Rooftop Rendevous

November 21, 2015:

An independant hero calls for help with The Purifiers … Mr Fantastic responds and thinks get gooey… for Lunair, Lux is brilliant (of course), Tigra pounces … shenanigans ensue

New York Harbour - New York


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The Heroing groups should be well aware of the threat issued by The Purifiers, to target individual heroes and call out the groups. Certainly, Kate Bishops 'Got Your Back' line, has seen action.

Today, a call comes in from a 'Thermal Shock', they need back up at a terminal in New York harbour. In the background, sounds of laser rifles firing can be heard. "Help, please. I'm under fire and can't get out. Terminal 6D, in New York Harbour. I think they're Purifiers… there's laser rifles."

All heroeing groups get this call and Brinley Myers is on the move - dressed in her field uniform (black combat pants and boots, a red T-Shirt with a stylised X over her heart and canvas jacket) - Thanks to Magik, she stepping disks in to the Harbour, a safe enough distance away and surveys the scenes. "This is Mana. I'm onsite." she communicates to the X-Teams and sends out a text to the Titans and her contacts at the JL:A.

The ground shakes as she arrives and fire from laser rifles highlight where Thermal Shock likely is … on the roof of one of the terminals … certainly, they can tell where the Purifiers are!

Lunair is out and about. She's usually doing her thing, and seems to be more of a loose end than anything else, really. She will so hang out with Audrey one day. For now, it's Christmas Shopping a-go-go. Due to how she came about and how she lived, this is actually one of Lunair's first five Christmases! She counts it.

And then, there's a call going on. "Laser rifles? GET MY LAWYER!"

A beat. "… just kidding." Either way, Lunair will have her power armor up and on the way. It's faster than dealing with New York traffic, really.

Audrey has been keeping an eye on things further away from the Authority's base lately, trying to make herself available should X-Red need help with the recent threats. She'd been tracking down a lead on the Purifiers when the transmission comes through not far from where she is. At least she was on the right track? A little late for stealth, though.

Thumbing a comm into her ear, she breaks into a run toward the sounds of combat. "This is Lux, coming in from the southwest," she announces herself.


A bright white light is illuminates the lone brown eye. After a moment, there's a blink. And then another blink.

Down at the microscopic level some form of cell is certainly gathering Reed Richards' full attention, so much so that when the warning klaxons begin to sound out, he doesn't even notice.

When H.E.R.B.I.E. arrives, the little robot's sensors can faintly pick up Dr. Richards mumbling to himself, but can't quite make it out. It's not important, anyways—there's an emergency!

"Sir! It's the Beacon! There's been an incident and help is needed right aw—"

"Hmm?" Reed turns and looks slowly over his shoulder, mildly irritated at the imposition. "H.E.R.B.I.E, not now I—"

"Sir, we cannot wait. They need help right away."

"Where are the others?" Reed says with a groan as he turns on his black twisty stool and begins to shrug out of his labcoat.

"Miss Storm and Mr. Grimm are currently indisposed, sir. I have no idea where Johnny is."

"Suppose that's par for the course. Looks like you're coming with—Fire up the Fantasticar, I'll get the details on the way."


The Fantasticar screams over the area in question, looking all the world like a futuristic submarine cross-polinated with a bathtub of some sort, scorching the blue of the sky.

"H.E.R.B.I.E., watch the scanners and let me know what we're looking at. Looks like we'll have some allies in here—people have already begun to show up." Reed tries to get a better visual, but needs to steer around the maze of the buildings to get another pass.

Atop a nearby building overlooking the scene, Tigra crouches and waits. Alone, there's not likely to be much she can do against a group of armed enemies, but chatter over various forms of communications has clued her in to the fact others are en route. Patience is a virtue, and something she manages to keep intact for the time being. A simple text relays her position, awaiting more.

So. Wrong place, wrong time. Dusty is at the harbor, out by a huge group of massive storage containers and similar big freight. From a glance, he's just one of the dock workers; dressed casually, no hero or Purifier gear — just looks like a Normal Person that is looking out, and around, trying to decide where the danger is, and who it is, without getting in the middle of things or inviting attention. He's in a very bad position though, stuck in an area he can't get out of easily if he expects to not be seen. So, Dusty remains partially crouched back near a storage container, squinting up towards the top of a terminal. He pulls his ballcap down a bit more firmly, and pushes his sunglasses up his nose a bit. …Because at this point, that's about all he's able to do.

As Lux, Lunair and Reed arrive, they'll see there are five Purifiers and they seem to have Thermal Shocks position pinned down. All of them on the roof … they must have followed him up there. But where's the sixth?

The hero himself is hidden behind a superstructure, he can't get out, but there are waves of thermal energy being directed at the Purifiers, slowing them down at least.

H.E.R.B.I.E can relay to Reed the position of the Purifiers and catch the updates from Mana - "Mana, Lux and Armory onsite. Lux, I'll come in from the other side, see if we can divide and conquer." Which might be interesting, given Brins combat experience, lately.

Tigra should be able to see Thermal Shock from her vantage and track a way to get him out of there…. Dusty? He'll see the sixth Purifier exiting the terminal and starting to climb behind Thermal Shock.

Lunair is a bit worried. Poor Thermal Shock. "Kay," Lunair looks around. She's going to just straight drop in with shockwave generators in her boots amidst a gaggle of purifiers. "HI. NICE TO MEET YOU." A beat. "I'm really bad at combat dialogue. Sorry, guys." A helpless shrug. Nevertheless, it's smackdown time, to help give them time to help Thermal. And also go bothering Purifiers. The plus side is, if someone asks, she'll give them a weapon so they can do their thing.

Unfortunately, today, she's got to get nonlethal. And she's already sent truckloads of them about like bowling pins. Which seems to be the plan. Cat staff and stomping! It's noisy, too. And distracting.

"Sounds like a plan, Mana," Lux replies, stopping short of the attackers and pressing her back to a wall as she goes invisible. "Luna, watch your eyes and ears, throwing in some trouble for them here." She gives the other woman a five count before she focuses on the air around the Purifiers, drawing an intense burst of light into the area in front of them in a flash of light that superheats a point of air the size of her fist with a crack like lightning. Instant flash-bang.

Reed…uh, reads the display on the dash and looks back towards his robotic friend. "I'm releasing the hatch and heading down. I need you to cover me by firing the Tactile-Viscosity Project—

"Sir? I'm unfamiliar with that te-"

"The goo guns! Fire the goo guns down at the Purifiers!"

"Oh, right. Silly me. Tactile-Viscosity Projectile canisters released!"

Reed leaps from the Fantasticar and hurtles down towards the roof in question—abruptly thinning out and becoming more rectangular in order to slow his descent. A six pack of goo-canisters are released from the underbelly of the vehicle, and will beat him by a few seconds. Their missions is to cover the ground in expanding and non-life threatening stickiness.

Too late, Reed notices Lunair down there with them. "Uh-oh," he says to himself."

Tigra watches much of this from her position atop a nearby roof, one the Purifiers have not looked toward yet. By moving one closer, she's been able to pinpoint the location of Thermal Shock, made extra simple thanks to the way he helps keep back the ones after him. Her view of the extra Purifier is blocked, however, but as the action starts up she scoots back a few feet, takes a running leap, and lands fairly close to the pinned-down person. "Psst! Hey! Cavalry's here!" she 'whispers' toward him, more of a hushed tone. "Let's get you to a safer spot." After a pause, she adds, her tail coming to rest, "is there a quick way down that won't end up with you hurt?"

Dusty spots that purifier exit the terminal and climb towards the person that's sending out bizarre and dangerous waves of thermal energy. What is even happening? Is that a super villain doing something nefarious? Perhaps the people with the guns are just trying to get him to surrender? And now a LOT of people are suddenly attacking. Dusty ends up just watching, surprised and overwhelmed by the dangerous show. But now seems like a decent time to get to a better position, so Dusty sprints out across some open ground, out of cover, trying not to be hit by bits of whatever energy these people are laying out, shielding his face with an arm against the dazzling bright light.

Reeds Tactile-Viscosity Projectiles spread out in front of the five Purifiers, slowing their progress towards to Thermal Shock. That just serves for them to turn their attention to Reed as he free falls towards the roof, loosing a volley of laser weapon fire at them.

Lunair manages to knock one down, but it's not out and starts struggling to it's feet. Purifiers are tough, well armed and well trained! But not trained to withstand the effect of Lux's FLASHBANG … they're blinded for the moment - now would be the time to strike.

Thermal Shock turns to look at Tigra "Oh, thank god, people are here… " he shakes his head at the last question "Just the fire escape but I couldn't make a break for it." Indeed, the Purifiers were laying down supressing fire. Now? The fire is more erratic as they fight their temporary blindness. Tigra and Thermal Shock could make the dash - and potentially make it. Just watch for what's at the bottom.

The last Purifier, on the ground, is not affected and as Dusty makes his sprint, the laser weapon fire is turned on him.

With a little concentration, Brin sprouts glowing green and gold wings and lifts up to the edge of the roof, covering her eyes as Audrey speaks! Once her feet touch down, the wings disappear and her glowing green and gold Bow and Arrows appear. And she nocks, aims, draws … and let's an arrow fly, targetting a Purifiers knee to disable it.

And Lunair does take this opportunity to be little bunny fufu and bop (read: sonic shockwave staff) the stunned Purifiers over the head. "Thanks!" She appreciates Lux's help. She's such a bright gal, that one. Lunair is taking advantage of the chaos. And then suddenly she's covered in goo. There's a moment of confusion. "…" Lunair isn't sure just how to react. "Um. You know, most people sign contracts and get paid before this sort of thing," She offers helpfully to the nearby Purifier while they all try to get free.

There's a part of Lux's training that screams at her to take them all out now, while they're distracted by the light and the other attacks. And then there's the part of her that trained with X-Red, and knows that killing people isn't necessary here, and might even be counterproductive. Still invisible, she turns toward the sound of laser fire. Time to try something new she's been working on.

She did something similar once, crafting a light shield to block Cyclops' attacks. And in theory, lasers are light. So all it should take to stop them is to scatter that light. It's just…complicated. And there isn't a lot of time to work it out. Her invisibility cuts out sharply, leaving her standing in plain sight as she throws up a shield between the shooter and Tigra and Dusty, a series of shifted light meant to reflect, refract, and scatter the laser beam into impotence.

Reed's body twists violently as he desperately tries to avoid the shots. Unfortunately, one of the energy weapons grazes him, though he cannot tell how badly. By the time he hits the roof he looks like a piece of chewing gum that has been pulled out and twisted all around in circles.

In a split second, his arms, legs, and torso have now pulled into their normal proportions as he assesses the situation. His arm stretches out, hardens, and becomes hammer-esque as he takes a swipe towards one of the Purifiers.

"Yeah, we got the call," Tigra tells Thermal Shock, and as a flash goes off somewhere on the other side of their position, it's blocked enough that it doesn't really affect them. Thankfully. "Fire escape? Perfect. In that case.." Trouble is revealed in the form of that other Purifier, and she ducks back for cover whether he's shooting at them or Dusty.

"Hold that thought. One more below," the tigress practically hisses, though whatever's shot at them may be accounted for thanks to Lux's efforts. Whether that's the case or not, Tigra's already in the process of leaping down with the intent to land upon their attacker. One on one and she's much more confident in her chances against someone, even if he has a weapon.

Dusty isn't aware he's being shot at until the shots pick apart the area around him, and he drops flat across the injured dock worker, automatically physically guarding the man. When for some reason some kind of shield is thrown up, Dusty doesn't hang around to see if it lasts; Dusty picks up the injured guy Fireman style, and tries to just get him out of the line of fire without killing him by accident.

Lunair making like little bunny fu-fu is effective and two Purifiers are knocked out.

X-Red will be very pleased that Lux is resisting the killing urge - apprehending the Purifiers and taking them to justice, exposing the group for what it is, is high on their agenda. The shield is effective at protecting Tigra and Thermal Shock, but that leaves her open to the three Purifiers left on the roof - oops, make that one - Reeds' Hammer-esque style arms takes down one and Brins arrow drops the others. That final Purifier, looks between the five heroes on the roof, straifs weapon fire towards Lux and Reed and throws a grenade at Brins feet.

Tigra's leap, puts her on the back of the final Purifier, leaving Thermal Shock free to descend on his own and aid the Tigress should she need it.

Dusty is still targeted by stray Laser fire … but the Purifier is kinda busy, struggling with Tigra.

As the grenade lands near Brin, her eyes widen in shock. The Bow and Arrow disappear and a glowing shield appears, encompassing the grenade … containing the effects of the blast. The backlash of the blast hurts the Brunette…. there's also a price to pay.

"Been goo'd. Bring goo gone. Oh god, why?!" The Purifier and Lunair are probably wondering the same things. Unless he's really into it. Then Lunair is considering the flamethrower. Lunair instead gets a light saber and cut her way out. Any of them near her is still going to get bapped. Poor Brin! So in revenge, KABONK!

As fire comes her way, Lux shifts the shimmering light shield in front of herself before raising a gun. Bullets don't care about light shields, and she has one headed right for the Purifier's shoulder.

Reed dodges the shot by flattening against the floor. He can almost smell the burning odor of the energy weapon right over his head. He pivots hard on the floor and brings his arms and legs soaring towards the assailant from two directions in an attempt to make like the bad Sensei from Karate Kid and 'sweep the leg'!

Reed notices the grenade, but notices it too late!!!

Down below, Tigra's given the Purifier a bit more than he was expecting, and there's a swift kick toward his midsection followed by a sharp punch to the jaw, leaving him down for the count. No more laser fire at anyone - the weapon is nudged away just to be safe - and she looks back up toward the spot she'd come down from. Was it that high up? "All clear!" she calls up, a hand cupped to the side of her mouth before she considers Dusty and the one he's trying to assist. "You need a hand over there?" the feline wonders.

Busy with the man, Dusty didn't see Tigra at first. But then he does. Dusty pauses, holding the injured guy. "Um," Dusty says, staring at Tigra. So. Okay. Her appearance derails him a little bit. "I'm okay. He's alive, but —- He needs an ambulance, and I think there's more that do also," Dusty answers. He's unsure about her but if she wants to help, he's all for it. "I'm not a doctor, I don't know." Dusty did figure out where the wound is, though, and starts to pull the man's belt off to make a tourniquet around his upper thigh.

'KABONKED' and leg swept, the last Purifier on the roof goes down. Reed, Lunair and Lux should probably restrain them for the police.

Tigra's Purifier is down and out too… ready for collection. Police and Ambulance sirens can be heard in the background, they'll be here momentarily. That will take care of Dusty's patient and the others.

Thermal Shock is already down the Fire Escape and heading away "Thanks for the help guys, gotta run though." Clearly not a fan of the police.

Brin shakes her head as the blast inside her shield subsides, the shield disappears. She'll have a headache for a while from that. Picking her way across the roof top, looking at the goo spread across the roof top. "That's effective." she remarks to Reed "Is everyone alright? Lux, Armory, Tigra" she peers over the edge at the Tigress "Mr Fantastic" back to Reed "Thanks for the help out here. I'll stay and speak with the police if you need to go." She's already zip-tieing the Purifier nearest her.

"I swear I'm going to kick the guy who covered me in goo-" Lunair is trying to get herself truly de-goo'd. "Oh man. I'd kill for some goo gone." Beat. "Um. Maybe not literally." But fortunately, that's quiet amongst the chaos before she just - looks for anyone needing help before she starts frantically trying to scrape herself clean. "MOST PEOPLE BUY DINNER BEFORE THEY DO THIS SORT OF THING, EFF-WHY-EYE." Gawd. Grumpgrump. "See you! I should go too. I need… a shower… SO BADLY." Guess Reed's aim with the goo gun was great! Lunair just needs to remember not to charge in.

"Alive and well," Lux calls back to Brinley, though she's still checking herself. There was a minute there she wasn't sure if she was going to be all right. Once she's done, she pulls out some zip ties and gets started on the purifiers on the ground. And she isn't very gentle about it.

Reed shakes his head, "I'm in no rush. I'm happy that I was here to help. And if you've got it, you've got it." Reed has no problem staying to talk to the police, but truth be told he'd really like to get back to his experiment.

He sort of winces over at Lunair, but doesn't reveal anything. Reed doesn't have to as the Fantasticar emerges over the top of the roof with H.E.R.B.I.E. giving a wave…which begins to slow as he realizes how much goo got everywhere.

"Oh my," the robot remarks.

Tigra's hands settle at her hips as she gets the stare from Dusty. That's not out of the ordinary, nope. "Good. I don't think I'd have wanted to deal with getting shot by one of those things," she nods toward the gun, moving closer for a quick look at the injured guy. "Ah, I hear sirens already," she says, before they're in range of the others. "Won't be long, but that'll help in the meantime." The tourniquet is gestured to.

Opening her mouth to say something more to Thermal Shock, he's already beating feet. "Guess he's got the right idea. Must not like the cops. Mental note: look up Thermal Shock later and see if there's a reason." When the question from above comes next, she waves up toward them. "A couple down, but not too bad I don't think. Other than that, all good!" She may not be directly close to the others up on the roof, but they all know who's here.

"I hope," Dusty agrees, of the tourniquet being helpful. But now he's done everything he can for the guy, and then climbs to his feet and approaches the dropped Purifier gun, to pick it up carefully and inspect it in a curious way. "Is there a superhero team here, or something?" Dusty asks Tigra, as she obviously communicates to others. He has questions, and no answers. But that is not a surprise!

"Happy to have the company…" Brin remarks to Reed. "I just know that not everyone likes the interaction with the Police." there's a small amount of amusement in her words. "And it's what X-Red does."

The sirens draw nearer, they'll be here in minutes now. The Purifiers are restrained. They'll be left on the roof and Brin will drop to the ground, to greet the officers as they arrive.

If Dusty wants answers, he can hang around and speak to the group. They … well most of them … won't bite.

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