostor utterly distracted, but the plucky little creature is only going to last for a few seconds if someone doesn't intervene.

Wolfsbane snarls again at Wildside. Another key effect of the boost is she's even faster and more nimble than usual. Ready to follow up with another heavy strike, her nose wrinkles as the guy throws up and goes down. Her attention snaps toward the main fight, Sunspot and Reignfire…and the arrival of the green lobster that causes a most unexpected distraction and opening, and she acts upon it. Features looking even more wolfen than they usually do, her head is almost entirely in the shape of an actual wolf as she races in to launch herself at Reignfire to bowl him over.

Cooked Lobster? Oh no no no no. We prefer it raw here. Bobby may not be able to ice off Reignfire. But he's a physicist. Heat flows from high to low. If he can get enough ice melting near that lobster, it won't die quite so fast. Most of the heat will be soaked up by the ice turning to water…

Which will subsequently then turn into steam. Let's hope Rahne or Brin or Berto himself can deliver a knockout blow before Bobby decides it's necessary to body block the guy. Which he will in four… three… two…

Finally getting to the sound system, Pepper unplugs every cable she can reach and disconnect easily, permanently killing any music that might have still been playing. She's working one-handed here, as she doesn't really trust the little owl to sit on her shoulder the way it does with Brin. Finally she finds something she knows: A laptop. And not a very good one, either. She quickly unplugs it from everything, closes it, hefts it in one hand to test the weight while looking at Wildside, then throws it frisbee-style with all the force she can muster. This may knock the little owl off of her hand, but it just can't be helped.

Ravager is standing over Reaper when he collapses in on himself and foes not let up or off the taser until his body movements are ones that are involuntary, a fish out of water due to the amount of current flowing through him. Okay, she lets up.

Nope. *ZZAaa-AAP!*

Good measure.

Running the back of her hand across her bloody nose she sniffs and glares daggers at Reaper that isbacked by the aim of her pistol, but slowly, it lowers back to her side. "Wanted more alive then dead. I'll take it." She says, before flipping the butt end of the pistol to his temple to knock him out.

That is when the temparature goes from one she can see her breath in to a heat that is offensive in levels and ranking.

"Someone put their metal jock on too tight. Was a shame. I liked you. Kind of." Rose states in a muttering grumble of half annoyance, and 1/16th sulking. The rest was blase, but she did not move to attack when the rest of the team did, she waited with her finger on the trigger.

Brins owl actually hops up Peppers arm to sit on her shoulder just as the laptop is frisbee'd. It's wings spread out and it 'hoots' indignantly, catching a hank of Peppers hair in it's beak, before settling again.

Good thing Brins shield is holding for Tempo! Brin finally recognises the teen as a Fallen Angel, whatever he's worried about, he's going to have to deal with it.

Turning her attention to Reignfire, her glowing green and gold bow appears in her hands - with the augmented power, the shield around Tempo remains, but for how long? Nocking an arrow, taking aim at the imposters knee, she lets loose, quickly nocking and aiming a second arrow.

She'll have to go fetch Tempo in a moment.

Bobby's outpouring of ice creates a cold enough pocket that Bill is dealing with a sauna instead of a cookpot. It's still not great for him, but it buys the heroic cyborg crustacean precious seconds. Rahne's flying tackle singes her fur badly, but she only needs a moment of contact to knock Fauxberto flat on his back, grab Bill, and spring to safety seconds before he takes Brin's expertly-aimed arrow to the knee. In his agony, his solar powers shut off entirely.

For his part, Wildside was making slow, whimpering progress toward the exit until Pepper shut that right down with her flung laptop. I do believe that counts as a collar!

But just as it seems Reignfire is going to be brought to justice, a stepping disk appears just above him. For a second, one might be forgiven for thinking that Illyana is about to catch the impostor and imprison him in Limbo — but no one called her in.

Instead, the girl who leans out of the disk, upside down, is… well, she actually does look a bit like Illyana. An Illyana with a predilection for skintight bodysuits and big goggles, but there's an unmistakable resemblance. In case of just such confusion, the newcomer is wearing a nametag, with 'LOCUS' printed on it in clear block lettering. Please do not be confused, the typeface says soberly: this is not Illyana. Definitely.

"Damn, boss. You really got your ass kicked," she snarks in a withering deadpan, reaching out to grab his wrist. A second later, they have both been swept up into the disk and vanished.

Bobby lands not far from not-Illyana (he does a double take, but he has been working with the woman for a long, long time) and his form reverts to normal. Before he can do or say anything they're gone. A quick text to the actual Illyana confirms that, no, that wasn't in fact her.

Right. As if this couldn't get any more confusing.

It totally can.

"Berto? You okay?" He's sweeping his gaze around to make sure Piotr, Pepper, Rahne and Brin are okay… as well as the folks they just stomped. Well not so much that they're okay as 'they're not getting up for round two."

Even with the storm raging inside the penthouse's party pad, Wolfsbane's footing is true, her aim sure, and she may yelp from the initial heat that leaves her looking a bit like Michael Jackson once did, but the nice thing about her shifting is all of that can go away or simply heal.

In the meantime, the lobster is out of harm's way and after landing, Rahne grimaces and visibly returns to her more normal appearance, whatever extra boost she had now gone. She'll need a few seconds, hunkering over as she shudders.

Rose is fine, in fact she is picking up the incapacitated Reaper and hefting him over her shoulder to slowly make her way towards the elevator door, punching the button and humming her own tune while waiting for it to open sesame and carry her and her recent foe out. To each she knows they get a nod and a short handed salute of lazed proportions and to those she does not… They get studied and filed away for later.

"I'm just, uhm, going to take this one for a short ride off a long pier? His parents are looking for him."

A sage nod from the platinum haired woman and once the elevator door parts for her entry she steps within, spinning to wave bye to them after 'accidentally' jarring his bean against the closing elevator door.


"Ow." The only injury Pepper appears to have sustained was an owl-hair-pulling. Not exactly something to worry about. Letting the little owl stay on her shoulder, she can tell the fight is pretty much over so hurries out from behind the music setup and toward Brinley first. "Brin, are you okay?" And yeah, please take your owl back before the thing claws my shoulder to ribbons. Pending Brin being okay, she'll move on to check on Rahne.

The noise in Brins head abates as Chances effect wears off. Bad news for Tempo, Brin can only maintain one construct at a time and the shield disappears! Fortunately, Tempo was already near the ground when it does, so she only lands with a slight splat sound.

Dismissing the bow and arrow, Brin limps over Pepper. "I'm fine Bobby, Miss Potts, just a few bruises. Better practice that manoeuvre and learn to land better."

The little owl hops from Peppers shoulder to Brins, hiding in the mutants hair again. "Piotr?" clearly concerned, she's waiting to see if the effect wears off of him

And the finally to Berto "'Berto? I'm sorry …." for not believing him? or not checking more deeply when he acted of out character before? Who … can tell.

In amped-up Sunspot form, Roberto devoured his reserve solar energy, so when his powers revert, he's left flopped on the icy floor, groaning and utterly spent. There's another problem: apparently, that new outfit of his? Not fireproof. And after his fit of flaming fury at Fauxberto… Well, let's just say that a work of the costumer's art so divinely inspired could never have endured in this imperfect world for long.

Also, he's completely naked.

Still verbal as ever, too. "I hurt in places that I did not know could hurt, camarada," he answers Bobby, turning his head to look around without getting up. "Rahne? Pepper? Piotr?" The metal man is going to take a bit longer to fully unfreeze, but there's already an audible clanking as the process starts. Roberto's eyes flick toward Rose and Brinley and he grimaces. "Sinto muito, but… I didn't actually get your names. I thought it would be rude to ask for a repeat introduction. I don't suppose either of you have light-shooty powers? I'm starving."

There's still a grimace from the wolfen mutant. By the time Pepper's closer, Rahne actually lets all signs of the wolf go away. Some redness persists, but other than that she looks fairly normal. "Brrr! Cold!" Iceman's influence is suddenly much more apparent, and she glances Pepper's way, assuring the woman she'll be all right. Then she turns much more red, and she looks away quickly. She's spotted the Roberto that's left behind, lacking any clothing. "Och..someone get him something tae wear!" She did not look long enough to notice whether or not shrinkage was a thing. Then, "Where did Reignfire go?"

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