Blast from the Past

November 22, 2015:

Agent Carter leads a mission to an abandoned HYDRA base to help Darcy Lewis learn the ropes of being an agent, and they get far more than what they bargained from as technology from World War II proves that die cast construction is a lost art.

For information on the NPCS:
- Volton

Abandoned HYDRA Research Station - Greenland

Located 750 miles north/northeast of Thule, Greenland and 500 miles east of Ellesmere Island, Canada, is a desolate stretch of perma-frost covered hills. Only the most hardy of creatures live here - polar bears and wolves and such. This desolated area is rarely visited by humans, which is why it would should be no surprise that HYDRA would have a base located here. Jutting out of the perma-frost is a large bored in cave and hill region, dug directly into the ice. It's large entrance is bathed in harsh light against the months' long winter darkness of the region, while a pair of HYDRA banners stand in the stiff winds that blow through here.


NPCs: Volton, Aquina, JAKE I, JAKE II, CAP



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Fade In…

Among the information that was gleaned from the flash drive that Snake-Eyes recovered from Cobra was a list of locations of 'research facilities'. There were several locations that were marked down, but before SHIELD starts going out to start trying to destroy them all, the first step to any good mission is to have a recon mission. And of those that were marked as 'defunct' on the list was a station marked in Greenland (which is a total lie).

Needing his handler for field missions, Snake-Eyes sought out Peggy Carter to speak to her and get her permission - and her - to go along with it. See, he can learn! Sorta. After all, that's not all Peggy had on her desk. One Darcy Lewis, an intern in SHIELD that is under evaluation for possible field work is added to the mix so that Peggy can observe and report how she acts in the field.

As for Rain? She likes the winter, it's in her name!, and there was no way that she was just going to sit around and think about her house being damaged by a flame demon. Snake thought it would be a good idea to distract her by taking her along into the arctic so she doesn't have to consider what happened back home for a while.

Rain is going to be bundled up, because while bearform is incredible for staying warm, it is also an animal that weighs about a ton and is proportionally bearsized. Not something that really transports well. The witch also has some serious divination and mending talents. Plus, starting fires is a snap for her. Captain is going to supervise the manor rebuilding, and indeed, back in NYC there's a cat in a tiny hard hat ordering people around while cackling over blueprints. Mwahaha!

Rain isn't open with her real name, but this does seem to amuse her. "They choose the best places…" This is a bit wry.

When the call came into Darcy's office (read: the janitor's closet that was converted into an office supply room into which a beat up desk from the 1950s was shoved for someone before her to use and is now her personal domain), Darcy was more than a little flabbergasted. A field assignment? Without her SO? She hastily dropped May an email: Got called out. Going to sunny Greenland. Back with a tan. XOXO -Darce. And then she got ready.

Layers were what was called for, and Darcy made sure she got the items she needed from general requisition before heading to the flight deck. NonSHIELD issue was the red knitted beanie she pulled over her head after pulling her hair out of its bun. Long loose hair trapped body heat to the head. Up-dos leave delicate ears exposed. Darcy loves her beanie. And her scarf. She didn't make them. She can't scarf. But she has friends who scarf. She also has friends who beanie. And mitten. Okay, so there's a lot of non-standard yarn products, but at least she's warm. Goign to be warm. Why Greenland, of all places? Why not Cancun? Or Tijuana? or Carnival in Rio? She moves toward Rain, grinning.

"I know, right? It's like they love us so hard right now," she quips with her hands in her pockets and her oversized purse on a shoulder. Instead of platform heels, Darcy's wearing actual sensation footwear: black combat boots. They reveal her real petite stature of just about half way between five and six feet tall.

Though not exactly well knowledgeable about the wilds of Canada, Peggy Carter did recently return from a mission there very recently. She's barely gotten a chance to put away her heavy duty snow gear before she's already putting it back on. With her small team of SHIELD agents, the wintery bedecked team board their waiting transport and start their debrief while in the air. There seem to be quite a few people who need handlers and notes done on them lately. Unphased by this, the woman has her hair tied back and tucked into a warm hat.

"This is a recon mission, meaning we should not run into much trouble." Though her voice is serious, she smirks a little as she adds, "However, that has never stopped trouble from finding us." The woman glances between Rain, Snake-Eyes and Darcy, speaking over the loud hum of the transport's engines. "Miss Lewis, as you have not yet been cleared for combat, I would like you to stay with Agent Rain at all times and follow her orders if we happen to be separated." She glances to Snake-Eyes, "No running off on your own unless so ordered." Their last mission together has left her wary of him doing just that.

Though not exactly well knowledgeable about the wilds of Canada, Peggy Carter did recently return from a mission there and is a quick study. She's barely gotten a chance to put away her heavy duty snow gear before she's already putting it back on. With her small team of SHIELD agents, the wintery bedecked team board their waiting transport and start their debrief while in the air. There seem to be quite a few people who need handlers and notes done on them lately. Unphased by this, the woman has her hair tied back and tucked into a warm hat.

"This is a recon mission, meaning we should not run into much trouble." Though her voice is serious, she smirks a little as she adds, "However, that has never stopped trouble from finding us." The woman glances between Rain, Snake-Eyes and Darcy, speaking over the loud hum of the transport's engines. "Miss Lewis, as you have not yet been cleared for combat, I would like you to stay with Agent Rain at all times and follow her orders if we happen to be separated." She glances to Snake-Eyes, "No running off on your own unless so ordered." Their last mission together has left her wary of him doing just that. "There should be someone meeting us at the landing site who is familiar with the area."

Glancing over to Darcy, Snake-Eyes expressionless visory studies her briefly. She's not regulation, and he didn't know about her need on a field mission, but he shrugged it off. After all, everyone needs experience in the field now and again. And it's not as if they picked the worst location - it could have been a lair in an active volcano, or one in the Bikini Atoll, after all. Greenland, while terrible, is not as terrible as it could be once the full dead of winter sets in. However, that perpetual twilight has turned daytime dark already, even in the early afternoon hours of their arrival time.

Besides his usual ninja garb, Snake-Eyes is only wearing a heavy winter coat of black over his usual armor and clothing. He settled into the back of the transport as is his want when it comes to missions, so that he can be the first one with boots on the ground, as it were. He's the scout element after all. With the transport approaching the base, he listens to the orders, and that featureless visor turns to face Peggy. His orders on the last mission were to keep them safe and warn of encroaching enemies. He didn't just run off, after all. And he linked back up in an expedited manner. All well within the mission parameters. He only gives a small nod of his head in acknowledgement of his orders.

And a little thumbs up towards Rain, just to make her smile a little. As the transport approaches the landing zone, the area might look somewhat familiar to Agent Carter and her special guest that's not a ninja.

It wasn't always a Hydra base, after all. During the war, it was a secret airfield and refueling point for the Allies. After the war, it became at least for a while, a SSR research facility that noone wanted to be assigned to as Camp Nowhere - as in, it's located in Nowhere, and if you got assigned to it, your career, likewise, was going Nowhere.

The skids of the transport lower for a soft landing in the snow about half a mile from the base as the pilot's compartment seals up to keep the pilots in their warm and cozy cocoon, while the cargo door lowers, allowing the arctic air to come blasting and wash over the occupants.

There's a pair of skidoo style craft for transport, and as Peggy declares the teams, he moves to sit on the back of one of the transports. Peggy can drive. And Rain and Darcy can share the other one. But he's not driving.

Greenland is not in fact, actually very green. Funny how that works. Rain quirks a smile, though she resembles an oversized penguin in winter gear. Rain is on the tall side of things, closer to 6 feet than 5. Still, she nods, looking to Peggy. "… I hope I don't have to give orders," She admits quietly. Though, the witch has told people what do when it comes to magic. Still. "… we'll just divine and teleport." She's SUCH a cheater and apparently more than happy to weasel out of leadership duties. Cowardice has downsides.

ain nods "Yes'm." Happily, Rain doesn't quip a duct tape joke, nor is Captain here to make sue. She smiles beneath the hood and face covering. "How do you feel about driving?" Rain seems content to allow Darcy some choice in the matter.

Seeing Snake-Eyes turn his facemask toward her, Darcy gives him a wordless wave: Hiya! Her smile's bright, showing that the end of their previous conversation was as he had hoped and puppy-sad-eyes are gone. When he turns away, she gives her full attention to Agent Carter. The bespeckled brunette nods throughtout, her head almost on a bobble. She gives a thumbs up, then moves to board the jet. One hand reaches up to tuck a bright pink skullcandy headbud into her right ear before hiding back into her coat pocket once more. She settles in, body bouncing to some beat only she can hear. (Katy Perry, I Kissed a Girl. If you want to be exact.) Catching Rain talking to her, Darcy just smiles brightly, nodding her head (in time to her music), happily agreeing to whatever Rain just said. What? You want to kill me in my sleep? Sure! Sounds fun. Sign me up!

As the plane lands, Peggy looks over her team once more. "It will be fine," she tells Rain, confident in the woman's abilities. "Just keep each other safe and get back to the transports should things go south." She raises a distinct singular eyebrow at Darcy's antics and then lets out a sigh. Reaching out a hand, toward Darcy, she gestures for her to hand over the music - much like a teacher might in class. She'll get it back after the mission. If she's good.

As the cold air envelops them, she walks out toward the two cars with only a slight shiver. Opening the driver's side door, she slips into the seat and turns over the ignition. She'll lead the cars up to their mission point.

As the party approaches, they'll spot another set of tracks in the snow. The snowmobile tracks lead to the door of the facility. It's a rather imposing thing. The hangar is built right into the mountain. Johnny Canuck is standing outside it, hands on hips. He seems to be pondering the best way to get past the entrance. Unlike the others, he's dressed…perhaps worringly lightly. He's only got a leather pilot bomber jacket and a pair of slacks. He looks like he's ready for Autumn in New York, not Greenland.
"So this is either the lair of a James Bond villain, or someone in HYDRA has a sense of humour and a flare for the dramatic," he drawls once the party is close enough to hear him.

The old airbase hangar is built directly into the large cave opening, the HYDRA 'flags' now seen up close are made of metal and seem to have frozen stiffly in place. The place is abandoned, eerily so. With Johnny Canuck already present, Snake-Eyes hops off the side of his transport to come over and greet the man with a handshake, since this isn't their first meeting. As he takes in the door to the place, he looks towards the others. He has explosives should noone else have an idea, but there's probably quieter ways to gain entrance to the former research facility.

His visor turns towards Darcy and Rain. Why? Because this is Darcy's evaluation. Let her figure out, among those present, who will be opening the door and how. Like a Swiss Army knife, she has so many options to choose from. A well-armed ninja. A axe chucking Canadian super. A witch. And the lady out of time that makes red lipstick look existed decades before Darcy made it hip again.

There are no guards on duty, the fuel tanks still contain petrol, but no telling how old it is. It looks like the place may have been mothballed for a very long time. However, through the iced over windows, deep in the back of the cavern, a single light glows and moves along, unaware of the approaching visitors.

Rain doesn't seem so sure. But confidence is clearly not her strong point. She did survive several years of being Loki's apprentice, housevisits from Sif and Thor, so she's got that going for her. "Guess I'll drive," Rain offers quietly. She is used to driving a motorcycle or broomstick, though. She doesn't seem ruffled by Darcy, though her eyes widen as the music gets confiscated. Oh dear. An apologetic look.

"Right. Hopefully it doesn't come to teleportation. I don't want to end up in drag or getting barfed on." Teleportation is NOT one of Rain's favorite ways to transport, so it seems she is driving. And then, along came JOHNNY CANUCK! Rain seems a bit concerned by his guard. Smiling, and waving to the fellow. "Hello there." She seems quietly amused. Rain really doesn't seem too odd, aside from twiggy build and dark violet eyes.

Green eyes behind glassese slide toward the motion. It's a motion Darcy knows, is intimately familiar with. Busted. Dammit. Still smiling, Darcy reaches up to trigger the stop button on the headset wire before she pulls the headphones free and hands them over.

What? That's what she wanted, right? Right!

When they land, Darcy seems to grow more serious, her smile turns into one of slight excitement and the thrill of something new. And cold. Lots of cold. UNlike Carter, Darcy shivers A LOT! Give hre winters in new Mexico any day. Brrr!!!

She moves with the group, head on a swivel. Not the she's looking out for dangers but because the sceneary is completely foreign to her. She follows along, having no idea why she's even here, only that she was told to go. Maybe they were going toe need help seeing how much scotch tape Hydra has left. Or maybe, just maybe her polisci degree will come in handy. Darcy snickers audibly at the thought: As if!

"Teleportation? You can do that?" Darcy asks of Rain, tone light-hearted. "Cool beans. Frozen frijoles, actually. Becasue… snow. Get it? Lame. Anyway. So….? Are we just going to knock or something? Maybe….? Sometime before Flash Light Guy gets here?" she asks, green eyes on that point of light in the back of the cavern.

As the cars approach the man in the leather jacket, Peggy slows them to a stop. The engines click and then settle as she steps out and gives Johnny a familiar nod. "Major Gallant. Thank you for meeting us here." They saw each other not too long ago on a different SHIELD mission, but it did not involve much in the way of catching up since the war. She waits a few minutes for Rain and Darcy to join them. Unfamiliar with the Bond movies that he makes reference to, her head tilts just slightly as the reference flies over her head. "Hydra always did have a flare for the overdramatic."

The bright pink headphones acquired from Darcy are put safely in her pocket. She surveys the area with quickly, noting the flash light bobbing in the distance and frowns. "These are Agents Rain and Snake-Eyes and Miss Lewis," she introduces. "I believe knocking may not be our best bet. Let's check for traps and see if we can pry it open."

"I've already given it a perimeter check. I didn't spot anything. The footprints around the edge are mine. Have a look, though. You might see something I missed," says Johnny to Peggy. He nods to the others. "Hello. I'm Johnny." He shakes Snake-Eyes' offered hand. "I didn't quite imagine I'd be back up north this soon after you fetching me. But I suppose this terrain is my specialty. If no one has any objections?" He raises his axe and indicates the door.
If there are none, he ignites the blade. The head of the axe glows in swirling patterns of light. He hauls back and strikes at the spot where the two door panels are pressed together. As he strikes, a bit of ice skips down the blade and fills in any gap that is made. He repeats the process, slowly but surely wedging open the door.

Stepping back as Johnny offers, Snake-Eyes has seen what the Canadian can do. He's not going to interfere. It dosn't take 40 whacks with his axe to split open the wood and steel doors, more like four. The door cracks open and falls to the side, split open along it's seams from being hit so hard after being frozen closed for so long. With the door open, the ninja slips in first, flicking his visor to infrared as he looks around. The only heat signatures he picks up on are from those that are already with him as he gestures towards the others to signal the all clear.

With electric torches being illuminated, it is not too hard to find a few kerosene lamps that were set aside when the base was abandoned. It's all rock with wood facades and steel desks - a very post-war feel to the front of the area where the makeshift office and research area is set.

On the table in the research area is a crude android looking creature. Obviously robotic in nature, it only has a humanoid appearance, it's steel frame gives it away with a green helmet that has been removed and set aside, a yellow number 2 written in the front of it. A clipboard nearby reads: Jungle Automatic Killer Experimental - Mark II.

For those that know the story, recognize the droid as one of the automated soldiers created by Professor Marzusky to serve with Sgt. Coker in the Pacific theatre during World War II. It was last seen after being shut down once the war was over. It's left arm is made from a machinegun and small missile launcher, but it's very much shut down.

Well. At least they made sure to equip their killer robots with nice hats. Rain has an electric lantern with her. No one ever said the witch was impractical. "Salutations, sir. Nice to meet you." She will look around, feeling for magic. Granted, HYDRA probably didn't go full Gandal on this one. Still, she looks towards Darcy. "You okay?" She asks. And then a wry smile. "Yeah. I work in an odd division," She offers. WAND: Do they really send office memos with owls? Find out next week.

Rain is also in awe of the Canadian with an axe. "You're the expert," Rain is happy to defer to the experts. She is duly alert, "Permission to turn on this lantern?" She asks, not wanting to blast anyone. She is trying to feel for power currents, and seems a little distracted with all this sensing and lookingouting.

Darcy oooos at the appearnce of glowy axe. She leans towaqrd Rain, and stage whispers, "…and MY axe!" She tries to make her voice all gravelly, but fails miserably. A fact that doesn't dull her grin as the door is hasan-chopped into bits in four mighty blows. When the all-clear is given, she moves in trying to be as stealthy as she can manage. It's not at all ninja quiiet, but she tries. At the sight of the robot, Darcy comes to a stop and reads the clip board out loud. Her voice must have wavered a bit, for at Rain's quiet Darcy brings that bright smile to her face again.

"Not even remotely. This place is fucked up all to hell," she says, looking around again. Post-War goodness. It's like a time capsule. The Polisci/History nerd in her squeals a bit.

"What, exctly, are we looking for again?" she asks aloud as she pulls her phone to snap a pic of the paperwork. Because camscanner is an amazing app that turns shit into a PDF.

And it's free.

"SHIELD likes to keep people on their toes," Peggy replies to Johnny as he goes about axing the door to open it up. At the suggestion, she does do a quick check while waiting until they can enter. Attention is paid to the light, attempting to see if it's moving in a discernible pattern. Once the door is opened, the Agent returns to her team. Cautiously, she nods to Rain when she asks to turn on the lantern. Better to do this sort of searching with a light source of some kind.

Seeing the old soldiering machine, Agent Carter blinks. "I recognize that hat," she mutters, glancing to Rain and then to Johnny. "We're mostly looking into what kind of arsenal they had here to see if it could give us any leads about their other areas. However, it looks as if this was abandoned quite a bit ago if this is the sort of technology they were using. Be careful not to touch anything, who knows what they have as an activator."

In the dim light of the hangar, Johnny's axe blade glows brilliantly. It flickers and dances like the Northern Lights. "I hate robots," he murmurs. "I fought a few. Nothing too sophisticated, but deadly. Programmable, autonymous weapons. That's not good for anyone." He hangs back and checks for signs of movement. The light off his blade is as good as any flashlight.

Snake-Eyes promised not to wander off. And he hasn't. Standing quietly by, he's watching the others as they investigate, mostly on a modified guard duty of the others.

Investigating further into the warehouse brings about larger vehicle discoveries. Underneath a large tarp is the twin-jetted XF5F Skyrocket, it's fuselage peppered with Anti-Aircraft shrapnel, the Blackhawks markings still clean on it. Across from it is a larged wheeled vehicle - Taxi Taylor's Wonder Car, once capable of changing shape and adapting to whatever it's owner may need at the time. With the Taxi Taylor long gone, the Wonder Car sits silently now, it's dull gunmetal gray shape sitting there, as if it could be started and driven off.

Down a little ways is a submersible, the front of it crushed in - the Fin's personal craft. It is a rather large collection of World War II technology. Woefully out of date by today's standards, however, it shows what Hydra was able to get it's hands on in the years after the war ended.

That faint blue glow catches the sound of the noise and moves forward. As it gets closer, the elder agent and her Canadian companion will notice a figure that looks a lot like the original Human Torch from their era, except that his body is covered in electrical currents that crackle and static about him. A rather large chunk from the side of the android's head is missing as Volton lifts his arms. "Intruders." he announces, "Activate defenses."

A blast of electricity races straight towards Johnny Canuck's axe as other electrical tendrils lash out. One of them smacks into JAKE II, and the robot starts to spasm, cold optics flaring to life.

Another blast brings forth a shapely young woman, her nude frame starting to become covered with water, even in the intense cold, she is able to maintain it in liquid form. Aquina comes towards the group, looking to form a bubble of water around Darcy's head and drown her in the icy coldness unless she reacts quickly.

From behind Peggy and Rain, there's a mechanical growl, as a metallic Canine Attack Patrol (CAP) steps out, metal teeth bared at the two women as it prepares to charge at the two of them.

Snake-Eyes barely moves in time before a strafing of machine-gun fire spatters along the ground behind him as he rolls, and JAKE I steps into the clearing.

ACK! Water! To the face? No! Not good, not good! Darcy tries to diver for cover as Aquafina Lady

Well. There's still going to be an electrical lantern now bobbling in the air near Rain and Darcy. "I'm cheating," She states simply. She really is. Freaking magic types. Ain't gotta explain shit. Or Xena continuity. Regardless, Rain looks around curiously. "Neat." Curious. But neat. Oh geez. Then suddenly, things get electric. Ohshit. "Duck! I have - the dog-" « Remake the beast, » And with an immense roar, Rain is now a freaking Siberian Godbear. Here, doggy. She's huge, white and fuzzy. Probably incredible to cuddle or ride on into battle as needed, nor would she object if someone needed to.

The lantern stays bobbling, but right now - it's time to take care of that metallic and not so friendly doggy. « I feel awful. »

Creepy robot guy announces intruders and Darcy flinches into a crouch to make herself smaller… and because it's a knee-jerk reaction to derby crouch when bracing for or to deliver an impact. ACK! Water? To face? nonono. Not good! As the Aquafina Lady sends a bubble of water her direction, Darcy dives for it, hoping that cover will break line of sight and that line of sight is what's needed for magic type who cheat.

"You have the dog? Really? You have hte dog, and I'm stuck with Evian?" Darcy is saying just as Rain is Mightin' Morphin' herself into a freakin' Coca-Cola bear.

"Holy Fuck, Rain. You're badass AND cuddly. You're not living this down," Darcy is saying as she finds her tazer from her purse and scuttles her back against a desk. Alright. High school science class said water and electricity don't get along. So all Darcy has to do is make sure she's not in Dasani's puddle.

And Darcy risks a peek-sees to try to find Natural Springs.

As Peggy makes her way through the detritus of old technology that she remembers from a long ago War, she can't help but smirk. She remembers fighting some of these things not too long ago - even if it was quite awhile in linear time. As the Volton sounds the alarm, Agent Carter jumps into action. "Back!" Snatching a hand forward, she attempts to yank Johnny away from the electric current. "What I wouldn't give for that tool shed right about now," she mutters to Johnny.

The growling behind her is immediately met with Rain's shapeshifting and she neatly puts that on the back burner for now. Snake's acrobatics are met with a nod as he moves to take care of that. "Watch your feet!" she tells those around her. With some form of water woman and a guy who tosses electricity around, no one wants to get caught with their feet in a puddle.

"Darcy!" she shouts out, trying to ensure the woman is still alright as she ducks behind a desk. Her gun is out and ready shooting at the Volton once or twice experimentally to see how vulnerable it is.

"It's like a museum. And I say that as a walking museum," says Johnny as he looks over the antique supervehicles.
Thanks to the robot's tactically unsound habit of announcing its attack and Peggy's yank, Johnny is able to get out of the way before Volton's er, volts manage to hit. And then there's a…girl bear. Ain't that a thing? He blinks once, then says, "I'm going to try and put out the flames."
The he surges forward quickly, axe in hand. One arm crackles and encases in ice. He'll use that to deflect any incoming fire. He's a close-up kind of guy, and if he can get hold of the flaming robot, he should be able to ice up the works.

Snake-Eyes takes off running across the desks, his feet bouncing as he leaps from one to another, sword flashing out of it's sheath as he leaps past through the water bubble, and over Darcy as he slices into Aquina, opening her midsection so that Darcy can apply her taser properly and really make the fun between the agent-in-training and the android.

However as he rolls away, the water based robot looks towards Peggy, and her eyes flash open wide. "A-Agent Thirteen?" she asks, the android's hands dropping to her stomach in confusion. She recognizes Peggy through her old SSR monicker when she was in the French Resistance and the android was part of the front lines supporting Captain America in other fields of battle.

The CAP dog leaps out of the shadows, and suddenly finds himself embroiled with a bear, this isn't going to work well for it. The robotic creature tries to snap and attack the large bear until Rain smacks it and it flies into one of the Skyrocket's its head crushed as it falls into the port side engines of one of the Blackhawks' aircraft, sputtering and sparking.

The bullets slam into Volton, as Johnny is freezing him up as the electricity starts to build up within it, circling and increasing in volume. The GI Robots turn their attention towards Johnny, number one firing towards him, while number two starts to struggles upwards, trying to activate fully and come back to his feet.

« I am sorry. I have only so many arms and spells, and having our backsides torn open would be dreadfully painful and embarrassing, » She remarks. « Frankly, I am just lucky I didn't turn into a maggot. » She really is. Fortunately, concussive force and RAW BEAR STRENGTH goes well. She winces. « I hope there is no petrol in that engine… » There's a soft sigh, at what seems to be going down.

She's got to look after Darcy, and the beast lumbers nimbly over to guard the other agent. « I - I um. Thank you. Be careful. » She does make way for electricity to happen. She has a bad feeling, so for now, she's got to - huh, « It's going to overload! THAT'S A DIRECT CURRENT. » Beat. « IT DOES NOT STOP! » She's an electrical engineer. And bad things happen with feedback loops, usually. To cover with Darcy!

"Fine, Mom," Darcy calls out as Carter calls out for her. Her peeks affords her the wonder sight of Snake-Eyes parting the Red Sea down the middle. Tazer at the ready, Darcy kneels just out of cover so she has a clear line for her tazer lines. HOlding it like a side arm (because she's been getting a tiny bit of training), she pulls the trigger with the tazer aimed right at Ozarka's mid-section. Sadly, this puts squishy mortal well with in Voltron's potential blast radius which she's not minding because Smart Water over there is being tazed. Thank goodness for Polar Bear Rain, though! Darcy can't spare a heartbeat to chat just now. Must… Tazer!

As Johnny encases part of the arm in ice, Peggy listens to both Rain and certainly does not begrudge her instinct to protect Darcy and get them under cover. It's the smart thing to do. However, for the moment, Peggy stands her ground. "Cover!" is the only thing she tells Johnny as he gets in close to fight with the GI Robots. Her eyes narrow as she takes aim not at center mass, but the build up of ice at the joints and fires five times in rapid succession. It should allow some of the ice to break up and the energy to escape which is good - but it will allow some of that energy to escape and come after them.

The call back to her old Wartime moniker is met with a twist of surprise. The intense look of concentration is quickly taken over by surprise. "Aquina?" The gun wavers slightly, but she does not lower it. "What are you doing here?" The question is both suspicious and curious. If Peggy is really in this time period, it's even more likely that the mechanical Aquina is. As Darcy aims the taser forward and steps into the line of fire, Agent Carter quickly lunges forward. "Wait!" she attempts to stop the arc of electricity aimed at Aquina as well as push Darcy out of the veritable line of fire.

Johnny does the best he can to dodge bullets from the fully operational robot. He gets a graze to the shoulder, but that doesn't even slow him down. He leaps through the air, axe overhead, then slams it down against the broken robot. It connects with enough force to send a shockwave and a ripple of light strong enough to topple tables and make anyone looking directly at the light see stars. He swings his other arm around. A long icicle extends from his hand. He flicks his wrist with a mass of force. The icicle detaches and goes flying towards Robot Number 1.

Peggy's effective in creating a path of least resistance for the electricity to come out of, as it arcs about wildly, Volton moving forward as the electrical waves arc and jump amongst all the metal in the area. Aquina looks genuinely confused. "Volton and I were battling German troops near.. near.." she shakes her head, her hands on her stomach to hold her wound as electricity sparks around it. "…I don't remember. We were hit with something.. the troops.. they.. they.." she's quiet as she looks around. "Volton fought back. They.. took away his humanity." She means his AI, but she can't put it into words.

"He.. he won't stop." she admits finally. CAP sparks and then flames, catching the engine of the of Blackhawk jet on fire and an explosion rocks the immediate area as the plane is engulfed in flames and it starts to spread towards the other vehicles and weapons through the wooden boxes they are stored within.

GI Robot I takes the icicle directly through the center of his chest. It crushes him, cutting and digging into it as the electirical currents are severed and directed through the ice and JAKE I falls out, frying itself with an electrical feedback as it's optics go dim.

"Agent Thirteen.. I.. I'll douse the fires and slow down Volton. Get your companions out of here before.. before it's too late." Her English accented voice is distorted with static and her own injuries, and no telling what experiments HYDRA carried out on her. Summoning up her water and adding with the melting ice, she turns and starts to create a wall of water to douse the flames and drown out her 'brother'.

"Pleasse. Hurry."

"There's no way we can take her with us?" Rain seems sympathetic, and her player drops the « because holy hell, that was obnoxious. The lantern is still bobbling, although she is quietly in awe of the others around her. For now, Rain is going to pick Darcy up unless the agent moves. "Otherwise, I think we need to get out of here." She will start moving, if they cannot help the kindly Aquina.

Carter's order to wait and her jump into line of fire as Darcy yanking her tazer away. The wired prongs clatter to the floor and discharge harmlessly. A squeak and she's collected. The tazer's useless now and so she trigger the release machanism so the capacitor and prongs fall free, leaving her with just the gun portion.

There's quite a few things going on around Agent Carter. As Darcy is pulled away, she gives the woman a nod and looks to Rain. "Miss Lewis, if you'd go with Agent Rain back to the car." Better for them to get a head start. "Agent Snake-Eyes! Johnny!" she shouts over the din of the gunfire and the machine gun. "Retreat!"

Those orders given, Peggy looks back to Aquina, concerned. "I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here," she tells the woman, genuinely upset. If she had known, she'd have come to find her. "Just come with us now. We'll find a way to replace Volton's AI. We can still help you."

Retreat? Retreating isn't really Johnny's style. But he knows Peggy - more than she realizes - so he trusts her judgment. He starts to step backwards slowly, eyes still scanning for any sign of movement. The axe in his hand still blazes at the ready. "Did we get what we came here for?" he asks. The way he sees it, there's still a lot to investigate here. But they'd have to take out the unfriendlies first. He hasn't been privvy to Peggy's chat with her old robotic friend.

Snake-Eyes hears the order and he doesn't disobey. Instead, he moves, leaping along the overturned desks and tables before he leaps to land on the soft and comfortable back of Rainbear. Might as well ride in style, after all. Once he's settled in, he turns, a hand on Rain's scruff, not to control her but so that he can turn to watch the others.

Aquina looks towards Peggy and shakes her head. "It-it's too late. Too long.." she says, a sad look coming to her features as she turns to Johnny. "Y.. you're Johnny Canuck. Please. Seal us in." She asks the ice bearer before she forms up a solid wall of water, sealing off the back half of the hangar with her in it from the retreating agents. Reaching up to touche water, she smiles sadly at Agent Carter as the tears start to stream down her own cheeks. Phineas Horton knew how to build his androids. The tears rise from Aquina's cheeks to meld with the waterwall she has formed, inviting Johnny to insert his axe and turn the wall to solid ice, hopefully enough to contain the explosion that starts to build behind her.

Rain is aware of the gravity of the situation. There's a deep, sympathetic sorrow. "Thank you. For helping us. Be well. May it be peaceful," She waves a paw respectfully. And then all of a sudden, she's a bear mount, carrying Darcy princess cary style and Snake on her. A look to the others. Geez. "Are all well? We must go." Any laggers behind are getting grabbed. The lantern bobbles along with them. BEARSPRINTS.

Her fingers curling into the warm bearfur, Darcy hides her face into fur and just lets herself be carried to safety.

Retreating isn't Peggy's style, either, but for the moment it's a necessity. "We know more about what they were doing here," she tells Johnny firmly. It may not be exactly what they were here for, but knowledge is power. With Rain and Darcy already on the move and Snake-Eyes and Johnny catching up, Peggy turns her attention back to Aquina. "I'm sorry," she tells the android. It's clear that she means it and in more than just for their current situation. She's sorry she was left here in this bunker, for what happened to her in the intervening years, for all of it. She backs away, not turning around.

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