Catching Up

November 18, 2015:

Supergirl and Misfit catch up on recent events.


Streets of Gotham!


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Fade In…

It was a typical night in Gotham with lots of thugs to smack down. No doubt Misfit had been busy with that kind of Gotham related business, something that Supergirl rarely stuck her nose into; simply because she knew she wasn't welcome in Gotham busting down criminals for some reason.

It always seemed to go wrong anyways.

Reaching out with her Ley Pendulum she tried to see if the aforementioned young vigilante from Primal Force was in Gotham, maybe they could catch up.

Touching the Pendulum, she reached out and asked, <Hey Misfit, you around Gotham? Anyone else?>

At the voice directed to her through the pendelum. Well she pauses and looks up and around now. There are a few blinks as she looks up to the sky itself. "Uh yeah I'm around… just stopped some muggers. No one else is rolling around… whats up?"

Kara tries to follow the faint sense of where Misfit is from the Ley Pendulum before arriving only a few seconds later, looking as cheerful as ever, "Hey Misfit!" She says as she lands, "Is it me or does Gotham always smell bad? I mean the summer is definitely worse than this time of year.. uh sorry, rambling a bit!"

The Kryptonian girl grinned before asking, "Do you know what's been going on with Primal Force? I think I've missed all the meetings.. was hoping someone could get me up to speed again."

A pause, "Also! How are you doing?"

Charlie considers that really and looks around sniffing "you know.. it does smell worse then the other cities.. just a bit.. I mean every city smells pretty bad though. Not like Faerie or a forest." she grins to Kara "Not really not since Fenris got his powers back… I mean Zee would be the girl to ask."

"That sucks! Guess you're just as out of the loop as I am, I'll have to try and track Fenris or Zee Down I guess!" Kara shrugged her shoulders a little bit, "I don't think I've ever smelled faeries, what do they smell like? Even better question, WHY have you smelled faeries?"

Misfit yawns a bit and covers her mouth with theb ack of a bat gloved hand. "I .. well Zee Fenris and I went to Faerie a few times recently…. good times… also they smell different all of them."

"That's neat, I guess. Faerie world doesn't sound like the safest place for me with all of the magic." Hovering just a little above the ground, Kara rested her hands on her hips before asking, "So what's new around Gotham? Seen Robin lately?" Her Ex. It seemed like they hadn't spoken in months. Maybe because they had not.

Misfit reaches out and presses a fingertip to your superboot. She is really testing to see how anchored floating there in the air with no visible propolsion you may be. "Faerie is definitely pretty magicky and dangerous. Everytihing from legend is there in some way shape and form. MMm Gotham… I haven't seen Robin in a while.. mostly work with the all seeing Eye and the Titans these days."

Kara doesn't move when Misfit touches the boot, just smiling a little, "Ohh, titans! How's Vorpal? Him and I ran into some trouble awhile back but I haven't seen him since." It was clear she was probably feeling super out of the loop, more like an outsider than anything else.

Misfit reaches out and pushes the other boot lightly. "Trouble with Vorps or you guys dealt with some bad trouble together?" she cocks her head. "As far as I can tell he and Gar are doing really gret."

"Oh, like, you know, we dealt with some baddies. Some other people were there to." Kara smiled, "Vorpal is awesome, I can't imagine having any trouble WITH him. I haven't seen Gar in ages, wonder when they will get married. They're like the best couple ever!"

Misfit nods "Well I know they are quite engaged at this point.. I am sure they wouldn't have the wedding without inviting the other titans tho so it hasn't happened yet….. so where you been anyhow so out of it"

"I've just been busy handling the little threats with everyone so busy with Apokilips and these obelisk things. I've also been trying to recover some information about my homeworld, a little research but it's not gone well. Even General Zod dissapeared, he may have been a bad man but he was still one of my people. It's been unsettling." Kara shrugged before looking skyward and sighing.

Misfit blinks "Wait.. I saw one of those… the obelisks and the wierd guys who come with the rawr mind control or whatever… well at least one.. every time is happens I get a migraine and black out for a bit.. ewxcept the last time which is good right…." she trails off "Apokilypse?" mangling it a touch.

"Yeah, just a name the Justice League has tossed around a bit. He's the guy responsible for it all or he's a planet. Um, I'm not entirely sure. I really should pay more attention." Clearly Supergirl had been staying away from all of this /due/ to the mind control. That was totally one of her weaknesses.

Misfit nods "Really,… he is behind these obelisks and the mind control troopers?" she cocks her head "They don't seem to work on me really."

"I could be wrong, don't quote me." Kara laughed before starting to float up a little, "I should take another flight over the tri-cities before heading to bed. You know how it is, never a dull moment." She smiled brightly before bowing a little from the air, "It was nice to see you though Misfit!"

Misfit lifts her gloved hand "Okay contact me if you need help with anything my size Supesgirl…" she smiles brightly.

"For sure! Same thing, just like scream my name really loud and I'll probably hear it!" Maybe Kara was exaggerating, maybe she wasn't but there was also the Ley Pendulums to help with that. A moment later the Girl of Steel was gone, sonic booming out of the area and straight up into the air.

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