Pancake Victory Feast

March 03, 2015:

As is tradition, there must be a feast after a fight. Or a meal anyway. Fenris takes Kara and Deadpool to get some food. Babs teleconferences.

Gotham iHop

A late night pancake house not far from the site of a recent heroic battle.


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Fade In…

Fenris destination of choice is an iHOP. They're open late after all and it's a good place to recover from a fight like that. Whether anyoen follows, that's up to them. Babs would be welcome though Fenris suspects she won't come in person. Maybe he can mail her some pancakes or something. "More than I care to admit." The Old Wolf says as he walks. Place isn't too far. He glances up over to Kara curiously. She could be nordic… but doesn't give off that Asgardian vibe. "Quite a display there."

"Nah, I'm usually the one who's causing the trouble, you know, stealing the MacGuffin, massacring people, or blowing stuff up. I really like explosions. It's like my own little Fourth of July, 365 days a year." Though he may not be the ideal dining companion, what with his mask, and even worse, what's under the mask. Looking Fenris up and down, he asks, "should I know you?" He has no idea who Supergirl is either, but in his mind, he's need to know to enjoy her company. It's a good thing that Irish lass isn't here. She'd probably hurt him for thinking that.

Kara disappeared for a moment before quickly returning in normal clothing with a large bag over her shoulder; probably left near-by before she went to see what Fenris needed originally, "Thanks! I'm Kara by the way. I don't think I've ever seen either of you around before but I don't usually come to Gotham." She still didn't have an actual civilian identity to preserve and she hated being called Supergirl.

No Babs won't come in person. She has work that needs doing during the night. "I'll listen in, Fenris. I want to meet Kara, at least to make contact with her. When you get where you're going, maybe you can put the speaker phone on…" She could see what comms Kara has, but this is a much nicer introduction.

"Nice to meet you Kara." My that was a fast change. Almost magic. Fenris would suspect it was but for the fact he can't smell it on her.

"No, I don't believe we've met." The tall man says back to Deadpool. "Nor you either." That to Kara. "But I am called Jeremiah. Park Ranger, if you can believe it." It's true. He is. Granted, the Forest Service doesn't know he's a deity.

"Certainly, Oracle." Fenris says into his phone in response to whatever it said. The ihop is swiftly reached and the god-wolf holds the door open. Once they're seated he sets the phone down on the table and hits speaker. "You're on. Also, get whatever you'd like, folks. On me."

Technically, Deadpool still hasn't introduced himself, though many people know him by reputation. Oddly enough, a lot of people know him as Wade Wilson too, yet he almost never introduces himself as such. People just seem to know. "Go Go Park Ranger, huh? Jeremiah. It suits you. And Kara. Good to know." He pauses. Now would be the appropriate time for him to introduce himself, to say his own name, but that would be too easy.

Instead, he'll give a grand bow, "well, it's be nice folks, but I have to see a man about a dog. And I don't mean snoopy." He then reaches for his belt buckle, presses a switch, and he disappears. But unlike the last few times, this time, he disappears out of sight, and possibly across the country. He's like that. And then he's gone.

A few minutes later, he reappears, picks up his katana, "I swear, I'd forget my head if it weren't attached." And after giving it a brief flick for the blood, and sheathing it, he disappears again.

"Nice to meet you Jeremiah." Kara sits down at the table, ordering herself a small mountain of food. When Deadpool leaves and reappears she can only shake her head again, "That guy is seriously off."

To the unknown woman on speaker phone she says, "Hi Oracle." She heard Fenris saying the name into the phone and she would be seriously lapse in her JL:A duties if she hadn't at least heard of the woman, "Nice to finally meet you. First time in Gotham."

Oracles digitally disguised voice filters through the phone "Likewise, Kara." Oracle knows about Supergirl, but digital records only tell part of the story. "That was Deadpool." She makes no further comment on the disappeared man. "Thanks for the assist back there…"

"First time caller?" Fenris apparently listens to the radio. "And yes, he is. Smells off too. But he wasn't problematic…" And the Old Wolf only worries about things that are problems. "May I say again that I'm quite impressed. I'm sure Oracle is too. I a little surprised I've not heard of you in other sources. Like the news. Oh, what woudl you like to eat?"

"Deadpool? Never heard of him, I kind of thought he might be a cosplayer or something at first until he actually did something. No problem on the assist, usually I have to hold back and things take forever." Apparently Kara had run into cosplayers in her time on Earth and considered fighting ordinary criminals a bit of a pain in the butt.

"You did pretty good yourself with that sword. Maybe like a triple stack of pancakes and a strawberry shake?" At least she had Kryptonian physiology to back it up. The inevitable question arises, "So do you guys know Batman?"

"Yes Fen… Jeremiah, First time callers…" Oracle smiles, not that anyone would see it. "I'll have a short stack, thanks Jeremiah, make sure there's plenty of maple syrup…" he can bring them next time he visits her. Kara's question causes the Information Goddess to pause "Why do you ask that?" Of course Oracle has, but … does she want to advertise it?

'Jeremiah' just chuckles and orders what the young lady asked for. Or he suspects she's young. Safe bet for him, really. At two thousand plus, most people are by comparison. "I'll bring it by, Oracle." The god-wolf grins.

The question about Batman gets a short little laugh. "Heard of him, yes. Never met. Met a few of his minions though." A couple of times they've tried the 'Batman might not like you on his turf' bit. The response was probably not what they expected.

"Just curious. I've heard of him but never met him." Knowing Kara's luck she probably never would, probably for the best but the talk of minions gives her a moments pause; that made him sound like some kind of villain.

"Do you guys want a number you can reach me at? In case you ever need any help again? If it's a super big problem, I can even get the JL:A to come." She stares off after the waitress, starving for food!

Oracle smiles at Kara's words "Lot's of people have heard of the Batman…. not many have actually met him." Still doesn't say if she has or not. "I would like to keep in touch Kara" The Oracle network continues to grow "I am familiar with, and to, some of your fellow JL:A members. But…" In the Clocktower Oracle grimaces "Batman is very protective of Gotham. He …. " the line seems to go dead as Oracle pauses "may not appreciate the JL:A in force."

The snort from 'Jeremiah' says quite clearly what he thinks of the lack of appreciation. "Possibly, though if you don't mind giving it out Kara, I would also not mind being able to contact you. I frequently deal with problems of an… unusual nature, around the Tri City area. Some like the ones we just dealt with." And some uglier.

Kara gives her number to the pair, whatever it is, "Yeah, I've heard Batman is pretty protective. Well, if you ever see him, tell him I said hi." She doubted it would happen but you never know, "Anytime you need some monsters butt kicked, just call me Jeremiah. I'm usually pretty quick to get where I'm needed." After she ate, it was likely she would fly back home to the JL:A lakehoue and get some much needed rest.

"Now, now Jeremiah" Oracle smiles to herself. She may well agree with the Wolf God, but Batman is … well quite frankly … Batman. "A real pleasure to meet you, Kara. Don't be surprised when you hear from me…." the disembodied voice means it… "I'm always looking for good people to work with."

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