That (She)-Devil and her Games

November 20, 2015:

Rain and Snake-Eyes go to Doctor Strange to complain about Satana's stalking.

Dr. Strange Sanctum Santorum


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Rain dialed up Doctor Strange as soon as she got Snake-Eyes into Near-Mint Working Condition. When Satana gets involved in things, it gets more than a little hairy, and furthermore - having to deal with a manor that lost a wing to a demon spurned… she's not taking chances these days.
Whether Strange prefers to meet at his office, or at the Justice League Hall, Rain brings some arcane fae wine as a gift (always gift when visiting). They can alternately teleport or ride broomstick. "You may feel weird the first time you teleport," Rain warns. And lo, they arrive because TELEPORTATION!

Filled with healing potions, Rain's excellently magically cooking, and her own twist on bedside manor which may involve cats doing parlor tricks, Snake-Eyes still can't remember exactly what drove him to retreat to her home instead of SHIELD HQ. Perhaps it was just the idea of her place being closer - or that Rain could do more to treat him than SHIELD could. Or what exactly, he had come up against. Either way, after healing and having a full and tender stomach, the idea of teleportation — he gets nary a chance to protest.
As they arrive, the ninja rests his hand on his stomach, using his own resolve and strength to force himself to down the sense of nausea that comes from having a very full of medicine and food stomach turned about as he glances towards Rain. It's probably good that she can't see his face with the mask and visor in place, she would be rather entertained by the fact that he was green around the gills, as it were.

Calling before teleporting into the Sanctum of Doctor Strange is always a good idea. Preferably also giving him a few minutes to adjust his wards so the teleportation doesn’t bounce and send people to weird places. And also give Wong time to get tea water boiling.
So Rain and Snake-Eyes appear at the Azure Antechamber, a room that usually wanders around the southern edges of the second basement, but that this week has sneaked between the kitchen and the living room, so it has become useful for receiving teleporting visitors.
“Good afternoon, Ms. Moontree,” greets Strange. He wears a pale grey two pieces suit today, the usual golden amulet hanging from his neck.

Rain does just that. She is well-versed in magical manners, especially in the areas of Asgardians and well, Dr. Strange. Loki seems to have left the manor and his apprentice for now, so Rain is operating more independently. There's a polite knock. "Good afternoon, Doctor Strange." Rain smiles politely and bows. "I hope you find Sidhe arcane wine acceptable." It looks to be nearly 700 years old. Something from Rain's aunt's collection. A true boozehound, reaching into realms above, below and beyond for her collection.
And it is always polite to bring a gift on calling, yes? Rain looks to Snake. She is sympathetic. She probably has an idea. "Don't feel bad. We all feel kind of crappy our first time teleporting," She offers.
A deep breath. "How fare you? I am sorry this is not just a social calling."

Back in his combat gear, the black clad ninja recovers quickly enough, swallowing down the ball of bile in his throat and straightens up properly. While Rain and Strange are making nice, Snake-Eyes takes in his surroundings. Definitely not in his wheelhouse, as it were, before his visored hood comes back towards the Sorcerer Supreme.
Stepping up silently behind Rain, the ninja looks between the two, but offers no intrduction. It's rude to throw ASL-shade without being properly translated or knowing for sure if the person you're speaking with knows sign language.
Instead, he offers a proper and polite bow, recognizing Strange from reports he read when he was acquainting himself within the ranks of SHIELD.

Rain looks between the two. "And this is Snake-Eyes. He's um, a ninja. If you know ASL, that would be handy." If not, there is a translation spell. Rain seems uncertain what to say about him, given he's more steeped in mystery than the ancient, 4 year old tea in the back of the cabinet she bought in college. She might've been drunk. Who knows? Nevertheless, she continues. "And Snake-Eyes, this is Doctor Strange."

Strange takes the bottle and smiles, “thank you. You really didn’t need to,” he bows back to Snake-Eyes and he invites the pair into the living room. A tea service is on the coffee table, still steaming. “Please, join me, and let me know what I can do to help you. I do understand ASL, certainly.” Translation spells are good for that.

There's a light touch of Snake-Eyes' hand to Rain's own as he glances toward her, a light brush of fingers meant to comfort her before he lifts his hands to sign. 'It is an honor to meet you.' he offers up polietly, as he considers. 'As Rain said, this is business as much as her introducing me to you.' he admits. 'I came across a demoness last evening, and she has become rather.. enamored?' he tries to search for the right word, using sign to to do it is hard, but he lifts the side of his shirt to show the wound that Rain mended, where Satana hit him with her own blood-soaked shuriken.

But Rain does not leave scars, unless her patients request it. She's thoughtful that way. She looks to Strange and smiles aintly. "You are welcome. I am sorry to bring odd slash bad news. Satana came slash teleported in after Snake came to the manor. I kept them from fighting, but she took a shurikun from him. I assume there's likely blood of one or both on it." And one doesn't need to put two and two together to figure out what one might do magically with blood.

Strange sits down after the guests and frowns when Snake-Eyes mentions a ‘demoness’. A glance to Rain, but the witch confirms it was Satana. “Satana Hellstrom. She is only half-demon, but also the daughter of a Hell Lord and therefore… hrm.”
The sorcerer pauses and considers for a few minutes, offering tea two the unlikely pair silently. “Last time Satana became embroiled in dark business we captured her and brought her here. I had the choice of sending her back to Hell or keep her on Earth, where perhaps she could learn to be human. There is a Geis on her to limit her powers, why did she attack you?”

'I interfered with an attack on a Hydra warehouse.' Snake-Eyes is honest, at least. 'Fury wanted prisoners. She did not. And…' he pauses, a glance towards Rain and then his chest seems to heave in a sigh as he glances at the tea. He'll get to that in a second. But, to the question of why he was attack, he continues, 'She also attacked my brother.' See, Rain, you do get to learn something new today.
With that, he cups his hands around the cup, lowering a small pies of his mask over his mouth to sip the tea. Though mostly hidden, scar tissue shows through between sips.

Rain nods. "That's what I thought, too," Rain replies to Strange. "Oh." Well, then. Rain rubs the back of her head. She accepts the tea offered. "Thank you," She lowers her head to the tea. And then, sipping time! Rain blinks at mention of a brother. Maybe Satana just really likes ninjas? Rain's not going to judge on type, but this whole thing seems odd. She settles to listen.

“Hydra agents, of course,” notes Strange, “she is hunting for souls to fuel her powers. Terrorists and murderers are allowed prey under the conditions of the Geis. I assure you if she attacked them, they deserved worse than death. Demons know when a mortal is condemned to the lower planes after death.” And if she attacked Snake-Eyes brother…
“In any case, she shouldn’t be able to harm either of you,” adds Strange, “unless you attack her first.”

That would be the catch. Snake-Eyes did attack first. And he admitted it. The ninja nods his head as he sips. 'Blood brother. Same clan.' he explains. 'And I struck her first. No matter what judgement passed, the Director asked for a prisoner. Could not allow her to kill them all.' he explains finally as he sets down tea. 'Too late for takebacks.'.

Rain is listening. She nods, looking thoughtful. Then a glance between the two. "I was only concerned because she was /awfully/ excited to dig that thing out of him. Even said I owed her a favor." In other words, Rain was a bit concerned by her interest. A shrug. "Maybe I'm over thinking it." The witch muses, and sips her tea.

“Oh no, it is wise to be wary of her,” admits Strange finally sipping from his tea. “She was raised in Hell, and she will play games of deceit and control with people that draw her attention. And if you want to protect the guilty from her. Well, I doubt she will learn to respect the code of laws of the US anytime soon. Maybe in a few years. At most you could try to negotiate and bargain, her father’s people love to do that.”

Snake-Eyes considers for a moment, glancing towards Rain, before his featureless visor turns to Strange. 'If this is to continue.' he explains with his hands as his fingers reach back to draw the chi-blessed Mikimoto Katana from it's sheath and sets it before him. 'Is there a way to place ward on equipment?' he asks. He knows of May's blessed oils, but since he's right here in front of the Sorcerer Supreme, why not request it directly from the penultimate source.

"Alright, her interest in Snake just seemed unusual. I was getting the feeling she wanted a new 'toy'," As usual. Or something. Rain shrugs. "We'll do our best to be careful. Thank you for your advice," She offers. Then a blink at Snake's request. "I do feel a little bad overreacting, but after the house fire, I guess I was on edge."

“You can bless and ward almost anything. But the usual defenses against demons aren’t going to be fully effective against Satana because she is still part human.” And Rain is right, too, “as for her interest. Is she still stalking you? That is certainly alarming; perhaps we should talk with her before it escalates further.”

'She did say she wished to own me, I think?' Snake-Eyes considers for a moment as he nods. 'I had to control my qi into her to have an effect.' he admits - well, that explains how he was actually able to hurt her - she's part human. 'Myself and Storm Shadow.' The aforementioned brother. 'Saw the tension between us, wanted to have it to herself.'.

Rain looks thoughtful. "Yeah, I know. Even the holy shield barrier only did so much. I mean, I get that holy is a relative term…" Rain is pagan as all Hell. "Still." A shrug. "We can talk to her. She did say thanks, and I sincerely doubt she's unreasonable since she doesn't want to be stuck in Hell. Maybe she just saw something new in you, and it sparked her interest," Rain offers her theory. "Shiny new things."

Strange nods to Rain. “And someone needs to remind her human beings are not toys,” he notes, “although I suspect that is going to take a while to get through her education,” that lady has a thick skull.
The sorcerer stands up, inviting witch and ninja to come with him, “let go to my study, I have there easy means to contact with her, and even pull her to our presence if necessary.”

Taking back up his blade, he resheaths it easily as he rises to his feet. Snake-Eyes turns to glance towards Rain, a thoughtful pause at the idea of summoning Satana here before he nods his head subtly. The Sorcerer Supreme and the young witch should have enough firepower between them to handle anything that could go wrong, right? With that, he gestures, to allow Rain to go first before he follows suit.

"Thank you. And yes." Rain shrugs, standing to come along with the others. She looks to Snake, smiling faintly. She seems to trust the two with her. She will quietly follow Strange.

The studio is currently lurking in the second floor, the room switching places with Strange’s bedroom the months with an even number of days for no apparent reason. It does so since they installed the computer network in the summer of 2005. Wong is quite sure the House has learned to check the calendar in Google.
Strange is okay with the House doing some predictable room rearrangement, honestly.
The place is large, cluttered with books, weird star charts, floating runes, wandering goblin-lights and odd devices that seem to have too many angles in too small spaces. At a corner there is a round table with a brazier in the middle, Strange invites the others to sit down, but he goes looking through the drawers of his desk for colorful salts and reagents.

Snake-Eyes pauses at the door. As one of goblin lights comes floating around, natural reaction is to reach out to touch, but he stays his own hand. Discipline, ingrained in him from both military training and martial art studies causes him to stand down, as he continues to study the oddities of the room before he turns his attention back towards Strange and Rain.
There really is nothing he can sign at the moment that would properly convey the way he feels at the confusion of it all - a mere mortal amongst all the magic that exists presently.
At the request to take a seat, the ninja makes his way over, allowing Rain to settle first before he takes his own seat, folding himself into a lotus position, perched on the seat of the chair as he waits patiently as Doctor Strange searches for his instruments.

Rain doesn't seem bothered by the house rearranging. Not in the slightest. Actually, it seems curious and amazing. Maybe Rain will have to try that one day. She will take a seat near Strange and Rain, listening patiently.

Strange throws the gathered salts and reagents to the brazier and almost immediately a heatless, bright gold and crimson sphere of flame a couple feet wide forms over the brazier. He sits down and concentrates briefly. As strange as the display is, this is pretty much the mystical equivalent to a videoconference call. And much to Strange's amusement a laptop and a tablet can do it more easily.
Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Humans are getting there.
But Strange is quite sure Satana has not a laptop, a tablet or even cell. Well, maybe she would have a cell. Those damned things have likely made their way to Hell by now.
This call is probably more familiar to her, though. A tickling in her mind that is impossible to ignore. She can perhaps block it, but that is delaying it, as Strange has a contract with her signature and that is a powerful mystic link to her.
When she responds, the flame takes her shape. As a two feet tall flame Santana. "Good evening, Miss Hellstrom," greets Strange politely.

Snake-Eyes watches the mystical going-ons of trying to reach the magical equivalent of India to get a hold of someone else to finally direct the call to who it needs to be directed to. The ninja remains in his lotus position, patient and silent. It is all a grand scheme and a great show to watch as the Sorcerer conjurs and connects.
He halfway expects a musak version of 'Highway to Hell' or 'Master of Puppets' to play in the background, before a rather shapely flame makes its presence known. Snake-Eyes peers at it through his visor and then back to Strange and Rain.
'True form?' he asks, confused perhaps.
Of course she's not a five foot something overly hippy and buxumous vixen, but still, it's a strange shift in direction and appearance.

Rain explains to snake, "This is more like a message." She offers. She waves. Long distance communication. There's an inclined head, and a quiet amusement at poor Snake. "Good evening," Rain greets politely, too.

Ignore it, no. She expected -this- call. When the little witches have a big witch to run to and hide behind, what's to expect? She outgrew daddy, but then again he kicked her here to prove herself, no apron strings attached. So when a princess is set to build a kingdom and /prove/ it…
Satana was more then a little busy, she had a dinner date that was peomised and it involved -real- human food, not consuming -real- humans. So when that ethereal tug comes, she excuses herself from the table in a small town outside of Paris that overlooked a stretch of landscape to lock herself in the bathroom and pop open a compact, adjusting the mirror just…so. Setting it upon the sink the entirety of the small makeup kit goes up in flames, but it does not stop there, the entire wall has crawling flame like a moving satin curtain, the lightbulbs popping. One. By. One. To leave the space in utter darkness except for that heated imbellishment, but this not only is like a phone call, as one hand sinks through the compact the portal stretches —-
"Do not make me miniscule, /Supreme/. What is it you…desire?" Upon final word the seat she took in wait is claimed, one leg crossing over the other to reveal bare appendage from ankle to thigh where the strip of satin and lace dress falls betwixt thighs in cross, captive there while she leans forward and smiles directly at the trio, the deep V even in evening attire doing nothing to hide the voluptuous contours.
"If you would rather private.." Broks rise and so does her smile.

"I am using an Ophiran flame font, young lady,” comments Strange. Figures on the brazier do not get much larger than two feet tall. But hey, still much larger than in a cellphone screen!
"I have some visitors here. I believe you know Rain quite well, right?” And look, a ninja! “I was wondering if we could talk in a civilized veneer about an incident involving some Hydra terrorists, government agents and claiming human beings as your property. The last point being the most problematic.”

As the Doctor and Demoness argue over what font size accentuates her most, Snake-Eyes looks at the strange figure that is quite a lot less intimidating than she was just last night. Reaching out with a finger, he gives a curious poke at the flames - no qi involved this time, before withdrawing his hand to look back towards the others as they start their negotiation.

Really, Rain tries to settle things on her own most of the time. But after the house fire, she's a bit jumpy around demons. She rubs her temples. "Sorry. That's partially my fault. The -" She goes quiet. Then she does her best, looking between the two. Rain is a bit confused. A shrug, and she listens.

Satana leans back now and is looking rather bored, her chin us cupped in her hands and fingers play over her lips in a rhythm all her own, tapping tipped nails down on pillows of flesh to dimple them. When Snake-eyes goes to poke she hisses, and if those flames can be manipulated by her they will spark out and bit at that finger with the rising swat of her hand.
Clearing her throat she smirks and index rests on lower lip just as quickly, she recoils and has composure. "The Agents wanted a show and a good time. I gave both to them to their very end. At least the ones that were not stolen from me by meddlers. One being in your presence. What about my dalliances, Strange? A girl has to kill time while she wants for /the one/. In the mean time your grey hairs only expand. I could fix that for you.."
And while the talk trails off her smile grows, those canines visible in their descent and growth, neverminding the spiral of horns that press through the cascade of red hair that pools around her stiletto heel'd feet like blood. "I claimed a shuriken as my property." Tomato, tomahto.

"I have grown used to my grey hair, no fixing needed, thank you,” replies the sorcerer wryly. "And although I am not going to deny you right to feed on Hydra terrorists, I have to point out the laws of this world give priority to law-enforcement agents over rapacious succubi. If you want to live among humans, you need to follow some rules. And you claimed a weapon… with the blood of a man. Well… he is here, and we can talk about boundaries, intentions and avoiding further stabbing.”

Flameproof gloves. It only takes getting your face burned off once to make sure one gets nomex and kevlar blends with his combat gear in order to prevent getting burned a second time. Snake-Eyes listens to the woman banter about her claim, and he frowns. Then he signs, a glance towards the woman and then the two in the room with him. 'A shuriken that belonged to another. Thief.' he 'says', as he keeps a watch on the demoness and all of her claims and pivy.
He almost reaches to poke her a bit more forcefully this time, but he stands down, instead leaving most of this to Strange and his abilities to negotiate with the wyld and wyrd of the Otherworlds.
At Rain's complaint, he reaches over and taps her leg once to get her attention, and then seems to chide her with his motions. 'Even a demon should know no means no, and not force an issue and then attempt to destroy all you care about when they are no longer getting their way. Even if you were his lover, that was unacceptable and the flame spirit deserves nothing less than to be doused." And his hand grabs Satana's flame, squeezing it hard before he regains his composure, and the serene ninja returns, signing a quiet 'Apologies.' to Satana.
'You were the meddler. That warehouse was under observance for a SHIELD mission, and if you had not interferred, I would have been able to cature it whole and hale. Instead you destroyed it with near orgasmic glee.' Perhaps the wrong word he uses there, but it seems to be the one that fits best in the situation. 'And then you meddled with myself and my blood brother.' he continues, before he folds his hands back into his lap, apparently giving her the silent treatment.
Then Strange continues discussing boundaries and such, and well, the ninja just watches for now, probably staring down the flame succubus through his visor.

Rain's eyes widen as Snake - pokes the flames. Her eyebrows lift. "I am not sure squeezing helps," She frowns. Rain seems to object to Satana being treated unfairly. But otherwise, she is quiet.

Patience had been tried and tempted, and when the attempts to tell -her- what was right and wrong based on their own angle, as well as violate her endeared flame effigy? The throned Satana Through the Looking Glass hisses, the teeth that drop drip their own noxious venom, but this time when she stands the flames bow and wave, the small figurine of Satana tucks in on itself and then the flame shoots heavenward, tongues nearly licking upon the ceiling of the room the sit within.
Ouward washes that wave of sensation, a tingling draw of fingertips along the most tender areas of flesh, a whispered promise, a plaintive call forth. All projected because what is there when the flames draw down is the full figure and height of Satana, the dress aligned to only cover where needed in a spiderwebs stretch of lacework and solidarity lay in shadows of sateen but slits unforgivingly trace from bottom to top and are /pressed/ apart from the cusped opening around bosom to the deep V ending just above apex. Black diamonds glisten along latticework to mate with the necklace that lingers at the hollow of throat.
Long vitae huen hair snaps outward and dies to settle with the flame that rests around precariously perched toes, the horns a remaining spire and coil down along crown and nest within that nest of blood huen tresses. "The blood of TWO men, and the shuriken is not -his- to cry loss on." When she snaps reptilian slitted gaze towards Snake Eyes from Strange the forked tongue lashes out and curls upon the stagnant air rife with dust of old times and the pressire that comes wanton with this beast.
"Correct me if I am worng, but to respond to an ad only to happen upon criminals marked. I am free to do as I please with as it is /justice/. I never once violated out agreement?" Now her eyes snap from Strange to Rain, her upper lip withdrawing. "And to think, you dabble in the affairs of one who cannot even keep his own tongue to bring forth half-truths after I offer a boon to you to help with your very own tormentor." Beat. Her hands curl and then come together. "You are on your own." A gusture akin to breaking shakles spreads her hands apart.
Pivoting on Snake Eyes what lashes around like the crack of a whip over his form but instead pushes at air beside him is a fleshy tail, rescinding post threat. "Your brother whines so much less about this misfortune."

The Sanctum is heavily shielded against unwelcome teleportation, but Strange allows Satana to cross the wards because it is really better to deal with these issues in person. So when he woman arrives, he invites her to sit down at the table. “Please, sit down. There might have been misunderstandings, but it is better to clear them and not escalate further. I am willing to mediate and…” he goes quiet and looks at his right. Then he stands up quickly.
"My apologies. I just received a signal from the Orb of Agamotto, I have to check what happened. I will be in the chamber at the other side of the hallway. The one at the right. Please, do not touch the door at the left, the one with the duct tape. You would destroy the city and most of the Eastern Seaboard. I should be back in thirty minutes.”

"Okay, thanks. I am sorry for this," She offers. She looks apologetic. Rain will clear out to where it is motioned. "I mentioned sympathetic magic with the blood." A shrug. She does feel a little bad.

Snake-Eyes sits there silently, though his only response is really, 'What ad are you talking about?' It's not like he wrote the article that she responded to as the ninja watches the woman materialize right in the room. He remains quiet, watching her with a tilted head, though he might as well be made of stone the way she speaks of his blood brother.
'That is because he is resigned to his fate and believe he will be in your embrace one way or another soon enough. I do not apply to such.'

On the edge I look in…
Satana stands just off Strange's left and back when he offers her a seat, not yet taking it. One foot is out, hip thrust to the side, exposed via the high slit in netted dress, arms folded akimbo across bosom while her chin tilts her gaze away from then, but from periphery it can be seen she is watching, an unmoving sentinel of devilish Aphrodite even as Strange departs hurriedly. She wants to -pick- at that duct tape now.
Once he is gone, Rain speaks and Snake signs her head slowly swivels their way, an avian motion that is followed by her gripping the back of a chair and adjusting the seat just so… Ascending the seat, posterior settles, legs cross and fingers steeple just beneath her chin.
"The ad I responded to is the ad I am talking about. I am not going to sift back to prove myself to /you/." Her upper lip draws back as that hiss resides at the back of throat, only to snap her eyes back to Rain.
"And you take my offer and spit on it to fall into folly? Or is it something else?" Now Satana rocks forward towards Rain, her head /rolling/ to the side on inspection that has lips curling at the edges and eyes narrowing. "Do not… tell me you.." A glance to Snake and her head shakes, her hand hammering down on the table with that utter display of faux mirth.
Wiping away a non-existant tear, flicking it into the nether.
"He can resign himself to whatever fate he likes, you two just share it now." Her hands extend out in a gallic shrug of nonchalance and dismissal. "And I get to watch and partake where I see fit. Fate can be such a bitch. I should not have responded to the ad? Perhaps you shouldn't work for SHIELD." If you want to play it one way.
"Rain, dear girl, you will learn eventually. Never help a demon."
Touch the flesh, touch the skin.

"I did not spit on your offer. I was concerned." Rain shrugs. "At least you didn't set my house on fire, I guess." Rain takes what she can get these days. "I am not helping, but nor am I going to be involved." Then a blink. Her eyebrows lift. "That I what? Oh, nevermind. Have a nice day. Be well. I am not interested in toys, demonic affairs or anything. I am content to leave you be, as you leave me be. The less I mess with this demon business, the better." She sighs softly. She also makes a note to make damned sure to sever sympathetic connections later. Right under: Get Pizza, mop bathroom, work on house rebuilding supplies.
"And thank you for your offer of help earlier. It is not forgotten. I am sorry." A handwave. "But I am afraid I shouldn't be troubling others for favors. We asked why you wanted a bloody weapon, and I felt it important." Ahem. Rain takes a deep breath. "Sorry. I'm just - done for today." Mayebe a nice, hot bath.

As Satana talks and complains about what she claims is her rights in all of this, Snake-Eyes quietly contemplates how much qi it would take to give her the world's quickest explosive migraine and at least give her a reminder of him when he's gone, and taken Storm Shadow with him, and her toys are no longer available for play.
He decides for the moment, it's not worth the effort. Sitting there calmly as Satana spews her own web of words, the ninja quietly observes and points out, 'If you are referring to why we are here, she was concerned at why you were so damned intent on claiming back a blood covered weapon.' he signs finally. 'What will it take from .. me .. to settle the debt you have forced upon me?'
He finally asks the 64k loaded question.

Cup my hands, time stood still.
Rocking back, the length of her spine comes to mate with that of the chair, exposed length of skin showing that small ravine over spinal column as well as the skinscape of velveteen bordered by strands of fire and blood, and woven darkness in the shores of attire. "You could have asked me. But then think on it. What -is- blood poppets?" A gesture and her hand extends, a single sharpened claw delving into fingertip to surface a droplet and let it build upon finger pad.
"It is the only thing real. From birth to death it is unchanging unless /diseased./"
Intoxicate. Fire at will.
Coming to a stand she pushes the chair back with thighs and paces around the table towards them, a felinesque poise in every step that carries her with the sway borne of a sirens call, every push of hips making that dress flare out and fall, negating any perverse visuals by mere breaths of touches. Leaning beside Rain now her other hand draws down along her cheek, the backs of clawed fingers caressing until they come to rest upon her jawline and grip in a motherborne affection of manner. "What is a demon?" Her cheek brushes against Rain's own and lips draw to her forehead, lingering there as a lovers would before release.
Moving on towards Snake that single blood dotted digit comes to lips and is suckled upon, withdrawn clean from forked tongues cavern. Her movement to him was much like that of a fast forwarded video, feet away and then bent over before him, almost nose to nose. Nostrils flare as she breathes him in, lips parting…
Back to the portal she stands. "Settle? Oh no. Consider me the new disease. A 'sister'. You deal with the adoption process." Beat. "Now if you will excuse me I have a date I do not wish to lose excitement for the night." A glance to Rain. "Don't leave him waiting." And with that the curtain of fire splits.
"Do get me something of your demon /friends/, I need a challenge for my -other- workouts."
Beneath the skin - Skin and bone. Beneath the skin, I am alone.

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