Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Rain.

November 20, 2015:

Set just after Satana's attack, Snake-Eyes seeks out Rain's healing help, but doesn't come alone.

Moontree Manor

Moontree Manor is a modest-sized, imposing manor built in Gothic style, complete with foreboding paint job. The roof and spire on the right are done in a dark blue paint that offsets the white. It's like someone went a little wild with the colors. A wrought iron fence surrounds the property, and the lawn grows wild, with various herbs and flowers taking over. Ivy and vines crawl up the walls, hopeful for sun. The building seems to be in good repair despite this.

Inside, the atrium and living room are luxurious. Greeting guests is a large statue of Anubis, his hand outstretched and acting as an incense burner. The atrium is painted black, with flecks, indicating stars. It's a very afterlife-esque journey inside. The floors are a beautiful, black marble that lead one inward. There's stairs to so many rooms, it feels almost intimidating.


NPCs: Captain (Rain's Cat)



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Fade In…

Knowing that he might be getting tailed, Snake-Eyes stops outside of the warehouse district, taking out a roll of duct tape. Wrapping the tape against his side, he tapes down the blade in him and stops the bleeding before hefting the surviving agent. Finally, with SHIELD agents on scene, he puts the agent in a vehicle and makes his way to someone he knows who can help.

That explains how he ends up in the kitchen of Rain's manor, having let himself in. He stands in the kitchen, finally removing his combat gear, and touches the deep wound in his stomach, wincing in pain as he raps hard on the counter to get attention as he holds his hand over the wound and roots around, trying to find something to treat himself with in case Rain's not present.

"Hey man. You gotta /dodge/," Captain offers, jabbing a paw at the air. "Like a cat. Don't worry, Rain's coming. That looks bad." All cattiness (ahem) aside, the feline does seem to be worried, peering at Snake intently. "At least this wing and the other two are fine. We've started plans rebuilding. There's a warm hot tub. Frankly, I'm just hoping we finally put some catnip in."

Rain does arrive in the kitchen, and frowns. "Snake!" She heard the rapping and got Captain's cat-mail. "Oh geez. Again?" She peers at the wounds. Poor ninja. "Ninjaing is dangerous." A soft sigh. "Let's have a look at you, but first…" Time to take him to lay down on the nearest couch or bed.

Rain's place looks pristinely like… Hell! And from one of the burnt wings comes the sensation first, that ethereal heat as if the place was blazing still and the winds carried the flame imbued encasing of skin wilting adoration. A hand trail, nails wrapping over an effigy that turns to dust beneath the caress, foretold by the whirl that sweeps it out like a cloud before footfalls that carry her from the dead wing to the one bearing 'life'.

"….and she came gently rapping, rapping on thy chamber door…" Her tones are almost sing song as they echo through Rain's corridors, heralded by the cadence of heeled footfalls shrouded in smoke and ashes. Blackebed fingertips mingled in black and red smear across decor and walls, hop-skip-jumping her trail along one hall and into the one where both reside.

The flash of a grin is felinesque, lazed and shows the hint of a single canine in that quartet of reptilian setting, but at the sight of Rain, Satana pauses and that play of the hunt for Snake-Eyes becomes deadpanned.

"Witch~" That single word hissed but chin rises in acknowledgement of the other woman while molten gaze seems to smolder some… That is until it falls back upon Snake-Eyes. "He has something of mine."

Snake-Eyes isn't in the mood for banter, apparently as his visor passes from Captain to Rain and he signs 'Followed'. And for some reason, the ninja knows even with his skills, he didn't shake his tail for long. As Rain starts to lead him towards the couch in the sitting room, the ninja's senses start to pick up on the arriving presence. Standing up slowly, with the shruiken still in his midsection, Snake-Eyes takes a stance.

Drawing the Mikimoto blade, the ninja moves between Rain and Satana, the blade blessed with the chi of a hundred monks with each fold held before him in both hands. He underestimated her once, when his blood-brother was involved. Not so much now as the ninja lowers his visor to watch the demoness, though now with his torso armor and shirt removed, the wound is far more visible, so is the expanse of pale skin, ripped abs, scars and marks, and tattoo that covers his right fore arm of the marks of the mastery of Bau Ga.

A soft sigh. Rain looks up. "Well. Please don't burn a wing of the manor down if I say yes, he's here." The witch seems quietly resigned, and more than a little exhausted. She looks between them. A deep breath. "Sorry, I'm a bit tired. Hello, Miss. Are you thirsty or hungry?" She asks. Satana is a guest here, and Rain doesn't seem to be inclined to be rude to a guest, demonic or not. She looks to Snake. "Please, lay down. You are wounded and I must mend you." There is still strong magic on and in this house.

The offered hospitality from Rain is dripping down the trailing gaze of a swords blade and to the man weilding it. Satana's paused steps pick up, the cadence of the gait that winds her around obstacles with barely a brush of a whisper along their edges is one that shows the lazed path, even with the final draw to etch a pattern in ashes and blood along a counter top.

"So you do not live with The Supreme, then?" Brows rise in Rain's direction as she speaks to the woman, seemingly ignoring Snake-Eyes and the drawn blade if it was not for the closing proximity, one that is /dangerously/ close, his blade even parting the arm of her shadowborne attire like butter beneath a heated edge, but it did not even /feel/ like she touched down and slid all the way along the keen edge itself until she almost stood face to face with Snake but spoke to Rain, knowing the disability the man bore.

"Only one thing you posess here will quench a need of mine, and it is buried in his middle." One hand rises and fingers unfurl to splay and show retracted claws to only pointed nails, seeking to press upon his chest and back him into the bed Rain offered him with a few closed steps, a tango of sorts that only radiates a deeper heat to course through him on contact and scorch his abdomen.

"Do tell. Your burnt wing feels like another layer og Hell, Rain. I did not take you for the sort."

With Satana closing the distance between them, Snake-Eyes feels the heat, the burn of her closeness as his fingers clench around the blade as his stomach spasms with her closeness. The ninja has held his ground with her thus far, only retreating when he realized that the objective wouldn't be met by staying and fighting.

But now, as she presses in to his very personal space and it seems that Rain is only offering her food and drink, the ninja reacts on preservation tactics. He feels her fingers upon him, pushing him back, and his hand rises in a strike, aimed directly at her shoulder join. It's qi assisted, and she knows that lovely feeling already as he tries to disable to arm joint that she just pushed him with, though he does end up falling down, the succubus trying to establish something on him.

Rain looks between Snake and Satana. "Stop! No fighting indoors you two! HALT!" There's a surge of power. "She has guestright here and we're not going to be stabbing anyone in the face. Is an object stuck within? I am going to heal him and he is under my protection, but I can return any - bits - that should turn up."

Rain is going to protect Snake and Satana. A ward between the two. "Just. No touching for a moment. Either of you." Rain doesn't often put her foot down, but the witch has really had a time of it lately.

"Take a deep breath, and stop." She looks between them. A hand out to each. "No torturing him passive aggressively, and no regular aggressively face stabbing. And no. I don't. He can stay here if he wishes. But he also knows you, and he knows me. I'd really rather not have to call a gentleman with the equivalent of a magic nuke into my manor, so IF YOU PLEASE KINDLY CEASE to torment one another, we can work this out." Sigh.

"Now. As for the wing, I was kind to a guest of the manor who became upset with me. I had given him access to the manor, since he was staying here and did not wish to be bound or warded in a small bubble. I choose poorly in believing all sentient beings have rights in not being bound senselessly."

The strike Snake Eyes aims to land is taken, but not without reaction. Her hand snaps up and grips his wrist so when she pivots slightly with the impact he is taken with her, the momentum from his fall back carrying her with, but not to land upon him. Instead her other hand slams down just beside his head on that platform, one leg propping her up in a horizontal poise that has her predatorially over him. A lateral position that onyl lasted a heartbeat because when they fell back she released his wrist and gripped the shuriken in his gut, using his own momentum to also wrench the weapon free.

"Do. Not…" And then Rain's barrier goes up with her explosion of words, forcing Satana back with a jerk since the barrier sears through skin and brings it to blister and bubble, attire melted away where long tresses of auburn and noir slither in time to duly replace vacancies.

The half of her face stricken begins to reknit skin, though beneath that forced smile those reptilian canines rise and drop, the venom falling in a milky puddle upon lower lip, that forked tongue lavishing over it while the single eye nictates instead of blinks.

The mending came rapidly due to the indulgent servings of HYDRA souls, leaving her skin flawless as shadows crept along walls, returning to her form to replace missing attire. "Well, shit, Rain. I don't want to kill him. I just misplaced my shuriken in his stomach. Got it. I'm good." Both hands go up, one holding the blood covered shuriken, wiggling it with her sadistic smile returning.

"Do tell me of this /other demon/. You aided me, I owe a boon…" Oh, the politics of the darkness. Don't dabble in them.

Snake-Eyes is not going to give up that easily. That much is already proven as the ninja has fought her every step of the way thus far. However, as Rain throws up shade in the form of a warding shield between the two of them he feels the sudden and intense pain as Satana buries her hand into his stomach and yanks out the shruiken.

Between Satana's blood letting that mingled with his own, his blood loss from having to travel from the warehouse to Rain's place, and then Satana finishing it off with drawing out even more blood, the ninja drops onto the bed and passes out, slipping into an unconscious state as his sword drops to his side. Rain is his only protector now.

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