Remotely Tasked

November 21, 2015:

May interrogates one of the people detained at a 084 site …. Jericho helps with Intel.

The Triskelian


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Jemma's apartment was shot up by a SIGMA agent a day or so ago and she was 'extracted' by Ronin before her protection detail was able to get to her. On her return to The Triskelian, she'd lodged a report and has been staying there till she can find other accomodation.

Today, she's been requested to join Agent May in interrogating one of the people who were apprehended at the site of the /first/ stable portal. There's three in custody, but this was the first … and this one had a device on them that seemed to be related to the that portal.

The british born bio-chem is waiting outside the interrogation suite for the Senior Agent to arrive, her hands still dressed from the rope burns.

The interrogation suite is fairly standard, a table, with chairs on each side and full audio/video surveillence. The man is sitting in a chair, cuffed to it, a sardonic look on his face.

Melinda May glances at Simmons' hands, then reaches into her pocket and offers the biochemist a pair of fingerless gloves to hide the bandages. She apparently intends for them to not show so much as a hint of weakness in the presence of this person. "When you're ready."

And yes, she did know about Simmons' injuries already. Hence why she knew to bring the gloves. They even look okay with the scientist's garments, and not like an afterthought.

Simmons startles as the gloves are presented and pulls them on, giving the Agent a very quick briefing (not that she needs it!) "This person was apprehended by Mr Trent, at the incident we attended about a week and a half ago. They had a device in their hand that they seemed to be aiming at a portal." beat "We know their name is Michael Crispin Draper, a US National, who works as a bank clerk." May will also have the results of Jemma's initial examination that shows the man is human, no x-gene evident, no mutation … really, he just seems to be your average Joe.

With the gloves on, she pushes the door open and waiting for May to precede her into the room and take her seat.

Michael Draper is on the tall side, 5'11", large frame but not overweight. As the two women enter he looks at them and raises an eyebrow. "'Bout time someone got here, I could do with a drink, thanks."

Melinda May steps into the room, completely ignoring the man's comment. She moves to sit at the table, puts her arms on the table and laces her fingers together, then leans toward the man. And stares. And says nothing.

The lighting in the room is dimmed, so May might seem a little more forboding than usual. Jemma follows May in and stands back. She's there to watch and learn more than anything.

Michael leans back in his chair and watches May "Look, I know my rights and you shouldn't be able to keep me this long… I want to speak to my lawyer." His breathing increases, just a little and he opens and closes his fingers, those little tells that he's slightly agigated.

Simmons has likely seen this tactic before. May doesn't say anything and doesn't move. She may as well have become a statue staring at the man. She doesn't even blink.

Simmons has seen this technique before. She might have been on the receiving end of something similar … May often uses it to make her think things through, but she's under no allusions as to why May is using it now.

"What?" Drapers voice is rising slightly "I told the agents that bought me in, I don't know anything." he blows out a breath "I was… I was … I just answered a 'want' ad and did a job. I was looking to get some extra dollars for Thanksgiving, you know?"

Melinda May leans ever so slightly forward, causing the chair she's in to creak for just a split second. If this doesn't work, she knows that Simmons will pick up the following interrogation tactic. The biochemist herself might not be physically imposing, but persuasion combined with intimidation ought to do the trick.

Draper looks worried as May chairs creaks and his eyes cut to Jemma briefly and then back to May "It was a want ad, I'm telling you!!" he speaks quickly.
Jemma steps forward, arms folded across her chest, fingerless gloves resting on her arms. "I believe you." she speaks reassuringly. She can play 'good cop', for sure. "Why don't you tell us the whole story? You saw an ad, where? And how did they contact you?" That's a start at least…. and hopefully what May expects her to do.

"It was an ad on one of those websites… ummmm, taskrabbit I think it was called."

Melinda May knows the tech heads listening in will be cracking that website within moments. The 'good cop' routine wasn't exactly what she had in mind, but if it works, it works. She keeps right on staring at the man, maintaining a stillness trained into her by her Shaolin discipline. She can keep this up for hours, if need be. Do go on, Draper. Tell us more.

Yes, the SHIELD techs are already cracking the site, cross referencing User ID's and aliases to Drapers known IP addresses. This type of hacking, though, takes time and they won't have an answer immediately.

Mays staring has an effect, although Draper does sort of fix his attention on Jemma "They put up the ad and I responded. All tasking was done through the backend systems."

"But you had hardware on you." Jemma responds, pointedly not looking at May "How did they get it to you."

Drapers look returns to May, saying nothing.

Jemma sighs, knowing what May would expect next and walks to the mans side, bending closer and spending a few minutes whispering in his ear. By the way his eyes open, what she's saying is effective.

"It was sent to my office. Can't remember how." he mutters

Melinda May narrows her eyes at the man, then very slowly and deliberately moves to stand. If Simmons told him what she thinks, then her moving in any way should make him practically pee himself in that chair. Does it work? Is Draper about to be scared peeless? Let's find out.

That works. The nice, unobtrusive, british woman has whispered in his ear and now May is moving! Drapers eyes fly wide and he looks … scared.

"Look, I'm telling the truth." he speaks even more quickly "That thing was sent to my office. I didn't recognise who delivered it. Didn't have to sign for it or nothing." The cuffs rattle a little as he tries to move his hands and he darts a scared look towards Jemma, who's stepped back, arms still folded across her chest.

"What about that device?" Jemma prods

"It came in the package. There were instructions, when, where and how." Draper huffs as he looks at May beseechingly "That's all I know, really… I just wanted some extra dollars to buy the kids stuff for Thanksgiving."

Perhaps they should check Drapers finances.

Melinda May gives Draper several more seconds to stew, then offers him a nod. "Thank you for your cooperation." And then she's stepping toward the door fully expecting Simmons to follow without so much as giving the biochemist a glance. She'll congratulate the kid later for doing an admirably good job of taking Coulson's place in this sort of interrogation. And… she won't tell Coulson. He'll find out on his own anyway.

Jemma follows May out of the room, arms still folded and trying to emulate the Senior Agent. There's no need to say anything more to Draper, Mays' already done that. They can talk when they reach her lab or a lounge - May can decide that.

As they leave, Draper slumps in his chair, breathing heavily. Shortly, other Agents will escort him out. Will he be released? That's for others to decide.

As they exit the room and the door closes behind them, Jemmas tablet pings … data from taskrabbit is filtering in. "What next, Agent May?"

"Check his financials. Cross reference the intel he's given us with the other people we've pulled in on this. Any similarities could get us closer to whomever is masterminding all of this on our side of those portals." May leads the way back to Jemma's lab. Because there is tea there, and computer systems where they can do some data crunching. "The clock is ticking now. We have to get this data compiled. And fast. If those portal makers are as advanced as their devices imply, they'll likely pick up that we're tracking them through the financials."

There is tea! As they enter the lab, Jemma moves to the coffee making centre and starts to prepare two mugs of tea, using Mays special stash. "We have some of the information from taskrabbit" she shares with May "Seems he's telling the truth." As to the others they've captured? "We're waiting for the results of the interrogations of the others."

Jemma doesn't disagree, but it's been so patchy "Certainly, it seems they've been testing technology and it's getting closer." she pauses as the water boils and she pours it into the mugs "I'm working as quickly as I can with everything that's happening." she murmurs. She misses Fitz.

The financial details will take a little while to collate.

Melinda May nods at that. "I know you are. And that's why I've been trying to get Rain in here to help you as much as possible." She's also missing Fitz, but will NEVER admit it aloud. She also didn't doubt that Draper told them the truth, she can only hope that his data will lead them somewhere.

Logging in to one of the computers, May starts looking at the data collected so far. This is NOT her forte, but she'll help however she can.

Tea made, Jemma passes a mug to May with a grateful smile. The team has been spread thin in recent times. "Rain and Captain are lovely. Good company and Rain has a good brain about her. Her assistance is always welcome." the biochem affirms.

Mays login will show her the taskrabbit details: The job request from an IP address; Drapers acceptance; and the following instructions. It all lines up with his story.

The basic bank account details are there as well and tell a similar story - salaried worker, regular deposits and withdrawals, barely making ends meet. The odd task that matches with other taskrabbit services and then the deposit that coincides with the 'portal job'.

May might be wondering if Draper is human or if there is something unusual him.

Melinda May accepts the mug of tea that Jemma brings her and promptly takes a sip. Having just returned to the biochemist's lab from interrogating the first of the people apprehended in relation to the portals, she studies the data on Draper, then sends the query to compare it to similar data on the other people they've brought in. Points of commonality are what she's hoping to find. Unusual deposits, activity on that taskrabbit classified sort of website, and so on. She's sufficiently engrossed in studying the data that she's almost tuned Jemma out. Sorry.

"May, your hackers are not subtle." Comes the voice of one Jericho Trent from the doorway to the lab. He'd gotten the notion that SHIELD was looking into someone fairly quickly. He'd actually been poking the same servers for activity related to a resurgant HYDRA. He knows some parts of it never really went away. And some parts of it have reinvented themselves. Which is, of course, disturbing.

There aren't many commonalities. The other two people apprehended were snipers after all. Tasking snipers through taskrabbit is not usual after all. The tech team are still working through those two.

Jemma blinks as Jericho enters "Mr Trent…" she greets the demontainted hacker "We were just discussing the man you apprehended recently. And what those portals might mean." She'll leave the issue of subtlety to May to address.

"Agent May" Simmons starts as she examines the data they have "What do I need to do to be cleared to use more than ICER?" Clearly, she's asking for a reason.

Melinda May looks over as Trent arrives with a quip. She seems either unsurprised by his arrival or very good at hiding said surprise. "We don't have time for subtlety. But, you can probably collate all of the data faster than our systems can." Is she asking him to help? Quite possibly. In her own way.

At Jemma's question about using more than an ICER, May answers without making the biochemist explain why. "Have your immediate superior submit the forms for you to take the concealed carry certification tests." She knows that Jemma has already taken her sidearm certification refresher this year, so that's one step she doesn't have to deal with.

"I kind of cheat to do it, so odds are good." Jericho puts his hands in his pockets and steps just inside the doorway, leaning back on it as he watches the two SHIELD women. "Also, I've already compromised a lot of those systems. HYDRA and affiliated criminal organizations sometimes use them to dole out menial work or get certain kinds of services. What's the deal with this Draper character your people are tromping around looking for? Also, hello Jemma."

"Mr Trent." Jemma says absently as she reviews the results "Draper. Michael Christian Draper. A bank employee who you caught at the portal the other day" she explains. "Seems he took the job via one of the tasking websites, looking for a few extra dollars before Thanksgiving." Drapers profile is displayed on the holographic screen.

Nothing special. He seems your average Joe. Wife, two kids, a steady job. The job for the portal was advertised and the IP address use being traced back. "And I wouldn't say tromping around, Mr Trent. But I tend to believe him."

"My direct report is Agent Coulson, Agent May." Coulsons as absent as not. "I'll send him a request to do that, with my certifications." Her face might be a little tight as she thinks on the delay.

The IP address for the task added to taskrabbit, Jericho can tell came from an address in New York, a Solange Myers - housewife, or perhaps Stay at Home Mom would be more appropriate.

Jericho quirks an eyebrow as he pages through the internet, pulling up windows, poking at code and shutting them again with a speed borne of long practice and the fact that he has a computer in his head. He's got one arm held up horizontal in front of him projecting a holographic 'keyboard' with strange characters on it as he goes through it, typing with his free hand. Anyone passing by is in for a bit of an odd sight, for sure.

"Mmmmm…. got a hit. I'm sending it over." Housewife but Jericho's learned that this kind of thing doesn't preclude being shill or agent for people whom he has regular and rather pointed arguments with.

Melinda May recognizes that waiting for Coulson would definitely cause a delay. "No, send me the request. I'll have it processed and ready by Monday." She knows Coulson might give her the flat look, but she'll deal with it. Considering what's happened lately, ICERs just aren't enough for Simmons to properly protect herself anymore.

"Thank you, Trent." The intel agents might get a bit peeved that Trent is doing their jobs faster than they can, but she's more concerned about getting this done than in avoiding stepping on toes figuratively.

"Thank you, Agent May." Jemma doesn't want to use anything more lethal than an ICER, but given she's homeless at the moment, it seems appropriate.

As Jericho forwards his information, Simmons adds it to her database. "We need to visit this woman," She reviews the data that is displayed on her projectors "In the morning though. We still have the snipers to interrogate as well." Along with the devices and the strange characters on them.

"Mr Trent, sometime soon I would like to discuss that Silvery Shard we recovered." She's in no doubt that he's got the report of the attack on her the other night … and the attempted abduction.

The search on Solange Myers is starting to tick up on the holographic display. Apart from a work and home address, by the time SHIELD are finished, they'll know what she snacked on, just hours ago.

Melinda May keeps working at the computer terminal she's logged in to, and at one point she snags pen and paper to write something down. As she finishes her cup of tea she stands to get a refill and sets the paper down by Jemma. On it is a name and a phone number, along with the note: 'possible lead for secure housing off premises'.

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