Fae In Chinatown?

November 20, 2015:

The walls between worlds are thinning which means beings can step through …

Chinatown - New York


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Fade In…

Chinatown, New York, the day is quiet, the area shaded and shoppers move from shop to shop, some are sitting having tea and a meal … nothing out of the ordinary really. Typical Friday, in Chinatown.

All of a sudden, a 'tear' appears in the middle of the street and a small army boils out. The beings, with pointed ears, dressed in leather (and not a lot of it) begin harassing and targeting the civilian population. With crossbows and something akin to energy weapons.

Social media feeds go wild and those who are magically inclined can feel the rent between worlds.

A silver-furred wolf trots down the street, at the side of a young girl — who, from the tearstains on her face, has been crying a great deal. When the unlikely pair round a corner, the girl lets out a squeal of delight, pointing at a store she recognises. She gives the wolf an affectionate pat on the head and runs ahead…

Just as reality itself is split down the middle not far away. Hrimhari turns his head away from the girl to look across the street at the tear, and his ears flatten against his head. He does not appear surprised — at first, and then…

"Alfheim…?" he mutters under his breath, and finds himself leaping at two nearby pedestrians to knock them down. Energy blasts hit the ground where the pedestrians had been standing a moment before, and the silver wolf growls at the nearest invaders.

"What brings ye here?" he demands imperiously, standing with his forepaws apart, head lowered and teeth bared.

After a particularly gruelling budget meeting, Pepper took the rest of the afternoon off (she EARNED it) and decided to go into Chinatown for some tea and relative peace and quiet. She's just about to refill her cup of chrysanthamum tea when the 'tear' appears and…

"Oh for crying out loud. Why today?" she mutters to herself. She takes one last sip of her tea, and despite the growing chaos stands very calmly to turn and address these annoying and hostile strangers. She opens her mouth to speak to them, and a silver wolf (that is very clearly NOT Fenris) addresses them first. That ears the lupine a narrow-eyed glance. If his words cause this chaos to degrade into complete violence, she will have WORDS for him.

The elves, for that's what they are, turn their fire onto the Wolf, lots of it … they don't seem inclined to talk and explain themselves.

A small group of the invading army break off and start towards Peppers location, firing crossbow darts into the crowd and herding them into a group. The civilians that fall, are bound and taken back towards the gash in reality … seems these elves are gathering people. They're close to Peppers table now, and focussing on her and those around her.

There's a soft 'pop' sound near Pepper, and a raven haired woman appears out of nowhere, eyes glowing blue as she looks around her. Dodging and narrowly missing a quarrel sent in her direction.

"Hello, Miss Potts." Zee speaks to the redhead. "We've a problem with a rip between worlds, I need to work to send these guys back. Can you get to safety?" With that, she speaks in that strange way of hers and the wind around that approaching group picks up and tries to wrap around them … and then it dies… Seems Zee has some magical opposition to deal with.

Yeah, not this time, Zee. Pepper doesn't flinch as the aggressive elf-beings approach, standing up a little straighter if possible. And while the magician tries to push them back with her magic, Pepper has only herself to rely on. So, she pitches her voice to that 'I am your boss and you will listen' timbre. "You will STOP this. NOW. Return our people and leave."

Fingers crossed.

Once, there was a wolf standing in a street in Chinatown.

Then, there was no street — at least, a portion of it.

A hail of asphalt, concrete and other types of debris falls down upon the area, landing in a heap around a streetlight that appears to have defied the destructive power of the Elves' weaponry — barely. The light leans out over the street from the sidewalk, spanning a yawning gap several feet deep where the silver wolf had been standing seconds ago. Upon the streetlight… stands the wolf.

"Neither this place nor its people are for thee!" Hrimhari snarls at Elves, drawing even more of their fire, and he leaps down behind a vehicle. "Leave them be, in the name of Asgard!" As the wolf-prince lands, he morphs into his humanoid form and picks up the empty vehicle. With another snarl, the wolfman hurls the car at the largest group of attacking Elves — using the momentary gust of wind to his advantage — and turns to respond to the next immediate threat.

He almost dashes for Pepper Potts, but Zatanna's arrival surprises him.

Fenris arrives. By tearing a Way open as is his custom. Elves are usually better behaved than this. Well. Alfr are. Elves, as in the fae are never well behaved. Ever. But that's neither here nor there. The tall, predatory man in the long coat twitches it back to reveal a heavy barreled revolver of… no normal make as he yanks the moonsilver shard off his neck. He's not pleased. No not at all.

The car barrels down the street, creating mayhem and knocking a group of Elves down. They probably aren't getting up from that … but they'll need to be contained.

Fenris arrival gets the attention of the Elves and a band of a dozen turn their attention to him, sending crossbow darts in his direction and moving, quickly, towards him.

The remaining elves, turn their attention to Hrim, seems they didn't like that stunt he pulled, rushing at him in a group, they're going to try and pull him down.

"Miss Potts." Zee gasps as the street is destroyed, "Please, get these people to safety." She's none to impressed at the moment. Civilians need to be protected. Oh, Peppers command? It was obeyed, probably because the Elves attention are caught by the Wolfman.

"Fenris, can we push them back through the rip?" Zee calls to her mentor "I can try and mend it then. I'm sure they're just … well not frightened exactly."

"Do not make me do this…" Hrimhari says with his hands raised as the Alfr rush him… "Do not make me kill thee." But it proves of little use. He leaps sideways — away from other civilians he could put in danger, and toward the gaping hole in the street — with all the speed at his command, but it is barely enough. He wrestles against Elves as renowned for their lightness of foot as the Wolves.

The invaders not focusing upon Fenris or other persons of interest swarm over Hrimhari, and the Prince of Wolves disappears beneath them. Occasionally, an Elf goes flying; one strikes a restaurant window across the street, smashing through amid a shower of glass, and lands spread-eagled over the pasta-buffet. Another finds himself dragged down to the ground, his energy weapon discharging multiple times into the air — and occasionally into his fellow Elves — but there is little sign of teeth or claws being used in this battle.

Hrimhari, struggling though he may be, is refusing to properly fight back.

And Elf thrusts a dagger, the Wolf-Prince howls…and another Elf goes flying toward Fenris. Meanwhile, the young girl that Hrimhari had guided home finds herself and her family the targets of more of the Invaders as they struggle to get inside their small apartment. The girl screams.

Fenris' gun discharges six times. Six elves fall. He saves the sword though. He doesn't need it. Instead he draws upon the magic in the area and his hand starts to glow green. Go back to your realm. This world abjures you. GO! It's a push. And a threat. A threat of nastier, wolfy things to come. Fenris has been around a long time. And he's letting them know exactly what kind of slavering god-monster they're about to deal with.

Okay, now Pepper heeds Zatanna's words and starts trying to get anyone and everyone still nearby on the move away from this chaos. It's practically worse than herding cats, or trying to get a bunch of toddlers to cooperate. She keeps at it, though, because it's almost literally life or death.

Fenris' magic begins to have effect and the Elves in the area are drawn to the rip between worlds. They don't fight it, they can't … they don't belong here and the magic is strong.

The ones fighting Hrimhari and targetting the girl and her family are drawn away, as well.

"You don't have to kill them." Zee calls out to the Wolfman "Just push them back to the rift, please…" For now, she'll have to leave him with his struggle… as she calls on her own magic, eyes glowing blue … as the Elves filter back through the rip, as that last of the group disappears, she casts the spell to start to repair it. It takes concentration and power from the young mage and the gash slowly starts to disappear.

This leaves Pepper, Fenris and Hrim, in the street, devastation strewn around and the sound of sirens in the background, slowly growing closer. But it's New York, they're still minutes out.

The pull of magic back towards the rift is the break Hrimhari needs. As Elves find themselves inexorably drawn kicking and screaming back to the tear between worlds, the wolf-prince grasps two of them, one in each arm.

Two Elves beat the rest of them to the rift, by means of 'air travel', leaving the wolfman standing by himself. Behind him, the streetlight falls to the ground, crashing noisily — but harmlessly — on top of a parked car.

The little girl, clutching at the leg of her father, peeks looks at Hrimhari as the wolf-prince makes his way over to the others who helped spare most of the humans from whatever fate awaited them on the other side of the rift. His wound is already healing.

He smiles at the girl, then looks at Zatanna, Pepper… and finally Fenris. "My thanks, I give thee…" he tells them with a solemn bow, even glancing askance at Fenris. There is less hostility in younger wolf's eyes, now — merely wariness. "A pity we could not save them all — the magic in this place, 'tis… wounded."

Pepper Potts stops next to Fenris, one of a rare few that seems completely unaffected by the sun-eater's usual aura of malice. She looks from the Old Wolf to Zee and to Hrimhari and the other people still around. "How are we going to get to the people they took through that rift and get them back?" Notice, it's not an 'if' in her mind. It WILL happen, and she's just inquiring toward the 'how'.

"That happens, sometimes." Fenris ism't going to go into details at the moment. Darque, HYDRA, it's all been a mess here. The wolf glances about. "Call me Zee, if you need more help. Pepper, nice to see you. Glad you're not hurt." And with that the god-wolf turns and opens another Way, steps though and is gone.

"I'm not sure they got anyone through, Miss Potts." Zee checks the street and points to the group that was collected and then abandoned. "Magic is wounded here, yes." She replies to the wolfman. "But you'll have to excuse me, I need to be gone. There's something else that requires my attention." She'd been doing something before she was /called/ here. A glance to Pepper, "I'll check in shortly, Miss Potts. Make sure you're ok."

Without a sound, the young magician disappears from sight. Whatever it was, it had to be important.

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